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Posted on 19th March 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing |Technology

In addition to creating brand awareness through social media companies need to also consider company name development for their product in order to capture the interest of their target audience. Having your social networks more readily accessible as you surf and visit blogs can have great advantages for brand managers as well. It is one thing about creating a campaign about your new product and then pushing it out to Facebook for groups to comment on and it is another about putting together a global strategy on branding that profile and offering ways in which the consumer can interact with your brand and your product. You can deploy interactive graphs  that you invite those customers from your social networking  pages to join in the conversation. You can use ArcadiaCharts, interactive JavaScript and GWT charts which run in all browsers without plugins that will enable to you add a graphical display of your content and help improve the visibility of your content. You want to make sure that if you are in the company name development stage that you understand your target audience and how this will play out in the social marketing space. This was put to practice when Ashton Kutcher wanted to have a million followers on Twitter and he challenged CNN to try and beat him. This was not just some thought that happened one day but very well thought out strategy that involved some big name brands that consumers could relate too and then be show how to use Twitter to connect with their friends.

There are three types of Communication in social media:

1) How to Broadcast.

This is where you broadcast a message out to your followers and add value to their life as well as update your followers about new blog posts, podcasts, interesting sites and blogs you have run across, and whatever else you want to broadcast. You can use interactive graphs that will showcase content that will keep your customers coming back.

2) Start the Conversation.

If you have a new company name then getting in front as many people as possible is key to faster brand awareness. This is where you actually hold a back and forth conversation with people on your social sites. It is a 140 character conversation that could go on for a while. We were in a conversation about the various microblogging sites that went on for over three days and involved over 200 updates and the traffic was amazing..

3) Create Collaboration.

This is where more than one person is communicating in one message. It could be two, three, four people that are collaborating on a project that all are part of the message and efforts. You can even reach out to social networks to help in your company naming project and create various social media tools that will allow your potential customers have a hand in developing the name.

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