Using exchange email Management to help your day to day operations


Posted on 31st October 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing |Technology

Every business today uses email as a way to communicate both externally and internally. One of the greatest impacts on productivity is that same email system. Many companies use some type of exchange email Management system in order to help control network volume, set limits on file size, and help slow down incoming spam. In most cases the users are not optimizing their email filters to help them receive the important messages and weed out those that are just taking up their time and keeping them off task. If most people would take a few minutes and organize their inbox and use the filters that accompany most of their email exchange systems they could save hours a week in follow up and trying to find those important emails that require action.

Office politics

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Posted on 31st October 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Blogging

There are probably thousands of Americans who get up every morning and go to work hating what they do. In many cases what make going to work is not the actually task, but the manager that you have to report too. There are those that micro-manage and believe that their way is the only way and instill no confidence in his team to get the job done. What if there was a way to tell your boss how you feel without penalty. At a new site that will be launching in April called you will have the option to voice your opinion about your boss or job anonymously, and uncensored. They are gearing the site up to be able to share your workplace nightmares and get advice from others across the country on how they deal with their boss.

This site has potential if they can control the possible huge of wave of negativity that will come from allowing people to vent about their job. As long names are left out this could have a chance for workers to vent and find solutions to their work place problems.

Saving money online at Snapfish


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This year since we will not be with my parents they just asked for something simple and something that contains pictures. Since they are only able to visit with the kids 1-2 times per year they are always asking for recent pictures. Thanks to digital photography we have been able to share photos almost instantly with them. We are going to be creating a 12 month calendar of the kids and sending that out to Grandma and Grandpa so that they have them available all throughout the year. We are also going to be looking through the shoe box and possibly looking at getting some photo scanning on the older photos to add to the calendar. Online sites like is a great tool to upload your photos and create those memory books. You can find a snapfish coupon that can save you a few bucks on your order.

Keeping in the digital theme we are going to be sending out Photo Cards in custom photo mailers to our friends and family to keep them up to date on how we are doing in our new location. The great thing about photo cards from vendors where you can upload your favorite print and customize the card in minutes. So this year do something a little more personable and send out a photo holiday card to your friends and family. I have personally used Snapfish for same family calendars and holiday cards and they are easy to use. You can even create special photo albums and share them with your family members and then they can have photos printed if they wish. Send them a snapfish coupon code and help them save a few dollars either with free shipping or get a upgraded memory book for less. The holiday season is fast approaching and now would a be a great time to start uploading your photos and creating your own family calendar or postcard to send to friends and family.

Social media from internet marketing Toronto firms


Posted on 30th October 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

In the online space it can be very difficult to gain the attention of the customer because there are so many options. Many businesses have tried the route of targeted banners and pop-ups that have become annoying to most people online so now they must try and find new channels in which to engage their customers. The internet marketing Toronto Search engine People can help you understand social media and how to use it in your branding. This form of social media started several years ago and what started out a small group of people sharing their thoughts online has become a huge avenue for companies to reach out to and stay connected to their customers. More and more companies are trying to enter this online space and some have been very successful by tying into social networks like Facebook and Twitter. What is essential though is that the Brand essence is kept intact when branching out to these other forms of interaction.

Promo Gone Awry


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 Promo Gone Awry

Promotional items are the marketing industry’s most solid way to get the word out there about your product or service. When companies brand themselves on various trinkets, toys and items, they give their clients the gift of utility and remembrance. Good promotional items are used over and over again, and even shared. Bad promotional items get shelved or just plain thrown out. When you’re going to order promotional items, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the recipient. Will they appreciate this? Will they use this constantly? Will they ask for more so they can share with their staff and other people too? If you can’t answer an emphatic “yes” to all of these, then go back to the drawing board. Just like any traditional gift giving scenario, you have some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind so that your promotional item, promotes effectively. Another thing you have to consider is the cost. How much are you willing to spend on these things? Will you spend more on executive clients and less on others? Are you just going to buy cheap items in bulk or are you going to carefully select groups of items to suit your customers individually? If done incorrectly, your promotional venture can go all wrong. Here are some of the most important don’ts that you should keep in mind:

  1. If you’re going to give someone a promotional item, don’t skimp on the quality. If it breaks or becomes faulty, it will go directly in the trash along with your chances of marketing to them. If you’re going to give out promotional mugs, give the best promotional mugs that your budget can afford.
  2. Make sure and proof any text that goes with your promotional campaign. Simple spelling errors can completely torpedo your efforts and make you and your company look very unprofessional. Make sure all spelling is correct and that the fonts used are dynamic and legible.
  3. When a logo is involved, choose the size and placement of it, thoughtfully. Sometimes a logo that is too big just ends up looking garish and tacky. Some of the most impacting and effective logos are those that are small or medium-sized and placed discreetly on the promotional item.
  4. Sizing is not something that should be whitewashed. If you’re giving a t-shirt as a promo item, the recipient must be able to wear it. You don’t want them to have to grease up to fit into it and conversely, you don’t want a t-shirt fitting someone like a dress. You know your customers, and your gifts should reflect this.

With just a little thought and consideration, your promo will go swimmingly. Your items must communicate an attention to detail and care that your clients will respect. These are just a few of the most common promo mistakes, but don’t be averse to looking for more so you don’t perpetrate them. If you’re not sure what else you shouldn’t do, a Google search will give you many more items of caution to choose from.


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Search engine optimization Canada


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The Search Engine People’s Organic Search Engine Optimization Canada firm can help customers with this process. They recently got the link to a comprehensive conversion guide to help you understand how to more effectively engage your customers. One simple thing that they point out is that by simply having a “Live Chat/Help” option on your webpage you can increase your conversions by up to 500% and reduce your sales cycle by up to 48%. That is pretty powerful when you consider the expense and time that you go through just to get the customer to your site.

Is roof restoration in your future


Posted on 29th October 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

I learned something today that I am sure will come in handy to many of those that live in the Southwest and parts of Arizona where tile roofs are common place. Many times when a tile roof needs to be repaired either due to age or weather issues the first thing that is thought of is total replacement. While doing some reading there is another type of roof restoration where they re-point the roof last while replicating the new roof line and tiles. This process can be accomplished rather than replacing the entire roof and with the variation in materials can help to provide sealing of the points and protecting them against the elements which may be the cause of the damage in the first place.

Improve your business communications


Posted on 29th October 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

Many businesses in the UK are looking for ways to scale up their sales and marketing efforts while being able to hold costs down. While in the past few years we have seen some major layoffs companies are now starting to see stable profits and are looking to rehire for the up turn in the economy. Some companies may want to look at the cost of their current business telephone lines as a way to improve their connection with their customers and reduce their overall cost. At Synergy One they are one of the few providers who offer BT Business IP voice services.

There are numerous features that you gain by using the VOIP services from BT Business IP services that will allow your business to function like the big boys. So don’t put yourself at a disadvantage and upgrade your old phone system to the latest technology and improve your overall bottom line.

Close to downtown with calgary condos


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If you are currently looking for a place to live that offers stunning mountain views and close proximity to downtown Calgary then the new calgary condo building located right downtown may be just the spot. With Prince’s Island Park and China town right at your doorstep this new condo living  offers the best of both worlds. These new living communities are springing up all across the US and Canada and provide you the ability to live close to work but be able to enjoy the downtown environment. Imagine only being a few minutes from work and not having to fight traffic and then waking up on a Saturday morning and walking right down to your favorite cafe in order to read the paper or connect with some friends. This new way of living will certainly appeal to many people who are looking for a way to balance work and life.

Better rates on a vancouver mortgage


Posted on 28th October 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

If you are looking to buy a new home in the BC area then having a company that can help you find the best Vancouver mortgage rates will be crucial in determining the overall amount you can borrow. There are hundreds of sources out there and each one will vary on their rates, fees, and customer service. A few things that you will want to know is how long they have been in the business and what type of customer service do they provider during the entire process from loan origination to closing. This can make or break a deal especially if there are any questions that you may have.

developing a good search engine ranking

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Posted on 27th October 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

These days there are hundreds if not thousands of companies that claim to be an internet marketing firm with the ability to get your site in the search engines overnight. Just do a search on Google and you will see thousands of possibilities. If you are new to the internet marketing you need to keep it simple and don’t get caught up on all the technical jargon. You need to get people to your site, plain and simple. Since most people will find businesses on the internet via a search engine this should be a top priority. Having an expert talk you through search engine optimization will save you time and money. Having your site listed among the top 10 will definitely increase your traffic, but is it targeted enough. This is where your keywords that you target come into play. Be very specific in your design of keywords. For example, if you are trying to get a top search engine position on blogs you will have a hard time. If you were to use blogs on fashion in Italy, you narrow your search and will be able to get more targeted traffic.

Skipping Commercials


Posted on 27th October 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

This is a guest post by Sophia Stradford

I have finally entered the 21st century, kicking and screaming. For the first time in my life I signed up for satellite tv packages MO and I love it! Programming of every kind to suit my attitude of the moment can be found from around the world.

If I am in the mood for cartoons there are several channels to choose from. I can watch children’s cartoons or I can choose to watch one of the many adult cartoons now available. But the best thing about how I watch TV is the creation of a DVR. With the ability to record my favorite cartoon when I am not at home is one of the small pleasures of my life.

The DVR is a wonderful way to pass over commercials, replay an important news cast or weather warning and watch your favorite program late at night when sleep won’t come. With so many programs, I can record one program and watch another, saving the first for another time. I don’t have to miss out by being forced to make a choice between two great shows.

With each use of the DVR, it becomes easier to set up quickly. I don’t feel like a cave woman from the past anymore. I can program the DVR thanks to the simple instructions included in every package.

Teamwork required for Next Gen Broadband

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Posted on 26th October 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Broadband

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Even birds fly in flock to attain better speed during their migrations, and so does any wide spread implementation has a need to have a joint venture. Lagging which, will obviously lead either to delay or in failure. This is a kind of issue United Kingdom has been facing in introducing fiber optic super fast broadband network throughout the country which is being addressed by internet service sector.

Realizing the reality, the experts took the issue to the UK government to endorse a syndicated activity to have its efforts in launching the highly awaited high speed fibre optic broadband network throughout the country. Its appears quite evident that government of United Kingdom hasn’t taken  this issue of joint venture seriously as that of the other nations which have already been taking significant efforts in addressing the issue, says Ed Dawson, an expert who has come up identifying the facts.

Despite of the officials’ efforts, it was able to be into the minds and tea time discussions of the people-says Dawson, the editor at broadband comparison site of UK’s broadband community. He further says that materialization of the syndicating thought is crucial which hasn’t been considered seriously by the government yet.

The initiator also predicts that the nation could leave its pride in providing effective broadband services to its people if the concerned statesmen don’t make proper policy addressing the problem and hopes that the issue is soon resolved and hail ahead in getting things done in favor of keeping its own pride.

Find exclusive unlimited broadband deals and read expert reviews on mobile broadband, O2, Pipex, Post Office and Plusnet broadband at Unlimited broadband website

Updates on file extensions


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Migrating From Mojavi 2.0

Moved To: Migrating From Mojavi 2
Please note that those that were using older versions of Windows Text with file extension wri you will want to note that the .txt is the current default extension mentioned.

Note: This document will be changing frequently as I add more information, and rearrange to create a more logical order and progression of the said information.

* Prerequisites
* First Things First
* The Context
* Translating your Renderer
* View ( make sure that if you receive files in with file extension wri then you have the older windows version)
* Actions
* Configuration
* References

One of the commen questions that we get are the file extensions that we use in the coding and front end language in the PHP drafts that have been released with earlier versions. All versions that have been released should be backward compatible.


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relax and get a gym membership


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A comedian by the name of Brian Regan does a bit on yoga tapes that he listened to try and get into shape. He starts out explaining one of the yoga positions for men where the instructor asks the participants to take the bottom of their right foot and placing on the small of their back, then take your left foot and throw it over your neck like a scarf and “relax” As he continues he explains the relaxation pose where the men are instructed to set back on the balls of their feet and “relax.” The he claims ” I can hear my feet bones cracking” which is quite funny when you see the act. It is quite hilarious and really does paint the picture of what it takes to do yoga. While it is funny exercising is something that we all should do on a regular basis and doing yoga is an activity that can help stretch and tone your muscles.
pay as you go gym Many people will swear by the benefits of yoga to not only the physical but spiritual well being of the individual. Many men have this image as Brian points out in his comedy show that yoga looks painful and not you typical exercise routine. You can find yoga videos that are targeted specifically for men to help you learn the correct poses and the benefit that this type of exercise can bring.I have gotten inspired and run out and secured a gym membership only to eventually stop going and end up spending monthly on a monthly basis. This was due in part to having to sign up for a one year contract to get a discount. What I need is the ability to go when I have time and then only pay for the time that I am there. I understand that most gyms need to plan their revenue and setting up a pay as you go membership may be more difficult to maintain and monitor. That is when I came across Pay as Go Gym I was very intrigued. You can search by your zip code and find local gym membership deals where you can pay by the day or month. You can buy a pass that will work at different local gyms so that those that travel can now have access to a gym and continue to work towards those goals you set up at the beginning of the year.

Protect your data today


Posted on 25th October 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

We just went through the painful process of upgrading one of our online server accounts to move to a more robust server. It is like moving into a new home in that you never know how much stuff you have until you have to pack it all. We had to clean out so many files, SQL databases it was a dreadful process but one that was really needed. Our vendor helped us to install backup software which was actually quite painless. I was first told that I would have download all the files from the old server to my PC, then upload all those files back to the new server. There were over 4000 total files in all not counting the 25 SQL databases. With their help we did a complete site backup to a zipped file, and the reloaded that back to the new server in a matter of hours.

We later found a site called Filter Guide where they offer pretty comprehensive Registry Repair Software Reviews on various products designed to help the normal PC user to get their computer back to top form. They offer up reviews on various system tools, registry cleaners, and Data Backup Solutions that are easy to use even for the novice PC users.

Searching for Xbox 360 games and systems

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Posted on 25th October 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

The release of the new Xbox 360 has gotten Sony and Nintendo rushing new games to the market.

The latest relese of  Mafia 2 is going to rival the PS3 version and now that  Xbox HD DVD is able to stream video thanks to services like Netflix Blu_ray may become obsolete.

A Million Uses


Posted on 24th October 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

Thanks to Lauren Martin for the guest post.

Using the Internet with my children has opened up a world of magical possibilities. hughes net satellite internet has provided my kids and me numerous opportunities to bond and have a good time together.

When we moved to PA, I signed up for  hughes net sevierville. From online learning activities, to games and reading, the Internet continues to open doors for my children and myself to spend time together. There is no shortage of what types of activities you can choose to do online with your children. The other night, after playing a round of online scrabble together, we looked up a recipe for a Winnie the Pooh macaroni and cheese dinner. We all shared in the cooking duties, it was amazing getting my children involved in cooking.

We are at the point that anytime we need to find important information – whether it is for schoolwork, for fun, or for basic knowledge, we pull the Internet up and see where it takes us. There are so many sites and applications available that we don’t need to go anywhere. If the kids want to check out books from the library, we do it online and then go pick them up.

All in all I would say that the Internet has brought us closer together, as it offers something that we can all enjoy as a family. I have all the correct website blockers up as well, so I don’t have to worry about them getting to a site that is inappropriate. If you are looking for a way to bond with your children, sharing in the fun of the Internet is a great place to start. It also helps that the hughes net internet PA connection is so fast!