What is the Rolex DLC?


Posted on 22nd July 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

There are tons of different Rolex models out there in the retail world, and one of those types is called Rolex DLC. What are rolex dlc brand watches? They are extremely high quality Rolex brand watches. Rolex buyers and other people who want Rolex watches are almost always put on a waiting list of some sort. This makes the resale value very high because people don’t have to wait the sometimes required 5 to 10 years of being on a waiting list. Even if the Rolex watch has been on your wrist for a good amount of time, it still has not lost any value. Rolex watches, over the years, always aquire value and as long as they are not damaged they are still extremely valuable. Keep in mind that DLC Rolex brand watches in particular are in very high demand because of how fashionable and beautiful they are. No matter what you are wearing or what type of day it is, wearing a black Rolex watch is always classy and respectable. When you try to sell your Rolex, make sure that you have all the papers in order. You want your customers to realize that you are the real deal and that your Rolex watch is legitimate. This is very important, easing the consumers anxiety. Buying power is high, but with scammers all over the market people want to make sure that they are spending their money for the true value. Rolex watches are very elite and cost a good amount of money for a good reason. The quality and time it takes to craft a beautiful Rolex watch is unmatchable in the watch industry. Find the original documents from when you first aquired your Rolex watch and make sure to have copies of them readily available for customers. It also helps to have a signature from a Rolex official stating that your exact watch is legitimate. Although it may be a bit difficult to obtain the signature, it is worth it in the end because it will steadily increase the number of interested consumers. If you want to buy your husband or father or random co-worker a really expensive and amazing gift, Rolex is just about the best choice there is. The DLC model is quite popular, and Rolex in general is always a big hit with presents. I mean honestly, who wouldn’t want to get a brand new Rolex as a present? That’s seriously like a dream come true.

find a case for your new iPad


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In today’s world, convenience is everything. Because of this, technology has had to advance to keep up with the ever-changing needs of consumers. No longer is the cell phone’s only purpose to place calls; many now allow consumers to browse the Internet and download applications onto their devices. Luckily for those that carry their new iPad with them there are some great selections of ipad2 cases that provide function and style. There are now thousands of apps that are made specifically for the iPad2 and the new iPad. These applications not only provide people with entertainment, such as games, but they make it easier to carry out everyday tasks. It has created improved technologies to make devices like laptops more user friendly and more powerful.

These days, many people carry several mobile devices with them such as a cell phone for business use and one for personal use and the latest iPad. The problem with having all of these devices is that messages are going to numerous different sources, making it necessary to check each device for messages. You can show case your iPad in a new one of several leather ipad2 cases that can act as a stand as well. Now that there are so many wi-fi hotspots across the country having a smaller laptop or tablet to check your email and surf the web is much easier. Although there is the challenge of keeping all your devices in synch to make sure any updates you make in one platform is capable of being updated on the others. Important information can be lost in the shuffle of managing multiple sources of mobile technology, which may create stress and confusion. Fortunately, as technology continues to move forward, accessibility to resources that enhance everyday life are now available. These applications are especially helpful for people with busy schedules. And lastly don’t forget to protect your new iPad and check out the many ipad cases that are now available depending on your preferences and needs.

What Type of Broadband Do You Need?


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Choosing a new broadband package can be a bit of a minefield. You’re being told by one provider that you should not compromise on your download speed, whilst another provider is making it clear that you need an unlimited usage package. Let’s face it most of us aren’t experts in the area so it is very easy to get confused or carried away with a great offer. However this may result in you being stuck with a service that does not fulfil your requirements.

With this in mind, what factors do we need to be considering before we make a decision?


What do you use the internet for?

Before you can really come to any sort of informed decision about the most suitable broadband package you must consider how much you use the internet, and what you use it for.  Broadly speaking many internet users will fall into one of three categories; light, medium or heavy users.

A light internet user would not use the internet on a daily basis. For example, it would be used to check emails a few times a week or briefly surf the web. This type of user will be able to get away with one of the cheaper packages on the market. The monthly usage limit shouldn’t be too much of a problem (the lowest is usually around 2GB). A light user may find it easier to secure a 12 month contract.

Medium users may spend, on average, a couple of hours online each day. They will be sending and receiving emails, using social networking sites, downloading music or podcasts and streaming videos. If you are a medium user you are likely to need at least 10GB monthly usage. In terms of speed you would be comfortable with an up to 8Mbps package although, depending on your area, you may actually get between 2Mbps-8Mbps. You can check this by using an online broadband speed test.

A heavy broadband user would be using the internet for upwards of 4-5 hours per day. Downloading movies or streaming TV shows is a regular occurrence, whilst also uploading photos or music to social networking sites. Heavy users may also spend a lot of time playing online games, which can result in you flying over your usage limit. If you fall into the heavy user bracket then you will want to be looking at the higher end of the download speeds. Perhaps it may be advisable to check out some of the fibre optic broadband providers as these generally provide faster download speeds. You would also be looking to go for an unlimited usage package.

It is also important to consider the amount of people who will be using the internet service. For instance, a family with 3 teenagers are likely to be using the internet more than a person living on their own and the download limits may have to be increased or decreased accordingly.


How much do you want to pay?

This can be a significant factor in which broadband service you eventually opt for. It may also be decisive in regards to what type of internet user you can realistically be. If you’re willing to spend £30 per month on a fast, high usage broadband package then you are going to get a better service than if you had a £15 per month budget. It is important you remember that there are almost always additional fees for exceeding your broadband usage allowance. These fees will usually range from £5-£10 (depending on how many GB you go over) so it may end up costing you more to get the cheaper package!


Do you want a Broadband, TV and Phone package?

Lots of people find it easier to combine their broadband, TV and phone packages. One of the advantages to this is that it can reduce the hassle of having to setup all three services individually and it makes it easier to renew your services at the end of the contract. There are also lots of offers for the bundle packages but you must remember; just because it’s a good offer, it doesn’t mean that it will be the ideal fit for you.

Guard against hard drive failure


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I was just reading an article that stated each year there are millions of files, pictures, and important documents lost each year due to hardware failures and malicious viruses on consumers PCs. It was even more astonishing that most people that they polled for the story had never thought of backing up their data or pictures or worse yet did not know how. In some cases it can be a complicated task to back up the pictures and documents that you want so many people will just leave it alone. It is said that it is not “if” your hard drive will fail it is “when” it will fail.

There are now solutions where you can create an online backup of your files for as little as $4.95 per month which includes up to 150 GB of space. They currently offer the opportunity to store up to 5GB for free to see what you get with their service. I created an account to give it a spin and it took a total of about 5 minutes to set up the account and download the installer to then start my backup. If you can drag and drop you can store and save your data. The best part is that you are creating backups that can be share with up to five other computers so that if you have multiple computers and laptops you can keep them all up to date.They have also included the option to be able backup your iPhone or Droid contacts which is a huge feature for many of us that own one of these smartphones. The other benefit is that you are not creating multiple CD/DVD’s which may get lost or scratched and then making your backups unusable. So if you are one who has never created a backup of your favorite photos or documents give them a try and take advantage of the free account and see for yourself.

User Authentication for Mojavi


Posted on 18th July 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Mojavi Project

Mojavi provides two levels of security to control access to actions: the first requires the user to be logged in, the seconds checks for a specific privilege. There are various drivers that you may need on your PC if your are planning working in offline PHP mode in order to have the translations from the source code to the operational values to work.

Basic Authentication

For basic authentication, the following three methods are of importance:


To implement an action that only logged in users can access, simply overwrite the Action::isSecure() method in your action:

function isSecure()
    return true;

This will instruct the controller to check $user->isAuthenticated(). If this method returns false, the request will be redirected to the AUTH_MODULE/AUTH_ACTION defined in the configuration file (default is Default/Login/drivers).

You can implement the Default/Login Action to call $user->setAuthenticated(TRUE) if a valid username and password was entered.


Privileges are used to differentiate between logged in users. The following methods are important:


In addition to Action:isSecure() also overwrite the Action::getPrivilege() method in your action:

function isSecure()
    return true;

function getPrivilege()
    return array('ADMIN');

The controller will check if the user has the specified privilege and redirect to the login module/action if this is not the case.

The User::addPrivilege() method can be used to grant a user a certain privilege.

Please have a look at the PrivilegeUser class for more information. You will also want to make sure that any Windows Vista Drivers are up to date on your PC side to help rule out any coding errors due to Java or PHP errors. This tutorial includes a good example of user authentication in action.

Using sport marketing to grow your brand


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Companies are looking for new and creative ways to attract new customers and more importantly target the younger demographics. The fastest growing sports are those where young talented kids and teens are setting the pace and creating a whole new way to interact with their fans. With a targeted sport marketing firm you can align your brand with up and coming stars in their respective sports like hockey, X games, and other fast growing sports. Having them as a spokesperson or just a face on your brand to help drive consumer awareness can be a competitive advantage and capture a younger more influential market.

Choosing the right industrial mixer


Posted on 16th July 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

If you are in the business of manufacturing products and part of that process includes fluid mixing then finding the right industrial mixer can not only save you time, but save you money. Not all mixers are designed the same and we have come across a great graphic to show a simple 4 step process that can help you determine the type of mixer and blade to be used depending on the type of mixing needed to be done. In order to maintain consistent quality and improving efficiency having a solution that has been developed from the ground up rather than just be fitted from a previous design can make all the difference in the world. There are numerous impellers that can be used for your particular situation and depending on the application having the right blades will only prove beneficial to your overall project.


Is your cubicle awful enough to win a prize


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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contest Factory. All opinions are 100% mine.

Working in a corporate environment I have had the chance to work in some great environments with lots of amenities and then held jobs that put us in the what was lovingly called the dungeon. In most larger companies having employees located in cubicles has become the norm while having an office is becoming more of a perk. Now for those that are having to work from the dungeon or a less than desirable work space you now have a chance to get a makeover. Starting 12/5/2011 and ending at 12 PM on 1/31/2012 you can upload a video of your cubicle or office and be entered to win a $1200 makeover.

Right now is a great time to enter the  Pimp My Cube Contest contest and enter your work space and then gain more chance to win by having friends and co-workers vote on your video. There is even a second prize of a $200 gift card for one luck winner. As of this post there are only a few videos that have been uploaded so your have a great chance just by entering. The top prize could include a pimped out PC system, an entertainment package including an espresso machine, or new chairs, desks, and decorations.

You can check out the contest video below:

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Use Somoto toolbar to increase your reach


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For many small to medium sized companies getting their brand and product in front of customers can be a challenge in this highly competitive market. Many businesses are turning to social marketing in order to connect with and gain input from their customers. This is a great resource if used correctly and not overly promotional. Customers want to know that you care about them and that you are able to offer them value beyond just the software or services that you are are selling. So that is why I was intrigued by the new Somoto Toolbar which allows businesses brand their own search tool bar. The beauty behind this is that it is something you can offer free to your customers and it keeps your brand and company top of mind.
Your customers can use the new Somoto toolbar to stay in touch with their friends via Facebook and Twitter while listening to their favorite radio station. They receive status updates about their friends and who is online without having to switch over their favorite site. This then gives your business the ability to subtly have suggestions in the search bar about your latest products or special deals that you are running. It is completely free and is safe to use as it does not contain spyware,adware, and spam free.
For bloggers and small businesses you can use the Somoto toolbar as way to increase search engine traffic and help increase affiliate earnings by some simple adjustments. So when your customer is doing searches they will pass through and see your affiliate offerings towards the top of the page. Can you imagine the power and freedom you can have by just simply giving away a free toolbar to make your customers lives easier and helping your business in the process. It allows your customers to share their toolbar and spread the word so they help you grow your exposure through word of mouth which is still one of the most powerful marketing tools you can have. With their complimentary services you can use their hosting solutions to reduce your server overhead. Use their extensive built in network of distribution partners to grow faster and reach more businesses and customers. Take full advantage of their complimentary landing pages to increase your conversions. So no matter what your goals are the value cannot be beat and should be a consideration in you 2012 marketing plans.

Different chemical mixing tools


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As the economy starts to pick up construction follows. Companies are investing in capital projects and new equipment to help expand their services or build new products. This in turn helps other companies that make heavy equipment and chemical mixing tools because their products are needed through out the process. New projects are a great sign that companies are investing their money which should lead to a better jobs market. The other benefit is that many of the tools needed in new construction are made right here in the US adding to the overall benefit to our economy. Companies have had time to develop new tools over the last year thanks to enhanced technology and development and are now able to sell them in the market thanks to increased demand.

Using naming conventions

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Mojavi’s file naming conventions are very simple, and overall easy to follow. The drivers that are required should be already included withing the PHP 4.0 structure.All files containing classes (including the framework libraries) are suffixed with .class.php

ex: A file containing the Controller class, would be named Controller.class.php


All actions in Mojavi are of the form [ActionName]Action.class.php

ex: An update action: UpdateAction.class.php


Views are equally as simple as actions. A view is named after it’s action and driver, and suffixed with View_[viewtype]. Actions have the ability to return different views, under different circumstances. There are three standard view types “input”, “success”, and “error”. You may use any other type of your choosing, but these are likely to be the three you will encounter the most.

ex: The success view for the update action: UpdateView_success.class.php


Template naming is left up to the developer. There are not restrictions on what these can be named, but it is often useful to name them after the view that called them. You also want to make sure that any drivers software that you have on your servers is updated with the latest patches in order to prevent any security loopholes



SEO Toronto experts


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In the world of SEO ( search engine optimization) one of the key factors that they mention to a successful site in page rank is good quality links from other sites. They talk about avoiding link farms where you list your site and everyone links to one another in an uncontrolled fashion. This could actually hurt your site if someone who has been banned by search engines like Google decides to link to your site. There are other factors to consider when putting together a blog or website to help you generate revenue. One of which is the ability to engage your readers or customers to perform some sort of action such as purchasing your product or subscribing to your feed. Companies like SEO Toronto experts 9th Sphere can help you with this and other SEO questions you may have. They are a full service firm which means they can help from design to implementation.

Have you heard of Laravel?


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As a programmer or one who has little knowledge of what programming is all about, you must have come across or heard of words such as PHP and PHP framework. In programming, there are languages used for the various kinds of programming, some of the languages are machine languages while the others are high level languages of which PHP is included. PHP which stands for Hypertext Pre-processor is an open source web scripting language.

On the other hand, PHP framework is seen as a library or a store house that helps to ease the work of a developer during programming. The framework helps the developer by hiding making some details of HTTP protocol hidden or by adding some useful and essential functions. When this happens, the developer is then faced with the opportunity and duty of thinking a level higher than HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol). There different PHP web frameworks used by programmers and fortunately, in this article we will be talking about a particular one called Laravel.

Laravel, a free PHP web framework with free licence was designed and developed by Taylor Otwell, for the purpose of developing web based applications with the design pattern of the MVC (Model view controller). Around March 2015, the web framework was considered as one of the most famous PHP frameworks, jointly with other frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Nette, Symfony2 and Yii2. The PHP web framework during programming is licensed in the MIT’s license terms and the source code of can be hosted on GitHub.

This PHP web framework is also seen as a framework with elegant and expressive syntax. Software developers such as 1099 software ETC believe that development or programming must be something very enjoyable to them, and the creative knowledge and experience to be truly satisfying. The framework in question attempts to remove the pains involved in programming or web application development by helping the developers with some common tasks such as routing, caching, sessions, and authentication.

Laravel existence is intended to make web application development a pleasing and happy process for developers such as 1099 software ETC when designing e-file software, automated payroll software, etc. without giving up or forfeiting application usefulness and efficiency (functionality). One good thing you may be surprised to know about developing process is that when you are happy, you tend to create the best code.

The web framework is accessible almost by anybody who cares (open source or with free license) and also powerful. It aids in the provision of strong and effective tools needed for the development of large and robust web applications. The possession of a firmly combined unit analysis support, an expressive movement system (migration system), and an excellent overturn of control or regulator container provides you to create your choice of web application or the application you have been tasked with.

Reasons why most developers choose laravel are:

  • Easy and clean routing
  • Effective database coating and ORM
  • Simple combination with libraries
  • Fast and operative core that can be lengthy
  • Lively and rising community that can help in providing quick and clear answers to your questions.

Whether to invest in oil and gas or gold


Posted on 10th July 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

I can’t ever recall anything being as hot as the price for gold is right now. It truly is a remarkable story to see what gold has done over the last couple of years. We might as well bring in the $2,000 chart for this popular metal we know as gold. Don’t think the recent gains has made gold an unattractive thing to buy right now. I think anyone who has an interest to invest in oil and gas stocks should go take advantage of the current prices as they are expected to climb. I am well aware of how much oil and gas stock prices have jumped in recent months, but I don’t think we have seen the biggest jump yet. A lot of old producers are in the process now of trying to reopen and begin the mining process again. This is going to take a lot of time for most of these oil and gas mining companies and they will still be in a real fight to meet and keep up with the soaring demands. I have been keeping a close eye on oil and gold prices as places to diversify my portfolio so let’s hope for a great year.

The soaring gold prices is one of the reasons why I recently got interested in gold panning. In my area of the World, there is a rich and long history of people finding gold in my area. I am hoping to rewrite some modern history with some of my gold finds. I know if I don’t find any soon, I may be forced to buy some Gold Bullion. If you don’t live in an area where gold is deposited naturally into the streams and rivers, you might think about some form of gold investments too. I know investing in Bullion is one of the easiest ways to get in on some of this gold action. I would just like to be able to find some natural gold on my own and help with the world-wide gold numbers in storage or the over all supplies of gold in stock.

Using 3 ring binders for your backups


Posted on 9th July 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

When you are creating backups of your programming documentation you need to make sure that you have both a digital and hard copy. Most programmers will use 3 ring binders to keep their hard copy and then mark the dates on them to make sure they know which dates and revisions are kept in each one. The other key benefit of keeping a hard copy of your coding work is that should you experience a hard drive failure you will be able to see your work. We have heard horror stories of people losing their work when a hard drive crashes or their computer is infected with a virus. Three ring binders are simple and a very cost effective solution.

Photo restoration for the holidays


Posted on 8th July 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

The need for  photo restoration on the older photos to add to the calendar.

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SEO Samba franchise marketing system


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An SEO (search engine optimization) company can fix your website up so that you will get more visitors than your competitors and have a franchise marketing firm like SEO SAmba help you establish your strategy and tactics. Getting the right customers to your site can be a challenge with all the millions of blogs and websites that are currently online. They have created a unique software solution that incorporates all of the essential web marketing software tools to help your across multiple platforms.If they have the chance to see your products or services first, then they might not ever know that your competitors even exist. There are so many ways that you can make your website “search engine friendly” and many of the SEO companies know how to do this.

The trick to the whole process is to get your website to appear on as many search results as possible and choosing the right key words, implementing meta tags, and submitting your website to the right places, can get your website to appear in more search engine results. Now a lot of companies promise that they can get you into hundreds of different search engines. The seo technology team from SEO Samba understand the methods and social media channels to help you get noticed in the franchise world. Don’t concern yourself with hundreds, when some say that there really isn’t no where near that many, when you can focus on the main ones. The big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN and now Bing; are the big boys and if you can get noticed by them, then your on your way to more traffic! So try to focus on these search engines first, before you try to get on other search engines.

Once you start to see that the search engines are picking up your website, then your goal is to move to the first page on search results. Most people never look at the 2nd page of search results from a search engine. So being on the first page is crucial to getting more people to your website. Keeping your website up-to-date and adding fresh and relative content to it, will maximize your efforts and help you to climb to higher positions on the search engine results. There is a lot of information that you can find out about getting better search engine results.

Educators and parents on the same page


Posted on 6th July 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

If you have kids in grade school then you know that having additional resources outside of their classroom can help in their education. As classroom sizes become larger it becomes more difficult for teachers to spend more one on one time with their kids. That is why resource sites where you can get Multiplication Worksheets to help your child in math are great for kids and parents who are looking to help their children grow and learn. These simple and easy worksheets can be printed out at home and can be used to reinforce and expand the learning of your child at home.