Walgreens offering discounts to it's customers


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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

In 2012 the battle for the consumers health care dollar continues to grow. This is evident by the expansion of pharmacies like Walgreens to be where there customers are and provide a service that will enable to have a one stop shop for their health care needs. All pharmacies deal with most major insurers and pharmacy benefit plans in order to help their customers get the medicines prescribed by their local HCP’s. Currently Walgreens and Express Scripts are in a a disagreement about their current contract. This only impacts the patient in the end that has developed a relationship with their local pharmacist and now be forced to find another pharmacy if an agreement cannot be reached. Walgreens has been trying to do everything they can to help their customers in light of this situation like offering a special Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens now through the end of January for those customers impacted.

If you are a Walgreens customer and have Express Scripts as your pharmacy benefit manager then you can help voice your opinion by following Walgreens on Facebook and Walgreens on Twitter. This situation also impacts those customers who are on Tricare which is the prescription plan and health plan for those in the military both active and retired. Voice your opinion and do not let your choices be limited by a need to increase profits.

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regulatory t cells and today's discovery


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This year and over the next three years there will be an estimated $24 billion in brand name drugs that will become generic. This presents a dilemma to our health care industry and those who rely on new discoveries to help them battle their disease. As money continues to leave biotech and big pharma the incentive to invest in research and development becomes more difficult yet even more important. The discovery of new more targeted medicines will be the wave of the future as companies look to target a specific disease that will minimize side effects and improve outcomes. The use of regulatory t cells and other t lymphocytes and how that multiply and mutate may provide insight into various diseases like cancer. Current discovery techniques are getting more streamlined and creating better more targeted discoveries.

Organize your life with Clipix


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I have been doing some research on books and websites that offer great advice and resources on leadership. As I browse through various sources and links I have come to find my search and education becoming very cluttered. There are several tools that exists to help you group sites together and this is why I was excited to learn about clipix . Not only is it simple and easy as just clicking on toolbar to clip your site or book you are interested in, but they present your results in a nice graphical layout. What I really like is that you can sign up via Facebook or Twitter without having to create another account and trying to remember another password. 

If you are doing any type of research on a project, planning an event or searching for your next HDTV  purchase Clipix can be a huge helper. You can elect to share your clips with friends and family or keep them totally private. They also have a cool feature where you can create Syncboards that allow you to work with friends and family to share resources that you have found. Great for planning a family or class reunion. Sign up today for free and let us know what you like about Clipix. Also, make sure to follow them on Twitter and check out the Youtube video below for a great intro to the site:

Here is a sample clip board that I have started to create around various leadership resources. I hope to have this finished within the next week and provide an article on what I have learned and what I will be implementing with my team.


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Prescription savings club at Walgreens


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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you have to get any type of prescription drug filled you know that costs are going up whether it be the cash price or the amount of copay. Many prescription benefit managers are forcing their patients to use mail order or choose a new pharmacy all together. In most cases you have options to get your prescription filled at your local pharmacy and all you need to do is ask. Walgreens has introduced a special pricing on the Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens to help their customers. For just $35 per year for a family you can save money on everything from your photo prints to name brand medications. You can also get discounts on pet meds and diabetic supplies with your savings cards. I would encourage you to follow Walgreens on Twitter so that you can stay up to date on the latest deals and have a conversation with others that shop at Walgreens.

You can also like Walgreens on Facebook and learn about helpful hints about seasonal items and stay in touch with others that support their local Walgreens. Walgreens is the largest retail pharmacy chain in the US and with thousands of locations you are sure to get the same friendly service in your home town or when you travel. So support your local Walgreens and save some cash in the process.

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Improve your office space with the Pimp My Cube contest


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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contest Factory for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Programmers work areas are notorious for being cluttered, messy, and just a plain old disaster area. If you are coding the last thing that you are concerned about is papers or binder on your desk and those food containers that have been growing various molds. Well now is your time to have a cubicle makeover by entering the Pimp My Cube Contest now. The contest ends 1/31/2012 at 12 PM. All you need to do is upload a short funny video of your workspace and then let your friends and family know and have them vote on your video. The top prize could one of the following:

High End computer system


New Office Furniture


New entertainment package including a high end stereo and espresso machine

There are not a lot of videos on the site now so you have a better chance if you get on this today and get your  uploaded. Remember to alert your friends and co-workers on your video because each vote gets you more chances to win. There is a second place prize that is drawn at random for a $200 gift card which is nothing to laugh at for a simple video. If you enter drop us a note before the contest ends and we will check it out and cast our vote. We will even post a link through our Twitter feed to help all the contestants.

Good luck everyone!

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Buzzego helps you create your web content portal


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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of buzzego for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It has been stated that the number of blogs and news related sites have grown from 35 million to over 200 million in 2012. This presents a challenge to those who are looking for a information on a specific topic and pertinent to what you need to know. There are several news aggregator sites that try and fill these needs, but I have tried several of them and they simply create a static news feed that can get stagnant over a period of time. I recently became aware of and signed up for buzzego that puts a different angle on news and information curation. They are a new site that allow you to create the web content portal that you have always wanted that changes with your reading and interests. 


Buzzego uses a technology that helps to learn your reading and information seeking habits. I have used the site for a few days now and I can say that the way the content is provided and presented has helped me in my learnings and research. As you sign up you are presented with the opportunity to sign up through Twitter, Facebook, or Google + to link your accounts and bring in the social connection as well to help in your sharing and learngin about new content sources. Overall, you now have one place that will help you view the content that you want to see and learn about. The site is free and easy to use and once you try it you will see the simplicity of using buzzego. You can also collect various badges that show your expertise in a certain area, or related to your overall interests that can be shared with others. 


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New pics


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New pics


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Updates on file extensions


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Migrating From Mojavi 2.0

Moved To: Migrating From Mojavi 2
Please note that those that were using older versions of Windows Text with file extension wri you will want to note that the .txt is the current default extension mentioned.

Note: This document will be changing frequently as I add more information, and rearrange to create a more logical order and progression of the said information.

* Prerequisites
* First Things First
* The Context
* Translating your Renderer
* View ( make sure that if you receive files in with file extension wri then you have the older windows version)
* Actions
* Configuration
* References

One of the commen questions that we get are the file extensions that we use in the coding and front end language in the PHP drafts that have been released with earlier versions. All versions that have been released should be backward compatible.


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Getting the deals for Black Friday

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Posted on 15th October 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing |Uncategorized

The economic situation isn’t that good right now, but don’t expect that to slow down shoppers this Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday and it’s the best time of the year to shop. Many experts think this will be a great Friday to shop and we should see bargains and prices that are more consistent with 1988 prices than 2009 prices. Some of the big items that are being advertised are GPS devices and MP3 audio and video players. I’m sure the people that wake up early and brave the crowds at the malls will find good deals on items. Most stores will select a few items that are below factory price and they actually lose money on, just to get shoppers in the store to buy other things.

Don’t go too fast this Friday and spend all of your holiday spending money. There are already people camping out in front of some of the retailers to save money on that new laptop or HDTV.  You can use services like shopwiki.com that allows you to search on a product and then brings all you the results from various merchants with price and reviews right at your fingertips. I think the bad economy will play into bargains for the next month and consumers should find deals all the way up to Christmas Eve day. These great bargains might not end on Christmas Day either and we may see some really low prices at the big chain stores the week after Christmas. Many stores will be striving for goals that they might have not reached by Christmas Day and will move prices to their lowest the day after Christmas. Just keep an eye on the sales papers in the mail, the television commercials, and online bargains too. I believe all shoppers will find deals in December and being thrifty this year is the way to go. It all gets going this Friday and Black Friday is going to set the tone for the rest of the holiday shopping season

Renewable energy


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What a day for renewable energy. I just saw a great clip from Fox News on the electric motorcycle from Zero Motorcycle. This thing is like a 250, off road bike you would buy from Honda. It can go 0-60 in about 6 seconds. The founder said they were not interested in the scooter or basic transportation. They wanted something very fun and to match the market. You see, this is just the kind on ideas and innovation we need. So many potential customers still see renewables like electric motorcycles as boring, slow and just plain no fun. Not with these guys. It would take an hour of hardcore off road biking to deplete the battery. Whats more is that next month they will announce their street legal bike with a 3kw battery pack, with a 70mph top speed and great range. I cant wait for the news. Here we have a young entrepreneur who has solved the problem in battery life and power, and found a way to make a bike that more people will buy. The video did not go into the idea of saving gas though and the fact of less dependence on foreign oil or having consultants like those from Enigin available as a resource. I wish they would. But no matter, the fact that we can have this conversation is just amazing.

Join the Kia Rio challenge


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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Companies are coming up with unique ways to connect with their customers outside of social media. Companies like Kia are introducing their new UVO Technology and have created a Kia Rio Scavenger hunt that consists of 5 locations throughout the LA area. You can check out the Rio Explorer Page to see all the cool details and how you can be a part of this experience. I truly believe that this type of hands in interactive product solution is really great. The Kia Rio comes equipped with bluetooth, USB jacks, navigation and rear camera displays to help make your car personal and really cool.

The 5 Challenges take place at the following locations: 

Pinks Hot Dogs

The Roosevelt Hotel

Rodeo Drive

Amoeba Records

The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round

I like the Pinks Hot Dog challenge probably because I have had their dogs and the atomsphere and food are something to do when in LA. 

I would encourage our readers to check out the video below and let us know what you think. If you visit any of the sites or check out the challenges online let us know what you think of those as well.

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