What is Wi-Fi?


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Not to be confused with mobile broadband , Wi-Fi requires an Internet signal to be in range for connectivity. In addition to being used at home and offices, Wi-Fi can be accessible through ‘hotspots’. Restaurants, airports and hotels often offer free hotspots to attract and retain customers, especially in the Internet driven world we live in today.

Mojavi 2.0 migration


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* File Formats


There are numerous file extension files that are avaiable to help in the migration.

Fuel efficient rides are they worth the cost


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We just recently ordered a brand Toyota Hybrid for my company car and I really excited about having a new car and one that is supposed to be better for the environment. Now that gas prices have come down to under $2 per gallon I wondered how much extra I would be saving in fuel costs. It turns out that the cost savings in fuel is not as a dramatic as it was 3 months ago, but the other benefits of owning a hybrid car should be beneficial overall.

One of the things that I noticed when ordering our new car is that some of the features available on the non-hybrid model were non-existent on the hybrid model. So this got me to thinking about a post we did early for those holiday shoppers out there looking for something creative to get that special one who is a proud owner of a hybird vehicle. At juicedhybrid.com they carry a great selection of accessories for most of the major manufacturers of hybrid models. And if you are not sure then there are always gift cards to their site so that they can pick out exactly what they want. So why not go green this Christmas and purchase something that they will be able to enjoy year round and actually do some good for the environment.

Is your hybrid ready for the winter


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We wrote a few weeks ago about the latest accessories for your hybird vehicle. When they first came out they were in limited supply and most modifications were hard to come by. Now this holiday season you will find snow racks, engine block heaters, and car covers especially designed for your hybrid. Just because you are trying to go green and help do your part for the environment does not mean that your ride has to be boring.

With the advancement in technology and new cross over and SUV type vehicles are being introduced into the hybrid vehicle world you will have more choices and options. Most the major car makers have introduced several new lines and even the luxury car makers are getting into the game as well. So if you are shopping this holiday and unsure what to get that person that has everything and has just purchased the new Porsche Hybrid then maybe a new accessory that will make their ride just a bit more special could be just what Santa ordered.

Comprehensive coverage for your car insurance


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Finding car insurance online is now easier than ever with sites that help you evaluate all the options in one place. Whether you are looking for car insurance, life insurance, or health insurance be sure to do your research.In this day and age finf car insurance, life insurance, or health insurance is now just a simple click on the internet. With multiple sites that are competing for your business you can now find rates and coverage for just about anything. So maybe it is time to evaluate your current plan and get some insurance quotes from other companies that are eager to earn and keep your business.

Going high speed with mobile broadband


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There are numerous broadband where you can get  wireless broadband to get your very own mobile broadband connection and then enjoy fast surfing on your netbook or cell phone.

Are your systems up to date


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You can see that using  monitors with their  laptop computers

Using  memory cards to help secure your PC

  • PC Tune Up
  • Vista Upgrade Install/Reinstall
  • Vista Upgrade Advisor
  • Vista Basic Training

Programming your site in .Net


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In the application world learning and knowing about Microsofts .NET platform can be very beneficial to your IT career. This new platform enables multiple program languages to talk to one another in a more seamless and less complicated nature. What was once a true coding nightmare has been simplified by the .NET platform. There are a multitude of books and websites that can assist you in your training and studies to learn and become an expert in .NET applications.

Angus Reed, Prudentia and Solar Power in Dubai


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Angus Reed, Prudentia and Solar Power in Dubai

Coal, oil, and natural gas are big sources of energy that are used globally by the biggest economies. These fossil fuels are non-renewable and at some point will run into a supply and demand crossroads. That is why companies like Prudentia and one of their principles Angus Reed were looking at the inclusion of solar power early to help harness the power of the sun. Investing in the technologies that can help transfer the power of the sun into energy saving solutions was there main focus. Other types of renewable energy that have been looked at are:

  • Wind
  • Biomass
  • Hydrogen
  • Geothermal
  • Ocean
  • Hydropower
The big areas of current investment is in Wind and Solar energy simply because they are more readily available and the technology to harness this type of energy has reached a scale of mass production. If you look at the infographic below you can see that 100 square miles of solar panels has the capacity to fuel the entire United States. Businessman like Angus Reed was involved in the early investment in solar power and has since moved into real estate development across the globe including Australia, Dubai ,and other countries. In some of the housing plans that have been funded by his company there are green homes that have won several awards and created a demand for sustainable living. As more investors put money into refining and defining the technology that will eventually be in more homes the overall demand for oil and coal will decline and help the overall environment.
More and more companies are leveraging laws and tax breaks to companies that are going green. There are companies that have gone almost entirely green by reusing resources and investing in renewable solutions for their manufacturing processes. This will only lead to more companies investing and upgrading their current practices to include green resources. It will take courageous and visionary businessman like Angus Reed to use their connections and look to invest in these current and emerging technologies.

Mojavi 3 revisited


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We received some additional comments about this section of the code and various code extensions such as various file extensions and what they mean to the internal code.

This method will determine what types of requests will be recognized. There are 4 choices:

* Request::GET – Indicates that this action serves only GET requests.
* Request::POST – Indicates that this action serves only POST requests.
* Request::NONE – Indicates that this action serves no requests.

You can also select both GET and POST requests by using Request::GET | Request::POST
handleError ()

Execute any post-validation error application logic.

It also returns the view through a string of the view name or the array of a module/action/view. By default, it passes View::ERROR.
initialize ($context)

You can set up the Action in the initialize() method.If you run across a file extension ASF this references various MIDI files that are available to use for your front end. This is only related too  In a later tutorial, I’ll give an example of doing this. NOTE: It is worth to note that you must handle the context in the initialize() method. You should do this by


You also need to return a TRUE or FALSE based on the success of the initialization. By default it is TRUE.
isSecure ()

Does the action require security? TRUE if you do, FALSE otherwise. It is FALSE by default.
validate ()

This is used to manually validate input parameters instead of using a pre-progammed validator. This will also be explain later in the tutorial on validation.
Creating Your First Action

Now that we have an overview of the Action class, we can move forward to creating our first Action. For this example, there isn’t any request to be handled so we can set up a minimal Action.

In naming an action you must use this format Actionname Action.class.php where Actionname is what you are calling this particular action. When you declare your class, it also must have the class name in the same format Actionname Action. For this example, I chose to call this FirstAction.

When creating a new action, at the very least, there has to be an execute() method, even if it does nothing. Also, since we are displaying a non-request page, we don’t need to process any request. We tell the controller this with the getRequestMethods() method, by setting the return value to Request::NONE. Finally, we also need to tell the controller what the default view is going to be. We do this by returning View::SUCCESS in getDefaultView().

Here is what my FirstAction.class.php looks like. I basically just took my BLANKAction.class.php, renamed it to FirstAction.class.php, renamed the class to FirstAction, removed the methods I didn’t need and set the remaining 3 methods to match my needs.

class FirstAction extends Action
* Execute any application/business logic for this action.
public function execute ()
// we don’t need any data here because this action doesn’t serve
// any request methods, so the processing skips directly to the view

// ————————————————————————-

* Retrieve the default view to be executed when a given request is not
* served by this action.
public function getDefaultView ()
return View::SUCCESS;

// ————————————————————————-

* Retrieve the request methods on which this action will process
* validation and execution.
public function getRequestMethods ()
return Request::NONE;

Lastly because of the audio compression and various browsers relating to a file extension ASF format you may want to check out your page in the various browsers to make sure that your files are supported.

Payday loans online

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Yes taking out a payday loan can be a humbling experience but not necessarily always a bad one. I realize that a lot of people have negative things to say about payday loan companies, but those people are probably in a better position than most of us. Truth is, there is a need for these kind of companies and if you are here now reading about it, you are also most likely in need of some help. During those dark times when you ask yourself, “how am I going to get myself out of this disaster” you can rest assured that there are options out there for the people who are less fortunate per say with their finances and who haven’t perhaps made the best financial decisions in the past , or had it as lucky as everyone else.

I for one am one of those very people, not irresponsible per say, but perhaps just never thought of or realized the importance of money and saving as I do now. Boy, have I learned a lesson and am now working on digging myself out and overcoming a major financial fiasco. Thanks to receiving a payday loan online I was able to take the first step in a positive direction. I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true right? Well do not fear, a payday loan does come with it’s own set of cons, but they are not all that bad. There are fees associated with this just as there would be anything else, but they are meant to be short term loans, therefore you will or should have it paid off rather quickly and on time minimizing the extra costs.
So why did I need to take out a payday loan? Well it really is a long story but don’t worry I’ll keep it brief and to the point. Like I said earlier I was never that responsible with money, when I got my paycheck I would spend it instantly, unless I was planning a trip somewhere. My passion is travel and any chance I get to travel I’m packing my bags and off to my next adventure. Luckily being able to find payday loans online I am able to travel almost anywhere I need and then know should a financial issue arise I will have access to funds.

OrderWise Inventory Management Software


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If you own and operate a small to medium sized business and sell both online and have a storefront then you hopefully are aware of the need to understand what you have on hand at all times. Businesses can lose money if they have to much stock on hand and their carrying costs are high, or they run out of a popular seller which results in lost sales and customers. Having a inventory management software solution that will help tell you when to order and what items are selling faster can help your bottom line. With the fluctuation in the consumer market what is hot today may be old news tomorrow and managing that inventory can be critical to ensuring your long term success. Solutions from companies like OrderWise incorporate several layers of analytic’s to help you understand which items are selling and what time of year they are in most demand. Knowing this information can help you plan for 6 months out and prepare for a great holiday season or start getting rid of items that may be starting to slow down.

Standard PHP extensions and limitations


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The majority of most file extension can be found online through various sites

There are multiple PHP functions that contain different  file extension protocols that can create issues for PHP 5.0.

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Grab a deal online at Deal Fun


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We have all heard and probably used the auction site eBay. Today there is a new wave of auction sites that are making a big entrance called penny auction sites. The newest penny auction site called dealfun.com is making waves across several news sites and have some features to help newbies understand how to best use the site. You join for free and maybe get a few free bids and then the game starts. What is alluring from a simple onlookers stand point is that you have an $800 item selling for $4.53. You can bid on and win items like iPads, laptops, and PS3’s. That sounds amazing and why can’t I win that. Here is how this auction works. Unlike sites like eBay where you bid on an item and you don’t win you are out nothing. At DealFun, once you bid the money is now put towards the item. So you can bid 4-5 units that may cost you .50 each but if someone outbids you that money is gone. The psychological aspect is quite interesting because the dollar is so low that you feel risking a few dollars to win a $800 item cannot be that bad. They are fun to watch and if you step into the game make sure that you set yourself a limit or you could end paying a lot for nothing. DealFun has put a solution in place for your first series of bidding that allow you to regain your bids within 24 hours of your first bidding experience. Plus they offer access to customer support and offer help to everyone  on your question.  I do like that they show what items sold for, who won them, and how many bids they used to win the item. They have just come online with a great domain name and will be compiling stories from across the industry on various auction types available. You can find articles on the site at MSNBC or on Yahoo to understand what other are saying.

Decorating with Christmas centerpieces


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Growing up as a kid, I went to a few Christmas parties or our families getting together to share in the holiday cheer. I would usually see about 20 to 30 people at most of these Christmas parties and that was the size of a typical Christmas party back then. Now we have our elders living longer and every family has to have a few children these days. A growth in population and living in neighborhoods that have the houses closer together are causing bigger Christmas parties.

I’m sure many people will have 50 or more people over to their house for a Christmas party this year. This means adding more chairs around the table and you may have to place a few bar stools at the table to sit the older people. My wife will decorate the tables with christmas centerpieces. By the way you can find some really cool ones at 1800flowers.com and have them in time for your holiday event. The kids just want to play and they aren’t too concern with eating at these Christmas parties. The ones that do take the time to fix them a plate will go sit on the couch, stairs, in the floor, or if the weather is nice enough, just go outside or on the porch is where they will eat. I know my house doesn’t have the parking space to invite that many people over. I’m sure other families don’t either and they have people parking on their lawns or ask the neighbors if they can share their driveway for the party. Your neighbor won’t mind sharing their driveway as long as you invite them over for the festivities too.

SEO tools for link building with Advanced Web Ranking


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SEO tools for link building

SEO Tools

Web linking tools

The dream of a SEO expert or any internet marketer is to capture the highest spot in the Google ranking with their desired keyword. This Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is a complex subject which has been gaining great popularity among the experts. It has been extensively debated by experts all over the world to figure out how the websites can be ranked on the top spot of Google. It is difficult to try and figure out the likes and dislikes of Google and thereby write accordingly. Google is like a big black box and no one has ideas of what will make it to the top and what will not. This leads to the development of SEO tools for the enhancement of the status of the keywords used in the content. There are many online tools available for SEO which an individual can take advantage of and enhance their ranking in the search engine in a good way. These tools are immensely helpful in the increasing of the importance of the keywords and this will lead to increasing the ranking of the website. We will be talking about some of the features of both Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager, both are tools that when used together can help keep your keywords and websites on the good side of Google and Yahoo updates. I would encourage you to download the free trial which gives you 30 day access so you can try all the tools for yourself. There are some great training guides as well to help get you the most out of your trial.

Some of the most useful link building tools is as follow. One can follow them to get traffic for the site.

Link Building Services

One of the most important tasks of a SEO expert is to build links to their websites and inner pages. You can take advantage of services like link building so that you can distribute your links to a number of places like blogs, Web 2.0 sites, video sites and so on. Another great way to build links is to write articles and submit them to the most popular article directories. This is one of the quickest ways to build links to your website. Writing good articles will be a good way of attracting traffic to the sites.


Link Building

With link building tools from Advanced Web Ranking you can enter your competitors’ URL in the search box and find out the number of links and the websites they are targeting to maintain the top position. This is one part of the overall product suite that can have a major impact on your overall website optimization. The setup is easy and it is included in your dashboard so with just a few clicks you are on your way to improve your links and understanding what your competitors are doing.

Website Opitmization

You can use website optimization to know how the website of your competitor has evolved over a period of time. This will help to keep track of the competitors in the business.

AWS ranking toolKeyword Search Tools

Keywords are so critical for SEO experts. There are a number of keyword search tools that you can take advantage of. These include free tools like Google Keyword tool and free version of Word tracker and also paid tools like Market Samurai, Keyword Elite, Word tracker etc.


Keyword Density Tool

This is a great tool to check if your webpage or website has excessive stuffing of keywords and correct them accordingly. This helps to spread the keywords in a good manner. In AWR you can use the keyword research tool to find high paying keywords and understand where your competitors are ranking.

Also use Advanced Web Ranking too understand which keywords and URL’s are bringing in the most traffic. See this simple YouTube Video here:

YouTube Preview Image

Bad Link Checker Tool

Using this tool, you can quickly find out if your website is linking to any bad websites. And once you detect any sites, you should immediately remove the link from your site.

Therefore one must take the time and accomplish the SEO tasks in a correct manner to get the best rankings and the highest traffic for the site.

In this section we are going to look at Advanced Link Manager more in depth.

Every webmaster has an own techniques of link building campaign. This differs from one person to another. And this makes the difference in the website of various individuals. However the most important and the most popular one is the search engine friendly link building one. This is one campaign style which works really well with the various search engines like Yahoo, Google and helps in the listing of the keywords in the first page of the search engines. This helps in the building of links successfully and people will come to know about the links that you have provided with the keywords. One must never build links in a flat manner. This must never be done when the domain that you have is relatively new as compared to the others. This will do more harm than good for your website. The building of the links must be a natural exercise and must be done carefully. This will help the links to look natural and go well with the website.

AWS ranking tool

AWS ranking tool

The link building campaign which one can follow for the relatively new sites are explained below. This involves a series of six easy steps.

Social bookmarking

Every link building campaign starts with manual social bookmarking. You have to submit unique content to every social media site and the keywords should be 100% related to your website or else Google will consider as a keyword spam. Social bookmarking is the terrific method to gain social media traffic for any website. With Advanced Link Manager you can monitor your social networking signals which according to many industry experts this will be more important in overall search engine rankings.

Directory submission

Try to submit your site to top 300 niche related directories manually with correct keywords and description. This will help in the creation of good links which will be helpful for the website.

Article marketing

Many individuals feel that content is king. And it can bring organic traffic from search engines. Article marketing is one of the best off page optimization to gain high quality links from article directories. An individual can write an article and spin it to ten more unique articles manually. Then they can try to submit each article manually to each article directory. Through the link building campaign one give much stress to article marketing because it deals with content and quality contextual link building. With their Link analyzer manager you can see the value and potential harm that links may be having on your search results. This is vital for long term success of your overall online business.

Blog commenting

One of the most powerful link building method which can increase your site popularity, visibility and higher search engine ranking position results for the targeted keywords is by blog commenting. One must never spam websites and forums with improper comments and many anchors. This will not be good for the website.

Contextual links

Link popularity toolContextual links looks very natural to major search engines. Content based theme related links are recommended highly. Search theme related websites and request a blog post from the website owners. These links will definitely help you in higher rankings in the search engines.

Blog roll links

Theme based home page links are very popular in the web. Blog roll links helps you in getting site wide links. If a website is having 1000 indexed inner pages then you will get 1000 backlinks. Try to contact webmasters for blog roll links whose websites are 100% related to your site. If he or she agrees then pay some incentives for site wide blog roll links.

These are the 6 important link building methods in link building campaign. These methods are strong enough to rank in higher search engine rankings. There are many more link building methods like forum posting, sponsored links, press release and submission and many more methods. But those methods are not so strong enough to rank and will require immense experience on the part of the individual to achieve success in them.


Summary on SEO Tools from Advanced Web Ranking:

With both Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager you have several options to choose from. Their Standard, Enterprise and Professional offer many of the same features with differences in creating and printing reports, identifying partners and enhanced resources in the tools. This holds true for both platforms and we have had the chance to try out the enterprise solution for both. After running through various scenarios on both platforms I can say that it is easy to use and the value of information is easy to understand and most importantly clear on what you need to do in order to be successful in getting better search engine rankings for your sites. I would recommend downloading the free trial for each and running a few reports and see for yourself.

SEO Guide Part 2 : Link Building blueprint for 2013


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SEO Guide Part 2 Link Building BluePrint for 2013:

In our readings on important updates for 2013 SEO guidelines we have been seeing more and more discussions on areas to stay away from when it comes to keeping your site healthy. The makers of SEO Powersuite have put together a Link Building Blue print for 2013 that talks about the 5 things you must avoid and include in your strategy. We have started to implement SEO PowerSuite tools to help us monitor and reshape our strategies and can say it has been quite effective. They have just released their SEO guide Part 2 on things to watch out for in 2013 when it comes to SEO and SEM. Below is a quick excerpt where they discuss the value of social signals and how you can manage those across multiple resources.

What’s coming: It’s not a secret that search engines are willing to deliver the most useful and interesting content to users. How are they going to measure what’s more or less interesting? One of the very significant factors they may rely on even more in 2013 is the amount and strength of social signals – tweets and retweets, Facebook likes, shares, mentions, etc.

Now, going back to your backlink profile, can you say that most of the domains linking to your site are socially popular? And what about your competitors?

Get prepared Get prepared: Analyze social signals for your backlink domains — which ones get most social “love” from users? Highlight these websites and work more to get backlinks from there.

To quickly get the social data for all your backlink domains, create a project in SEO SpyGlass; then go to Preferences => Preferred Backlink Factors and select those social media factors that are most important for your niche…. read more here.



SEO Link Building

You must be able to look at and know what your competitors are doing and how they are using backlinks in order to gain top positions in the search engines. At Link Assistant they have developed some great tools to help you easily and effectively monitor and manage your sites along with those that you are competing against.

What’s coming: Google has revolutionized link building practices, but some things remain the same – the competition analysis is going to be even more complicated and important in the post-Penguin era.

Get preparedGet prepared: Discover and analyze backlink profiles of your top competitors:

  • What anchors and keywords the competing sites are using?
  • Do they still acquire sitewide links?
  • Are they leveraging social media to rank better than you?
  • Do they have most backlinks from old or new domains?

Important: You shouldn’t blindly follow the steps of competitors, define the tendencies and trends of their link building process and make use of it, for instance:

  • Pay attention to the anchor text distribution, you may also need to have more anchor text with brand names and less with exact match keywords. You may also need to have more links pointing to internal pages of your site (as opposed to the home page)

  • If your competitors are more active in social media, produce more viral content, start social media campaigns, launch contests – do virtually everything you can to grab more tweets and likes.

  • Take a closer look at their backlink domains, spot the good ones (relevant content, old established domain with high Alexa traffic index) and target them to get links… read more

The above infographic provides a great roadmap to help you plan your 2013 SEO strategy. You can follow more at our Google Plus account or Twitter.

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Migrating from Moajvi 2


Posted on 12th February 2015 by Jeff Rogers in Mojavi Project


By Tyler Tompkins

Note: This document will be changing frequently as I add more information, and rearrange to create a more logical order and progression of the said information.

* Prerequisites
* First Things First
* The Context
* Translating your Renderer
* View
* Actions
* Configuration
* References


You should have a decent grasp of Mojavi2 and PHP5 before trying to upgrade to Mojavi3.

If you want a quick crash course of Mojavi 3, see Creating Your First Module 2.
First Things First

Before you begin transferring your applications over from Mojavi2, make sure whatever host you’re using supports PHP5. You can figure out if your host supports PHP5 by running


Furthermore, you need to download and install the Mojavi3 package, which can be attained by going to this location.
The Context

Probably the most important new and powerful aspect of Mojavi3 is the Context object. Once I figured out what this thing did, I fell in love with it. Basically, it is a sort of catalyst/storage object that allows you to access:

* The $request object via getRequest()
* The $controller object via getController()
* The $user object via getUser()
* The Current Action/Module names via getModuleName() and getActionName()
* And finally the Current module’s directory

More or less, most classes that are exposed to the user/developer (you) are going to have a getContext() function, which will allow you to access this object. And with the recent addition of cascading calls, you can perform operations that you were unable to in php4, for example:

The Old Way:

$obj =& $request->getAttribute(‘myobj’);
$anotherobj =& $obj->doSomethingSpecial();
$anotherobj -> execute();

The New Way:


Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the best example, as it is rather lengthy, but you get my point, 1 line vs 3 lines, and no possible mistakes when dealing with large objects like copying them over without references, etc.

This subsection is to be continued….
Translating your Renderer

Mojavi2 used ‘renderers’ to translate the API of one templating system into a generic API that would easily allow a developer to switch out one templating system for another. For example, the Smarty templating engine uses $smarty->assign() to allow you to set a variable, while patTemplate, another templating system, uses $pat->addVar(). In Mojavi 2, you would then write or use an existing renderer, which you would then invoke to display your output.

Note: This was done typically through a filter, which would create the renderer object, then assign it to your $request via


Mojavi3 uses largely the same methodology, but instead of getting the renderer directly from the $request object within each of your views, it simply extends the View class.

For example:

abstract class SmartyView extends View

function __construct()
$this->engine = $this->getContext()->getRequest()->getAttribute(‘MySmartyObj’);

public function setAttribute($name, $value)
$this->engine->assign($name, $value);


Note: the use of

$this->engine = $this->getContext()->getRequest()->getAttribute(‘MySmartyObj’);

was simply the best solution I could come up with for getting any object from within the view, you could also have done the following just as easily:

$this->engine = new Smarty();


The Mojavi3 View is mostly an abstract class, which provides a skeleton of functions to work with, thus providing the unified API as was achieved in Mojavi2 (It’s unified because you are forced to comply with the naming conventions implemented by the abstract class View.)

Now, instead of intitializing your Renderer object (as you would in Mojavi2) you simply extend View, and initialize that. Like shown above:

abstract class SmartyView extends View

is what our new View would look like. To put this new View type into action, we extend it when declaring views for our modules. For example:

class DoSomeActionSuccessView extends SmartyView


As you can see, this is much more fluid than pulling the renderer out of $request with every new View, it’s also a lot less code that you have to copy and paste, and thus less code to maintain. You may also have noticed that the naming scheme is different for the Views, instead of naming the file DoSomeActionView_success.class.php you would now name it DoSomeActionSuccessView.class.php, and name the class likewise(In Mojavi2 we just named our view classes DoSomeActionView, in Mojavi3 it’s DoSomeActionSuccessView replacing ‘Success’ with your application’s state).

This subsection is to be continued….

Actions in Mojavi3 are fairly similiar to those of Mojavi2, with a few enhancement and semantic tweaks here and there. Listed Below:

* When returning a VIEW_SUCCESS in Mojavi2, now return the View class constant corresponding to your application state, ie: View::Success, or View::Error
* When checking for view types supporting execution (getRequestMethods) instead of returning REQ_POST etc, return Request::Post etc.
* There is a new return type for getRequestMethods(), Request::All, which serves all request methods.
* The root Action class which all your actions extend now has a getContext() method, which allows you access to the context object.


Mojavi3 configurations are done, by default, using .ini files. This simple and straightforward configuration makes configuring mojavi very easy. The base syntax of these ini files is as follows:


; a comment…..
ConfigKey = “%MO_APP_DIR%/my/config/value”

Because some people might not like ini files, Mojavi3 was created in such a way that you could write your own configuration handlers. For example, if you wanted to use xml files to configure your mojavi, you could write a configuration handler, plug it in, and start using your custom configuration styles.

This subsection is to be continued….

To find out more about PHP5 in general go here: Where can I go to learn more?