The popularity of the ipod

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One of the biggest tech inventions in the past 10 years has been the Apple ipod where the reported ipod creator Tony Fadell was recently appointed to the adviser role for Steve Jobs. This may be seen as a way to reward the person who helped to change the trajectory of Apple and give them a product that is now a social icon. The role is reported to be less demanding than his current and could be to help retaing this top talent as well as help their ailing CEO who is reported to be battling health issues. The popularity of the iPod has created a whole new generation of music lovers and the way that we listen to music and books.I have always been a little lazy when it comes to reading. I will start a book, but then soon for some reason I put it aside and then never finish.  Since I am in my car frequently I can just put one in the CD player and then gain some additional knowledge while in my commute. Most recently I was asked to read “The Secret” a very popular book on what changes peoples lives. I was able to find it for download and then listened to it on my iPod. The book is quite amazing and very simple to grasp the concepts. The basic principle going back to ancient times is the Law of Attraction. If you wish or desire for something hard enough your dreams will come true.

While the advancements have been impressive with the ipod and now with the iPod touch they are not without controversy. There was recently a case brought forward where Apple  sued over an ipod that exploded is gaining attention and being added to some of the cases that are being brought forward. It was only a year and half ago that Apple was battling lawsuits about the battery life and replacement of the ipod and that it created a liability since people could not readily replace their battery that appeared to be going bad in only a few months when they released the latest ipod. Even with some of these cases being brought Apple continues to hold its lead in digital music players and the distribution of digital media through their online service itunes.

The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship


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The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship

There have emerged new breeds of young entrepreneurs who are striving to affect positive social change with their efforts as business people. There individuals have created nonprofits or associated organizations which are helping people across the world improve their lives in some way or another. Referred to as social entrepreneurship, the philanthropic efforts of this dynamic lot are vital for the growth and development of nations cross the world, and here are the reasons why:

  1. Increased employment opportunities: The businesses that are helping drive social change are also helping to employ many individuals. There are a large number of people around the world who have found employment in social entrepreneurial ventures and the number is growing steadily. The additional advantage this presents is that these organizations often employ people from vulnerable sections of society to help them earn a decent livelihood and lead an independent life. So the positive social development occurs not only by the work the company does externally, but also in the way it operates internally.
  2. Development of new ideas and initiatives:  In the past, social entrepreneurship has led to the development of various new ideas which have had a powerful social impact, and it continues to do so. As an example, the work of a social entrepreneur in Brazil with HIV/AIDS treatment was so profound that it was adopted eventually into government policy. Social entrepreneurs are usually innovative thinkers who come up with unique ideas and services that inspire others in new and interesting ways.
  3. Inspiring others: When a social venture is initiated by a disadvantaged group or individual, it inspires others to do something as well. A cooperative dairy movement in rural India inspired women across various villages in the country to start working and stand on their own feet financially. There is nothing that inspires change more than change itself, and the success stories of social entrepreneurs inspire and motivate the masses to do something for the betterment of others or the correction of a social evil, whether its treating undernourished children with diet program or helping women take a stand against abuse.
  4. Creates new investment opportunities for big corporations: Increasingly, large companies are investing in social enterprises instead of commercial ventures. This helps them not only improve their market image and brand value, but it also offers a chance to give back something useful to the society that comprises their customers. The economy is also benefitted from this cycle of investment and social return as poor and underdeveloped sectors benefit from this cash inflow.

Social entrepreneurship is a new and positive innovation which has brought about much good to society. Social enterprises can help address societal problems that many government-based efforts are not able to, and they provide solutions quicker and more effectively as they are free from the shackles of political bureaucracy. For finding new techniques to address ailments such as HIV/AIDS, social entrepreneurship is truly a great asset to modern society.

Collin Zauner is a person with great passion for writing; he has written many articles on different topics like the best diet program. You can look out for more on his other blogs related to health and beauty.


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Using email newsletters to help build your reach


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Mad Mimi Email Many websites and blogs miss the chance to interact with their customers by capturing their email and then using this for a way to interact with and update their customers on their brand and products. More and more companies are creating educational email newsletters that are meant just to interact with their readers and not sell them something. Many companies have jumped into the social media space and hope that by creating a Facebook page this will drive customers to their site. The term social media marketing has taken on various definitions and those selling those services have touted them as the only way to advertise and interact with customers.

You can create email newsletters that include links back to your social network profile and help build a long-term engagement for your blog or business. With the appropriate email marketing solutions from leading providers like Mad Mimi email newsletters you can grow your business in multiple channels and create value through email that your customer will want to open and read. I have several companies that I partner with that use email newsletters to send out communications and they always look very professional and packed with useful information. You must first develop a plan to gain permission from your customers to converse with them through email and then, above all else, do not abuse the privilege. Offer value whenever you do send them something and tie in your Facebook or Twitter page in the body of the email for ways to stay in touch with your company. Used together, these tools can help you grow and maintain long term relationships with your customers

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The hosting company you choose can make your blog


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The latest in  web hosting is now offered by KVC HOsting.

bestsupportive At KVC Hosting they offer a variety of plans from free to dedicated plans. They even offer a free dedicated IP with their basic plan which is a huge bonus for those webmasters looking to improve their search engine position. They have accumulated several rewards for their hosting up time and support and may be worth giving a try.

Understanding PPC and Pay per action


Posted on 1st April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Blogging |Technology

I was reading an article today that was discussing a new model for advertising called the Cost Per Action. If you are working with an advertising agency chances are they do not fully understand the overall impact of CPC and CPA. What this means is that advertisers would not pay on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis as is the norm today, but rather pay services such as Google and Yahoo, only on clicks to their sites that actually result in a lead or sale. The one main glitch here is that those Advertisers will have to disclose some of the sales info to verify the sign up or sale. You need to get targeted traffic based on your offering in order to have a higher conversion rate. There are tested methods that can help you rank higher in the search engines that will enable you to get more targeted traffic. So just gaining more website traffic is not cost effective in the overall marketing campaign unless you are targeting the right keywords both in your search engine campaigns and on your website.

As a publisher of this blog we have used the Adsense model for a year now, and the CPC, while it does work, does have room for Click fraud, which appears to be growing. With CPA, you actually are paying for customers requesting more information or an actual sale. I found it interesting that in this article, they seemed to think this was a new way of doing business, which is not the case. You can look to an advertising Bizz Click which started on the internet and understand the tools and resources to help you grow your business and revenue.

You can also look to increase your traffic through CPC by offering giveaways in your ads. Consider offering a free service that is beneficial to the consumer. Offer free update services, a newsletter or an e-zine. If you’re worried that this may be too time consuming, put your fears aside. You can obtain free services that will notify you when someone has signed up for your newsletter and through the use of a distribution list on your e-mail you can easily handle circulation for your newsletter or e-zine. Keep in mind, however; when you are putting together your newsletter or e-zine that the only reason a consumer has for signing up and continuing to subscribe to your publication is for worthy information.

Online tutoring and help with your schoolwork


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Today’s tuition for both public and private colleges continue to climb and it puts parents in a challenging situation on how to pay for college. There are numerous scholarships available and if your kids happens to be talented enough then an athletic scholarship may help pay the way. For the majority of kids the one factor they do have control over is their grades. That is what an Online tutoring resource that your kids can access and get help with math,history, or even English questions is sure to be a huge advantage. Kids today in high school can start taking college level classes that will apply to their overall degree which can be a huge savings for the parents and lead to academic scholarships. Using online tools to get some extra help when you do not have access to teachers and school resources can help your kids get their homework done and give them the confidence and knowledge to stay ahead in class. At they offer a community of tutors that will help answer questions and you can see those questions live on the front page. If you need more individual coaching there are reasonable rates to help you with your specific subject. As of this posting they had 112 registered tutors and over 1400 students using their site. This type of community learning can only help your child excel in school and hopefully help them as they heads towards college.

audio conference tools getting your company name noticed and branded


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Companies are using audio conference to educate their staff.

With  audio conference tools that are now online many companies are able to save money and stay in touch with their customers.

Fans paying a lot for pizza


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I like pizza as much as the next guy but there does come a time when enough is enough. This is what Dallas Cowboy fans can expect when they try to order a pizza this upcoming season. The NFL season is just starting, but the people selling pizzas at the new Cowboy Stadium should be happy (if they get any takers). Even the Nascar fans have their limits on what they will pay for food even if their favorite driver is wearing a decal for that company on their uniform. They will be charging $90 for a pizza to the fans, companies, or organizations that rent out those nice luxury boxes. It’s still not clear what the extra toppings will cost and the $90 will get you a rounded piece of dough with some cheese on it. These high prices don’t stop with the pizza either and beer drinkers may want to drink sodas on football Sundays. A 12 pack of domestic beer will cost patrons about $66 at the new Dallas Cowboys football stadium. Most NFL fans will want to save their money and grab a team jersey. If you’re doing the math at home; then you and a buddy can get a pizza and 6 beers each for about $160! Prices like this should have a lot of Cowboy fans eating before the game and no one should pay $90 for a pizza.

A good seafood restaurant with salad bar and all the beverages you can drink will generally cost under $75 in most parts of the country (this includes Dallas too). Even the Dallas Stars the local NHL team has their limits on what they are charging their fans for tickets and food. Perhaps someone should have told the Dallas Cowboys fans that the new stadium will cost more than a day at Disney theme park and only last you about 4 hours. You could imagine the cost of disneyland tickets if they were to add a billion dollar addition to the park. There are fans that think Tony Romo is not a quarterback that can lead a team into the playoffs alone and his biggest weapon Terrell Owens now calls the Buffalo Bills home. The Cowboys started the year off with two straight losses and they want $90 for a pizza; may reflect how some people tied to the organization has no clue about the current economy or the residents of Dallas. I’m sure a few people could afford these $90 pizzas, but hopefully they will not give-in to these outrageous prices at the new Dallas Cowboy’s sports stadium this year. Texas is famous for their barbeque restaurants which I am sure is available within the stadium, but why they are creating premium priced pizzas is beyond me.  If I make any road trips for an NFL game this year, I may just want to see the Buffalo Bills play at home, where I can get $10 Buffalo Wings and get to see a better team too!

Understanding the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship

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With so many people looking for work or rethinking their current career path the job market has gotten much more competitive. In many jobs that are being made available the level of talent is far more qualified than what we were seeing 5-7 years ago. There are career paths that are facing a shortage and in order to be in the right position you need to look understand what options are available. That is why I wanted to do a quick discussion on the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship. They are currently taking applications from those that are fresh out of college or looking to make a career change. The area of interest is STEM ( Science, technology, engineering, and math) serving in rural or high-need secondary urban schools. This particular teach grant is available to those in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. The qualified recipients will receive cutting edge education and advanced degree to teach in these areas. You will receive a $30,000 stipend with the understanding that you will teach at least a minimum of three years in an under served area.

The recipients will receive paid preparation, ongoing support from the University they attend, and mentors to help in their ongoing career. This specialized training will prepare you to teach higher level math and science while helping to rewrite and improve upon current curricula. This new model is innovative and can help raise the standard for other teaching certificates to better prepare our students to be more competitive in their continuing education and eventually the work force. There are certain requirements for submitting your application along with final interviews for the top 20-30 finalists. If you are looking to make a career change and have the passion to teach and change lives then the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship may be the right move for you.

Fishing at one of Canadas premiere BC Resorts


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One of the most therapeutic outdoor activities that you can do is fly fishing along a stream with mountains as the backdrop.  There was even a movie that was filmed that centered around the bonding and family traditions of fly fishing. Now imagine taking this adventure at one of Canada’s premiere BC resorts where you can fish in some of the best salmon waters in the world. After your day out along BC Inside Passage, you come back to spend a few hours in the Current Spa relaxing and getting ready for your fine dining experience that evening. Voted the #1 luxury resort in Canada and offering an all inclusive package you are sure to create one of the best fishing trips you have taken.

Being Outside


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Thanks to Roman May

Man it’s good to be outdoors again! I hate wintertime and how cooped up in the house I have to get – it’s so great to be able to be outside riding my bike or going for a walk or whatever…this is the way people were meant to live! I sort of have a house out in the country anyway so when it snows I get really stuck inside. I got internet last year from a satellite company that had an online ad saying Click HERE and it’s worked really well for my needs since I don’t do a whole lot online. I can’t believe what a terrible winter it was this year and how hard I had to work just to keep the snow from coming inside the house. It’s tough being up on the mountain sometimes but it’s nice to know I can stay connected even when the weather gets rough. Maybe I should move somewhere like California so I don’t have to deal with the terrible winters!

Office politics

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Posted on 14th December 2015 by Jeff Rogers in Blogging

There are probably thousands of Americans who get up every morning and go to work hating what they do. In many cases what make going to work is not the actually task, but the manager that you have to report too. There are those that micro-manage and believe that their way is the only way and instill no confidence in his team to get the job done. What if there was a way to tell your boss how you feel without penalty. At a new site that will be launching in April called you will have the option to voice your opinion about your boss or job anonymously, and uncensored. They are gearing the site up to be able to share your workplace nightmares and get advice from others across the country on how they deal with their boss.

This site has potential if they can control the possible huge of wave of negativity that will come from allowing people to vent about their job. As long names are left out this could have a chance for workers to vent and find solutions to their work place problems.

Close to downtown with calgary condos


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If you are currently looking for a place to live that offers stunning mountain views and close proximity to downtown Calgary then the new calgary condo building located right downtown may be just the spot. With Prince’s Island Park and China town right at your doorstep this new condo living  offers the best of both worlds. These new living communities are springing up all across the US and Canada and provide you the ability to live close to work but be able to enjoy the downtown environment. Imagine only being a few minutes from work and not having to fight traffic and then waking up on a Saturday morning and walking right down to your favorite cafe in order to read the paper or connect with some friends. This new way of living will certainly appeal to many people who are looking for a way to balance work and life.

relax and get a gym membership


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A comedian by the name of Brian Regan does a bit on yoga tapes that he listened to try and get into shape. He starts out explaining one of the yoga positions for men where the instructor asks the participants to take the bottom of their right foot and placing on the small of their back, then take your left foot and throw it over your neck like a scarf and “relax” As he continues he explains the relaxation pose where the men are instructed to set back on the balls of their feet and “relax.” The he claims ” I can hear my feet bones cracking” which is quite funny when you see the act. It is quite hilarious and really does paint the picture of what it takes to do yoga. While it is funny exercising is something that we all should do on a regular basis and doing yoga is an activity that can help stretch and tone your muscles.
pay as you go gym Many people will swear by the benefits of yoga to not only the physical but spiritual well being of the individual. Many men have this image as Brian points out in his comedy show that yoga looks painful and not you typical exercise routine. You can find yoga videos that are targeted specifically for men to help you learn the correct poses and the benefit that this type of exercise can bring.I have gotten inspired and run out and secured a gym membership only to eventually stop going and end up spending monthly on a monthly basis. This was due in part to having to sign up for a one year contract to get a discount. What I need is the ability to go when I have time and then only pay for the time that I am there. I understand that most gyms need to plan their revenue and setting up a pay as you go membership may be more difficult to maintain and monitor. That is when I came across Pay as Go Gym I was very intrigued. You can search by your zip code and find local gym membership deals where you can pay by the day or month. You can buy a pass that will work at different local gyms so that those that travel can now have access to a gym and continue to work towards those goals you set up at the beginning of the year.

Lanyards:Function and marketing


Posted on 4th November 2015 by Jeff Rogers in Blogging

branding_blogWhen you think about developments in various areas is amazing to think about how a simple item such as the lanyard is used in so many facets of business and our personal lives. From id lanyards to lanyards used at theme parks to help you collect your favorite pins this item has taken on a life of its own. Our corporate headquarters has gone back and forth on the lanyard and retractable badge reels. The reels are typically worn on your belt or outside of your jacket and do make it easy if you are having to badge in and out of various buildings. The lanyard has become the choice among many of our employees because they are easier to wear outside your clothing and provide several advantages such as the ability to hold pens, and other photo ids that are easier to access. The lanyard has become so popular that many organizations and businesses are finding many different uses for them and here are some of the advantages:

1. For starters they are very inexpensive. Many businesses and conference planners purchase them in bulk because they know that are not kept for long periods of time and those that use them in conference know that they will be thrown away after the meeting. They are also becoming a popular items among sports teams and fans because they allow you to add your team spirit by sporting your favorite NFL or MLB team while keeping your id and keys together.

2. Companies and Organizations use them for identification because it is visible and can be seen from a greater distance. Many companies are now branding these simple lanyards to help identify their employees and to help build brand recognition and providing them as promotional products. This is because most people will leave their badges on when they leave work when they are stopping by the store on their way home. They are easily customized for special events and can be printed in a short time frame.

3. They are easy to use and unlike clips that will not damage your clothing. Even youngsters can use them for day camps and various sports camps. They can be hung up and are easier to keep track of than clip on id holders or badges that are just in holders.

Build your strengths


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I have read a few books on what it takes to become successful in business and selling. From Zig Ziglar to Kenneth Blanchard they all talk about the tools that are needed to close the deal or build relationships with customers. One of the more interesting books that we have read is Discover your Strengths. This very simple concept talks about selling to your strengths instead of trying to improve on your weaknesses. This was always the case when I first started out in sales management is that we would look for areas of improvement and then try and coach to those areas to make the person stronger. Through developing a persons strengths they will become better at what they do and be more passionate about what they love to do.

I am true believer in the basic point that you have to be passionate about what you sell or do or you are just wasting your time. So pick up a copy or download the book and listen to the principles. You can even take a Strengths finder assessment online that will help you find your true strengths.

The new yellow pages


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I just recently got the new iPhone and love a lot of the features such as surfing the web, reading email, and texting. One of the best features is the ability to find businesses via the map feature and then you can see locations that are marked by pins based on your location. Then once you find the business that you are looking for you just click on the telephone number and it will dial the business. I was wondering with all the information that you need at your fingertips.What to do with your yellowpages other than use them as a doorstop. So to my surprise there is a website that deals with such a question. They list the top 10 things to do with your yellow pages and the one that I liked the best was the one that shows a car made of yellow pages.

Can you really sell online


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One such site where you can aquired a free eBay auction template is at They provide a great resource on the do’s and dont’s of online selling. Start out small, and then grow your business from there. Don’t try and get to the $100K mark your first month, as it will take time to evaluate the market and see what items sell the best, and more importantly which items are more profitable. If you are selling 1000 purses a month, but only making $2 per item, you are spending a lot time for little pay off. Research and use those free resources, and who knows maybe one day you will be holding your own seminars