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I love the fact that the internet has made almost any task or service that we need done much more simple. From communicating via short word conversations to finding a dog sitter to helping you find a mover. I had a chance to check out where they provide a service that allow customers and movers or moving companies negotiate with each through one simple platform. As the end user you simply create a free account and then put in your requirements from the number of rooms, how many movers needed, and the size of the truck you may need. Don’t worry if you have not moved before there is the option to let the movers help you figure this out. Having moved several times I can tell you that having a service like this would have saved a considerable amount of time. Because in most you will call around to various companies and get bids by simply looking through the yellow pages or doing an online search. Here you set the requirements and let the movers come to you.

They specialize in Moving Companies NYC proper but also can help if you are located throughout the US. In your dashboard they even provide resources to help you find packing boxes, and change your address. They have developed tutorials for both the consumer and the vendor to help understand how the system works and what to expect from each other. They have developed a rating systems so that you can see who the more reliable movers are and what others are saying. For a moving company situated in New York this simple yet easy platform could be a great way to uncover new business and break through all the clutter.

Gain access to the internet


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The latest dsl service is now very accessible to a lot of people.
The latest internet service hosting companies. You can find providers like to provide cheap dial up services with reliable support so that if you are unable to afford the broadband connection you can at least get in the game.

Save money on ink refills


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There are now ways to save on ink refill kits for your new printer.
You can purchase ink refill kits. The latest ink refill kits can be used for most printers on the market today.

Getting competitive online


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People and companies are using the social network sites to help them gain a competitive advantage. They use twitter,facebook, and the new Digg to help create a buzz about their company or blog.
digg_blog If you are getting your search traffic through a specific keyword search like Samuel Foti and your competitors discover this driving traffic to your site they are more than likel going to bid on that key word as well.

Drive traffic and search engines to your site


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There are some great marketing articles,that can help get you noticed.


Getting the deals for Black Friday

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The economic situation isn’t that good right now, but don’t expect that to slow down shoppers this Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday and it’s the best time of the year to shop. Many experts think this will be a great Friday to shop and we should see bargains and prices that are more consistent with 1988 prices than 2009 prices. Some of the big items that are being advertised are GPS devices and MP3 audio and video players. I’m sure the people that wake up early and brave the crowds at the malls will find good deals on items. Most stores will select a few items that are below factory price and they actually lose money on, just to get shoppers in the store to buy other things.

Don’t go too fast this Friday and spend all of your holiday spending money. There are already people camping out in front of some of the retailers to save money on that new laptop or HDTV.  You can use services like that allows you to search on a product and then brings all you the results from various merchants with price and reviews right at your fingertips. I think the bad economy will play into bargains for the next month and consumers should find deals all the way up to Christmas Eve day. These great bargains might not end on Christmas Day either and we may see some really low prices at the big chain stores the week after Christmas. Many stores will be striving for goals that they might have not reached by Christmas Day and will move prices to their lowest the day after Christmas. Just keep an eye on the sales papers in the mail, the television commercials, and online bargains too. I believe all shoppers will find deals in December and being thrifty this year is the way to go. It all gets going this Friday and Black Friday is going to set the tone for the rest of the holiday shopping season

Panda vs Penguin and why offsite promotion is critical


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There has been a lot of noise about the most recent Google updates around penalties that have hit various sites. Inevitably what it comes down to is that Google and the other search engines are looking for original and unique content that brings value to the readers. While the overall impact of the new search algorithms has reportedly only hit a small percentage of sites many business owners are now trying to understand how do they maintain their search engine rank without the possibility of future penalties. Getting to the top spot or within the top 3 searches for your particular niche or keyword is extremely important to a lot of businesses both large and small. Many small and local businesses who relied on SEO companies to help them rank in the search engines may have put them at a disadvantage. What I mean by this is that were spending a larger portion of their promotion dollars on online marketing and cutting back on their traditional off site marketing such as brochures, postcards, and local TV.

I think what these most recent updates have show many of us is that like in the marketplace, Google wants to be able to serve up real and authentic content and experiences for their users. This is no different than a local business wanting to attract new customers. If they just used the same logos, neon signs, and merchandise as their competitors eventually someone would have to go out of business. That is why still investing in color brochure printing at UPrinting makes sense to include in your overall marketing and content production content. You can use your color brochure to highlight your key products while helping to provide links to your sites and social network sites for additional details and savings. This will help to establish presence both on and off line so should your rankings ever go down you will have a more established base of customers who will be more loyal to your brand and company. I think Uprinting should market their color brochures as ” Penguin and Panda Friendly” just to have some fun with all the confusion and help their customers see the true value in keeping with a more diversified marketing approach.
Difference between Google Penguin & Panda Infographic by Reload Media
Offsite promotion via brocures

The battle for your cell phone dollars


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With all the hype of the new Blackberry Storm and its touch screen features many makers of phones are bringing to market their version similar to the Blackberry or to compete with the iPhone. The problem is that the functionality that has made the iPhone so popular is that it is very intuitive for whatever application that you are using it for. Business people love the iPhone because they stay in touch with their email, web based applications, and much more.

Many of the new phones coming out now are cramming features on a phone that may not be as stable as the platform that Apple has chosen and has resulted in mix reviews on the newer models. Even Google launched their new high tech phone which has promise and is more open to developers who love to write code for and hack into the latest technology. To compete the big providers are offering special upgrades and you can even find AT&T coupon codes where you can save on upgrades and new phones. So whn you are getting ready to upgrade your new phone check the phones out in the store first and then shop online to find some really great deals and reviews to help you make your decision.

Create greetings online


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Many companies are deploying survey software with their online postcards and business cards in order to capture customer and employee feedback. By offering a simple gesture the response rate back on surveys will dramatically increase.

finding help through forums

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broadband_forumAs the access to US and UK broadband grows and providers continually add more capacity to their systems you  will see more and more broadband deals. Companies will be competing for your business and are even offering free laptops to obtain your connection. Sites like FaceBook, MySpace, and  LinkedIn are helping to expand wireless broadband as people are wanting to stay connected no matter where they and want the ability to chat and check up on their friends anywhere they are. As more and more companies increase their mobile UK broadband forums offers the customer will ultimately win. This is similar to what we saw with the phone companies back in the early 90’s when they started offering unlimited local and long distance calling. They saw that customers had more choices and with the internet and high speed access was growing they had to retain their customers.

Now broadband companies are offering free equipment and the actual connections devices called dongles to lure more and more customers to their offers.Many people are confused about the actual use of a dongle and you can find discussion on broadband forums to understand where the best deals can be found. Dongles are a piece of computer hardware that connects to a desktop or a laptop most often at the back of a computer to the parallel port. This little piece of hardware can work as a device to extend a connection from one piece of hardware to another or it can also work as a security measure that will have a separate code in order to allow the user to have access to certain applications. It allows devices to connect to the mobile internet without the need to be a near a Wi-Fi hotspot.

email marketing services to help grow your business


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email marketingOne of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers is through permission based emai marketing. I say permission based because SPAM is against the law and most people will ignore the information anyway. If you read any websites, blogs, or marketing books one of the top ways that they talk about communicating with your customers is through email marketing services.

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Advanced shopping engine


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searchWe see the term every, but do we really understand what Wi-Fi is? It’s on the window at Starbucks, the box our laptop comes in and is a huge selling point for PS3 and Xbox, but do we really know what Wi-Fi is? Well simply put, Wi-Fi is the trade name for popular wireless technology used in home networks, mobile phones, video games and other electronic devices that require wireless networking. Wi-Fi technology is supported by personal computers, game consoles, printers and other peripherals which can operate wirelessly.Finding new games for the  Xbox 360. is now easier at site like shopwiki. You can find  Madden 10 from various vendors and able to choose the best price and shipping. The new Xbox 360 elite system is also available to those who are looking to upgrade their current Xbox system. There are hundreds of shopping and comparison sites but does a nice job in providing a great selection of products and places online and in the store where you can buy your games and gadgets.

Spam Complaints


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Please note that if you have reached our site based on a email that you received we did not send it. There has been a breach somewhere within the server and someone is sending out emails using our email address and blog domain.  Rest assured that we are doing everything that we can to try and solve this issue ASAP. Commonly known as “domain spoofing” this does unfortunately happen all the time and we happen to be in the line of fire. Please leave a comment or just forward us the email with the headers that you receieved so that we can handle appropriately.

Here is brief explanation that we found:
Q. “I found out from returned “undelivered” email that those address does not exist in my lists–in the first place, I have never sent them”.

A. Many affected owners of email domain being spoofed are complaining of having their account being suspended for spamming and receiving “tons” of harassing hate mails marked as coming from them–which they have never sent and only found-out when they start receiving angry replies or returned undelivered bounce email.

The victims of these new from of harassment in which fake or boogie messages was sent-out posing as the original owner of the email address by spoofing, are usually done by dissatisfied or fired employees, competitors, pranksters, junk mailers, provocateurs or spammers trying to sell something–not that they want you to respond to the email but to click on a link in the message.

According to the FBI, spoofing is generally not illegal because no hacking is required, unless it involves a direct threat of violence or death and by using such tactic, know as email spoofing–they exploit the simplicity of Internet SMTP (simple mail transport protocol RFC 821).

Email can be spoofed by tweaking the settings on standard email client like; Eudora, Outlook Express, etc.

Games online


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zynga6Many of the players that are in the tournaments today get there by playing in an online casino tournament and getting their seat for free. Online gambling has taken off since the televised WSOP and more people are coming online to perfect their skills and have a shot at these million dollar tournaments. New sites like where you can get Facebook poker chips for just signing up and then having your friends join you to chat and play Texas Hold’em Online casinos have been popping but only a few really offer any value. In our neighborhood we get together twice a month for a friendly game of poker where many of the games are jacks or better. Most of the time we spend on games such as Texas Hold em, and Omaha. As the poker craze has spread so has the fanatics in our neighborhood. I am sitting at the table and feel like I am playing with Phil Helmuth and “Jesus” ( nickname for a famous poker player) All the terms that were flying around were making me nervous, such as Drawing Dead, Gut Shot Straight.. This was supposed to be a friendly game!! I was able to locate a site for us novice and for the PROS as well, players that give a broad and detailed perspective on how to Play such poker games.

Finding an online casino to practice your skills for free or for those outside the US to earn money has gotten much easier. You can play Deuces Wild Video Poker if you get bored, but to improve your game you need to play lots of hands to understand the odds of the hand you are playing.I found the best info on Omaha, which is a very detailed version of Hold em. I can hardly wait to our next poker night with the fellas. I will be bringing heat along with a Big Blind Gut Shot Straight, so give me the river. (Poker Lingo) So if you are in the need for some simple advice on what these and other terms mean and how to play these games and other,please take a look at their site.

Which is The Most Effective Social Share Buttons for SEO?

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Which is The Most Effective Social Share Buttons for SEO?


Social signals are now being incorporated into search results, though currently, they may not be very strong signals, such as say, organic links.

SEO experts are suggesting that everything else being equal, a website with more ‘social love’ gets a higher search result position than one that is lacking in social love.


Having social media buttons on your website or blog, conveniently placed, increases the chances that people will use them, thus contributing to SEO.


The Most Important Social Share Button

The purpose of this post is to try and determine which social share button has the maximum impact on SEO from amongst Facebook likes shares, Tweets, LinkedIn shares and G+1s.



The Google +1 button seems to have maximum impact on SEO because being part of Google itself, Google bots can crawl and index all Google+ content. (There are some restrictions for Facebook and Twitter in this regard).


And with the launch of Google Search Plus Your World, content +1d by the searchers’ social connections is making it to the top of the SERP.

A Mashable article on the impact of Google+ on SEO cites that a Dutch company “SEO Effects” experienced 20% increase in its click-thru rate by getting 70 people to+1 their page.

Click here for experiment conducted by SEOMoz, where consistent +1s pushed the website rankings from #16 to #6.


Facebook Likes and Shares

SearchMetrics conducted an analysis of over 300,000 websites, to find out the common factors in the high ranking websites.

The analysis revealed that Facebook shares had a very high correlation with higher search ranking (surprisingly even higher than backlinks). Facebook likes, comments and Tweets also figured high for in the correlation graph (refer below).

WP plugins


Facebook shares reveal highest degree of correlation with high search engine ranking.



Matt Cutts of Google had earlier confirmed that authority of the tweeter is an important factor while considering the SEO value of tweets.

This point is illustrated in the SEOMoz case study where they experienced #4 ranking for the (highly competitive) term ‘beginner’s guide’ after their SEOMoz Beginners Guide url was retweeted by Smashing Magazine.


LinkedIn Shares

Not many people associate LinkedIn shares with significant SEO impact. Dan Zarella’s analysis of more than 25,000 websites showed that urls which were shared on LinkedIn had higher number of in bound links pointing to them (as compared to Facebook shares and Tweets)


LinkedIn shares show highest correlation


And inbound links being a very strong SEO factor, we can conclude LinkedIn shares are strong social signals for SEO.


So What is the Conclusion

Obviously, there is no clear winner for the ‘Top Social Sharing Button for SEO’.  To use a cliché, each one is a winner in its own way.

And what you can do is have all of them (and others like PinIt, Digg etc) prominently and neatly arranged on your website.

This is a good article on how to add social sharing buttons on your website for maximum impact.


Which social sharing button has worked best for you? Do share in the comments section.


This post has been written by Yasir Khan, avid blogger and self confessed SEO-Social media enthusiast. Yasir is the Founder of Quantum SEO Labs.

Finding the right hosting company


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Find your free blog and website web site hosting account.

There is a new web hosting comapny top hosting center. At Top Hosting center they are offering a select plan that is targeted to blogger who are looking to make a name for themselves. With their plan you pay a one time fee of $95 and this covers you for life adn this give you some great blog hosting features. This plan gives you 250 GB of disk space, 3000 GB of bandwidth ( enough room to help you handle all those new readers), unlimited MySQL databases, a free domain and you can host unlimited domains. Hurry and check them out today since this offer will go away when the 1000th Rudolph plan is sold. I should know since we recently moved this blog over to THC and the support and reliability has been awesome. I would challenge you to surf on over to their site and try their online live support. I was able to talk with Tom within 3 minutes on a Sunday. This was the closer for me to be able to get an answer to a question in less than five minutes even though I was not a customer at that point.

Internet marketing


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Webmasters can enhance their search engine marketing by teaming with experts to provide an easy to use process in which you easily create static pages. Even brick and mortar companies can benefit from specific internet marketing consulting. Partnering with the right company that can help you develop keywords and strategies around your core business can mean the difference between success and failure. Since over 80% of products that are found and purchased start at the search engines it is very important that your site is optimized to take advantage of the search engines.

Angus Reed, Prudentia and Solar Power in Dubai


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Angus Reed, Prudentia and Solar Power in Dubai

Coal, oil, and natural gas are big sources of energy that are used globally by the biggest economies. These fossil fuels are non-renewable and at some point will run into a supply and demand crossroads. That is why companies like Prudentia and one of their principles Angus Reed were looking at the inclusion of solar power early to help harness the power of the sun. Investing in the technologies that can help transfer the power of the sun into energy saving solutions was there main focus. Other types of renewable energy that have been looked at are:

  • Wind
  • Biomass
  • Hydrogen
  • Geothermal
  • Ocean
  • Hydropower
The big areas of current investment is in Wind and Solar energy simply because they are more readily available and the technology to harness this type of energy has reached a scale of mass production. If you look at the infographic below you can see that 100 square miles of solar panels has the capacity to fuel the entire United States. Businessman like Angus Reed was involved in the early investment in solar power and has since moved into real estate development across the globe including Australia, Dubai ,and other countries. In some of the housing plans that have been funded by his company there are green homes that have won several awards and created a demand for sustainable living. As more investors put money into refining and defining the technology that will eventually be in more homes the overall demand for oil and coal will decline and help the overall environment.
More and more companies are leveraging laws and tax breaks to companies that are going green. There are companies that have gone almost entirely green by reusing resources and investing in renewable solutions for their manufacturing processes. This will only lead to more companies investing and upgrading their current practices to include green resources. It will take courageous and visionary businessman like Angus Reed to use their connections and look to invest in these current and emerging technologies.

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