Decorating with Christmas centerpieces


Posted on 18th December 2010 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Growing up as a kid, I went to a few Christmas parties or our families getting together to share in the holiday cheer. I would usually see about 20 to 30 people at most of these Christmas parties and that was the size of a typical Christmas party back then. Now we have our elders living longer and every family has to have a few children these days. A growth in population and living in neighborhoods that have the houses closer together are causing bigger Christmas parties.

I’m sure many people will have 50 or more people over to their house for a Christmas party this year. This means adding more chairs around the table and you may have to place a few bar stools at the table to sit the older people. My wife will decorate the tables with christmas centerpieces. By the way you can find some really cool ones at and have them in time for your holiday event. The kids just want to play and they aren’t too concern with eating at these Christmas parties. The ones that do take the time to fix them a plate will go sit on the couch, stairs, in the floor, or if the weather is nice enough, just go outside or on the porch is where they will eat. I know my house doesn’t have the parking space to invite that many people over. I’m sure other families don’t either and they have people parking on their lawns or ask the neighbors if they can share their driveway for the party. Your neighbor won’t mind sharing their driveway as long as you invite them over for the festivities too.

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