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zynga6Many of the players that are in the tournaments today get there by playing in an online casino tournament and getting their seat for free. Online gambling has taken off since the televised WSOP and more people are coming online to perfect their skills and have a shot at these million dollar tournaments. New sites like where you can get Facebook poker chips for just signing up and then having your friends join you to chat and play Texas Hold’em Online casinos have been popping but only a few really offer any value. In our neighborhood we get together twice a month for a friendly game of poker where many of the games are jacks or better. Most of the time we spend on games such as Texas Hold em, and Omaha. As the poker craze has spread so has the fanatics in our neighborhood. I am sitting at the table and feel like I am playing with Phil Helmuth and “Jesus” ( nickname for a famous poker player) All the terms that were flying around were making me nervous, such as Drawing Dead, Gut Shot Straight.. This was supposed to be a friendly game!! I was able to locate a site for us novice and for the PROS as well, players that give a broad and detailed perspective on how to Play such poker games.

Finding an online casino to practice your skills for free or for those outside the US to earn money has gotten much easier. You can play Deuces Wild Video Poker if you get bored, but to improve your game you need to play lots of hands to understand the odds of the hand you are playing.I found the best info on Omaha, which is a very detailed version of Hold em. I can hardly wait to our next poker night with the fellas. I will be bringing heat along with a Big Blind Gut Shot Straight, so give me the river. (Poker Lingo) So if you are in the need for some simple advice on what these and other terms mean and how to play these games and other,please take a look at their site.

Which is The Most Effective Social Share Buttons for SEO?

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Which is The Most Effective Social Share Buttons for SEO?


Social signals are now being incorporated into search results, though currently, they may not be very strong signals, such as say, organic links.

SEO experts are suggesting that everything else being equal, a website with more ‘social love’ gets a higher search result position than one that is lacking in social love.


Having social media buttons on your website or blog, conveniently placed, increases the chances that people will use them, thus contributing to SEO.


The Most Important Social Share Button

The purpose of this post is to try and determine which social share button has the maximum impact on SEO from amongst Facebook likes shares, Tweets, LinkedIn shares and G+1s.



The Google +1 button seems to have maximum impact on SEO because being part of Google itself, Google bots can crawl and index all Google+ content. (There are some restrictions for Facebook and Twitter in this regard).


And with the launch of Google Search Plus Your World, content +1d by the searchers’ social connections is making it to the top of the SERP.

A Mashable article on the impact of Google+ on SEO cites that a Dutch company “SEO Effects” experienced 20% increase in its click-thru rate by getting 70 people to+1 their page.

Click here for experiment conducted by SEOMoz, where consistent +1s pushed the website rankings from #16 to #6.


Facebook Likes and Shares

SearchMetrics conducted an analysis of over 300,000 websites, to find out the common factors in the high ranking websites.

The analysis revealed that Facebook shares had a very high correlation with higher search ranking (surprisingly even higher than backlinks). Facebook likes, comments and Tweets also figured high for in the correlation graph (refer below).

WP plugins


Facebook shares reveal highest degree of correlation with high search engine ranking.



Matt Cutts of Google had earlier confirmed that authority of the tweeter is an important factor while considering the SEO value of tweets.

This point is illustrated in the SEOMoz case study where they experienced #4 ranking for the (highly competitive) term ‘beginner’s guide’ after their SEOMoz Beginners Guide url was retweeted by Smashing Magazine.


LinkedIn Shares

Not many people associate LinkedIn shares with significant SEO impact. Dan Zarella’s analysis of more than 25,000 websites showed that urls which were shared on LinkedIn had higher number of in bound links pointing to them (as compared to Facebook shares and Tweets)


LinkedIn shares show highest correlation


And inbound links being a very strong SEO factor, we can conclude LinkedIn shares are strong social signals for SEO.


So What is the Conclusion

Obviously, there is no clear winner for the ‘Top Social Sharing Button for SEO’.  To use a cliché, each one is a winner in its own way.

And what you can do is have all of them (and others like PinIt, Digg etc) prominently and neatly arranged on your website.

This is a good article on how to add social sharing buttons on your website for maximum impact.


Which social sharing button has worked best for you? Do share in the comments section.


This post has been written by Yasir Khan, avid blogger and self confessed SEO-Social media enthusiast. Yasir is the Founder of Quantum SEO Labs.

Renewable energy


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What a day for renewable energy. I just saw a great clip from Fox News on the electric motorcycle from Zero Motorcycle. This thing is like a 250, off road bike you would buy from Honda. It can go 0-60 in about 6 seconds. The founder said they were not interested in the scooter or basic transportation. They wanted something very fun and to match the market. You see, this is just the kind on ideas and innovation we need. So many potential customers still see renewables like electric motorcycles as boring, slow and just plain no fun. Not with these guys. It would take an hour of hardcore off road biking to deplete the battery. Whats more is that next month they will announce their street legal bike with a 3kw battery pack, with a 70mph top speed and great range. I cant wait for the news. Here we have a young entrepreneur who has solved the problem in battery life and power, and found a way to make a bike that more people will buy. The video did not go into the idea of saving gas though and the fact of less dependence on foreign oil or having consultants like those from Enigin available as a resource. I wish they would. But no matter, the fact that we can have this conversation is just amazing.

Server management

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The latest Systems management services are now available for most bloggers. There are new technologies to help provide server management for your piece of mind. You can purchase server monitoring for your blog

Scheduling online appointments


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online-apptIf you are in sales you know that nothing can happen until you are in front of the customer. In most cases this will mean calling on that potential customer, scheduling the appointment, and then asking for the business.  I have been in sales for over 20 years and earlier in my career I would setup the appointment to see a potential customer and jot it down in my day planner and consider that good. In some instances you would travel to the customers location only to find out that they had forgotten or canceled and forgot to call. This was frustrating and a waste of time that I could have spent with other customers. Our business owners were constantly juggling the phone in order to set up key meetings and dates so that we would could function more efficiently as a team. That is why I was excited to blog about a new free online appointment scheduling software that enables you and your clients to view and makes appointments online.

I can’t imagine the amount of time and money that you will save if you are a small business owner or someone who relies on the face to face meeting with the customer in order to make your liviing. Having this free online tool that you can access from anywhere you have a internet connection is great. With so many sales professionals and business owners having the mobile technology being able to access an online scheduling tool is a huge advantage. Many people will schedule appointments through their Blackberry or MS Outlook but since your customers are unable to access this calendar if they change the time and date or cancel all together you will only be notified via a phone call. With this new free online appointment tool from when you schedule the appointment both you and the customer receive reminders about the meeting. This will save you both a lot of time and hassle of trying to remember those meeting times and dates. With this free scheduling tool you can brand the site with or use your company name instead. This will help create top of mind awareness that will give you an advantage over your competition.


Finding the right hosting company


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Find your free blog and website web site hosting account.

There is a new web hosting comapny top hosting center. At Top Hosting center they are offering a select plan that is targeted to blogger who are looking to make a name for themselves. With their plan you pay a one time fee of $95 and this covers you for life adn this give you some great blog hosting features. This plan gives you 250 GB of disk space, 3000 GB of bandwidth ( enough room to help you handle all those new readers), unlimited MySQL databases, a free domain and you can host unlimited domains. Hurry and check them out today since this offer will go away when the 1000th Rudolph plan is sold. I should know since we recently moved this blog over to THC and the support and reliability has been awesome. I would challenge you to surf on over to their site and try their online live support. I was able to talk with Tom within 3 minutes on a Sunday. This was the closer for me to be able to get an answer to a question in less than five minutes even though I was not a customer at that point.

Internet marketing


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Webmasters can enhance their search engine marketing by teaming with experts to provide an easy to use process in which you easily create static pages. Even brick and mortar companies can benefit from specific internet marketing consulting. Partnering with the right company that can help you develop keywords and strategies around your core business can mean the difference between success and failure. Since over 80% of products that are found and purchased start at the search engines it is very important that your site is optimized to take advantage of the search engines.

Time to upgrade your cell phone


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The technology in cell phones is changing so quickly that it can be difficult to compare cell phones just on various websites especially those of the actual wireless carriers.

Reliable hosting


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Finding a reliable hosting company can be quite a complicated task and there are many factors to consider. You can find web hosting tutorials online to help navigate all the choices and help to simplify your choices. Since most companies you find online are now offering unlimited bandwidth, storage, and other features you will want to understand what each of these really mean and how they will affect you and your blog or website.

You can always find cheap web hosting but remember that you get what you pay for.

What is Wi-Fi?


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Not to be confused with mobile broadband , Wi-Fi requires an Internet signal to be in range for connectivity. In addition to being used at home and offices, Wi-Fi can be accessible through ‘hotspots’. Restaurants, airports and hotels often offer free hotspots to attract and retain customers, especially in the Internet driven world we live in today.

Mojavi 2.0 migration


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* File Formats


There are numerous file extension files that are avaiable to help in the migration.

Fuel efficient rides are they worth the cost

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We just recently ordered a brand Toyota Hybrid for my company car and I really excited about having a new car and one that is supposed to be better for the environment. Now that gas prices have come down to under $2 per gallon I wondered how much extra I would be saving in fuel costs. It turns out that the cost savings in fuel is not as a dramatic as it was 3 months ago, but the other benefits of owning a hybrid car should be beneficial overall.

One of the things that I noticed when ordering our new car is that some of the features available on the non-hybrid model were non-existent on the hybrid model. So this got me to thinking about a post we did early for those holiday shoppers out there looking for something creative to get that special one who is a proud owner of a hybird vehicle. At they carry a great selection of accessories for most of the major manufacturers of hybrid models. And if you are not sure then there are always gift cards to their site so that they can pick out exactly what they want. So why not go green this Christmas and purchase something that they will be able to enjoy year round and actually do some good for the environment.

Is your hybrid ready for the winter


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We wrote a few weeks ago about the latest accessories for your hybird vehicle. When they first came out they were in limited supply and most modifications were hard to come by. Now this holiday season you will find snow racks, engine block heaters, and car covers especially designed for your hybrid. Just because you are trying to go green and help do your part for the environment does not mean that your ride has to be boring.

With the advancement in technology and new cross over and SUV type vehicles are being introduced into the hybrid vehicle world you will have more choices and options. Most the major car makers have introduced several new lines and even the luxury car makers are getting into the game as well. So if you are shopping this holiday and unsure what to get that person that has everything and has just purchased the new Porsche Hybrid then maybe a new accessory that will make their ride just a bit more special could be just what Santa ordered.

Comprehensive coverage for your car insurance


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Finding car insurance online is now easier than ever with sites that help you evaluate all the options in one place. Whether you are looking for car insurance, life insurance, or health insurance be sure to do your research.In this day and age finf car insurance, life insurance, or health insurance is now just a simple click on the internet. With multiple sites that are competing for your business you can now find rates and coverage for just about anything. So maybe it is time to evaluate your current plan and get some insurance quotes from other companies that are eager to earn and keep your business.

Going high speed with mobile broadband


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There are numerous broadband where you can get  wireless broadband to get your very own mobile broadband connection and then enjoy fast surfing on your netbook or cell phone.

Are your systems up to date


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You can see that using  monitors with their  laptop computers

Using  memory cards to help secure your PC

  • PC Tune Up
  • Vista Upgrade Install/Reinstall
  • Vista Upgrade Advisor
  • Vista Basic Training

Programming your site in .Net


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In the application world learning and knowing about Microsofts .NET platform can be very beneficial to your IT career. This new platform enables multiple program languages to talk to one another in a more seamless and less complicated nature. What was once a true coding nightmare has been simplified by the .NET platform. There are a multitude of books and websites that can assist you in your training and studies to learn and become an expert in .NET applications.

Angus Reed, Prudentia and Solar Power in Dubai


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Angus Reed, Prudentia and Solar Power in Dubai

Coal, oil, and natural gas are big sources of energy that are used globally by the biggest economies. These fossil fuels are non-renewable and at some point will run into a supply and demand crossroads. That is why companies like Prudentia and one of their principles Angus Reed were looking at the inclusion of solar power early to help harness the power of the sun. Investing in the technologies that can help transfer the power of the sun into energy saving solutions was there main focus. Other types of renewable energy that have been looked at are:

  • Wind
  • Biomass
  • Hydrogen
  • Geothermal
  • Ocean
  • Hydropower
The big areas of current investment is in Wind and Solar energy simply because they are more readily available and the technology to harness this type of energy has reached a scale of mass production. If you look at the infographic below you can see that 100 square miles of solar panels has the capacity to fuel the entire United States. Businessman like Angus Reed was involved in the early investment in solar power and has since moved into real estate development across the globe including Australia, Dubai ,and other countries. In some of the housing plans that have been funded by his company there are green homes that have won several awards and created a demand for sustainable living. As more investors put money into refining and defining the technology that will eventually be in more homes the overall demand for oil and coal will decline and help the overall environment.
More and more companies are leveraging laws and tax breaks to companies that are going green. There are companies that have gone almost entirely green by reusing resources and investing in renewable solutions for their manufacturing processes. This will only lead to more companies investing and upgrading their current practices to include green resources. It will take courageous and visionary businessman like Angus Reed to use their connections and look to invest in these current and emerging technologies.