Camping in 2011

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Posted on 14th January 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

I think a lot of today’s technology for campers has became too much. It seems the more tech-gadgets that come out, the less of an experience the campers are getting with Mother Nature. Using canvas tarps is fine because they do offer shelter, but some of the other new gadgets have got to stay home. Some of the sleeping bags now, are like bringing a few mattresses inside your tent. Even the tent has got a lot bigger and some tents can hold up to 10 full grown men in them. Bigger tents and sleeping bags that are as comfortable as a sofa, are just a couple of the things the modern campers are bringing into the woods these days. I usually just take a small sleeping bag and sleep on the ground with no tent. I find this much easier to take down the trails, but most of the modern campers are driving right up to their campsites

I guess they need to be close, when they drag out the radio and TV they plan to hook to an electrical outlet. I just don’t think this is really camping. The thing I like best about camping is the outdoors and surviving off of the land. You don’t have to hunt and kill your own food, but leaving the tech-gadgets at home, would be a little more adventurous. I would only take a cell phone and canvas tarp for emergency purposes, but turn it off when you get to your campsite. Go camping and leave the modern technology of the world behind. That’s one of the fun things to look forward to; when you go camping this summer. If you want the comforts from home with you; perhaps you should just stay at home.

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