New Years and Christmas in Oregon


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I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

There was a point in time in my life where I was so curious to see Oregon that I nearly spent seventy bucks on a plane ticket to fly out there. Fifteen years have passed and plane tickets certainly don’t cost seventy bucks anymore but I finally have my chance to spend some quality time in Oregon. A person from my WOW guild is going to have LAN parties all throughout the end of December at his house in Salem. This is an opportunity that I can’t pass up and my flight leaves tomorrow for Portland. From the PDX airport I’ll be picked up by Joseph (the guild member) and will be put up in his seven bedroom house between a little farm town called Hopewell and the state capitol, Salem.

Before I leave tomorrow, I am going to set my home security alarm from securitychoice. My computer is going to get a fresh install so that it won’t decided to fail on me during any of the parties. We are going to spend three hundred bucks on pizza and Mountain Dew. I plan on not getting thirsty but we’ll see what happens. It has always been fun to happen across Joseph in the forums and I am glad to be able to meet him in person. He seem like a friendly and patient person for sure.

Just leave it to the professionals, they’ll manage them


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Managed servers provide more options for the user looking to benefit from support and consultation from trained professionals. Often businesses fall prey to thinking they are able to provide the optimum environment necessary for data storage; however with a managed server, no longer will you worry because there is certified staff that handles the maintenance of your server for you. Many companies that provide managed server services offer state-of-the-art facilities and constant monitoring to provide peace of mind, so that your business is free to focus on the bottom line: strategic planning for profits. Managed servers are the premium choice when you want to be sure that your server is secure and running at maximum capacity. If your company is eager to take the next step, trust a managed server provider to guide your company to success.

Comparison Shopping (How You Use the Internet to Save Money)


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This guest post from Werner Rogers

It takes a lot of time and energy to rush from one store to the other looking for the perfect laptop for the back to school kids in the family. I’m one who likes to comparison shop, which I looked at hughesnet internet packages. This is often just too much when the other store is on the other side of the Mall or town. So, recently I decided to forgo the drive to the Mall and all around town comparing prices on laptops. Instead, I used my hughes net satellite internet to get online and do some quick comparison shopping for the laptop. First I made a list of the stores that I would like to include in the comparison-shopping research for the laptop and then I figured out a budget for the laptop. This is an important step in the process. So, with my budget firmly in mind I started the research. I searched at the usual computer discount websites like Tigerdirect and Compusa. Then at Dell, HP, and finally Walmart. All it took was about an hour to find the perfect laptop computer that fit my budget. I found great back to school bargains at Walmart. And believe me, comparison shopping on the Internet is much better than driving all over town.

UK broadband and a free laptop


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The use of  Mobile Internet is now taking over.

Mobile broadband for new customers..

In Europe the access and availability of high speed Broadband has been around much longer and here in the US we are catching up with the availability. Even some of the local power companies have started looking at existing infrastructure on how they can offer broadband access to their customers over power lines. Once this technology is improved you will have another competitor to cell phone companies who are leading the way the current 3G technology for mobile broadband applications . Even the makers of hardware are seeing the advancements and are starting to make and offer free laptop with broadband packages that is geared specifically for surfing the web. This is geared for those that are looking to surf the internet and stay connected to their friends via their social networks without the expense and burden of a bulkier laptop.

Teamwork required for Next Gen Broadband

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Even birds fly in flock to attain better speed during their migrations, and so does any wide spread implementation has a need to have a joint venture. Lagging which, will obviously lead either to delay or in failure. This is a kind of issue United Kingdom has been facing in introducing fiber optic super fast broadband network throughout the country which is being addressed by internet service sector.

Realizing the reality, the experts took the issue to the UK government to endorse a syndicated activity to have its efforts in launching the highly awaited high speed fibre optic broadband network throughout the country. Its appears quite evident that government of United Kingdom hasn’t taken  this issue of joint venture seriously as that of the other nations which have already been taking significant efforts in addressing the issue, says Ed Dawson, an expert who has come up identifying the facts.

Despite of the officials’ efforts, it was able to be into the minds and tea time discussions of the people-says Dawson, the editor at broadband comparison site of UK’s broadband community. He further says that materialization of the syndicating thought is crucial which hasn’t been considered seriously by the government yet.

The initiator also predicts that the nation could leave its pride in providing effective broadband services to its people if the concerned statesmen don’t make proper policy addressing the problem and hopes that the issue is soon resolved and hail ahead in getting things done in favor of keeping its own pride.

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Finding helpful information on broadband

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If you are like millions of people you access the web through a broadband connection. High speed internet provides you the ability to view streaming videos, watch your favorite shows, and stay up on all the social networking sites and blogs. I cannot imagine what life was like when we had dial up and had to try and navigate the web. Many companies are pushing video content out to the web and even major movie studios are allowing downloads of their movies for a fee. This is not possible with slow internet access or dial up. Many of the major providers are now bundling their services to wireless broadband to help their customers save money on their internet services. Plus many are looking at ways to have more content pushed through their existing systems to become the one stop shop for their customers when it comes to internet, TV, and phone. There are few major companies that are the leaders in providing high speed internet access and Vodafone and TMobile are a few these providers.

Now these companies are expanding their services to help all those that carry their laptop everywhere they go. The ability to have mobile broadband at your fingertips anywhere you go without having to rely on hot spots will be the next big push for many carriers. With companies offering speeds up to 5 MB through mobile connections surfing your favorite sites and watching videos will never be easier. To help you compare various mobile broadband carriers and find the best deal then you can find some great broadband articles where you will find great deals and helpful insights into what each vendor offers.

The battle for your cell phone dollars


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With all the hype of the new Blackberry Storm and its touch screen features many makers of phones are bringing to market their version similar to the Blackberry or to compete with the iPhone. The problem is that the functionality that has made the iPhone so popular is that it is very intuitive for whatever application that you are using it for. Business people love the iPhone because they stay in touch with their email, web based applications, and much more.

Many of the new phones coming out now are cramming features on a phone that may not be as stable as the platform that Apple has chosen and has resulted in mix reviews on the newer models. Even Google launched their new high tech phone which has promise and is more open to developers who love to write code for and hack into the latest technology. To compete the big providers are offering special upgrades and you can even find AT&T coupon codes where you can save on upgrades and new phones. So whn you are getting ready to upgrade your new phone check the phones out in the store first and then shop online to find some really great deals and reviews to help you make your decision.

Mobile Broadband – How different is it from home broadband?


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broadbandThe home broadband can now be had from any part of the country

There are a wide array of mobile broadband deals in the market today that promise superfast broadband with high monthly allowances. To name a few, T Mobile broadband has an 18 month plan with a 7.2MB speed and 3GB usage limit which gives you a free USB modem stick along with Wi-Fi hotspot access for a monthly cost of £10. Orange has a mobile broadband package with a free laptop that comes with a speed of 3.6MB and a 3GB usage limit. 3 Mobile offers a mobile broadband package for £10 per month that offers 3.6MB speed along with a 1GB usage limit. Indeed, choosing the right mobile broadband deal is no joke, it requires quite a lot of research and consideration. As a user, it is also prudent to ensure that there are no hidden costs involved.

Broadband for gaming


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For a hardcore gamer, settling with the perfect broadband connection can be a daunting task. For, speed is more important than anything when you’re thrashing mummified aliens with hand grenades. Even a second’ s delay could cost you your reputation if you’re in a massively multiplayer online game or the game itself. A slow broadband connection can make the characters warp on the screen, spoiling the whole thing down to its roots! A slow connection could even let you end up restarting the game agonisingly from the first level.

broadbandgamingSo, how does a gamer get his hands on the perfect broadband deal there is? Firstly, he must decide if he wants a gamer-specific package. There are quite a few broadband packages designed specifically for gamers, like BE’s ‘Unlimited’ deal for instance. BE offers download speeds of up to 24Mb with free wireless router and static IP. The package also promises low latency along with fast download and upload speeds. Though gamer-specific packages can look attractive, a gamer must not blindly go for it. It is more than enough if he is equipped with a fast enough connection, preferably with speeds over 8Mb with a fairly high download limit.

Also, online gaming will require a low ping rate and low latency. Superfast broadband deals with speeds of up to 50Mb, for example make these possible. Virgin Media has such a deal currently and it may be well worth a consideration if you’re a hardcore gamer. Certain ISPs can be best suited for specific game consoles. Take the case of Orange broadband which is perfect for PS3 gaming. Remember, the keywords here is, a superfast connection, low ping rate and low latency.

Do not fall for a package merely because it is cheap. Also, packages offering unlimited download limits may also tend to slow down your speed in case you’re a heavy-downloader. So, being the backbone of an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience, a unlimited broadband connection must me chosen with a lot of research and thought, for the choice might well be the factor that determines your victory.

Clear Wireless for your mobile connections


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There is a great commercial here in the states that is about competing broadband providers. It shows a husband and wife that are turtles and they are shown complaining that there internet is too fast. So the wife asks the husband to push the computer away from the house to reduce the speed of their internet connection. They are trying to make the case that cable internet is better and faster than DSL. Many of the companies are now offering no contract broadband in order to expand the market to those who are not willing to sign onto a two year agreement. This is true in my opinion and you can certainly tell in videos and other heavy graphics. More and more companies are placing video and other flash animation in their sites to attract and retain more customers. The days of surfing the internet for just information are gone and it is now an entertainment vehicle.

Broadband has taken our lives to a whole new level. With unimaginable speeds that they offer, the untamed virtual world of the internet is before you in the wink of an eye. Companies like use WIMax technology to turn cities into wireless hotspots offering 4G connectivity. They are growing across the country and adding new cities all the time . A home broadband connection needs a separate cable or a phone line and is ideal for the average internet user and also for online entertainment buffs who download huge chunks of internet content. But for a person who’s always on the move and needs to be connected at all times, mobile broadband is the answer.

While home broadband binds you to a place, mobile broadband gives you wings, leaving the internet at your disposal no matter where you are. Mobile broadband is provided by devices such as USB modems (commonly known as dongles), USB sticks, PC data cards and also by phones that have data modems. With mobile broadband, you not only get the advantage of super-fast internet connection on the go, but also freedom from a fixed line and place. One can get connected without the fussy installation guides; all it takes is a simple plug and you’re online.

Manage your wifi access points


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Each type of Broadband Technology has its own unique set of traits, advantages, disadvantages and characteristics. In fact, Broadband Technology Selection depends on circumstances and factors which include the coverage and penetration rate, capacity, spectrum usage, type of services to be provided, the availability of further alternatives, economic trends, the topographical and technical considerations. Therefore, to remain competitive and continue thriving in this fast evolving Mobile Broadband market, it is high time the Broadband Service Suppliers and Providers evolved a strategy of data, voice and video. You can now see Video – Cloud management in 2 minutes with this Youtube videos and how businesses can leverage access across multiple sites using the power of the Cloud.

There are plenty of fixed line as well as wireless solutions that are available. Fixed line solutions include the conventional telephone lines, copper cables, hybrid fibre coax such as cable TV and modems. Wireless solutions examples are radio, microwave frequencies and links,WLAN, mobile phone connectivity,access points, AP, FSO, Wi-Fi, and 3G. By the nature of its medium, fixed line technology has limited bandwidth and generally operates through power lines or copper cables. FreeSpace or Wireless Technology uses the radio spectrum wherein the bandwidth is limited to the extent of the available amount of licensed radio spectrum.Cloud management providers are seeing the trend to portability and not being locked into long term contracts to attract new customers so they are offering pay as you go connectivity and storage solutions which may impact static broadband companies. Companies are now using the technology of cloud computing to help in managing wifi access points. You can check out the Tanaza Web Site to see the solutions that they offer. You will find a comprehensive List of Supported Wi-Fi Access Points so that you can see if they may be of value to your business.

However, fibre optics, in relativity to its competitors, offers almost an infinite level of bandwidth. Due to its immunity to electro magnetic fields and interference, it has higher levels of reliability and security than the wireless/copper networks. Therefore, it makes logical sense in deploying optical fibre systems which have low operating costs and have unsurpassed reliability. Consequently, direct fibre connections to all households would be a much desired concept even though it may involve the laborious and cumbersome task of network deployments in installing fibre optic cables all throughout the network in access. To wrap it up, we need to mention about the advanced optical glass fibres which is the latest development in this field. A sample of its prowess is its ability to provide Broadband speeds up to 50 Mbps, something which is unheard of and beyond our imagination!

A new laptop bag to stay mobile

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Students always have a tough time browsing through the end-less plans provided by broadband service providers, to find a suitable plan that will not gulp too much of their budget, yet help them stay connected to the virtual world faster. The major problem faced by most of the students is that they are unsure about the period of stay at a place. Here are certain things that you must ponder before you get set for the deal.

The first, and the foremost thing that you must consider is the period of stay at a place. This helps you to decide between a contract deal and a non-contract deal. If you are quiet unsure about a full-twelve months stay at a place, then it is always better to skip off the option of twelve months contracts and save yourself from the cancellation fee later. Most Mobile Broadband providers are now offering discounted or free laptops to those that sign up for a 1-2 year contract which could be attractive to man students. So of course you will need a new laptop bag to keep you in style while you are traveling around. But while opting for a non-contract deal, the packages may be more expensive and there could be an activation fee. Besides, you may not get a free modem or a router. On the other hand, if you are going to stay for a period beyond twelve months, some broadband providers offers you student broadband packages.

Another useful option is to choose a mobile broadband option. As long as you have a Mobile USB sticks and USB modems, you can access the internet by plugging these into your laptops. This has become a well-known method of accessing internet these days. Students can use it wherever they go, to the coffee shops, to the students’ house or to home when they go. Another asset with the mobile broadband is the lack of line rental. Also, no unwanted tensions over the cost sharing with your room mates. But, mobile broadband comes with limited download options like 3GB to 5GB.