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Posted on 16th December 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

One of the many reasons online currency trading has seen a tremendous influx of new customers to their binary options site has to do with the fact that it is ultra simple to invest on stock, indices, commodities and currency trading when using their binary options platform. It is so easy that is has become the new envy of traders online that have seen some of their younger players trade bingo and trying their luck on asset investment. There are sites that tend to cater towards more seasonal investors, is the fact that they only have to predict if the value of a certain asset, whether that is stocks in Apple, McDonalds or commodities such as Crude, Gold and Silver, will go up or down during a predetermined period of time. This usually ranges between 30 minutes, one hour, or in the case of some assets, at the end of that specific month.
When an investor forecasts the correct outcome for their binary option, they can earn up to 91% return on their investment, while at the same time there are no commission fees involved either. Additionally, investors at Option Range have the chance to Double their investment and prolong the expiration time of that option in order to double their profits. On the other hand, if their prediction looks to be incorrect, they have the opportunity to minimize their loss by using the Stop Loss feature which gives them the chance to reduce their loss. Option Range provides their investors with weekly analysis of the market, giving them a clear indication of how the market is shaping up for the week, helping them decide which assets are the most popular and easier to predict for the week. Everyone can begin to make money online experience in a structured environment that will allow them to see and spot trends through careful analytical tools that are available.

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