regulatory t cells and today's discovery


Posted on 24th June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

This year and over the next three years there will be an estimated $24 billion in brand name drugs that will become generic. This presents a dilemma to our health care industry and those who rely on new discoveries to help them battle their disease. As money continues to leave biotech and big pharma the incentive to invest in research and development becomes more difficult yet even more important. The discovery of new more targeted medicines will be the wave of the future as companies look to target a specific disease that will minimize side effects and improve outcomes. The use of regulatory t cells and other t lymphocytes and how that multiply and mutate may provide insight into various diseases like cancer. Current discovery techniques are getting more streamlined and creating better more targeted discoveries.

regulatory t cells and today’s discovery


Posted on 23rd June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

This year and over the next three years there will be an estimated $24 billion in brand name drugs that will become generic. This presents a dilemma to our health care industry and those who rely on new discoveries to help them battle their disease. As money continues to leave biotech and big pharma the incentive to invest in research and development becomes more difficult yet even more important. The discovery of new more targeted medicines will be the wave of the future as companies look to target a specific disease that will minimize side effects and improve outcomes. The use of regulatory t cells and other t lymphocytes and how that multiply and mutate may provide insight into various diseases like cancer. Current discovery techniques are getting more streamlined and creating better more targeted discoveries.

Are you looking for wedding decorartions


Posted on 22nd June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

The months of June and July are traditionally filled with summer vacations and weddings. Women plan for months to have that perfect wedding and getting all the pieces lined up to have that perfect day can be frustrating and expensive. I know that when my wife and I were married in June the planning started almost a year out to secure the venue, photographer, and caterer. Picking out the wedding decorations to go with the theme for your wedding can also be a trying experience if you wait to long. One of the neat things that we did to help capture memories of our wedding was placing disposal cameras on the tables at the wedding reception. When we were married the internet was just in infancy so having access to multiple vendors at the click of a mouse was a luxury that would have been great.

Burnaby Condo a place to call home


Posted on 20th June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

With stunning views, centrally located in Lower Mainland, and steps away from the Metrotown Skytrain the new Silver Metrotown condos are sure to be a huge hit. The Burnaby condo collection is situated in a 38 story tower with several flower plans to choose from that feature Italian designed kitchens and tons of amenities this is truly a space to call home. You are conveniently  located close to more than 450 shop which include HomeSense, The Bay, and Station Park. There are several parks located within walking distance along with easy access to the Burnaby Library and a local recreation center. There is very little that you would need that is not located within reach of your new home. The newer style condos are becoming a place of residence and building on a sense of community rather than just a place to live.

Preserve your photos with GoPhoto


Posted on 18th June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

You can use photo scanning with companies like GoPhoto you can simply ship them your old photos and within a few days or weeks your photos will be ready in a digital format for sharing with friends and family. Their cost is very reasonable and the great part is that you only pay for the digital copies you would like to keep. They will even enhance your photos so those older photos that are starting to yellow will look great.
There are some great ways in order to keep your memories alive and using professional companies to help keep and restore your memories is a great idea.


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night shift


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Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder

I had a really hard day at work the other day. I am a nurse and usually don’t work the night shift, because three of the nurses that usually cover the night shifts in my department caught the whooping cough! I was totally surprised that they caught the whooping cough because to work in the peds department you have to have the vaccine and they all had it. Because they were short staffed and I was working at night ( which I hate) , I was extremely pooped when I got home. Luckily I had two more days off before I had to go back into the night shift. Working at night totally screws up your circadian cycles, now I know how nocturnal animals who have to stay awake at the zoo feel! When I got home from work, I flipped on and sat for what I felt like were days just watching reruns of “Sex and City” and the news here and there. Ahh I am dreading having to fill in for the night shift again! I hope that the night nurses get well soon.

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Improving your brand and trust with Marimedia


Posted on 13th June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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In the competitive world of online marketing he who has the most data will win. Many businesses will go online and purchase search engine placements, and pay per click advertising without measuring where the results are coming from. You can check out the list of resources at!/MarimediaBlog. You will find helpful solutions and insights on how to manage your PPC campaigns and make the most of your investment. This can then help to make sure that the customers you are drawing to your site through Pay per click or organic search engine traffic is serious about purchasing your product. Pay per click advertising like that is purchased through Google and Yahoo is based on various keywords and how much you bid on placement of those keywords in search engines. Google is the leader in search engine placements and PPC advertising. So being able to monitor how your keyword placements are doing through search queries will help you extend your promotional budget.

Keeping tabs on your competition is also key to manage your branding placements and understanding the change in the market. One of the major attributes of creating awareness is getting Dugg through sites like Digg or having others Tweet about your blog or business. Others in your market may start to notice because they will be in that space as well and start to compete for those same buzz words. You then get into a bidding war that only benefits the publisher and only drive up your costs. You have to constantly manage your ad budget and track your search engine placement to stay ahead of your competition. Using metrics to understand where they rank in search engine rankings can help you better plan your marketing campaign and utilize your resources.
You will find some great articles on Marimedia that will help streamline your online advertising through resources on how to use various PPC ads and banners that will help you identify which campaigns are working or not. These can have tracking codes that will enable you to see the traffic. This provides you with a comprehensive tracking mechanism to see which pages are being clicked through, and which ones are not matching up with your target campaigns. You can see if your target your audience is accessing the appropriate ads and pages based on domain, day of the weeks, and browsers. Content is what ultimately drives search engine placement and static pages can help simplify and increase your traffic.

Organize and Simplify your social networks

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Posted on 8th June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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Like many of our readers we belong to multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, and more. While these are all great tools to help you stay connected with old friends and make new connections it can be a challenge to keep all those locations updated. We just had the chance to find and explore a new tool that can simplify and organize all these social networks into one application. The site is which stand for Organize, Simplify, Socialize which uses a new platform called SocialCraft™ which is an adaptive algorithm tool that can help you stay in contact across multiple platforms. Osiso will help you stay connected across networks like facebook,twitter,Bebo, friendster, and Flickr just to name a few. Plus you can integrate IM chat profiles like Yahoo, AOL, and MSN to be in constant contact at all times through one simple interface.

socialmediaOrSiSo has several unique features, including:

· Single status update for all networks, choose the same status or a different one for each network.

· Awesome photo album browsing and viewing

· Pop-up notifications to let you know when new information is added

· The ability to merge friends who have profiles on multiple networks into one contact

· Grouping of friends into different levels of closeness so you can filter the information that is most important to you.

All you have to do is download the software here from and you will be up and running in just minutes. We are going to be testing this out over the next few months and then keep updated posts on how this new tool is progressing.

Using Adficient in your PPC efforts

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Posted on 3rd June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Many will attempt to research online and read books on how to drive traffic through search engines and then organically through other means. The challenge here is to find the right mix of keywords and site optimization that will result in added revenue or increased readers for all those blogs. We have been successful in creating unique content and then keeping in contact with other blog owners where we provide links back to each other and occasionally mention one another in various posts. The search engines love new and fresh content and this has been the result of the thousands of blogs that are started everyday. There is a new way to find your information online and that is simply through One of the most common terms used for online searches is find and now you can simply find what you are looking for.
Companies like Adficient are prepare to help you manage your PPC campaigns and offer 24/7 support. Chris Hickman is the owner and President and brings over 10 years experience and has been published in two different on the ins and outs of Google Adsense. There have been some recent postings of a adficient scam and based on their credentials and website resources this seems to be off base. Chris and his team at Adficient offer services like helping you if you have been google slapped and regaining your account. They also offer a process called “TAG’ and split testing to help improve conversions and overall adsense success. Chris is certified through Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook so he and his team can help you find the best place to advertise your business and improve your overall success online. You can check out their comparision across other PPC management and see what you will be getting through Adficient. You will gain a dedicated partner at a fraction of the cost to help your business grow and improve your brand. There are hundreds of online agencies and working with one that has the expertise and dedication to customer support is critical in any business decision on you partner with so take a close look and you will like what you see.

A paint agitator for stainless steel or plastic totes


Posted on 2nd June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Whether you are mixing paint in a stainless steel or plastic tote there is now a paint agitator that can be used for both. Providing consistent quality across applications and the ability to mix and match drive and agitator gear the ITM (Integrated Tote Mixer) offers a great solution to your paint and solution mixing needs. The two components have been designed to be configured without tools so this means less downtime between applications or more uptime for your teams. They also have available both fixed and collapsible impellers to help in those small application settings. You can customize the setup to match your particular industry application and have the latest in mixing applications so no matter what type of tote you are using you will find the right solution for your particular application need.

Family Saver


Posted on 31st May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing


Thanks to Darwin Barton

I love my family more than anything in the world and I’m really working hard to try to save us enough money this year to surprise the kids with a trip to Disney World . They’ve never been and I’d love to take them while they’re still young and the magic will still be in full force you know what I mean? I researched Texas electricity providers and switched which has saved us a few hundred bucks and I’ve started using coupons when I go to the store, too. I also have sold some of the girls’ old baby clothes on Ebay as that’s been a nice way to bring in some extra cash – my husband doesn’t know about any of this by the way. I want him to be just as surprised as the kids when I tell him about my little plan and he’s going to be shocked when he knows I’ve saved us thousands without any changes to our everyday life! That’s the way to do it.

A paint agitator that will perform


Posted on 30th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

In the commercial painting application world there are numerous solutions that are available to help maintain a consistent and uniform mix. It is imperative that no matter what type of painting application you are getting ready to conquer the key is to having the uniformed color and application across a large job. That is why the ITM (Integrated Tote Mixer) is ideal for multiple applications no matter what type of paint solution you are using. Because of the unique ability to mix and match the drive and paint agitator you can easily switch between blades without cross contaminating. This makes changing applications a snap and something that can be done in seconds helping to improve your return on investment.

Win an iPad at DealFun


Posted on 25th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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If you are looking to get a great deal on a tablet forget trying to get a $99 HP touchpad when you can get an iPad 2 for pennies on the dollar at Besides the fact that the HP touchpad will not be supported and you are buying old technology you can have fun bidding on the latest technology and the most popular tablet on the market. At Deal Fun they offer iPad’s, laptops, and other technology systems through their auction system. This is what is called a penny auction site where you bid on an item and every bid raises the price by one penny. The starting price is always a penny so you could end up getting some items for up to 98% off retail. If you are new to the site you are given the advantage of getting your bids back if you do not win within the first 24 hours after your first bid is placed.
With their prompt and courteous customer service you will get your questions answered quickly. There are no win limits so if you are on a hot streak you can get some great deals. At Dealfun you can look at other similar auctions and plan your strategy to win that item with the least amount of bids. If you are bidding on an item and lose you can use the bids that you made towards the purchase price of the item. So get started today and purchase a bid pack and may the best bidder win.

Play free games online at GameHouse


Posted on 24th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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If you like millions of Americans who love to play games online then GamesHouse is a site you need to check out. GameHouse formerly RealArcade offers free games online as well as paid memberships for those that want to own the games and be able to play offline. For those that have an iPad you can also check out their apps and play some of the most popular games alone or with friends. Want to play Plants vs. Zombies, one of the most popular games of 2010 on your laptop then you will find it online at Gamehouse. They offer thousands of titles that are 100% safe from malware and viruses. Gamehouse prides itself on offering a safe gaming environment. They offer different types of memberships for their customers whether you want to own the game or simply play online and it does not matter if you have a mac or pc. If you join for free you will get the opportunity to download one free game a day and play forever. Each day the free game changes so be sure to check in often and take advantage of this great offer.

At Gamehouse they want to make sure that you not only get access to great games, but that you can also earn prizes while doing it. You can sign up for free and get 1000 coins and have the chance to earn additional coins just for playing games. Then you can cash in those coins for prizes like Amazon gift cards. There are numerous ways in which you can earn coins like logging into your account, liking on facebook, buying a full game, and joining Fun Pass. So not only are you taking some stress out of your daily activities but having the chance to get some great prizes for playing free games online.





If you come across a great game that you enjoy drop us a comment and we will share with the rest of our readers.

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DealDash for your next online purchase


Posted on 19th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

There are so many places that you can now shop online for the latest technology that it can be quite overwhelming and boring. Sites like DealDash have been trying to change this through their interactive auction site where you sign up for free and bid on items you like and have a chance to win them for 70-90% off retail. You can read all about About DealDash on their blog and their website. You will find that they offer 100% money back guarantee and have been online since 2009. You will also see that DealDash Ranks as number 1 most talked about brand in the world on Facebook and has over 1.1 million Facebook likes. So that is great but how does it work.
How DealDash Works :

Simply create a free account and purchase bid packs, and then find items you are interested in and start bidding. As you place bids the price of the item will go up by one penny. You can even find cool things to help you play online at Sbobet Casino and may be win some money. They have a cool benefit called  ”No Jumper Auctions” where only bidder that place a bid at the beginning of the auction can participate in the end. This is great to help eliminate those who come in at the last second and grab the auction and also reduces the number of bidders in the final minutes. With their Buy it Now feature you can purchase the item you are bidding on and did not win and get all your bids back for free. Very Cool. Add to that the free shipping and over 800 auctions going on every day you are sure to find something you will like. You can find everything from the latest technology to bid packs. Check their site often as they are always putting up bid pack sales. I just saw one for this Father’s Day weekend where you could buy bids for as little as 19 cents each.

With their live customer support and site that has been VeriSign trusted and had McAfee Secure features you are can feel confident in purchasing on their site. Keep in mind that items they are offering are new and come from DealDash and are not being sold be some individual seller like some auction sites. I would invite our readers to check them out and let us know what you think. If you win something cool let us know that as well.

Options For Students With An International Business Degree


Posted on 16th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Choosing a degree program is one of those life-altering decisions. For most of us, it comes at too young an age, yet has the potential to map out the future direction of our professional lives. Students who have identified a passion for business as an underlying motivation for their career will often choose to study an international business degree online, providing them with the best possible insights into doing business in the modern world. Covering a range of business topics, with the perspective of international trade woven throughout, this kind of course can pay dividends in the commercial world. For graduates of international business, there are dozens of potential career avenues to explore.

The first, and perhaps most obvious starting point, is a career in business. For many, this will be a career that begins with a private company. No doubt starting in a junior position, graduates can use their knowledge and skills to work their way through the ranks of the organization they join. The knowledge and insight that come from this kind of degree can give you the upper hand, particularly when it comes to analyzing and executing on business decisions, and dealing with importing and exporting. For others, the route into a career in business will be one of self-employment.

Many entrepreneurs are now turning to formalized business education before starting their companies. It might be the case that you have a solid idea for a world-changing product. Or you may simply know that you want to run your own business from an early stage in your career. Studying a degree in international business can provide you with the basic knowledge to make this possible. Especially for those who envisage dealing with customers and suppliers overseas, having this kind of training can be incredibly useful before you hit the real-world commercial environment. 

It is not just business, or even commercial applications where this kind of training comes in useful. Many of those who go on to work in other fields like politics, government and research can experience advantages from this kind of qualification. An international business qualification gives an employer the knowledge that you have thought about, researched and understood key commercial issues. In this respect, those holding a degree in this type of field of study are inherently employable. This may make it easier to find a job in a related or unrelated industry.


International business

Of course, it is all too easy to forget about the international dimension to studies of this kind. This makes it possible, in some cases, for graduates to move overseas. Where the skills learned are genuinely internationally focused, this may be an advantage for organizations searching for the right people for satellite offices around the world. In terms of career and personal development, the chance to live and work abroad will certainly hold its appeal for some graduates.

International business is a highly flexible, functional degree choice. The primary reason for studying to a university level is that it provides you with the tools for a better career. In this sense, international business is perhaps one of the most effective choices for achieving the career you demand.

Fun Facts To Know About File Sharing


Posted on 12th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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File sharing is currently used around the world in companies and homes alike. With new programs such as The Cloud, which allow you to share your information across multiple devices without having to email the documents to yourself. These programs are usually created specifically for a type of device, for example Microsoft has a cloud and so does Apple. Each one is separate and can only share information with like devices. Most people take file sharing for granted since it has become so popular but there are many fun facts about it.

How It Started

File sharing started mainly as a way to share music and videos across the internet with little to no effort. Companies such as Napster would provide a catalog of available files while leaving these files on the computer of the person who owned them. This form of file sharing was found to be illegal as it broke copyright laws. The other form of peer to peer sharing was done on a much smaller scale similar to what most businesses use on a daily basis. Some colleges offered secure networks in which students could share files with other students. The only people who had access to this network were those who were physically connected to the network.

Not All File Sharing Is Illegal

With the recent lawsuits filed by record companies and movie production companies, many people believe that all forms of file sharing is illegal. This is not the case when you are sharing files in two different ways. The first is in the use of file sharing for business purposes, you are sharing your own data and documents that are not copyrighted and are sharing them with a select group of people. The second is when sharing files with yourself, for example if you own a computer and a phone that run on the same operating system, you can transfer files to a cloud based storage and access them from each device.

Anything Can Be Shared Securely

The first stages of file sharing were located on unsecure networks that were easily accessible by anyone. These types of file sharing were not ideal for businesses to use as away to share important documents. However, now there are products such as those found at have allowed companies a secure platform to share documents with employees located around the globe. For a small fee you will have the ability to select which files you wish to share as well as who you wish to share them with. These programs have saved companies time and money that was typically spent on travel and shipping.

Easier Than Your Email

Email used to be thought of as the easiest way to share information with others, but file sharing has changed all of that. File sharing does not require attachments or impose file size restriction when sharing files with others. You also will have a desktop widget that will allow you to share files without opening an internet window. Once you have set your file to be shared you are also able to track the file to be sure it was received by those you wanted to see it.

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Five Things to Get Right When Marketing Online


Posted on 10th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Harness the power of the internet by first putting some love into your website and making sure that it has content that works for you. Take time to really make the most of social media and take advantage of the opportunity it gives you to interact with both existing and potential customers and, most importantly, know when to ask for help from experts.

Love Your Website

There is absolutely nothing worse than seeking out a business only to find a clunky and inefficient website that doesn’t provide you with the information you need. Make sure that you spend the money and the time building a website that makes your customers want to return and doesn’t frustrate them into using a competitor.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves utilising well written and informative blog posts and news articles to post on your own websites as well as on other sites that will link to yours. This can be a difficult path to navigate but getting it right will open up multiple revenue streams and broaden your customer base easily.

Tackling Social Media

This can be a daunting one but the reality is that many companies have been born and broken at the hands of social media sites so get tweeting and get a presence on Facebook. Many people turn to these sites when looking for information about a company so it is important to have a presence whether you like social media or not.

Interact With Customers

The most important thing about gaining a social media presence is the opportunity that it gives you to interact with people. Many companies really miss a trick here so make sure you engage with any questions or comments as this can secure a positive online identity for you and your company.

Know When to Get Help

No matter how you choose to go about growing your business online, the most important thing you can do is recognise when you need help. If you are having difficulty with the site or don’t quite understand content marketing and are not a friend of Facebook and Twitter, don’t despair. This doesn’t mean that you have to lose out on potentially lucrative paths to your customers.

You need to weigh up whether learning these new and, often highly specialised skills, is worth it in terms of your time. If the cost/benefit doesn’t work out, or if you know that these things aren’t your strength, it’s time to outsource to experts who can connect these things for you. Companies like Space & Time can be hired to plan your strategy and purchase marketing for you as well as maximise the effectiveness of your content. While it is vital that you get this right in order to grow your business, it is not vital that you yourself slog through the tasks.

Jane Harkins is a consultant who writes about various online marketing tools for a number of websites and blogs. She is a firm believer in getting the best person for the job and, knowing that companies such as #Refreshed Direct exist, strongly recommends outsourcing.

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