eMail marketing in 2012

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Posted on 1st July 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing |Technology

Through new  emai marketing channels comapnies are keeping in touch with customers.With  social media marketing it is not much easier thanks to email marketing software where are the checks and balances are done for your. Setting up an auto responder to provide insight and feedback to your customers is essential and this still a preferred method of many companies today.

Research and development with b cells in 2012


Posted on 28th June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing |Technology

With the latest block buster drug to go generic this month the pharmaceutical model for R&D is having to make some major shifts. No longer are big revenues from several products going to help fuel innovation and research, rather bitoech drugs are going to be the next big thing.The more specialized a medicine becomes the more costly it becomes as there are not enough in overall sales to help justify the development. There are multiple ways that companies are studying the impact of b cells and other specific genetic cells to create a more targeted approach. This is why finding ways and solutions to bring therapies to market at a faster pace with lower R&D cost will be more sustainable over the long term.

Grandparents are Active


Posted on 25th June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight

I love my grandparents to death and when they asked me to help them get internet for their house I was totally floored. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I totally love that they’re so adorably old and tech savvy but I was like what in the world do they need internet for? Apparently they wanted to start sending out emails to the rest of the family once a week! I went to and got them hooked up with satellite because they live kind of out in the middle of nowhere and I know they’ve been loving how easy it is to just walk into the office and get on the desktop and get online. I think they’re the cutest two old people I know and I love how much they still love each other – I hope when I’m their age I’ll be half as active and in love as they are – if I am I will be a happy girl! I can’t believe they’re going on 85 but you know, I guess it really is true what they say about age just being a number. They’re proving ever single statistic I know of wrong!

new science and t cells


Posted on 21st June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

As health care continues to evolve and government and payers are looking for ways to cut costs biotech and pharma companies are looking for new and innovative ways to bring new medicines to market. There is newer science that is looking at the impact of t cells on various disease states and if targeting specific sites can help provide answers. T cells or  T lymphocytes belong to a group of white blood cells called lymphocytes. White blood cells help our bodies to fight off infections and certain diseases. When they become mutated because of a genetic mutation this is when the potential for hazardous effects come into play. There are companies like StemCell Technologies that have advanced methods that can help prepare media and cultures in preparation for developing new solutions. Outside sources are becoming more popular in order to help biotech companies to shorten the discovery time and provide a synergy for partners to develop new ways to identify new medicines.

An industrial mixer for multiple uses


Posted on 19th June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

At Dynamix, a company known for it’s tank mixers and agitators, they have developed a robust lineup so whether you are mixing paint, chemicals, or air you are sure to find a solution for your needs. Their industrial mixer has been designed with the same base design so that you are going to see the same quality from mixer to mixer. This helps companies that are expanding to achieve a more consistent product run. At Dynamix you can find the right tote mixer for your application and know that as your project or production grows that you can add components to your existing mixers without a lot of retooling. This can save valuable time and resources so that your teams are moving forward.

Internet speed test for your computer and home entertainment system


Posted on 16th June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

With all the technology that is now available to let you stream video and content from one device to another and then to your TV you need a high speed internet connection and lots of bandwidth. As more TV’s are now coming equipped with wireless connection your home network is going to require a solid connection and the ability to upload and download content and high speeds. It would do you no good to purchase a newer TV that you plan on using services like Hulu and NetFlix to have the video come in choppy and with delays. There are some great sites to help monitor your internet speed and offer some great resources on how to improve your overall performance.

A simple internet speed test will give compare your home broadband connection to a system of small downloads to let you know your system ranks across multiple providers and platforms.If you are on the low end of the spectrum you will then be given resources and tools to help you identify where the slowdown is occurring and then how to speed up your connection or PC. In some cases your router may be the culprit or it could be files and spamware that are slowing down your PC impacting overall speed of your network. With just a few simple tests you can make sure that both your network and PC’s are running at their optimal level and you will enjoy a more rich and fast viewing experience.

Brand managers and business developers need GeoProxy


Posted on 12th June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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If you are responsible for brand advertising or business development for your business then you need to check out Geo Proxy from GeoSurf. This simple toolbar solution allows to check traffic, advertising, and affiliate activity across the globe from your office in just a few clicks. It allows you to view advertising from around the globe in just a simple click. It will save you valuable time and money on research, QA, testing and monitoring so that you are able to quickly identify hotspots and invest in markets quicker. They offer secure, private, and fast service so that their customers are able to conduct their business and research without all the headaches.  Some of the key activities that are enabled include:

Uncover Affiliate activities in any country: Lets say you have a product that you allow affiliates to sell. You have specific guidelines on keywords that can and cannot be used. By using the Premium proxy from GeoSurf you can easily do a search in country and you will see the end user sees. This is also a great way to see other publishers activities and uncover some new partnerships

Discover competing bidders: You can easily see who is bidding on your specific traffic sources and how they are doing this country by country giving you a huge competitive advantage to change and modify your campaign for that specific region. You can also see the conversion tracking of the ads and what the landing pages look like in a quick and simple snapshot.

Validate your campaigns: Using Geosurf you can see how your campaigns are showing up in specific regions and where they fall in the overall market for your intended customers. This way you can make sure that you are getting the most value for your marketing dollar.

Here is a quick video to help you understand the power of GeoProxy:

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Using a stock control system to improve your business

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Posted on 11th June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

Being successful in sales requires always being able to ask for the business and having the right information at the right time to help your customers understand why they should do business with you. I worked in copier sales for 7 years and we worked off sales leads and cold calls to gain business. At that time we had no CRM or stock management software that actually linked the customers we were calling on to a main application or that helped to manage our warehouse of parts and incoming shipments. This had it’s drawbacks if we had someone leave the organization and their record keeping was less than stellar. This basically meant we were starting all over in that particular geography.

Having a stock control system that integrates these functions and makes them available on a web based interface can help improve the profitability and efficiency of your business. By having a stock management software solution your teams can know which products are available and better identify upsell opportunities. Management will know which products are most profitable and which products are not moving at all with a simple glance. You can increase your speed and response to your customer allowing you to capitalize on market events without having to stop and lose precious time and momentum.

Use ecommerce software to help your business


Posted on 5th June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

You will need a robust ecommerce website builder that will be easy for your customers to navigate and make purchases.

You can find some great ecommerce software that will allow you to setup your own store and drive traffic from eBay.
With the right ecommerce web design you can look like a big name company and start creating customer loyalty.

A paint agitator for plastic or stainless totes


Posted on 4th June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

The original ITM (integrated tote mixer) was designed for the automotive industry in order to provide a high level of consistency across various paint mixes. With the need to have a paint agitator that would provide the same level of consistency across various industries the design has been adapted to both stainless and plastic totes. The advantage of the ITM system is that you can mix and match drive and agitator systems so that you can have one solution for many applications. Companies are looking to simple solutions that can be applied across different areas of their business and this is what Dynamix and the integrated mixers that they have designed offer today’s companies.

How Computer Internet Technology Has Changed the Way People Rent DVDs

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Posted on 29th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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The poor old video store has all but vanished from our high streets. And for once, I’m not upset. Yes, I used to like browsing the shelves and coming home with something I never would have thought to rent if I hadn’t seen it in front of me. And yes I used to like the social interaction. Getting out of the house and all that.

But what’s replaced it is an example of the best uses of the internet. Online DVD rental, in which you pay a monthly fee for unlimited choice (and, if you pay the premium rate, unlimited amounts of films per month), has opened a world of cinema to even the most casual home user.

These days I can get the latest releases as soon as they come out. And I can get the most obscure titles whenever I want. All I do is keep a list of films that I want t see, in the site that supplies me with my online DVD rental. The package I choose (I have one that lets me have unlimited films per month, with a maximum of two at home at any one time) dictates the quantity of films I get access to within a 28 day period.

I can keep the films for as long as I want. So if I don’t fancy it tonight, or have something to do, then I can just save it until I do. I just don’t get a new one until I have watched the old one – so to keep up with subscription payments I have to make sure I watch more films per month than the equal amount would cost me at the only local video store I have left. That’s not hard – for what three recently released movies would cost me, in my local video store, I get unlimited film watching every month.

There are more ways to watch movies with online DVD rental than simply getting the disc in the post too. You can watch films online, many of them included in your price. Some you have to pay extra for, but these are usually the movies that have not yet actually come out on DVD – so you get a chance to see them before anyone else.

You can rent games from the same place too, and for the same kind of price and deal. So you can keep a game for as long as you want – but you don’t get more until you send your allocation back. Here, the service actually ceases to be such good value – unless you like playing a game for a couple of days and then returning it. Given that my monthly subscription costs the same as one game for a modern console – and that I would normally play one game obsessively for a few months before swapping – I can end up paying six times more for one game than I would have done if I had bought it to own.

For films, though, there is nothing like an online DVD service. Where else am I going to find the classics I had forgotten I loved? Not even my old high street store would have had half the films I get from my online supplier. And I can use a function similar to Amazon’s recommendation service, to explore films I have never even heard of based on what I am watching already. Another night in with the popcorn it is then!

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The ITM paint agitator


Posted on 28th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

You would think that a production item like a paint agitator would be fairly similar across brands and manufacturers. The main purpose is the mixing paint, or various liquids. What separates ITM (Integrated Tote Mixer) from the rest are it’s ability to mix in both a steel and plastic tote. Refined in the automotive paint industry to mix colors it has now taken on other industries that need a tighter control over consistency  from batch to batch. Because of the innovative design of ITm you can mix and match drive systems and augers to help you tailor the system for your exact specifications. With their interchangeable agitators you can easily begin on different projects with the same drive segment without cross contamination.

Using a high end media production company to enhance your presence online


Posted on 27th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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There are now dedicated media production and voice over. Having a company that understand image and high end video production company can help you project a higher end image while offering online resources to your customers.

Buy your own car parts


Posted on 23rd May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

It’s too bad our auto insurance doesn’t help pay for new car parts. This could save us a lot of money and people might be willing to pay higher insurance premiums; than trying to search for a cheap car insurance plan. At least I would be more focused on a plan the covered a higher percentage of the costs for new parts; since my car is now getting to that age, where I will need to be buying more and more parts for it. Luckily at you can find OEM Car Parts that cost less and then you can have your mechanic install them.

We are getting close to a day where it will be too expensive to drive a car for most people. Some people are already living those days now. Paying for a car is just the start of the money we will spend for the ability to drive. When you figure the car insurance costs, the higher gas prices at the pumps, and now the higher auto parts we have to pay; it makes driving very expensive. So if you are faced with having to repair your car look search the OEM Auto Parts and you may save a few bucks. I think something will have to give soon or a lot of folks that are driving now, won’t be on our roads in the next couple of years.

Calibrate your HDTV with Pixel Protector


Posted on 22nd May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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I just came across a product that claims to help improve the picture of your HDTV no matter if you have a Plasma, LED, or LCD TV. The product is called PixelProtector and they are The worlds No.1 Pixel Fix solution…since 2006. I have been looking for a product like this to help calibrate our Panasonic plasma TV to help refresh the picture. If you do some searches on how to calibrate your HDTV or prevent screen burn you will see a lot of different solutions. Many of which are pretty technical and cost over $100 or more. With the price of HDTV’s coming down under $500 it is almost better just to purchase a new TV. I have noticed that there are some various ghost images that are starting to stay longer on the screen and the colors just do not seem as sharp. I have read about and researched other products that cost from $50 to $400 that talk about providing ways to calibrate and enhance your HDTV image.
So after some review and doing a little research on my own I decided to purchase the Pixel Protector screen calibration DVD to help me calibrate our two TV’s. I will be looking to write a second review after we receive the product and post our results. I would love to hear feedback on what others have tried to help keep their picture sharp. I am not that technical when it comes to the TV, and the simple setup and calibration instructions look like they will be just perfect for my knowledge level and make the process rather pain free. I ordered the Eco friendly DVD for just under $25 and they also offer a Blu Ray version for just $5 more.

Finding the Dell 5110cn color printer and toner


Posted on 21st May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology


The latest color printers on the market have come along with print speed and cost of operation. Color printers like the Dell 5110cn have the ability to print at 35 ppm in color which is amazing when you think that the fastest color copiers and printers only a few years ago were printing at speeds of around 15-20 ppm. With the four color printing system the speed and quality is comparable to sending out jobs to be printed. To help decrease your operational cost you can now get dell 5110cn toner at discounted rates and bring your overall cost per copy below seven cents per page. So if you are looking for a high end color printer that is cost effective in total ownership then you may want to consider the Dell 5110cn and look for discounted toner online.

Key Digital Marketing Trends to Apply in 2014


Posted on 18th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

Between each of the three pillars of modern marketing – social, search and content – it is the social aspect that most markers are focusing on. And there is a very good reason for this. 10 years ago social media was barely a blip on anyone’s radar, these days it practically drives commerce all on its own. According to statistics from Mediabistro, 87% of small businesses say that social media helps their operation. As for the big boys, well, 77% of the top 100 Fortune Global companies now have a Twitter account. It’s a safe bet that this figure will be closer to 100% in the coming years.

But as any savvy advertising mind knows, trends in social media are always shifting. After all, it was only in the last year or two that YouTube moved beyond a mere clip site and became a social media platform to rival Facebook and Twitter. Staying abreast of changes such as this is crucial for any marketing operation. With that in mind, here are a small handful of trends in social media marketing that should become present in the coming year.

Less Text, More Images

It’s not a fluke that Pinterest has skyrocketed in popularity in a very short amount of time. Where once it was assumed that a great piece of written content was all that was required for shareability, image-based sites have proven that social media users love the visual as much as the verbal. 2014 will see a continuation in the spike of image-based bits of content that people pass around social sites. To this end, sites like Tumblr and Slideshare should be right up there with Pinterest in terms of popularity.

Mandatory Social Marketing

According to eMarketer three-fourths, of advertising pros planned to concentrate their efforts on social media in 2013. This number will only go up in 2014. Many businesses and companies are already creating entire in-house social marketing departments in order to boost lead generation. There are any number of statistics that can help bolster this point, but one stark stat comes once again from eMarketer: half of all social media users under 35 follow the product recommendations of their friends. It’s this reality that allows for simple metrics that can be put in place to accurately track marketing impact.

The Domination of Google+

Google+ may have had a rocky start when it was first introduced to the masses in 2011, but it turns out that predicting its demise was very premature. The online world has warmed to Google’s SEO platform in a short amount of time, and today it is ranked second behind Facebook in terms of unique users. That’s because the platform’s utilization of various social signals to offer customized search results to each individual user runs like a dream. But it is the fact that Google Authorship is quick becoming the standard for popular shared content that makes this platform the one to beat in 2014.

These are just a few things marketers can count on in the coming year. Other trends likely to rear their heads include the increasing popularity of video-based social sites (besides YouTube), as well as innovation as a direct result of competition between Facebook and Google+.

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Jason Bayless is a professional blogger that gives small business and entrepreneurs SEO advice. He writes for, a nationally recognized comparison website of the best SEO companies in the United States.

New VPN service to surf the web

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Posted on 17th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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There are numerous stories that are out there on how to securely surf the internet. Many posts that I have read talk about surfing through proxies where your actual IP address is not broadcast but this is only part of the solution. Many companies use VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks that use gateways and secure servers in order to provide a more secure and private connection to the internet. If you want to be able to surf the internet without the prying eyes of your IP provider then check out the Free VPN services offered by They offer free and secure PPTP and open VPN services. There services are able to be offered free through advertising.
You can easily create Free VPN Accounts and then surf from your PC feeling more secure through their encrypted servers. While we are not promoting VPN services as means to cause harm, we do realize that their are privacy holes in your everyday surfing and Free VPN services can help protect you and your privacy.

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