Getting the deals for Black Friday

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Posted on 28th December 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing |Uncategorized

The economic situation isn’t that good right now, but don’t expect that to slow down shoppers this Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday and it’s the best time of the year to shop. Many experts think this will be a great Friday to shop and we should see bargains and prices that are more consistent with 1988 prices than 2009 prices. Some of the big items that are being advertised are GPS devices and MP3 audio and video players. I’m sure the people that wake up early and brave the crowds at the malls will find good deals on items. Most stores will select a few items that are below factory price and they actually lose money on, just to get shoppers in the store to buy other things.

Don’t go too fast this Friday and spend all of your holiday spending money. There are already people camping out in front of some of the retailers to save money on that new laptop or HDTV.  You can use services like that allows you to search on a product and then brings all you the results from various merchants with price and reviews right at your fingertips. I think the bad economy will play into bargains for the next month and consumers should find deals all the way up to Christmas Eve day. These great bargains might not end on Christmas Day either and we may see some really low prices at the big chain stores the week after Christmas. Many stores will be striving for goals that they might have not reached by Christmas Day and will move prices to their lowest the day after Christmas. Just keep an eye on the sales papers in the mail, the television commercials, and online bargains too. I believe all shoppers will find deals in December and being thrifty this year is the way to go. It all gets going this Friday and Black Friday is going to set the tone for the rest of the holiday shopping season

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