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Posted on 6th April 2014 by Jeff Rogers in Broadband |Marketing

Students always have a tough time browsing through the end-less plans provided by broadband service providers, to find a suitable plan that will not gulp too much of their budget, yet help them stay connected to the virtual world faster. The major problem faced by most of the students is that they are unsure about the period of stay at a place. Here are certain things that you must ponder before you get set for the deal.

The first, and the foremost thing that you must consider is the period of stay at a place. This helps you to decide between a contract deal and a non-contract deal. If you are quiet unsure about a full-twelve months stay at a place, then it is always better to skip off the option of twelve months contracts and save yourself from the cancellation fee later. Most Mobile Broadband providers are now offering discounted or free laptops to those that sign up for a 1-2 year contract which could be attractive to man students. So of course you will need a new laptop bag to keep you in style while you are traveling around. But while opting for a non-contract deal, the packages may be more expensive and there could be an activation fee. Besides, you may not get a free modem or a router. On the other hand, if you are going to stay for a period beyond twelve months, some broadband providers offers you student broadband packages.

Another useful option is to choose a mobile broadband option. As long as you have a Mobile USB sticks and USB modems, you can access the internet by plugging these into your laptops. This has become a well-known method of accessing internet these days. Students can use it wherever they go, to the coffee shops, to the students’ house or to home when they go. Another asset with the mobile broadband is the lack of line rental. Also, no unwanted tensions over the cost sharing with your room mates. But, mobile broadband comes with limited download options like 3GB to 5GB.

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