website monitoring to help improve your SEO rankings

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Posted on 13th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Social media Management tools

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website monitoringYour blog or website uptime will play a critical role in your SEO so having a good Website Monitoring process in place could help your SEO efforts. In 2013 there will be a lot of debate on what will be the best tools and guidelines to use in order to make sure that your site is ranked well in the search engines.While most people will be looking at content and social signals as ways to climb up the search engines one fact that is still very important is your websites performance and availability. While the obvious point that if your website is down you lose sales this can also lead to decreased rankings in search engines. Google has come out publicly stated that bounce rates and good user experience will play more of a role on how your site is viewed in the SERP’s.
I have recently signed for a new free service that will help monitor some of our top blogs. You can have up to five free sites monitored for free and upgrade to their more robust plans if your business warrants it. At Got Site Monitor they will help monitor every five minutes:

  • Speed
  • Website performance
  • Check SSL certificates
  • Check Content

It’s a simple process to sign up for free and then simply enter your domain URL and the time frequency you would like to have the website checked. There are some advanced features that you can select to check various parts of your site or specific content to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Then select how you want to be notified such as email or SMS text and you are all set.

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Your Website’s SEO should not be Sending out an SOS

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Posted on 12th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing |Technology

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Your Website’s SEO should not be Sending out an SOS

If you have ever shopped around for a website developer who can build you a product and provide SEO (search engine optimization), you probably ran away in terror, as the cost of doing this through an independent designer easily runs into the thousands. But there are some ways around this. There are free websites out there that are actually good quality options. When you search for a no cost web sitethere are some things you will want to take into account to make sure you aren’t “getting what you pay for”—nothing. The same goes for SEO. What with the new regulations enforced by Google, SEO has transformed into a different kind of animal than what we all knew 6 months ago. Now a day you run the risk of having Google boot your site off for things you could get away with in the past. And then there are those other SEO options that cost lots of money. This article will address some key points and things to consider when it comes to finding a good free website, as well as ways to do SEO without writing a check.

Free Website

There are many companies out there that offer free versions of their websites, but not all websites are equal. Here are some things to consider when looking for that winner:

·      Does the free website have adverts pasted in the body? Often free websites do this because it is how they make money. Look for one that tastefully places a single advert at the dead bottom of your website where it won’t stick out like a mess.

·      Avoid using a company that relies on cookie-cutter templates and outdated looks. Find something modern and unique that was designed by a professional.

·      Does the website company offer a paid, upgradable version? You will want this. Often, free websites will not be compatible with SEO efforts, but this is fine. Using a free website is a great way for you to test the waters and get a feel for the company. After all, they are offering you a free product as a way to earn your business, versus flat-out asking for it without giving anything to build trust. Make sure the paid sites are affordable, and offer lots of bells and whistles.

·      Is there a customer support center that responds to your questions within 24 hours?

By demanding these features, you will be working with a quality product at no cost to you, but that delivers with a huge return.


Forget hiring someone who will bleed your pockets dry. There are lots of things you can do on your own to optimize your website. In an article published by, a number of things you can do to optimize your website are laid out on the table. First, optimize your site for the search engines. You can do this by incorporating inbound links to your site from others. This will make it more likely that online searchers will find you. Another thing you can do is frequently update the content on your website. Blogging is a great way to do this. Also, link up with other sites that share your niche. And last but not least, link up with Twitter and Facebook. Facebook has over a billion monthly users and some studies seem to suggest that Facebook brings more business to companies than Google does.

No Need to Waive that White Flag

By taking these SEO considerations to heart, and by implementing them into a free website (or one that sprouts from the free platform) you will be well on your journey to get out there, and be heard. If you are willing to put in the minimal amount of time required to do these things, you will save a small fortune, yet get thousand dollar results.

SEO Tools











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Defining your companies new name


Posted on 11th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing |Technology

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You will need to deploy a  company name development or company name developments experts in order to break though all the noise.


When you have a new new company name You can also enlist the help of experts like those at to help you create a name quickly for that all important launch. This is how many projects are done online through a “joint single message.”

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Searching for the Xbox 360 Kinect


Posted on 10th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology


The search engine battlefield has gotten more interesting this summer as Bing has launched a massive ad campaign to lure site traffic and searches from google. The reports are that they have invested over $100 million in advertising to help create brand awareness and help people understand there is a new more targeted way to search for everyday items like the Xbox 360 kinect. The traditional searches that most people use have been more broad based approaches although you can narrow down your search results if you know the correct format in which to search from. With this focus on more targeted searching consumers will now be able to enjoy better information on the exact items that they will search for.

This is why I was interested in where they provide search results based solely on stores that are on the internet that may be selling the specific items that you are looking for. Take for example, you are searching for Kinect for the Xbox 360, you search on and locate the top stores that sell this game along with a quick price comparison that you can see and compare. This provides the consumer the ultimate tool in cost comparison right in one location without having to search through each individual store.The ability to search for and gather both location and costs for the items you are looking for can make holiday shopping much easier. So why not give your mouse a rest and try a more targeted search for wireless Halo remote for the new Xbox 360 slim 250GB system and find some of the best deals online in a matter of seconds.

A Closer Look at the Top Advantages of Pay on Results Marketing


Posted on 9th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

A Closer Look at the Top Advantages of Pay on Results Marketing

Due to the slowdown of global economic growth, businesses have become more cautious about choosing the right promotional tools. They want to avoid any kind of confusing or misleading marketing methods.

Advertising and promoting through digital media is very important in this age of information. Digital marketing also provides a cheap alternative to traditional print and media promotional strategies. Companies can promote their brands with websites or by keeping their customers engaged in discussions in various social platforms. This smart marketing strategy provides space for businesses of any scale, and helps start-ups grow their business.

How it works

One popular method of digital marketing is Pay on Results. This innovative service is provided by companies, which start their work with no initial payment and get paid only when some pre-determined goals are achieved.  This method is more convincing to users as they know that adverts could be created by almost anyone, but higher-ranked organic search results are more reliable, convenient, and relevant to their queries. It is proven that people click on an organic link four times more than they click on an advert link. Therefore, businesses relying only on adverts are missing a huge number of possible visitors.

Major advantages

Another major advantage of Pay on Results is that it is possible to find that a website may have multiple pages ranked on the search results. For example, it could happen that while a website’s homepage is at the 3rd position, their services page is also ranked on the 7th position. This is a unique opportunity which is not possible in other marketing techniques without spending more for multiple promotions. Techniques like PPC could vanish from the search results once the budget is exceeded, which would not happen when Pay on Results is being used. As this service provides long-lasting promotion, it is possible that the ranking sustains for weeks, months, and even years.

Security and monetary aspects

It is possible to do fraudulent activities in many marketing techniques – but paying only after getting the service does not include any such activities. Competitor companies may create fake clicks on adverts so that the advertising company runs out of its initial budget and is therefore forced to spend more in the advertising sector. On the contrary, competitors will not get any benefit by clicking on the organic links; rather, it will improve the ranking of that page. Unlike other techniques, this method does not need the setting up of multiple accounts for various search engines and the spending of valuable time and money in order to manage them. While paying after achieving the goal contracts tend to be longer termed, it is actually beneficial for the companies. They will be getting the professional service of an experienced company which actually knows the requirements and can provide the best solutions for them. The combination of their skill and experience will yield a better and more sustainable result for their products and services.

Pay on Results is gaining more and more popularity due to its reliability and endurance. While other services are short-term and temporary, this method provides ongoing service for clients. Being a search engine-friendly method, Pay on Results could very well be the future of digital marketing.

Carolyn Kay Mante is a freelance writer both in print and online. Her writing covers a wide range, including online marketing and Pay on Resultsservices. She contributes to the virtual community by writing for different blogs.

The hosting company you choose can make your blog


Posted on 8th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Blogging |Broadband

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The latest in  web hosting is now offered by KVC HOsting.

bestsupportive At KVC Hosting they offer a variety of plans from free to dedicated plans. They even offer a free dedicated IP with their basic plan which is a huge bonus for those webmasters looking to improve their search engine position. They have accumulated several rewards for their hosting up time and support and may be worth giving a try.

Find your answers online


Posted on 7th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology


Everyone knows that a key to a successful website or blog is traffic and this is one of the first points of understanding business online. Not only high traffic but targeted traffic that will drive revenue and become loyal customers. Getting more website traffic can be a very technical and time consuming venture if you do not have a plan and know the right channels to search in order to maximize your traffic efforts. Many people will spend thousands on keyword advertising through PPC which if done correctly can reap big benefits. Advertising online can be a very simple if you have the right tools at your disposal or you can waste a lot of time and money if you do not have a solid plan.

The latest search engines are getting smarter to help deliver fresh content.

Installing Mojavi 3

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Posted on 7th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Mojavi Project


Installing Mojavi 3

As a note we had a firm that was installing this architecture to run in addition to their facility management software and wanting to make sure that network protocol being used was up to date. As of this writing the developers have been keeping all language and coding inline with the latest C+ and ASCII formats in order to allow for cross collaboration.
First thing

Obviously, you first need to get a copy of the Mojavi 3 source. You can get this from the download page in one of two forms. It can be downloaded as an archive or from the Subversion repository (SVN).

Finding stylish living in surrey condos


Posted on 5th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

If you have been looking for a new place to call home then the planned community at Waterstone is certainly worth a look. Located on the border of Surrey and Langley Canada these surrey condos offer great modern living with amenities that will help keep you social and healthy. The Waterstone clubhouse contains a 17 seat movie theater and a 60 foot indoor swimming pool just to name a few of the amenities that you will have at your disposal. One of Surrey’s newest condo developments they have already won for innovative and sustainable living awards. If you just look at their website their condos and club house are beautiful. There are currently two styles that they are offering the Montage and the Promenade. The difference being whether you are looking for a one bedroom or two bedroom condo. So make 2012 the year that you find that dream place to live and play.

Key Factors To Note When Using Pay Per Click Advertising


Posted on 4th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Key Factors To Note When Using Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click, or cost per click, advertising has greatly revolutionised the way we conduct business. The internet in general has spurred business marketing to new and unprecedented levels. Decades ago, no one could have guessed that a business owner could reach millions of people from different parts of the world with just a single message, a few dollars and in a few minutes. Pay per click advertising, through the much innovative online marketing method, has brought down to our doorstep a way to sell our products and services to any part of the world from the comfort of our desks. Services such as PPC managementhave even gone ahead to help advertisers optimise their advertisements to ensure maximum publicity.

There are many benefits and advantages that come along with implementing this fairly recent technique of marketing, some of them being cost effectiveness, immediate results and exposure to a big market base. However, despite the many benefits one may enjoy from employing pay per click as the chosen method of marketing, there are also drawbacks that come along with this method. The article discusses some of the drawbacks and gives advice on how to avoid them or mitigate their effect on your business.

  • Out of context advertisement. Search engines are not perfect, and at times they will provide the internet user with ads that are completely unrelated to the search terms. Search engines will look at the content of the web page or search terms to decide what advertisements to display to the surfer. At times they may get it wrong and display unrelated ads. This leads to waste of the advertisers resources, and it becomes a wasted opportunity that could have been used somewhere more beneficial. It is very important to use the exact keywords to prevent the above situation from happening. PPC managementis one of the ways in which you can manage your keywords to get better results.
  • Bid competitions and costs. To get an opportunity for your advertisement to be displayed, you have to bid with other advertisers. At times this becomes a waste of time and resources since you may not even get the chance. Also, as the number of advertisers who crease bid prices have also been on the rise, meaning higher advertising costs.
  • Click fraud. The websites on which Google displays your advertisements may decide to increase their share of revenue by clicking on your advertisement as many times as possible. This leads to you paying more money for nothing. You should closely watch your click patterns to ensure that no fraud is taking place. If you detect any, you should report it to a Google representative.

PPC managementoffers a way to modify your advertisement and keywords to ensure that it gets noticed. As you do this, you should be wary of the above mentioned issues as they can drastically eat away at your resources without any useful results.


Abbie is a freelance writer and researcher. She has a great knowledge and experience about PPC managementand Adwords Management. She offers consultation services for organisations, corporations and businesses looking for tools to advertise their online business.


Java cloud and programmers


Posted on 3rd April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Mojavi Project

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cloud_computingFor many programmers having the right servers and applications are key in successfully launching enterprise wide applications. The java application server can offer as suite of tools depending on your configuration that can provide testing and stability to programmers using C+ or coding in php language. Below we talk about some of the underlying comments and help files that are applicable to Mojavi 3 and the insight ot our developers have put together in order create a cross collaboration. You can receive java help online to help with programming and coding. which is an enterprise version of Apache Tomcat that can provide critical diagnostics, management, and site wide deployment tools to help those developers who need a lightweight server that offers performance and dependability.
Now on to the programming hints:
For now, all we need to use is the execute() method.
Creating the View

The class name should be in this format ActionnameViewtype View. Again Actionname is the name of the action in the module. Viewtype is the view type that was passed to the controller in the action. Both Actionname and Viewtype are capitialized. This is a list of the predefined view file types and their naming convention.
Internal Name Class and File Name

Mojavi 2 users ; the naming convention on the file has changed slightly.There is a specific patch for java should you elect to include in your overall script, but make sure to test the script before making it live. Before there was an underscore between Actionname and Viewtype. Now, there is no underscore in between, and the Viewtype is capitialized.

For this example, I called my view FirstSuccessView and named the file FirstSuccessView.class.php.

Here’s the code

class FirstSuccessView extends PHPView
* Execute any presentation logic and set template attributes.
public function execute ()

// set our template

// set the title
$this->setAttribute(‘title’, ‘Getting Started First Test Page’);

// set the message that is to be passed
$this->setAttribute(‘passedData’, ‘Hello World!’);




You also need a template to display the information. I stayed with the naming convention and called my file FirstSuccess.php.

Here is the code for that
This is the result of my first test. I have created a module, action, view and
template. I have successfully passed data from the view to the template.

This is what I passed:
That is all for now.

Notice at the first and last line I include a header.php and footer.php. We used an application server that was able to handle the cross collaboration of various input paramaters in order to speed up our collaboration. I used this to show how you could have a uniform look across the entire site and how you could do that. Mojavi uses a global template directory in your webapp directory.For those looking for additional help with java you can find the java help center at It is defineed as MO_TEMPLATE_DIR and it called templates. I added the following files to the includes sub-directory in the global template directory.


Squashhost- WordPress web hosting and more


Posted on 2nd April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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In 2013 one thing for certain that most website owners can count on is that there will be changes in how Google and other search engines rank and index their sites. Several factors that are at the top of most conversations are quality web content, authorship, and overall website experience. When I talk about your blog or website experience one of the factors that is being considered is your site speed and the consumer experience. In order to make sure that your customers stay on your site and come back they need to be able to navigate and get there quickly. Many new website owners have been using Worpress as their main blogging and web development tool for many reasons with ease if use and fast deployment being the at the top. Plus the major search engines love WP sites and with the right plugins and hosting your site is usually very quick and user friendly.
This leads us to the foundation of any blog or website and that is the hosting platform you choose. We have been doing some research on a web/blog hosting platform at . One of the key features that I look at when evaluating a blog hosting platform is scalability. This means as my traffic grows do this provider have the resources to offer to help me grow with more robust hosting plans like VPS or dedicated servers. While offers their entry level plan starting at $3.95 per month they also offer the ability to upgrade to a dedicate server with several package in between. For new site owners they offer one click of popular programs like WordPress in order to get your site up and running as fast as possible. If you are building a new site I would highly recommend looking at paying a little extra for the dedicated IP address as this will serve you better when doing SEO. With so many hosting companies out there today you want to do your research and see what others are saying and I would even contact their customer support before you buy to see how responsive they are. At they do promote a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is really good. Remember that if your site is down so is your business. Best of luck in 2013 and if you do decide to host with please drop us a comment and let us know what you think.

What Is Web Hosting Infographic by Brennan IT

Infographic by Brennan IT

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Understanding PPC and Pay per action


Posted on 1st April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Blogging |Technology

I was reading an article today that was discussing a new model for advertising called the Cost Per Action. If you are working with an advertising agency chances are they do not fully understand the overall impact of CPC and CPA. What this means is that advertisers would not pay on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis as is the norm today, but rather pay services such as Google and Yahoo, only on clicks to their sites that actually result in a lead or sale. The one main glitch here is that those Advertisers will have to disclose some of the sales info to verify the sign up or sale. You need to get targeted traffic based on your offering in order to have a higher conversion rate. There are tested methods that can help you rank higher in the search engines that will enable you to get more targeted traffic. So just gaining more website traffic is not cost effective in the overall marketing campaign unless you are targeting the right keywords both in your search engine campaigns and on your website.

As a publisher of this blog we have used the Adsense model for a year now, and the CPC, while it does work, does have room for Click fraud, which appears to be growing. With CPA, you actually are paying for customers requesting more information or an actual sale. I found it interesting that in this article, they seemed to think this was a new way of doing business, which is not the case. You can look to an advertising Bizz Click which started on the internet and understand the tools and resources to help you grow your business and revenue.

You can also look to increase your traffic through CPC by offering giveaways in your ads. Consider offering a free service that is beneficial to the consumer. Offer free update services, a newsletter or an e-zine. If you’re worried that this may be too time consuming, put your fears aside. You can obtain free services that will notify you when someone has signed up for your newsletter and through the use of a distribution list on your e-mail you can easily handle circulation for your newsletter or e-zine. Keep in mind, however; when you are putting together your newsletter or e-zine that the only reason a consumer has for signing up and continuing to subscribe to your publication is for worthy information.

CanaDream rv rentals can help you with your vacation travel plans

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Posted on 31st March 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

If you have never traveled via an RV then you owe it to yourself and family to look at the cost of rv rentals and see what new memories you can create. At companies like CanaDream they know RV’s and specialize in selling and renting RV’s and can help you plan your trip and make sure that you have the right vehicle in order to accommodate those traveling with you and where you are headed. They have even figured out that traveling with the latest technology is something their customers want so that is why you can even rent the incredible iPad2 for your trip. What better way to capture and document your moments on the latest iPad and give your family a way to remember that special trip.

Look at the Spa Resorts BC for the holiday season


Posted on 30th March 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

If you are looking to get away this holiday season or for the New Year then take a look at Sonora one of the top Spa Resorts BC has to offer. We have had the chance to visit their site and explore the various activities that they offer. Whether you are looking to stay inside and be pampered in their luxury spa or adventure outside to get close to the wild life that is just steps away you have come to the right place. Winter is one of the best times to visit BC and having luxury accommodations to stay in just makes it that much better. Their staff is ready to help make plans and provide you one of the best times you can imagine.

The Pitfalls of the New Yellow Pages

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Posted on 29th March 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

The Pitfalls of the New Yellow Pages



We use the Internet for many things. It is now the new Yellow Pages of our lives.  Whatever you need, can easily be found by surfing the web.  It is a mine of information on just about any subject you care to mention.  People now meet each in ‘cyberspace’ rather than face to face.  They apply for jobs; buy their cars, plan vacations and whatever else they need.  The internet permeates the lives of millions.


Because it has become so important to all of us we tend to take it for granted.  We assume that all is well when we are dealing with the Internet; however, there are dangers inherent in all things and the Internet is no different.  We must exercise care to ensure that our reputation remains intact. Reputation Management is one example of how to get ahead of the problem of managing your online reputation.


Companies such as this are at the forefront of making sure an unscrupulous competitor or a disgruntled employee does not attempt to taint reputations in an attempt to retaliate.


All reviews are not reliable


When we are running our own business we need to make absolutely sure that our information is secure.  Getting help to protect our business name is essential. Some sites on the Internet offer reviews about certain businesses and give information regarding that business’ reputation for dealing honestly and professionally with the public.


These sites are a great service and can provide you with information about a company that you may be considering doing business with.  The question you should perhaps ask yourself is, “While these sites are checking out these businesses, which is checking out these sites?”


When you check the reputation of a business online you may have found some sites with very high reviews.  Whether they rate them by stars or by points you might want to consider whether or not those reviews were actually obtained honestly.  Some sites that offer reviews have been found, after investigation, to have some of the hosted information fabricated.


Use a reputation management service


If you have a business that has been affected by a biased report or review, you will need to have someone on your team concentrate on dealing with reputation management.   When it comes to navigating the web you might want to consider using a third party service.  While you may be able to handle these things yourself, they can find problems affecting your reputation that you may not have ever thought of.  This way your reputation will be recovered that much sooner.


Most businesses recognize that there will always be a certain level of criticism in this online dependent world we live in.  It is just part of being in business.  But when the criticism or negative report is unjustified, it could clearly cause major damage to a company.


It may take time to repair the damage but by way of a reputation management company it can make the entire process so much simpler.


Dorothea Bryant is a freelance research writer who works at researching about the Internet and some of the problems that can arise with new levels of communication.  Each person who uses the Internet needs to learn more about how it works to ensure that his or her Reputation management is protected.

Will pay per click advertising work for you

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Posted on 28th March 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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In our continuation of how to maximize your search and customer traffic we revisit website monetization through services like Google, Yahoo and other PPC platforms. While these are the top two there are many companies that offer this service. One of the first types of advertising online you are billed  on the actual clicks that the ads generate. You will pay higher amounts for more popular keywords so knowing how to target you r keywords is very important. For instance if you are bidding on the keyword “blog”, it may cost you $1.50 per click through your pay per click advertising since the word is so popular. But if you were to target your keyword campaign to something like “blog design” you will actually lower your PPC to let’s say .50 per click and really target more consumers.Most companies will set up accounts with a budget in mind but do not have the resources or times to really investigate and understand the importance of keywords that they bid and use for the PPC.

It was reported in a study that approximately 25,000 businesses that only 31% of them actually advertise online. And of those 52% felt that online advertising was not as effective or were unsure how to convert that traffic to customers. This presents a great opportunity for the small business to understand how to use and agency like and for publishers to offer targeted traffic for potential new customers. As a Publisher running PPC ads or other forms of contextual ads on your site, you make a certain dollar amount on each click through on the ad, regardless if the person buys or completes any form. In the new model, you be be compensated if the click actually resulted in a purchase, or other action determined by the advertiser. So as you can see, you could get 1000 clicks a day on your ads running on your site, but unless there is an actual purchase, that would be $0 in your pocket. Interesting!! But the result in Cost per Action or CPA Leads as it is called pay much higher than PPC ads

As an advertiser, if you elect to choose this model, it could be very cost effective as you would only be paying for actual sales, or leads. So for example you run a site that sells Domain names and hosting accounts. If someone sees your ad on another site, clicks on it, but never purchases anything, you would not be charged anything. Unlike today, if you have purchased $1000 in clicks, they could all be used up without one sale. Since most of those in the survey reported that they have or are using Google Adwords using Google advertising vehicles is by far the most popular. Plus for advertisers you greatly reduce PPC fraud as their are specific sales actions that have to take place.

Shop Cymax online


Posted on 27th March 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

If have ever wondered how people make money by selling online through auction sites such as eBay you are not alone. There are hundreds of books and seminars that you can attend that will teach you the secret of the pros. What they don’t tell you is that the market is very competitive and if you are not careful you can invest a lot of money and not make a dime. You can take success like Cymax that started small and now over a large selection of brand new merchandise and is now ranked among the top 500 for online retailers. Check them out today and you might just find a great deal on your holiday shopping.