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Posted on 1st March 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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There are numerous stories that are out there on how to securely surf the internet. Many posts that I have read talk about surfing through proxies where your actual IP address is not broadcast but this is only part of the solution. Many companies use VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks that use gateways and secure servers in order to provide a more secure and private connection to the internet. If you want to be able to surf the internet without the prying eyes of your IP provider then check out the Free VPN services offered by They offer free and secure PPTP and open VPN services. There services are able to be offered free through advertising.
You can easily create Free VPN Accounts and then surf from your PC feeling more secure through their encrypted servers. While we are not promoting VPN services as means to cause harm, we do realize that their are privacy holes in your everyday surfing and Free VPN services can help protect you and your privacy.

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