Five Things to Get Right When Marketing Online


Posted on 27th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Harness the power of the internet by first putting some love into your website and making sure that it has content that works for you. Take time to really make the most of social media and take advantage of the opportunity it gives you to interact with both existing and potential customers and, most importantly, know when to ask for help from experts.

Love Your Website

There is absolutely nothing worse than seeking out a business only to find a clunky and inefficient website that doesn’t provide you with the information you need. Make sure that you spend the money and the time building a website that makes your customers want to return and doesn’t frustrate them into using a competitor.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves utilising well written and informative blog posts and news articles to post on your own websites as well as on other sites that will link to yours. This can be a difficult path to navigate but getting it right will open up multiple revenue streams and broaden your customer base easily.

Tackling Social Media

This can be a daunting one but the reality is that many companies have been born and broken at the hands of social media sites so get tweeting and get a presence on Facebook. Many people turn to these sites when looking for information about a company so it is important to have a presence whether you like social media or not.

Interact With Customers

The most important thing about gaining a social media presence is the opportunity that it gives you to interact with people. Many companies really miss a trick here so make sure you engage with any questions or comments as this can secure a positive online identity for you and your company.

Know When to Get Help

No matter how you choose to go about growing your business online, the most important thing you can do is recognise when you need help. If you are having difficulty with the site or don’t quite understand content marketing and are not a friend of Facebook and Twitter, don’t despair. This doesn’t mean that you have to lose out on potentially lucrative paths to your customers.

You need to weigh up whether learning these new and, often highly specialised skills, is worth it in terms of your time. If the cost/benefit doesn’t work out, or if you know that these things aren’t your strength, it’s time to outsource to experts who can connect these things for you. Companies like Space & Time can be hired to plan your strategy and purchase marketing for you as well as maximise the effectiveness of your content. While it is vital that you get this right in order to grow your business, it is not vital that you yourself slog through the tasks.

Jane Harkins is a consultant who writes about various online marketing tools for a number of websites and blogs. She is a firm believer in getting the best person for the job and, knowing that companies such as #Refreshed Direct exist, strongly recommends outsourcing.

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