OS Migration best practices


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windows migrationIn todays fast paced world companies are trying to keep up by having the most up to date technology and platforms to ensure they remain competitive. The traditional ways of IT departments migrating OS systems has changed dramatically. This is because IT departments had to take into account how users were accessing and using IT resources. This could include anything from operating systems, applications, printers, or tablets all with different interfaces and possible platforms. Dell has just released an OS Migration Best Practices Video Series that can be accessed for free and provides four steps outlined by IDG editors for Microsoft OS migration success.

Microsoft has a lions share of the operating systems in the world and with the recent introduction of Windows 8 many small to medium companies are looking at the methods to deploy this to their end users. With the inclusion of Office 360 and their collaboration tools Microsoft understands the importance of multi-device support so IT departments are having to design and implement these new software updates.

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Italian web marketing services to boost up your sales


Posted on 19th March 2013 by Mike in Marketing

Nowadays from current business perspective web marketing has become really an effective tool for getting a prominence. You may even acquire some guidelines as well so that you can generate profit by increasing the growth in sales. The business personnel are always looking for converting the prospect customers into the real customers, and for that reason they are ready to invest money on web marketing. Most of the organizations hire SEO professionals to design the website in attractive manner so that users feel interested to surf the site and become the customers. The main objective of this service is to target large customers and inform the users about the new brand of products and services that are on the verge of hitting the market.

The things that really matter while promoting online business

There are few things that need to be considered for successful web marketing services. The mode is really cost-effective than physical mode of marketing. The websites should be user-friendly and should catch the higher traffic to prove the status of your business as it acts like a mirror of your business. The chief issue behind successful web marketing is informative content that magnetizes the people who are looking for info about any product or services.

Content maters a lot

The content of your website should be of high quality and should impress the audience. It should reveal the nature of your business, so you should be concerned about the content of your site to be posted before it hits on the screen.  By publishing best quality articles you can get the higher traffic from various search engines and the site should be attuned with different browsers as well.

Web syndication is another point that should not be ignored when you are looking for appropriate Italian web marketing services. You should hire the content writers who are dedicated enough to create informative as well as quality content to convert the mere visitors into your customers. You may find copious content writers in the market who acclaim for high quality contents but deliver cheap contents which may unfavorably affect your site as well as your business. You should keep the relevant contents and keep it updated regularly.

Web-communities and social networking sites

The keywords play vital role in any content so keywords should be stuffed in very careful manner so that users can find your content striking among millions of others. It can bring the visitors again to your site and they become your customer. The perfect Italian web marketing services can arrange for you to make the perfect use of the contents and the professionals can help you to promote your business through various social networking sites as well. You need to choose the relevant back links of other websites so that if the users are looking for further info they can find it easily by clicking on the given back links. You should always create alliance with other web communities so that you can easily promote the new products or services by using the community in prime manner. In this way you can avoid from being the victim of cheap web marketing services in the market.

Mike is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as technology, marketing and social media. She holds bachelor’s degree in electronics. Her famous articles includes article on Italian web marketing services. She loves to travel and make new friends.

Creating your first module with extensions


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Creating Your First Module
A work in progress

This tutorial is a work in progress, so you may find parts that don’t completely fit together.
Module where we will also look at various file extension cache options.

The module is where the Model and View takes place in the MVC model. For this first example, we will create a very simple module that will move data from a Action to a View and display it on the screen, through a template.

The module is contained within a directory that carries the name of the module. This resides in the modules directory of the webapp directory. Inside the module directory are sub-directories holding the classes that make up the module. Here is the directory hierarchy:

|— config
|— lib
|— models
|— templates
|— validate
|— views

Minimally, you need the actions, config, templates and views directories. However, I prefer to have a blank module created and just copy and rename it. You can get a copy of the blank module (link to be added). I have chosen to call this module Test

Each module must have a module.ini file in the config directory. If you are looking to buffer your files then file extension cache extensions may be helpful.Here is the module.ini for Test

; +—————————————————————————-+
; | This file is part of the Mojavi package. |
; | Copyright (c) 2003, 2004 Sean Kerr. |
; | |
; | For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE |
; | file that was distributed with this source code. You can also view the |
; | LICENSE file online at http://www.mojavi.org. |
; | ————————————————————————– |
; +—————————————————————————-+



TITLE = “Getting Started Test Module”

VERSION = “0.1″

NAME = “TestModule”

AUTHOR = “Richard D Shank”

HOMEPAGE = “http://www.mojavi.org”

DESCRIPTION = “A test module”

The module is pretty self explanitory. You can also search the web for various file extension cache options. It is necessary to have ENABLED property set to “On” for the module to be used by Mojavi. Now that we have the module set up, we can work on the classes.

The Action class handles the request for the module. It can be as simple as handling a static html template or a full blown multi-page wizard style form. Just a note to Mojavi 2 users, a significant change from Mojavi 2 to Mojavi 3 is that it is not longer necessary to pass the controller, request and user classes in on many of the methods. These are now accessed through a context class. More on that later.

This is a list of the methods you can use in an Action and an explanation of what they do
execute ()

Note: This method is required in your Action class.

This will execute any application/business logic for the action. This method is reached only after the request methods have been checked and any of the parameters have been validated.

When leaving, the execute() method should tell the controller what view is to be used. This is done by returning a string containing the view name associated with the action or an array of the parent module for the view to be executed, parent action for the view and the name of the view. I will show an example of return both in a later tutorial.
getCredential ()

This is a new feature in Mojavi 3. Basically, a credentials are a privilege array that describes any level of security. They work hand in hand with the security aspects of the User class. For Mojavi 2 users, note that this replaces the old Privileges. But it is also important to know that it can do more than just handle privileges. I will handle the usage of creditials in a later section. For now, it is sufficient to know that we set the creditial requirements for the action inside this method and that it is set to NULL by default.
getDefaultView ()

This is the view that will be executed when a given request is not served by the action. This could happen when a form being displayed for the first time or if we are displaying a static page.

Again, just as with the execute() methoad, a string with a view name or an array of a module/action/view is passed back to the controller. By default it will pass back View::INPUT
getRequestMethods ()

This method will determine what types of requests will be recognized. There are 4 choices:

* Request::GET – Indicates that this action serves only GET requests.
* Request::POST – Indicates that this action serves only POST requests.
* Request::NONE – Indicates that this action serves no requests.

You can also select both GET and POST requests by using Request::GET | Request::POST
handleError ()

Execute any post-validation error application logic.

It also returns the view through a string of the view name or the array of a module/action/view. By default, it passes View::ERROR.
initialize ($context)

You can set up the Action in the initialize() method. In a later tutorial, I’ll give an example of doing this. NOTE: It is worth to note that you must handle the context in the initialize() method. You should do this by


You also need to return a TRUE or FALSE based on the success of the initialization. By default it is TRUE.
isSecure ()

Does the action require security? TRUE if you do, FALSE otherwise. It is FALSE by default.
validate ()

This is used to manually validate input parameters instead of using a pre-progammed validator. This will also be explain later in the tutorial on validation.
Creating Your First Action

Now that we have an overview of the Action class, we can move forward to creating our first Action. For this example, there isn’t any request to be handled so we can set up a minimal Action.

In naming an action you must use this format Actionname Action.class.php where Actionname is what you are calling this particular action. When you declare your class, it also must have the class name in the same format Actionname Action. For this example, I chose to call this FirstAction.

When creating a new action, at the very least, there has to be an execute() method, even if it does nothing. Also, since we are displaying a non-request page, we don’t need to process any request. We tell the controller this with the getRequestMethods() method, by setting the return value to Request::NONE. Finally, we also need to tell the controller what the default view is going to be. We do this by returning View::SUCCESS in getDefaultView().

Here is what my FirstAction.class.php looks like. I basically just took my BLANKAction.class.php, renamed it to FirstAction.class.php, renamed the class to FirstAction, removed the methods I didn’t need and set the remaining 3 methods to match my needs.

class FirstAction extends Action
* Execute any application/business logic for this action.
public function execute ()
// we don’t need any data here because this action doesn’t serve
// any request methods, so the processing skips directly to the view

// ————————————————————————-

* Retrieve the default view to be executed when a given request is not
* served by this action.
public function getDefaultView ()
return View::SUCCESS;

// ————————————————————————-

* Retrieve the request methods on which this action will process
* validation and execution.
public function getRequestMethods ()
return Request::NONE;

You can also return a view from another module. You do this by passing an array with the view information intead of the standard View::INPUT. When you use this you create a two element array. The first element is the module name. The second element is which view you want. It cannot be just the Action name, but the Action name with the specific view.

Here’s an example:

class MyClass extends Action

function execute()

$returnView[0] = MyModule;
$returnView[1] = DoSomethingInput;
$returnView[1] = DoSomethingError;
$returnView[1] = DoSomething;

return $returnView


I’ll add more to this later, describing the View class.

The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship


Posted on 6th March 2013 by Jeff Rogers in Blogging |Marketing

The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship

There have emerged new breeds of young entrepreneurs who are striving to affect positive social change with their efforts as business people. There individuals have created nonprofits or associated organizations which are helping people across the world improve their lives in some way or another. Referred to as social entrepreneurship, the philanthropic efforts of this dynamic lot are vital for the growth and development of nations cross the world, and here are the reasons why:

  1. Increased employment opportunities: The businesses that are helping drive social change are also helping to employ many individuals. There are a large number of people around the world who have found employment in social entrepreneurial ventures and the number is growing steadily. The additional advantage this presents is that these organizations often employ people from vulnerable sections of society to help them earn a decent livelihood and lead an independent life. So the positive social development occurs not only by the work the company does externally, but also in the way it operates internally.
  2. Development of new ideas and initiatives:  In the past, social entrepreneurship has led to the development of various new ideas which have had a powerful social impact, and it continues to do so. As an example, the work of a social entrepreneur in Brazil with HIV/AIDS treatment was so profound that it was adopted eventually into government policy. Social entrepreneurs are usually innovative thinkers who come up with unique ideas and services that inspire others in new and interesting ways.
  3. Inspiring others: When a social venture is initiated by a disadvantaged group or individual, it inspires others to do something as well. A cooperative dairy movement in rural India inspired women across various villages in the country to start working and stand on their own feet financially. There is nothing that inspires change more than change itself, and the success stories of social entrepreneurs inspire and motivate the masses to do something for the betterment of others or the correction of a social evil, whether its treating undernourished children with diet program or helping women take a stand against abuse.
  4. Creates new investment opportunities for big corporations: Increasingly, large companies are investing in social enterprises instead of commercial ventures. This helps them not only improve their market image and brand value, but it also offers a chance to give back something useful to the society that comprises their customers. The economy is also benefitted from this cycle of investment and social return as poor and underdeveloped sectors benefit from this cash inflow.

Social entrepreneurship is a new and positive innovation which has brought about much good to society. Social enterprises can help address societal problems that many government-based efforts are not able to, and they provide solutions quicker and more effectively as they are free from the shackles of political bureaucracy. For finding new techniques to address ailments such as HIV/AIDS, social entrepreneurship is truly a great asset to modern society.

Collin Zauner is a person with great passion for writing; he has written many articles on different topics like the best diet program. You can look out for more on his other blogs related to health and beauty.


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The decorating Pattern


Posted on 28th February 2013 by Jeff Rogers in Mojavi Project


Before we begin we wanted to provide a quick insight into some of the open source files that we use and came across a file extension DOTX which is native to MS Outlook using XML. This particular file type DOTX was instituted to secure the protocol in which MS was written only giving limited source to outside vendors. We give a brief update to help you understand the open source nature of Mojavi 3.0.

  • Enter Decorator
  • Insert Here: Slots
  • Let’s Decorate!
    • Creating a Global Template
    • Putting the ornaments up

Ever since Mojavi 3 was released earlier this year, people have been looking to create a flexible global templating solution. From using post filters to page controllers, people have been looking for a way to create simple and managable global templates that will allow for a great deal of flexibility without compromising the need for larges amount of duplicated code.

Enter Decorator

The Decorator design pattern, like every other pattern, is nothing more than a way to talk about a resuable concept, or pattern, that a programmer might encounter while coding applications. The Decorator pattern’s strength is it’s ability to serve as a wrapper for that particular object, while leaving objects like it in tact.

The Decorator pattern has been implemented in the View class, providing a number of new methods:

public function setSlot ($attributeName, $moduleName, $actionName)public function setDecoratorDirectory ($directory)public function isDecorator ()protected function & getSlots ()public function getDecoratorTemplate ()public function getDecoratorDirectory ()protected function & decorate (&$content)

Now a brief explanation of what each of these do:

  • setSlot – Creates a slot entry based upon the results of a specially controlled controller->forward()
  • setDecoratorTemplate – Sets the template that you’re going to use for your decorator. This method also automatically turns the decorator switch to true
  • isDecorator – returns true is setDecoratorTemplate has been called, otherwise false.
  • getSlots – Returns an array of the slots.
  • getDecoratorTemplate – Returns the decorator template.
  • getDecoratorDirectory – Returns the decorator directory.
  • decorate – A method that must be implemented in derivate Views.

Note: these functions are in View, so all derivates of View (ie PHPView) have access.

Insert Here: Slots

Slots is a new name for an old concept. More or less, slots serve as placeholders that can be populated by the results of a $controller->foward($mod, $act) call. And, as you can see, the setSlot method takes three parameters:

public function setSlot ($attributeName, $moduleName, $actionName)

The first parameter, $attributeName, serves as the name of the slot. The next two parameters will be used to get the results of that Action, put it in a buffer, and place it into the internal $slots memeber variable.

Let’s Decorate!

The usage pattern of Views changes little with the implementation of the decorator pattern at the module level (though secondary View authors, ie SmartyView et al, do have a few things to play with).

Now let’s look at what you’re going to need to do implement the new, and NEW decorator features of Mojavi.

Creating a Global Template

First off, we’re going to need a great big christma..ehh..template to decorate. While I won’t get into breaking down and factoring our global template, keep in mind that this is not the only way to do this.

Example 2: The Christmas Tree (myGlobalTemplate.php)

Side note: Sometimes you'll have issues with that <?xml [....] ?> declaration, an easyworkaround is to disable short tags in your php.ini file, or to use ini_set() to disable it.<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml11/DTD/xhtml11.dtd"><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en-us"><head>  <title><?php echo $template['title']; ?></title>  <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="application/xhtml+xml; charset=utf-8"/>  <style type="text/css" media="all">    <!--Css slot-->    <?php echo $template['css']; ?>  </style></head><body><!--menu slot--><div id="menu"><?php echo $template['menu']; ?></div><!--main content slot--><div id="main"><?php echo $template['content']; ?></div></body></html>

Putting the ornaments up

So now that we have our decorator template, we need to decorate it. The decorating process is fairly simple, and consists of the following simple steps:

  • Setting the decorator directory using setDecoratorDirectory() (Optional)
  • Setting the decorator template using setDecoratorTemplate()
  • Setting slots setSlot()

For example,

Example 3: In the View (IndexSuccessView.class.php)

class IndexSuccessView extends PHPView{  public function execute ()  {    // set our template    $this->setTemplate('IndexSuccess.php');    //setup our decorator template    $this->setDecoratorDirectory(MO_TEMPLATE_DIR);    $this->setDecoratorTemplate('myGlobalTemplate.php');    //setup our slots    //(SlotName, Module, Action)    $this->setSlot('menu', 'Content', 'PopulateMenu');    $this->setSlot('css', 'Content', 'PopulateCss');    // set the title    $this->setAttribute('title', 'Default Action');  }}

Now you might be wondering where the content slot is being populated. Well, content is a reserved slot that is automatically populated with the output of the originally requested Action/View pair. So in the end for file extension DOTX type coding you will need to have the right drivers in order to help your various programs communicate.

To be Continued..

Enjoy your music with BassBoomz


Posted on 21st February 2013 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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The evolution of music through digital channels has changed how we purchase and listen to music. Thanks to new portable bluetooth speaker like BassBoomz we are now able to take our music and high-def sound where ever we go. Before we get into the newest piece of audio greatness we just received I wanted to put some context on how we got to this point. I found this great infographic that shows the history on how we have listened to and purchased music. Back in the day you would purchase an entire album and then have Boom BOxfriends come over to listen on your stereo. Music became more portable through the introduction of CD’s where we had portable yet limited sound quality players. BoomBoxes became more popular and they started to range in size in and features. When the iPod was introduced this changed the game and would enable consumers to demand more choices and better quality. Where we buy and listen to music has drastically changed and now we are sharing songs across many of the social network sites and there are even specific sites that allow you to share music with like minded people.

While all this sharing and mobility of music has been great for the consumer, having the ability to listen to your newest tunes in high quality sound without the need to have wires and a large device has been lacking. There are more and more bluetooth devices that have entered the market and they range in price and quality. That is why I was interested in trying out the new BassBoomz from the makers of BassBuds earphones. I have a pair of their earphones and the clarity and quality that they produce is very good. I got my metallic blue BazzBoomz and at first I was wondering how this small device was going to measure up to my current JamBox that I use. Once I received the package I had about three seconds to look at it before my three kids swept it away to link up to their iPod touch and test it out. They had it setup in about minute and were blasting the newest single from Gotye. This small blue cylinder produced sound that could be hear from our basement and the clarity and tones where very impressive. I have listed their exact specs below. Without a doubt I can recommend to anyone looking to get a new bluetooth speaker for their iPod, iPad, or any other bluetooth enabled device and want great sound then look at the latest offering from BassBoomz. If you act now they are offering $46 off the US retail price by using the following code: BBZ017532

Here is a picture of our BassBoomz speaker.

BassBooms Speaker




  • Explosive sound quality – twist and release the Bass Expansion system
  • Ideal for your smartphone, MP3 players, tablets and laptops
  • Compatible with all wireless devices with a Bluetooth connection
  • Compatiable with any audio device that has a 3.5mm audio jack output
  • Dual connectivity available – connect 2 BassBoomz together for double the sound
  • Portable and pocket-sized for your music on-the-go!


What’s in the box

  • BassBoomz portable Bluetooth speaker

  • USB charging cable

  • AUX cable

Follow them on Twitter at #BassBoomz  and Instagram



Digital music and BassBoomz

Digital Music infographic courtesy of Daily Infographic

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Where to start with Mojavi 3


Posted on 20th February 2013 by Jeff Rogers in Mojavi Project

In order for Mojavi to continue we are looking for a few good web programmers to help with the last programming pieces and contribute to the forum. There are tons of web developer jobs that are currently available online and we know that many are well paid positions. Because this is an open source code this would be for the good of the development community.
Finally, there are a couple of ways you can test this module. The first and quickest way is just to instruct the controller using the url. Just add the module and action. Here’s what it would look like http://yourserver.com/index.php?module=Test&action=First.The second way is by changing the default module in the settings.ini file in the webapp/config directory.

Under [.actions] you will find the default module. Find the following two lines and change the default module and action.


After you change the default module and action it should look like this

You are now ready to test your code. Just point your browser to the index.php and see the fruit of your labor. Contributing Author By Richard D Shank

Top 5 reasons to use Watchbot home security camera


Posted on 19th February 2013 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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In our local area we have been seeing more reports on break-ins and burglaries. In many cases these events are happening during the day which is even more concerning since for those with families. I started to do some research on ways to help protect and deter potential threats that may happen. We were fortunate enough to come across Watchbot home security camera which is wireless IP camera. I will detail the features of this great tool to help protect your family in just a few minutes but wanted to relay some common areas that are most vulnerable in your home.
watchbot security camera



The top three most vulnerable areas that intruders look to enter a home are:

  •  The front door: They typically look for older doors that can be kicked in easily or simply walking up to the door and opening an unlocked door
  •  First floor window: Opening a screen and breaking the glass is easy and can be done under a minute
  •  Backdoor/Porch: These areas provide a discreet entry into your home that are not visible to others.

The reason I listed off these three areas of access is that they are easy to secure and protect. That is why I am reviewing the Watchbot home security camera and now the top five reasons on why you need or several for your home:


  1.  Easy to install in any location
  2.  Secure remote access to view and capture what is happening at your home or place of business 24/7
  3.  Motion detection to enable recording of possible actions that are taking place at your home
  4.  Piece of mind knowing that your home now has a deterrent for for possible intruders
  5.  Price: Right now and for the next few weeks you can save up to 50% off the Watchbot camera. Use the Watchbot discount code WB270629 and save on one or multiple cameras.

You can use the #watchbot on Twitter and Instagram to follow the conversation and be alerted to any deals.

Based on the above reasons on purchasing a Watchbot home security camera I thought I would highlight some of the key features that this powerful little camera offers. We just received one in the mail today and I can say it was a simple as they show on their website to setup. I did do some research on various IP cameras that would help protect our home from looking on the internet to visiting several of our local electronic stores. While you will see many types of cameras some of the key features that I list below should be on your list when comparing home security cameras. Now onto some of the key features.

  • Wireless IP camera that can be expanded
  • Able to view your camera while away from home either through the web or through your smartphone
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision that will allow your camera to spot and activate when it spots action
  • Pan and tilt features
  • Recording and two-way audio. The two way audio is really a great feature and allows you to talk through your camera to possibly scare off a would be intruder or even have at your front door to alert strangers that you are home.

Lastly, I included the infographic below because it shows the evolution of Home Security and how far we have come in protecting our family and property. The best way to have piece of mind is prevention. Just the simple site of cameras at your most vulnerable access points that we covered above can help deter even the most persistent intruders.

Here is a picture of what you will get:


[Via ProtectYourHome.com]

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Using email newsletters to help build your reach


Posted on 12th February 2013 by Jeff Rogers in Blogging |Marketing

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Mad Mimi Email Many websites and blogs miss the chance to interact with their customers by capturing their email and then using this for a way to interact with and update their customers on their brand and products. More and more companies are creating educational email newsletters that are meant just to interact with their readers and not sell them something. Many companies have jumped into the social media space and hope that by creating a Facebook page this will drive customers to their site. The term social media marketing has taken on various definitions and those selling those services have touted them as the only way to advertise and interact with customers.

You can create email newsletters that include links back to your social network profile and help build a long-term engagement for your blog or business. With the appropriate email marketing solutions from leading providers like Mad Mimi email newsletters you can grow your business in multiple channels and create value through email that your customer will want to open and read. I have several companies that I partner with that use email newsletters to send out communications and they always look very professional and packed with useful information. You must first develop a plan to gain permission from your customers to converse with them through email and then, above all else, do not abuse the privilege. Offer value whenever you do send them something and tie in your Facebook or Twitter page in the body of the email for ways to stay in touch with your company. Used together, these tools can help you grow and maintain long term relationships with your customers

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PHP Development Is Becoming Increasingly Popular


Posted on 12th February 2013 by Mike in Marketing |Technology

PHP is an abbreviated form for Hypertext Pre-processor which is gaining in popularity because of the wide nature of functions for which it can be used for. Besides it becomes easy for newcomers to learn the basics. Also many more advanced programmers are also turning to PHP development as there is simply no limit to what you can do if the same is used properly.

Where Can PHP be used?

You can use PHP on many of the operating systems, which makes it quite resourceful. You can use it on Linux, MAC OS X Microsoft Windows and even other OS’s.

Advantages Of PHP

It allows the user to choose an operating system as well as a web browser with which you are most comfortable with. Moreover, it also supports any kind of database that you could think of.

As this software is resourceful in nature, it can be used by budding and new programmers along with the more advanced ones. In just a few hours, it is possible for you to master the basics of PHP development. In this way you can easily begin using PHP to your advantage. Moreover, if you are an experienced programmer, you can easily make use of the more advanced features of PHP which will ultimately help you to capitalize on your potential.

In today s software world, Web development is becoming a more prosperous industry. With the Internet and the rise of the computer industry in general is also becoming quite lucrative. It is for this reason that web development is a flourishing industry in which everyone wants to be a part. Hence mastering proper PHP development strategies will be of benefit to you only. You can make use of this development of basic programming as well as many amazing advanced programming which only adds to its possible potential for programmers.

If you wish to be a successful web developer, you will have to master all of the different aspects of computer programming language. Moreover as this industry is growing day by day when compared to any other industry right now, you will obviously having new languages to learn and new programming skills to acquire. Since PHP development isn’t all that new, it is becoming the most sought after method amongst many computer programmers. The resourcefulness of this language gives you a combined and easy learning curve, thereby making it a very desirable language to learn.

Those of you who are quite familiar with the language code, then it will become easy for you to use PHP development to better your skills as well as improving your output. There are always new things to learn on an almost daily basis. It is because of this that you always have to be on the top of your game. It is a fact that the world of PHP development is ever changing and will continue to flourish. It is therefore advisable for you to stay abreast with the new capabilities of this type of programming. This form of development is one of the most effective and simple ways to use programming devices available today.

Mike is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as technology, business, finance, gadgets. He holds bachelor’s degree in electronics. His famous articles includes article on dex consulting.

Everything that you want to know about ADSL services


Posted on 7th February 2013 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

Everything that you want to know about ADSL services

Currently without the use of digital communication we cannot even think about a day which means that we have now depended entirely upon internet services. Although still a few years back there was no internet services and people used to depend on telephone companies. But now, almost every company is offering internet and mobile phone services making it difficult for telephone organizations to strive in the market.

Telephone is now replaced by ADSL service

Nowadays, telecom systems are no longer used unlike a few years back and therefore it has almost become obsolete. The fast web company a lot of time to study and understand the telecommunication market. If you able to research the market completely then you will understand that there is ample scope in the tech savvy tele-market. In order to attract clients today no organization can stick to its old formula of attracting clients and therefore it has to be updated with all the latest technologies and trends of the market. Some companies are still not clear with the modern up gradation and they are thinking about the latest changes in the cut edge competitive market while others are enhancing their old services to meet the rising expectations of the users.

Intense competition in the market

Today all telephone companies offer bands and width and cheap rates to their customers. All of them are now focusing on designing systematic strategies as well as plans to eradicate all kinds of disruption as presently there are so many alternatives that any disruption can throw away a company directly from the market of competition. With the increasing demands many new companies are emerging in the field which means that it has given rise to a huge intense competition in the market. This is the reason why each company is reducing their prices and enhancing the service facilities.

Offers being provided by various telecommunication companies

Companies are now trying the best to satisfy clients and almost all of them are going down on their knees. Even huge MNCs and organizations are now developing network as per the clients demand. This will enable them to attract more and more customers. Several companies are now hiring professional experts to design new tech savvy procedures. In order to mark the future and present scenario, various companies are focusing on hiring of experienced candidates. They know how to understand the clients and design products as per their preferences.

Companies are now always tending to understand the importance of the network for the firms who are using their services. This lead those to use the top quality system to cope up with the work pressure effectively. With time more and more companies are coming up and each of them is trying to provide unhindered and smooth services to attract their clients.

Fastweb Company

Fast web business is an Italian company and it is engaged in dealing with telephone connections. Today, the telecom sector is undergoing rapid changes and with the boon of technology, now almost all companies are undergoing rapid changes. With the advent of technologies the entire meaning of telecom world has changed drastically over the last few years.

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We Certainly Are Not in Charlotte’s Web


Posted on 25th January 2013 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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We Certainly Are Not in Charlotte’s Web


Today, it’s popular to talk about disruptive technologies and ideas. The idea is to upend the status quo, creating new opportunities, and new approaches to existing problems. It is a reflection of our modern, technologically driven society that such an idea would even exist. It seems that commerce is really embarking on a brave new path, and the facts bear it out. The new frontier is known as e-commerce, and it is all based on the power and reach of the Internet. Today, thanks to the powerful wireless networks which have spread across the world, people not only can access the Internet from their computers, but from practically any smart phone and portable device, such as a tablet.




One of the effective ways to make sure that one’s website is seen when people search for a particular product is to pay for advertising. In this, the Internet is very similar to traditional print media. But there are new approaches and solutions which are available, which don’t quite work the same. They can be fairly complex, and as a result, one should have a solid PPC Management in place to ensure that their advertising pounds are spent as wisely as possible.


The Brave New World of PPC


You are forgiven if you aren’t quite sure what PPC means, or how it works. It stands for pay per click, and is used exclusively on the Internet. What a company would do, is place an ad for their particular website on another website, or even place the ad in one of the major search engines, such as Google. If a consumer happens to see the ad, and decides to click on it, that action, which is generally referred to as a click through, would you have a cost for the company. Obviously, the beauty of this model is that one only pays for each customer that actually goes to the company website. Once they are there, it’s up to the company to create an attractive and compelling offer which would cause the customer to buy.

Imagine if you could put an advertisement in a newspaper, and actually only pay for each time the customer actually calls the number listed in the advertisement, or actually goes and visits the company or their store. This is physically impossible, which is why this particular form of advertising did not exist before the Internet. Like all other advertising, be it radio, television or even print media, the trick is to spend one’s advertising budget wisely. With the pay per click model, this requires having a very clear idea of what keywords one wants to use for their advertising. If a consumer is surfing the Internet, and enters a particular keyword, such as say, sneakers, a company that specializes in the sale of sneakers would want their advertisement to appear in a very visible area of the search results.


Spend Your Advertising Budget Wisely


This is a very new form of advertising, and like every new approach, requires expertise to be done properly. That is why having expert PPC Management is important to maximize one’s results, and ensure that their advertising budget is being spent in the most effective way possible.


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