Fans paying a lot for pizza


Posted on 16th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Blogging


I like pizza as much as the next guy but there does come a time when enough is enough. This is what Dallas Cowboy fans can expect when they try to order a pizza this upcoming season. The NFL season is just starting, but the people selling pizzas at the new Cowboy Stadium should be happy (if they get any takers). Even the Nascar fans have their limits on what they will pay for food even if their favorite driver is wearing a decal for that company on their uniform. They will be charging $90 for a pizza to the fans, companies, or organizations that rent out those nice luxury boxes. It’s still not clear what the extra toppings will cost and the $90 will get you a rounded piece of dough with some cheese on it. These high prices don’t stop with the pizza either and beer drinkers may want to drink sodas on football Sundays. A 12 pack of domestic beer will cost patrons about $66 at the new Dallas Cowboys football stadium. Most NFL fans will want to save their money and grab a team jersey. If you’re doing the math at home; then you and a buddy can get a pizza and 6 beers each for about $160! Prices like this should have a lot of Cowboy fans eating before the game and no one should pay $90 for a pizza.

A good seafood restaurant with salad bar and all the beverages you can drink will generally cost under $75 in most parts of the country (this includes Dallas too). Even the Dallas Stars the local NHL team has their limits on what they are charging their fans for tickets and food. Perhaps someone should have told the Dallas Cowboys fans that the new stadium will cost more than a day at Disney theme park and only last you about 4 hours. You could imagine the cost of disneyland tickets if they were to add a billion dollar addition to the park. There are fans that think Tony Romo is not a quarterback that can lead a team into the playoffs alone and his biggest weapon Terrell Owens now calls the Buffalo Bills home. The Cowboys started the year off with two straight losses and they want $90 for a pizza; may reflect how some people tied to the organization has no clue about the current economy or the residents of Dallas. I’m sure a few people could afford these $90 pizzas, but hopefully they will not give-in to these outrageous prices at the new Dallas Cowboy’s sports stadium this year. Texas is famous for their barbeque restaurants which I am sure is available within the stadium, but why they are creating premium priced pizzas is beyond me.  If I make any road trips for an NFL game this year, I may just want to see the Buffalo Bills play at home, where I can get $10 Buffalo Wings and get to see a better team too!

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