Creating your first Module


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Creating Your First Module
A work in progress

This tutorial is a work in progress, so you may find parts that don’t completely fit together.
Module where we will also look at various file extension cache options.

The module is where the Model and View takes place in the MVC model. For this first example, we will create a very simple module that will move data from a Action to a View and display it on the screen, through a template.

The module is contained within a directory that carries the name of the module. This resides in the modules directory of the webapp directory. Inside the module directory are sub-directories holding the classes that make up the module. Here is the directory hierarchy:

|— config
|— lib
|— models
|— templates
|— validate
|— views

Minimally, you need the actions, config, templates and views directories. However, I prefer to have a blank module created and just copy and rename it. You can get a copy of the blank module (link to be added). I have chosen to call this module Test

Each module must have a module.ini file in the config directory. If you are looking to buffer your files then file extension cache extensions may be helpful.Here is the module.ini for Test

; +—————————————————————————-+
; | This file is part of the Mojavi package. |
; | Copyright (c) 2003, 2004 Sean Kerr. |
; | |
; | For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE |
; | file that was distributed with this source code. You can also view the |
; | LICENSE file online at |
; | ————————————————————————– |
; +—————————————————————————-+



TITLE = “Getting Started Test Module”

VERSION = “0.1″

NAME = “TestModule”

AUTHOR = “Richard D Shank”


DESCRIPTION = “A test module”

The module is pretty self explanitory. You can also search the web for various file extension cache options. It is necessary to have ENABLED property set to “On” for the module to be used by Mojavi. Now that we have the module set up, we can work on the classes.

The Action class handles the request for the module. It can be as simple as handling a static html template or a full blown multi-page wizard style form. Just a note to Mojavi 2 users, a significant change from Mojavi 2 to Mojavi 3 is that it is not longer necessary to pass the controller, request and user classes in on many of the methods. These are now accessed through a context class. More on that later.

This is a list of the methods you can use in an Action and an explanation of what they do
execute ()

Note: This method is required in your Action class.

This will execute any application/business logic for the action. This method is reached only after the request methods have been checked and any of the parameters have been validated.

When leaving, the execute() method should tell the controller what view is to be used. This is done by returning a string containing the view name associated with the action or an array of the parent module for the view to be executed, parent action for the view and the name of the view. I will show an example of return both in a later tutorial.
getCredential ()

This is a new feature in Mojavi 3. Basically, a credentials are a privilege array that describes any level of security. They work hand in hand with the security aspects of the User class. For Mojavi 2 users, note that this replaces the old Privileges. But it is also important to know that it can do more than just handle privileges. I will handle the usage of creditials in a later section. For now, it is sufficient to know that we set the creditial requirements for the action inside this method and that it is set to NULL by default.
getDefaultView ()

This is the view that will be executed when a given request is not served by the action. This could happen when a form being displayed for the first time or if we are displaying a static page.

Again, just as with the execute() methoad, a string with a view name or an array of a module/action/view is passed back to the controller. By default it will pass back View::INPUT
getRequestMethods ()

This method will determine what types of requests will be recognized. There are 4 choices:

* Request::GET – Indicates that this action serves only GET requests.
* Request::POST – Indicates that this action serves only POST requests.
* Request::NONE – Indicates that this action serves no requests.

You can also select both GET and POST requests by using Request::GET | Request::POST
handleError ()

Execute any post-validation error application logic.

It also returns the view through a string of the view name or the array of a module/action/view. By default, it passes View::ERROR.
initialize ($context)

You can set up the Action in the initialize() method. In a later tutorial, I’ll give an example of doing this. NOTE: It is worth to note that you must handle the context in the initialize() method. You should do this by


You also need to return a TRUE or FALSE based on the success of the initialization. By default it is TRUE.
isSecure ()

Does the action require security? TRUE if you do, FALSE otherwise. It is FALSE by default.
validate ()

This is used to manually validate input parameters instead of using a pre-progammed validator. This will also be explain later in the tutorial on validation.
Creating Your First Action

Now that we have an overview of the Action class, we can move forward to creating our first Action. For this example, there isn’t any request to be handled so we can set up a minimal Action.

In naming an action you must use this format Actionname Action.class.php where Actionname is what you are calling this particular action. When you declare your class, it also must have the class name in the same format Actionname Action. For this example, I chose to call this FirstAction.

When creating a new action, at the very least, there has to be an execute() method, even if it does nothing. Also, since we are displaying a non-request page, we don’t need to process any request. We tell the controller this with the getRequestMethods() method, by setting the return value to Request::NONE. Finally, we also need to tell the controller what the default view is going to be. We do this by returning View::SUCCESS in getDefaultView().

Here is what my FirstAction.class.php looks like. I basically just took my BLANKAction.class.php, renamed it to FirstAction.class.php, renamed the class to FirstAction, removed the methods I didn’t need and set the remaining 3 methods to match my needs.

class FirstAction extends Action
* Execute any application/business logic for this action.
public function execute ()
// we don’t need any data here because this action doesn’t serve
// any request methods, so the processing skips directly to the view

// ————————————————————————-

* Retrieve the default view to be executed when a given request is not
* served by this action.
public function getDefaultView ()
return View::SUCCESS;

// ————————————————————————-

* Retrieve the request methods on which this action will process
* validation and execution.
public function getRequestMethods ()
return Request::NONE;

You can also return a view from another module. You do this by passing an array with the view information intead of the standard View::INPUT. When you use this you create a two element array. The first element is the module name. The second element is which view you want. It cannot be just the Action name, but the Action name with the specific view.

Here’s an example:

class MyClass extends Action

function execute()

$returnView[0] = MyModule;
$returnView[1] = DoSomethingInput;
$returnView[1] = DoSomethingError;
$returnView[1] = DoSomething;

return $returnView


I’ll add more to this later, describing the View class.

Connecting Arris TG862 to Apple Airport router


Posted on 28th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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We just received an updated modem/router from our service provider which is the Arris TG862. It was a nice update but I did not realize that this was also a wireless router as well. The problem is that I just upgraded our 6 year old router to the new Apple Airport router that has the capability to newest wireless protocol AC. So here is what I did in order to keep my Apple Airport router and gain the access to the updated modem from my provider.

We are assuming that you have already unpacked the device and hooked it up to your cable and PC or Mac

1) You need to hook the Arris TG862 directly to your PC or iMac via the supplied yellow ethernet cable. This will then start the whole activation process

2) The modem will take about 10-15 minutes to cycle and get it’s updates. Once it does this your browser should open up to the (or your particular cable provider activation website)

3) Once the activation has completed just simply plug in your Apple Aiport router via a ethernet connection (We are guessing this is how you had it connected before the update) and it will take a few minutes to get the MAC address and new IP address for the modem.

4) Click on your airport utility and then click on your home network name and the click on edit

5) Click on Network tab and you will see a drop down box that has probably defaulted to DHCP/NAT mode. Simply select Off/Bridge mode and then update.

6) Wait a few minutes and your Apple Airport will be back online and you should see a green light.

7) You are now back on with the latest and greatest speeds for your network.


Drop us a comment if you have issues or have other ideas that may work.

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Flips Audio and the top five most impressive Flips


Posted on 28th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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I just received the new Flip Audios earphones and thought I would start off my writings with a top 5 list. Because of the cool technology that is used to help you share your music through your headphones by simply flipping the ear cups out what better way to showcase their unique benefits than with a Top 5 Flips list:


Coming in at number 5 is a killer whale flipping in the water. In some cases this is seen as a mating gesture to attract mates or send a signal to other whales or predators not to to keep their distance.Flips Audio







In the aeronautics field this is extremely difficult and dangerous to do based on the design of the helicopter. Make sure that you have a spill proof lid on the coffee.
solo 2 social







Rinaldo is one of the most gifted soccer (Futbol in the rest of the world) who can make the ordinary play extraordinary.
Sports Flip







This photo of a motorcylcle flipping over a stunt car is simply amazing. Not only do you have to be in perfect sync but the margin of error is extremely narrow.
Motorcylce Flip
Fly-by: Petr Pilat of the Czech Republic flips over American Kirby

Chambliss as he flies underneath. Photographer Mauricio Ramos created this composite image to show the small margin of error in the stunt

Read more:



And the #1 Flip for 2013

Flips Audio. With their innovative technology headphones you can now listen to your music in clear HD or simply flip the earcups out and share your music with your friends. With their Solo 2 Social feature you can have amplified sound that comes from the headphones that is only amplified when you flip the earphones out. Solo 2 Social
I received the Black Flips Audio headphones and the first thing I wanted to do was test out the technology that allows you to share your music through the headset with friends. I was really impressed with the ease and quality. This is one of those features that make you say ” Man, why didn’t I think of this.” With social networks so popular these days where everyone is sharing every part of their lives, sharing your music makes sense. What you see in most cases is that everyone is plugged into their favorite iPhone or android device jamming out to their playlist and when their friends want to know what they are listening to they take out their earphones and let them listen. I’ve seen my kids with their friends standing around all listening to their iTouch’s and then stopping the song to see what each other are listening too.

With the over the ear HD headphones from Flip Audio you no longer have to stop what you are doing to share your music. Just simply put them around your neck and flip the headphones out and you get an great sound that is amplified for everyone else to enjoy. These are sturdy headphones that come with a very durable carrying case and high gloss finish. They are priced at just $120 and are now available on their website or at Walmart. I would certainly recommend checking them out and listening to the sound quality. I have included the YouTube Video below to help you see how cool these headphones are.

Special offer on Flips Audio: If you order before July 16,2013  you can get $10 off and upgraded to 3 Day shipping by using the code below when you check out.This Offer is unlimited in quantity and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Discount Code for Flips Audio: FA0010INT

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How to Find Broadband Providers


Posted on 28th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Broadband

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Before committing to any broadband package, you should research the various options available to you first. You can do this by looking at You don’t necessarily have to stick with the big brands to get a good deal and a quality connection. There are lots of smaller providers who offer a great service.

Here are some ways in which you can find broadband providers.

Google It

The easiest way to find a broadband provider is to Google it. Find out which ones service your area and use the first few pages as the basis of your research. At this stage, you likely won’t find the niche broadband providers. Expect to see the most common service providers, such as Sky, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media.

Comparison Websites

Whilst you would normally go on comparison websites after you’re ready to settle on a provider, you can use them to find providers. Again, most of the big providers will appear here. Broadband comparison by can give you an idea of the main players in the broadband industry, as well as some of the ones you might not have heard of.

Customer Recommendations

Try asking a customer for recommendations. Go onto a consumer forum and make a thread. You’ll receive a whole range of responses. Most of them will direct you towards the major providers, but you might just find a name you’ve never heard of before.

It’s always worth going to dedicated reviewing sites. Browse through the categories and see which providers have entries. Use the reviews to see where you should go next.

Go to the Website

Finding a broadband provider and finding the right broadband provider are two entirely different things. It’s easy to find any old company. When you’ve got a healthy list of potential service providers, go to each website and read through everything you can. It’s also a good idea to read through the terms and conditions.

Things like fair usage policies can make unlimited broadband policies worthless. For example, if the limit isn’t actually unlimited you’re paying for something which doesn’t exist. You’ll encounter this with the major names most often. Check out the smaller companies if you want an unlimited broadband policy which is actually unlimited.

Call Them

Information on the website isn’t always completely updated. It sometimes takes a day or two before the necessary changes come in. Call the company on the number given and ask them about their current prices. It’s the only way to get real-time price changes.

What about Packages?

If you want a package deal, this is where it gets difficult to settle on a provider. You could end up paying more for extra services than if you had just gone with the slightly more expensive broadband access.

For example, if you bought a landline with your broadband to lower the price of the Internet access, it would be pointless if you didn’t actually need the landline. Only buy what you need not what gives you the most value for money.

Kenny Smith recommends using Broadband comparison by (

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Fun Facts To Know About File Sharing


Posted on 28th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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File sharing is currently used around the world in companies and homes alike. With new programs such as The Cloud, which allow you to share your information across multiple devices without having to email the documents to yourself. These programs are usually created specifically for a type of device, for example Microsoft has a cloud and so does Apple. Each one is separate and can only share information with like devices. Most people take file sharing for granted since it has become so popular but there are many fun facts about it.

How It Started

File sharing started mainly as a way to share music and videos across the internet with little to no effort. Companies such as Napster would provide a catalog of available files while leaving these files on the computer of the person who owned them. This form of file sharing was found to be illegal as it broke copyright laws. The other form of peer to peer sharing was done on a much smaller scale similar to what most businesses use on a daily basis. Some colleges offered secure networks in which students could share files with other students. The only people who had access to this network were those who were physically connected to the network.

Not All File Sharing Is Illegal

With the recent lawsuits filed by record companies and movie production companies, many people believe that all forms of file sharing is illegal. This is not the case when you are sharing files in two different ways. The first is in the use of file sharing for business purposes, you are sharing your own data and documents that are not copyrighted and are sharing them with a select group of people. The second is when sharing files with yourself, for example if you own a computer and a phone that run on the same operating system, you can transfer files to a cloud based storage and access them from each device.

Anything Can Be Shared Securely

The first stages of file sharing were located on unsecure networks that were easily accessible by anyone. These types of file sharing were not ideal for businesses to use as away to share important documents. However, now there are products such as those found at have allowed companies a secure platform to share documents with employees located around the globe. For a small fee you will have the ability to select which files you wish to share as well as who you wish to share them with. These programs have saved companies time and money that was typically spent on travel and shipping.

Easier Than Your Email

Email used to be thought of as the easiest way to share information with others, but file sharing has changed all of that. File sharing does not require attachments or impose file size restriction when sharing files with others. You also will have a desktop widget that will allow you to share files without opening an internet window. Once you have set your file to be shared you are also able to track the file to be sure it was received by those you wanted to see it.

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Five Things to Get Right When Marketing Online


Posted on 27th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Harness the power of the internet by first putting some love into your website and making sure that it has content that works for you. Take time to really make the most of social media and take advantage of the opportunity it gives you to interact with both existing and potential customers and, most importantly, know when to ask for help from experts.

Love Your Website

There is absolutely nothing worse than seeking out a business only to find a clunky and inefficient website that doesn’t provide you with the information you need. Make sure that you spend the money and the time building a website that makes your customers want to return and doesn’t frustrate them into using a competitor.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves utilising well written and informative blog posts and news articles to post on your own websites as well as on other sites that will link to yours. This can be a difficult path to navigate but getting it right will open up multiple revenue streams and broaden your customer base easily.

Tackling Social Media

This can be a daunting one but the reality is that many companies have been born and broken at the hands of social media sites so get tweeting and get a presence on Facebook. Many people turn to these sites when looking for information about a company so it is important to have a presence whether you like social media or not.

Interact With Customers

The most important thing about gaining a social media presence is the opportunity that it gives you to interact with people. Many companies really miss a trick here so make sure you engage with any questions or comments as this can secure a positive online identity for you and your company.

Know When to Get Help

No matter how you choose to go about growing your business online, the most important thing you can do is recognise when you need help. If you are having difficulty with the site or don’t quite understand content marketing and are not a friend of Facebook and Twitter, don’t despair. This doesn’t mean that you have to lose out on potentially lucrative paths to your customers.

You need to weigh up whether learning these new and, often highly specialised skills, is worth it in terms of your time. If the cost/benefit doesn’t work out, or if you know that these things aren’t your strength, it’s time to outsource to experts who can connect these things for you. Companies like Space & Time can be hired to plan your strategy and purchase marketing for you as well as maximise the effectiveness of your content. While it is vital that you get this right in order to grow your business, it is not vital that you yourself slog through the tasks.

Jane Harkins is a consultant who writes about various online marketing tools for a number of websites and blogs. She is a firm believer in getting the best person for the job and, knowing that companies such as #Refreshed Direct exist, strongly recommends outsourcing.

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Perfect Five ways to Overcome Stress From Technology


Posted on 27th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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Nowadays there are too many gadgets, the surge of technological tools have increased over the years and even children below 3 years old are now being given iPods, Blackberries and all sorts of Smart phone technology that make it easy for people to get overwhelmed with too much gadget use.

This is the same addiction that occurs when gamers of Game of Thrones or Dota. All stars spend around 24 hours in endless game play.

The addiction for these gadgets has increased in the recent years due to the fact that this gaming technology has already created another world for people to concentrate their thoughts in.

There is such a thing as technological stress, this happens to people who use computers for more than 6 hours a day.

Although gadgets make the lives of humans easier, it is not normal to play computer or use the computer for 2 to 3 days straight without taking a break.

A person can get stuck viewing their monitor for 12 hours or more especially if they have high speed internet.

Gamers can get immersed for several years with different games and this can lead them to experience heart problems, eye problems and other muscle and body strain.

An overuse of technology can lead to headaches, sleep deprivation, memory loss, a breakdown of family relationships and poor performance on the job.

1. Setting a time limit:

In order to reduce the stress given by technology there is a need to set a time limit for the use of computers, TV including other high tech gaming system.

One hour would be enough for the television and 2 hours for the computer maximum.

Find a way to stick to this every day and establish a routine.

2. Creating a relaxing zone free of technological gadgets:

Have a space that can be used by the family for relaxing, have a garden or a patio space that people in the house can visit. It must be filled with plants and images that will remind people to relax.

3. Take the time to meditate

Learn meditation skills and set at least 45 minutes to 1 hour to set your mind at ease and to do away with technology use.

4. Exercise

Instead of spending 3-8 hours straight using the computer, take the time to exercise, to walk outside the neighborhood or to sign up for gym membership in order to have something to do.

5. Practice other hobbies

Create a reading group with friends, encourage people to join. Create a group that can contribute something to the community and volunteer your time to be there.

You can just make the group simple, it can be just as simple as a reading club with 8 members, and you can communicate in person and make it a point to avoid using any technological gadget while in their company.

A play station gamer would only take the time to rest if they need to contact Play Station customer support for any query with regards to their games. Avoid being this kind of person, avoid being too addicted to technology that you no longer have a real life.

There are so many methods that could be done, taking a walk in the park, taking up a new hobby like fishing or painting can lessen the use of gadgets and reduce overall stress.

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Seeking Professional SEO Services Will Definitely Boost Your Profit


Posted on 27th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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Seeking Professional SEO Services Will Definitely Boost Your Profit
Those who are offering their services and products on a website are aware of the fact that increasing traffic is extremely crucial for their financial success. A rise in the targeted website traffic definitely implies chances of prosperity, thereby helping the sales to soar high. It is the aim of every online business owner to draw a large number of visitors to his website for traffic generation to a great extent helps in conversion. However, it is not that simple to reach out to your target clients and therefore requires expertise. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimisation steps in. The professionals of the SEO industry employ certain techniques that have proved to be beneficial in reaching the goals.

Seek professional help from the SEO companies

Every e-commerce website will need the help of SEO to make the business popular and earn handsome revenue out of it. Since this entire process will require both time and expertise, it is always wise to hire the services of a professional SEO company to do it on your behalf. There are plenty of companies that provide these services that will help in increasing the traffic to your site, thereby helping you to sell your products and services at higher rates. However, before you make the final decision to hire services from such a company, be careful to do a background check and choose a company that is known to render quality services.


Increased traffic and improved ranking

Remember by drawing in more and more targeted traffic to your site, you will not just be able to increase number of visitors, improve your rank in the search engines as well. Therefore this particular process fulfils two different aims. As the site gets attaining popularity, you will not only witness a rise in your sales, also earn a good amount of money from the advertisements.

>SEO experts know the right tips and tricks

The task that SEO experts perform certainly is challenging for it is both tricky and time consuming. The SEO service providers know the exact tips and tricks that will make your website visible on the Internet and attract visitors. It is with the help of optimised content in the website they will make the search engines spiders crawl to the website. Along with this they will also assist you in improving the ranking of your site by submitting quality articles to the directories and then link it to your website. This will naturally create links between your website and the other sites and create online visibility. SEO experts will have to provide quality Meta tags or titles for search engine crawlers to know how your website work. This will also require a specific set of primary and secondary keywords. They also employ certain software to make sure that there is an increase in the website traffic.

Since the main purpose behind hiring services from the SEO professionals is to get to make your business stand out in the crowd, you should be alert to check that the company is able to perform all the above mentioned tasks. While it may seem to be difficult to select the right company, always judge by the credulity of the company.  An efficient company will always pay attention to the basic requirements that is essential to accomplish the task.

Author Bio: Shannen is a senior executive associated with a reputed SEO company. Shannen has numerous blogs and articles on the SEO industry to her credit.

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Cedar Finance and Binary options trading


Posted on 27th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

One of the many reasons online currency trading has seen a tremendous influx of new customers to their binary options site has to do with the fact that it is ultra simple to invest on stock, indices, commodities and currency trading when using their binary options platform. It is so easy that is has become the new envy of traders online that have seen some of their younger players trade bingo and trying their luck on asset investment. There are sites that tend to cater towards more seasonal investors, is the fact that they only have to predict if the value of a certain asset, whether that is stocks in Apple, McDonalds or commodities such as Crude, Gold and Silver, will go up or down during a predetermined period of time. This usually ranges between 30 minutes, one hour, or in the case of some assets, at the end of that specific month.

When an investor forecasts the correct outcome for their binary option, they can earn up to 81% return on their investment, while at the same time there are no commission fees involved either. Additionally, investors at Cedar Finance have the chance to Double their investment and prolong the expiration time of that option in order to double their profits. On the other hand, if their prediction looks to be incorrect, they have the opportunity to minimize their loss by using the Stop Loss feature which gives them the chance to reduce their loss. Cedar Finance provides their investors with weekly analysis of the market, giving them a clear indication of how the market is shaping up for the week, helping them decide which assets are the most popular and easier to predict for the week. One other note that you should consider is that Cedar Finance does not hold any assets in Cyprus which is where many of the online trading companies have their accounts. This is important due to the financial crisis that has hit that country and the ability to get funds out. As with any investing there are always risks and you must be willing to lose any monies that are invested. Always invest with caution and consult a professional should you be new to a particular trading platform.

Buzzego helps you create your web content portal


Posted on 27th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Uncategorized

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of buzzego for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It has been stated that the number of blogs and news related sites have grown from 35 million to over 200 million in 2012. This presents a challenge to those who are looking for a information on a specific topic and pertinent to what you need to know. There are several news aggregator sites that try and fill these needs, but I have tried several of them and they simply create a static news feed that can get stagnant over a period of time. I recently became aware of and signed up for buzzego that puts a different angle on news and information curation. They are a new site that allow you to create the web content portal that you have always wanted that changes with your reading and interests. 


Buzzego uses a technology that helps to learn your reading and information seeking habits. I have used the site for a few days now and I can say that the way the content is provided and presented has helped me in my learnings and research. As you sign up you are presented with the opportunity to sign up through Twitter, Facebook, or Google + to link your accounts and bring in the social connection as well to help in your sharing and learngin about new content sources. Overall, you now have one place that will help you view the content that you want to see and learn about. The site is free and easy to use and once you try it you will see the simplicity of using buzzego. You can also collect various badges that show your expertise in a certain area, or related to your overall interests that can be shared with others. 


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GoDaddy Hosting Half off Sale on WordPress hosting


Posted on 26th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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GoDaddy WordPress Hosting on Sale

SPECIAL OFFER! Save 50%* on New Web Hosting Plans

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This promotion ends April 30, 2013 so if you are in need of a reliable hosting get it now.

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* Key Technical Features

* 24/7 Support

WordPress 4GH Web Hosting - Get more from your WordPress Site with our easy hosting solution, Low monthly rates

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Disclosure: As is the case with many other industry/topic specific magazines, websites and trade publications, we do receive compensation from some of the companies whose products we review within and outside of the web hosting industry, including, but is not limited to, paid advertising placements, referral fees, contextual advertising links and sponsorship packages.

OS Migration best practices


Posted on 26th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing |Technology

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windows migrationIn todays fast paced world companies are trying to keep up by having the most up to date technology and platforms to ensure they remain competitive. The traditional ways of IT departments migrating OS systems has changed dramatically. This is because IT departments had to take into account how users were accessing and using IT resources. This could include anything from operating systems, applications, printers, or tablets all with different interfaces and possible platforms. Dell has just released an OS Migration Best Practices Video Series that can be accessed for free and provides four steps outlined by IDG editors for Microsoft OS migration success.

Microsoft has a lions share of the operating systems in the world and with the recent introduction of Windows 8 many small to medium companies are looking at the methods to deploy this to their end users. With the inclusion of Office 360 and their collaboration tools Microsoft understands the importance of multi-device support so IT departments are having to design and implement these new software updates.

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