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Posted on 27th December 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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broadband_forumAs the access to US and UK broadband grows and providers continually add more capacity to their systems you  will see more and more broadband deals. Companies will be competing for your business and are even offering free laptops to obtain your connection. Sites like FaceBook, MySpace, and  LinkedIn are helping to expand wireless broadband as people are wanting to stay connected no matter where they and want the ability to chat and check up on their friends anywhere they are. As more and more companies increase their mobile UK broadband forums offers the customer will ultimately win. This is similar to what we saw with the phone companies back in the early 90’s when they started offering unlimited local and long distance calling. They saw that customers had more choices and with the internet and high speed access was growing they had to retain their customers.

Now broadband companies are offering free equipment and the actual connections devices called dongles to lure more and more customers to their offers.Many people are confused about the actual use of a dongle and you can find discussion on broadband forums to understand where the best deals can be found. Dongles are a piece of computer hardware that connects to a desktop or a laptop most often at the back of a computer to the parallel port. This little piece of hardware can work as a device to extend a connection from one piece of hardware to another or it can also work as a security measure that will have a separate code in order to allow the user to have access to certain applications. It allows devices to connect to the mobile internet without the need to be a near a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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