Modern day bunk beds


Posted on 10th February 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

There are many ideas out there as to what constitutes modern furniture and this includes bunk beds. There are hundreds of online stores and brick and mortar stores that carry a large selections furniture so most every style is out there. What ever your thoughts about modern or contemporary furniture we would recommend a look that is functional. By this we mean have the furniture and fixtures so that it flows and does not create a barrier to your interaction in the room. Too many times you walk into a room these days and you are greeted by a mammoth big screen TV with a larger leather couch. This look has become more popular and yet it closes off half the room and limits your ability to engage everyone in the room. The only thing that you can do it that room now is to stare at the large TV screen. Shouldn’t it be time to have a room that is meant for conversation and gathering rather than just entertaining?

Investing in new bunk beds


Posted on 9th February 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Our kids are getting to the age where the bunk beds and dressers that they have had for 5 plus years is starting to look a little dated. I noticed this just this past week when they had friends over and they were all huddled around one of the bunk beds trying to get their turn on the Xbox. So my wife went on a search to find what is new and exciting in kids furniture and actually found ourselves evaluating our own set that we have had for over 15 years. Some of the new furniture sets that you can find online and you to realize just how outdated your current bedroom furniture is and what can be had today. I especially love the bunk beds that are both practical and functional. So instead of the bed taking over the entire room it actually serves to help the flow of the room and actually give the perception that you have more room.

Keeping your gums healthy


Posted on 6th February 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Diet plays a key role. To maintain strong teeth, it’s essential to consume adequate amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, in particular calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Vitamins A and C play a role in keeping your gums healthy. The average person only flosses 35 seconds, when actually you need at least 2-3 minutes.Be gentle. Especially along the gumline, hold the brush at a 45-degree angle and make short strokes. Choose the right toothbrush. Pick a size and shape that enables you to easily reach every tooth. Use a soft brush, which is less likely to damage gums. Floss. Flossing cleans the places your toothbrush can’t reach.

At San Diego Dentistry they offer a total solution to your teeth and gum health. They are also offer various cosmetic dental services like veneers to help improve your smile. After you make a visit to the dentist’s office, you can then determine with his or her help on what steps to take next. You may have to choose cosmetic dentistry and most of the older folks will be going down this path. Don’t let it get you down if you need a cosmetic procedure done because the staff at San Diego Dentistry can help provide you the information you need. It’s just a part of getting older and the people that didn’t take care of their teeth when they were younger, will more than likely need some sort of cosmetic dentistry to help them.

Your new dental veneers can make your mouth look as good as it did when you was 20 years old. You will be able to consult with the dentists at San Diego Dentistry to help make the right choice for your situation. The veneers can get placed on top of your current teeth and it also goes over any bridge work or crowns you may have had done in the past. The dental veneers will help align your smile and this is a painless procedure. There will be no grinding or shaving done to the parts of your teeth that still remain. The veneers get shaped to fit over your existing dental look. After you get your new veneers, you will be ready to hit the town again with a nice, straight and white look to your smile!

Camping in 2011

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Posted on 4th February 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

I think a lot of today’s technology for campers has became too much. It seems the more tech-gadgets that come out, the less of an experience the campers are getting with Mother Nature. Using canvas tarps is fine because they do offer shelter, but some of the other new gadgets have got to stay home. Some of the sleeping bags now, are like bringing a few mattresses inside your tent. Even the tent has got a lot bigger and some tents can hold up to 10 full grown men in them. Bigger tents and sleeping bags that are as comfortable as a sofa, are just a couple of the things the modern campers are bringing into the woods these days. I usually just take a small sleeping bag and sleep on the ground with no tent. I find this much easier to take down the trails, but most of the modern campers are driving right up to their campsites

I guess they need to be close, when they drag out the radio and TV they plan to hook to an electrical outlet. I just don’t think this is really camping. The thing I like best about camping is the outdoors and surviving off of the land. You don’t have to hunt and kill your own food, but leaving the tech-gadgets at home, would be a little more adventurous. I would only take a cell phone and canvas tarp for emergency purposes, but turn it off when you get to your campsite. Go camping and leave the modern technology of the world behind. That’s one of the fun things to look forward to; when you go camping this summer. If you want the comforts from home with you; perhaps you should just stay at home.

Wear the appropriate steel toe shoes for those home projects


Posted on 1st February 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Our house could use a few touch-ups here and there. We don’t need a new room built on yet, but if we could fix up the ones we have now, would be great for this year. Getting in the construction mind takes a lot of supplies and we need just a little bit of everything at my house. Several of the rooms need a good paint job and I need another painter around that could help me paint in a linear motion. I will probably spend more money on plastic and tarps trying to protect things than the actual paint will cost. One room in our house has a very high ceiling, so painting it is really a job. I like the rooms where the 6 foot ladder is enough, but the highest point in my home (that needs painting) is well over 10 feet tall. I hope I have time to take care of the kitchen cabinets and give them a good coat of paint. Even with jobs around the house you need to make sure you have the proper Steel Toe Shoes and protective eye ware just to be safe. That is why companies like Steel Toe Boots USA has a great selection and will save you money. I certainly have my work cut out for me this year, but I know I will be glad I did them when next winter arrives.

A way to keep your watch on time


Posted on 29th January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

A watch makes a great gift for any time of the year. You can give them out for birthdays, on Fathers Day or even for the Christmas holidays that is fast approaching. I have seen a specific watch winder case for those really nice time pieces. A nice watch or any of the other stylish watches you can find these days make an excellent gift from Santa. I am not currently wearing a watch but I think I would like to have one. It’s not only stylish to have a watch, but it helps you to keep track of your day. I know when you don’t wear a watch; your often thinking about what time it is. No matter how we try to escape from everything, there is still a need for time. Even on vacation we want to know what time it is, so we can determine how much of our vacation is left. So if you’re trying to find a gift for that man in your life this year and haven’t thought of the perfect gift yet, just get him a watch! It’s a gift that he will enjoy and actually use for a long time.
You want to find a watch that is just for you. You can also find and orbita watch winder that are specially made for your watch. They some in single watch winders and multi-watch winders as well in a distinctive box. Something that you will feel comfortable with. The Key Blue Watch by Nixon, looks like a great watch for me. I think that one would suit me the most. I do like blue too, so that helps in making my decision for a watch. I did think the some of the older self winding watches are a great idea for any man or woman. I don’t think I could go wrong with either one of these two watches.

Wearing a watch these days isn’t just for having the correct time. It’s become a fashion statement. In some cases, it shows how successful we’ve been by displaying a high price watch around our wrist. By keeping them in a special watch box you can preserve your watch and make sure it is always showing the correct time. Then you still have the people that just want to wear a watch, so they do indeed have the right time. So stop asking people for the time, and go buy a watch for yourself today.

Finding your work boots


Posted on 27th January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

I have a couple of pairs of boots in my footwear collection right now. One of the pairs of boots I have is for wearing out and I like them for going out to eat or doing activities with my friends. The other pair of boots I own is more for working or maybe going hunting in the woods with. They come up the leg pretty high and they are so thick at the top, you really can’t pull your pants leg over them. So your pants stay above your boot line and that’s not the look I really want, if I was going to go out and shoot pool, go bowling or out to see a movie. I think most people have some type of boots like work boots, stylish boots, cowboy boots, or perhaps something in work boots.

When you wear your boots you might think of that song that talks about these boots were made to walk all over you. I know Victoria Gotti the daughter of the legendary mobster John Gotti had a reality show that was on not too long ago. Her theme song that would come on was that song that talks about these boots were made for walking all over you. It would show Victoria in a cartoon image and you could see her wearing her tall black boots. The name of that reality show was Growing Up Gotti and it’s no longer on the air. The ratings were declining, but I actually liked watching the show. I think I seen every episode of it, but every time I hear that song, I think about Victoria Gotti and her tall black boots.

Are you being watched at work


Posted on 24th January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

In this day and age of high speed internet many people are taking advantage of their work place broadband to stay connected to their social networks, watch Youtube videos, and change their starting fantasy football lineup. While most companies have a computer usage policy in place being able to monitor all their employees can be a daunting task. It is estimated that the loss in productivity and revenue is well over $750 billion. That is a staggering amount if you think about where we are in this economic time and people are being asked to do more with less resources. With that being said companies can help make sure that employees are staying on task and weed out those who abuse the corporate internet by using software solutions like My PC Reports.

Using these types of software solutions can be a game changer when it comes to more productive time at work. For a low monthly fee you can receive daily summaries of activities, websites visited, and applications that your employees are using. Some may think that is just “Big Brother” trying to invade your privacy and I say what you do at work is not your private business. People have a hard time separating the fact that what they say or do at work is not protected. If you are logging onto a website or playing games that you do not want your employer to know about then you should not be doing it with their PC’s and laptops. You read stories all the time where people are posting on their Facebook page during work hours complaining about their peers and managers. This only complicates the matter and is creating new and revised policies across corporate IT infrastructure. I do believe that employees should know that they are being monitored and website activity is being reported. This way the trust level remains high and people are more aware on what they do and don’t do a t work.

Getting help with affiliate marketing

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Posted on 22nd January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

The exciting part about Internet marketing is the number of people you can introduce to a new product or service. A person sitting at home in the United States has an opportunity to market to the whole European and Asian continents. How exciting is that? Most people may not realize the potential for an American to market to citizens in another country. For those that do understand this potential, could very well be the next owners of a website like You Tube, Facebook, MySpace, or even the “Wal Mart” of online websites we refer to as Google.

I would like to know which online programs you have found success with on the Net. Did you join an affiliate program and found a way to make money with it? You can now get help from folks like Kelly Felix who is the owner of the website rich jerk to gain insight and get help on how to become a successful online marketer. They have over 100K members where they help them understand the rules of the game and how to be more focused on making money. If you could name the number one affiliate program online today for people who are new to the whole Internet marketing world; which referral link would you give out? I am very exciting at all of the potential that exists for computer users like myself, who has big dreams and desires of making it big on the Internet. I am looking daily for a program online I think will be the next big thing to Internet users. Perhaps you already have found a program like this? If so, please feel free to share your top 1 or 2 online affiliate programs, you believe are great opportunities for making big money online.

Finding junk silver coins to invest


Posted on 20th January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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You probably don’t work on Wall Street right now. Your current job probably doesn’t involve working closely with stocks, silver prices, or other investment vehicles for growing your money. I realize how low the percentages are that most people reading my blog have absolutely no ties to the financial markets of the world. I bet those numbers go up, for those who currently know about the booming gold markets.

Silver has a long history in America and throughout the world. It’s hard to keep a good secret for very long; when that secret can result in a financial gain. The junk silver coins is available for anyone who wishes to get in on this silver market right now. No, it’s not too late! Don’t ever think you missed the train or boat when it comes to junk silver and opportunities. Investors who seek to buy gold coins in 2010, can still reap some short term rewards; while securing their self for a financial explosion in the future. There are no guarantees that any investment will return rewards in the future for investors. Just because the “guarantee” is not in place, doesn’t mean you and a company like the United States Gold Bureau could become very good partners over the next few years. They can supply you with gold, silver proof coins, and other precious metals you seek to invest in. I am extremely excited about the future of gold and even made gold panning my new favorite hobby!

Using vehicle wraps to increase your exposure

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Posted on 18th January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

We have all seen the cars and trucks that look like one giant traveling billboard. They have the company name and branding with some simple information like the phone number or website address. Using vehicle wraps in this digital age is just one other avenue that you have to help create brand awareness and drive people to your site. Imagine how many people see your fleet of vehicles on a daily basis and having them click on you web site when they get home can be a huge opportunity. They will either be curious to find out what you represent or make or be looking to make a purchase. Either way you overall cost per impression is minimal and this type of advertising is reaching a larger audience 24/7.

Gold exploration mining company finding gold


Posted on 17th January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Men and women for thousands of years have held gold in high regard. We want more of it. And this is not down to greed, but rather the soundness of gold.  A Gold exploration mining company by the name of Edgewater Exploration Ltd is helping to uncover new sources to mine gold. Gold is a stable investment; the price does not fluctuate as drastically as oil or the stocks on the stock exchange. Gold bullion is 99.99% pure gold that may be bought or sold for investment. There is actually no such thing as 100% pure gold. If someone tells you otherwise then you know he is not telling you the truth. Small details like this may help you in the future, you never know.

Visit one of the top vancouver attractions

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Posted on 15th January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

If you are looking for a great location to take a trip then Vancouver, BC may be your destination spot. You can cross the Capilano suspension bridge which is one of the top Vancouver attractions. This suspension bridge is 450 long that crosses over a 230 foot deep canyon. It is one of Vancouver’s oldest attractions, originally built in 1889, it now offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Vancouver. The addition of Treetop adventures has helped add to the overall offerings of the park. Treetop adventures offers seven suspension bridges  through the evergreen forest that are about 100 feet above the forest floor. There is also a restaurant available so you stay and enjoy lunch while taking in the breath taking scenes.

Finding cost effective Dell 5110cn toner


Posted on 12th January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

If you own a color printer you know that the most expensive item is the ink or toner. Luckily today you can find cost effective toner and ink online through various companies. For printers like the Dell 5110cn color printer you can a lot of money by just doing a little research. This 35 PPM printer is an excellent solution for those looking to add a networked color printer to their system. The great thing about laser printers like the Dell 5110cn is that your toner are 4 separate colors. So if you run out of cyan you do not have throw away the entire cartridge like you would for an ink jet printer. By finding great deals on the toner your cost per copy can be well below what you pay to have copies printed off site and the money you would save on labor will add up as well.

Increase your brand awareness through vehicle wraps


Posted on 9th January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Companies are using  vehicle wraps in order to help increase their brand awareness. You have seen the tricked out trucks that look like a big traveling billboard and they certainly grab your attention.

Promoting your business through brochures from

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Posted on 7th January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing


Promoting your business, company or just a product or service you might be involved with can be done effectively with postcards. Personal or online brochures are a great way to get the word out about your business and can be an effective marketing tool to have on your side. Do you think your competitors are using brochures or postcards to promote their business? You can customize your  print brochure at UPrinting in a matter minutes and customize it with details about your business or a special promotion that you are running.  Many companies haven’t even thought about the idea and here is your chance to get a leg up on them. You always want your company or business model to look professional and these customized business brochures are a great way to do just that. They are a marketing tool that gives your business that professional look and feel to it, so people can see your business with a tasteful short description.

Brochure printingYou can get your own business brochures starting at $24.99 for 50 and the in as little as one day with rush delivery. These postcards are sure to drive more sales your way and it’s a great way to market your business to targeted customers. You can also receive matching envelopes with your postcards; that also makes a nice touch. Finding companies online  take care of your postcards, they can target the market for you, so you are getting the attention of customers interested in your business. At they have made it easy for any size business to create and customize their own business brochures or postcards. You first just select the style (standard or oversized). The second step is the design process, where you can use a template to design your postcard; you can also upload a design. The choice is up to you when it comes to the way you want your postcards to look. These cheap postcards will pay for themselves in no time and you will soon be enjoying more sales for your business.

Finding that advertising agency


Posted on 6th January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

The newest advertising agencies that are competing online are the ones that started there. That Ad Agency, where there existence started on the web so they know and understand the  channels and various models that work.
Through their experience and tools they can help you gain the traction that you need in order to enhance your brand both organically and through the search engines. A true advertising agency can also help you synch up your online advertising to make sure that your keywords are landing within your specific target market. This provides you with a comprehensive tracking mechanism to see which ads are being clicked through, and which ones are not matching up with your target campaigns. You can even target your audience with ads based on domain, day of the weeks, and browsers.
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Chosing your Charleston realtor

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Posted on 3rd January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

The numbers on new housing starts came out just recently and the trend was good. For areas like South Carolina and the Eastern states that have been hit hard by the economic downturn this is a breath of fresh air. Seasoned real estate agents like Karen Korner in Charleston, South Carolina can bring her wealth of knowledge and tenure in the industry to help you sell or buy your next home. She is a licensed Charleston realtor with over 20 years in the Charleston area and over 30 years in the real estate business. She has helped families find their dream home and deals directly with each of her customers. In this market you need someone that will represent you and your needs and someone who knows the market to find the right home for you.