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Posted on 8th January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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Top 10 Google Rankings:


Top 10 rankings SEO softwareNow that the November 2012 updates have taken place there are more blog and website owners trying to figure out exactly how to improve their content and links in order to stay in the good graces of google. The changes have been made in large part to provide a more user friendly experience for end users and eliminate spam sites that were made soley for the purpose of gaming the system. I found this cool infographic below that shows the differences in the Panda VS Penguin updates and their impact  on the search engine traffic. You can find different opinions on what it now takes to get and maintain Top rankings in Google and the other search engines. More is being written about Authorship and having more of an impact on the sites and content you create. I will be creating a new post based on the articles that I have been reading to help you understand the changes and the things you can do to today to start increasing your authority. It ultimately comes down to creating a unique experience for your visitors and offering them something of value so that they will staay on your site and then come back on a regular basis. You can find articles where they talk about current SEO for 2012 being dead:

”    “SEO” means Search Engine Optimization.

There is internal and external SEO. Internal makes up about 15% of the process (I’m told it may be much higher now) and it means to design your site so it follows the best practices proven to rank high on Google. External SEO used to mean to write articles, press releases, blogs, comments, and content with embedded keyword “backlinks” to your site. Now it is changing fast to include social media strategies.

SEO has been traditionally divided into “white hat” or “black hat.” Black Hat is the obvious villainous practice of gaming the system by doing things to raise rankings that Google doesn’t want, and White Hat is just more subtle.

But what does Google want? They want relevant, real content on the internet that people want to read and tell other people about. If Google doesn’t bring you the most relevant content when you search they aren’t doing their job. ” Read more from Ken Crogue at


I have been demoing several SEO software tools promoting Top 10 Google rankings and wanted to provide some of my insight here. The first one is iBusiness Promoter which has different components on rankings, links, and optimizing your blog or website. You can download a Complete SEO free trial here.

Some of the highlights of iBusiness Promoter:

  1. Enter your URL that you are wanting to improve rankings and search engine visibility
  2. Use their keyword suggestion tool to get laser focus on the markets that you should be targeting
  3. Find their suggestions on blog optimization on what to do now in order to start getting ranked for your keywords
  4. Rank tracker lets you see what keywords are tracking and which ones are a dead end
  5. Get high quality backlinks that are Panda compliant and are in line with current (Novemeber 2012) updates
  6. Lastly you can input the URL’s of your competitors and see what they are doing in order to get to the top of the search engines
Final word on iBusiness Promoter SEO software!!! Do not let this replace great content and remember that while these tools can help you accelerate your rankings there is no substitute for creating a site for your customers. Do not simply create pages and content with Search engines in mind. Always start with the customer in mind and any future updates can only benefit all your efforts






Penguin Vs Panda Updates


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Written By Jeff T Rogers
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Promoting your business through brochures from

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Posted on 7th January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing


Promoting your business, company or just a product or service you might be involved with can be done effectively with postcards. Personal or online brochures are a great way to get the word out about your business and can be an effective marketing tool to have on your side. Do you think your competitors are using brochures or postcards to promote their business? You can customize your  print brochure at UPrinting in a matter minutes and customize it with details about your business or a special promotion that you are running.  Many companies haven’t even thought about the idea and here is your chance to get a leg up on them. You always want your company or business model to look professional and these customized business brochures are a great way to do just that. They are a marketing tool that gives your business that professional look and feel to it, so people can see your business with a tasteful short description.

Brochure printingYou can get your own business brochures starting at $24.99 for 50 and the in as little as one day with rush delivery. These postcards are sure to drive more sales your way and it’s a great way to market your business to targeted customers. You can also receive matching envelopes with your postcards; that also makes a nice touch. Finding companies online  take care of your postcards, they can target the market for you, so you are getting the attention of customers interested in your business. At they have made it easy for any size business to create and customize their own business brochures or postcards. You first just select the style (standard or oversized). The second step is the design process, where you can use a template to design your postcard; you can also upload a design. The choice is up to you when it comes to the way you want your postcards to look. These cheap postcards will pay for themselves in no time and you will soon be enjoying more sales for your business.

Finding that advertising agency


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The newest advertising agencies that are competing online are the ones that started there. That Ad Agency, where there existence started on the web so they know and understand the  channels and various models that work.
Through their experience and tools they can help you gain the traction that you need in order to enhance your brand both organically and through the search engines. A true advertising agency can also help you synch up your online advertising to make sure that your keywords are landing within your specific target market. This provides you with a comprehensive tracking mechanism to see which ads are being clicked through, and which ones are not matching up with your target campaigns. You can even target your audience with ads based on domain, day of the weeks, and browsers.
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Ultra Website hosting for your blog


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In the world of online blogging you will find multiple writings about how to successfully gain new readers and improve your SEO position. There are very few blogs about some of the basic building blocks that can make or break your entire blog. One of the key foundations that any good blog needs is fast reliable webhosting. We learned this very early on as we started to build various channels and really started to learn more about the power of blogging and how to best support our sites. You can find high end servers that can run $500 a month and beyond or you can find cheap hosting for under $100 a year. The key is to understand what you need at that moment and how fast do you anticipate your site will grow.

Many bloggers will cut their teeth on some of the free services like but come to realize that while it is a great deal the ability to scale your site and really customize your templates can be limiting. Many of the hosting companies got this ideal early and saw the explosion in blogging so they started to advertise their blog hosting capabilities on hosting sites like Ultra Website Hosting with Litespeed hosting.We can say that we have tried a few different companies and the traffic and uptime can vary greatly between hosts. A few things to ask or explore before settling on a host are:

Can they scale up your server in the event you start getting more traffic than you had anticipated?

What do they do if there is a spike in traffic that may put a heavier load on their servers? Some will shut your account down while others will work with you to find a better solution.

What type of up time do they guarantee?

Lastly, if this is shared plan how many sites do they usually host on one server.

Keep a few of these points in mind and you will find that your blogging will be less frustrating and allow you top focus more on developing your content and customers.

Better than a VCR


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Contributed by Milford Woods

A digital video recorder is an amazing tool which allows us to digitally record television programs that air on our standard receivers. This is much better than what we used to have in the old days, this device called a VCR, which involved the use of bulky, cumbersome tapes that we would stuff into the machine, then force us to jump through a number of hoops and solve complex algorithms for the sole purpose of setting the clock to the appropriate time. In fact, you need doctorate in mathematics just to program a VCR, and often times you would have to call the local mathematics doctor to come to your house and program your VCR for you. This was fine if the mathematics doctor was a smoking hot woman, but alas many people who pursue the field of mathematics are frumpy and unattractive.

A DVR solves this issue by making recording as simple as pushing a button. You simply press and let the machine work its wizardry. No more negotiating times and dates, no more having a stack of dust covered VHS tapes in your living room, unable to discern which of those is pornography. Instead, all that data gets stored on a hard drive, which then can be played back at an individual’s leisure. A DVR typically comes standard with your satellite TV subscription from

Chosing your Charleston realtor

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Posted on 3rd January 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

The numbers on new housing starts came out just recently and the trend was good. For areas like South Carolina and the Eastern states that have been hit hard by the economic downturn this is a breath of fresh air. Seasoned real estate agents like Karen Korner in Charleston, South Carolina can bring her wealth of knowledge and tenure in the industry to help you sell or buy your next home. She is a licensed Charleston realtor with over 20 years in the Charleston area and over 30 years in the real estate business. She has helped families find their dream home and deals directly with each of her customers. In this market you need someone that will represent you and your needs and someone who knows the market to find the right home for you.

Your small business hosting solution


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If you are trying to find the right web hosting for your blog or website then you will find that there are literally hundreds of various companies offering all types of benefits and prices that can help you find a solution. What we found early on in trying to website hosting is that not all companies are created. There are many that are just jamming as many sites on one server as they can which can be problematic from a access issue and SEO standpoint. If your blog is hosted on a server where several sites are hosted that have been black listed from google this will impact your search engine rankings and page rank. You should look at the track record of the managed hosting provider to understand their reputation in the industry and what service and up time they offer. So you must be careful and look at some of the key features that we talk about to keep in mind when choosing a vendor.
Some of the things that you can ask to help you understand what types of services and support they offer. How much server space you will have? Can you upgrade to a dedicated server if your business grow or do they just shut down your account? What types of servers and operating systems that are used? So they have redundant backups? How many domains and email addresses can you host on one account? Do they offer colocation services if you have your own hardware?And how much bandwidth can you receive without being penalized? Companies like Superb Internet is set up to help small to medium businesses and help you grow your capacity as your online presence expands.

Using inventory software to help build customer loyalty


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Any business that you walk into will typically have registers that are able to process transactions, record customer info, and update inventory. Many of these systems have a robust inventory software program behind them that are able to coordinate all of this information. The only problem is that most small to medium sized businesses overlook the importance of tying in their customers purchases with their operating plan. By this I mean they do not capture or link purchasing behaviors to help them create a unique shopping experience for that customer. It is very difficult to attract new customers and businesses will spend millions to attract new customers but less than that to retain them. If you are able to create a more personal shopping experience for your customers through integrated software solutions so no matter if they shop in your store or on your website they will feel important.

Converting video for your iPad


Posted on 31st December 2015 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

As the popularity of the iPhone and iPad increase there has been a greater demand to be able to convert video to your iPad or iPhone through a simple Video converter for Mac from You can now take your home movies and other movies files and convert to the accepted MPEG4 format that works for your iPad devices. In our family we have both the iPhone and iPad and I had been looking for a way to get videos that we own and even those that we made as home movies converted to be able to show on ou devices. There are a lot of choices and the key is to watch out for those programs that promise the world and not deliver. Many of the video converter programs available can contain spyware and viruses and the sole purpose is to have them downloaded on your PC.

Now would be a great time to get the new iPad video converter for those holiday get togethers.

Enhance your presence with a vancouver web design firm


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This new year presents new opportunities for online businesses to regain ground that has been lost over the last 6 months due to the economic downturn and uncertain market events. Companies will be challenged to find ways of advertising that are more cost effective and connect personally with their customers. Having the right vancouver web design firm can help you attract and retain customers in this new market that is emerging as people look to stay connected. This is giving rise to the social media explosion that we are seeing with major sites like Facebook, Myspace, and LinkedIn. Companies that can effectively use these social media platforms to work in connection with their other online marketing strategies will be able to advance their brand and grow their customer base.

Put your trust in EchoSign


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Plus you may want to have include a service like echosign where customers use their qualified digital signature so that you know who you are dealing with.

Digital documents in 2010

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Being able to have a secure  pdf to word conversion is essential for most companies. Using Adobe is a industry standard and provides the most versatile options for any size business.

Shopping for your home entertainment system


Posted on 27th December 2015 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

We are on a quest to put together a great home theater system for our basement. As I did my search for available units it was difficult to locate the new Plasma HDTV’s with 1080P that were not outrageous in cost. We did come across a great shopping and comparison site called Shopwiki UK. Since traditional comparison sites base their results on paid placements ShopWiki UK shows you everything and lets you decide. This site is really cool if you are looking for electronics, games, and Blu-Ray players. You type in the item you are looking for then it will return searches that list the price and the various stores that have this item for sale. They provide a great resource to help you decide if LED or Plasma technology is right for you.They list over 30K stores to shop from and give you a great graphical tool to help you find the best value. It helps you shop multiple locations in one click of the mouse and then you can visit those sites online and make your final decision. The site is easy to navigate and does not introduce pop-ups like many of the shopping comparison sites. As you can see by the name they are UK based and most of the stores that they list are in the UK it gives everyone a good idea of the fair market value of items you are looking for. Check them out today and see what bargains you can find and save buckets of money.

Protecting your site


Posted on 26th December 2015 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

Everyday you can find a news story about a site that has been compromised and hacked. This can happen to small and large businesses with websites or blogs where they are interacting with customers. If a customer gets to your site and they have their PC infected with malware because of some malicious code you will lose them forever and they will in turn tell their friends and tweet or blog about their experience. Many small businesses are looking to internet security services companies like SiteLock to help protect their website or blog from malicious malware or attacks. They help to scan your site daily to help determine any vulnerabilities which can help reduce the chance of your site being over taken by a hacker.

It is proven that people look for the trust seal on websites in order to know that they are dealing with a real website and not some blog or website set up specifically to steal your data or harm your PC. You can help secure your website and improve your conversion rates with Site lock showing your customers that you are verified organization and are a proven business. With millions of blogs and websites for consumers to visit only a handful of those will gain the trust to have those customers comes back and visit. The small amount that it costs to deploy a service like this is small compared to financial gain and customer loyalty you can gain by protecting your sites and your customers.

Improving your process through quality management software

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Posted on 25th December 2015 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

If you can be first to market with a product you have the upper hand in almost any market that you sell in. In today’s fast paced business world there is little room for error if you are trying to get a product to market. Companies that rush a product to market and cut corners on the quality process control run the risk of having a recall or worse yet a poorly designed product that consumers refuse to purchase. Most companies today use some type of quality management software to help in the design, testing, and production phase. This can help cut months of production time and enable a company to get their product to market faster resulting in more profits. Companies can lose millions of dollars a month if their products are delayed in getting to market .

Comparison Shopping (How You Use the Internet to Save Money)


Posted on 24th December 2015 by Jeff Rogers in Broadband |Marketing

This guest post from Werner Rogers

It takes a lot of time and energy to rush from one store to the other looking for the perfect laptop for the back to school kids in the family. I’m one who likes to comparison shop, which I looked at hughesnet internet packages. This is often just too much when the other store is on the other side of the Mall or town. So, recently I decided to forgo the drive to the Mall and all around town comparing prices on laptops. Instead, I used my hughes net satellite internet to get online and do some quick comparison shopping for the laptop. First I made a list of the stores that I would like to include in the comparison-shopping research for the laptop and then I figured out a budget for the laptop. This is an important step in the process. So, with my budget firmly in mind I started the research. I searched at the usual computer discount websites like Tigerdirect and Compusa. Then at Dell, HP, and finally Walmart. All it took was about an hour to find the perfect laptop computer that fit my budget. I found great back to school bargains at Walmart. And believe me, comparison shopping on the Internet is much better than driving all over town.

Preparing for Our Bundle of Joy


Posted on 23rd December 2015 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Contribution by Sandy Martin

It was official. We were going to be parents. As I looked back to that day, yes, I’ll admit I panicked a bit. So did hubby. I had to take a deep breath and chant “We can do this” over and over again. This was our first child and instantly I had began collecting books, magazines and anything I could get my hands on for what we needed as first time parents.

After we signed up for Clear internet and Directv satellite tv I loved going online and using my satellite internet, it was so helpful and informative. At any hour of the night, if I had a question that I needed an answer to, there it was. If I needed to know about organic baby food, instantly I could find top sites recommending the best ones.

Thankfully there are virtually hundreds of places designed to help first time parents. Tips, checklists and reminders of critical things you need before the little one arrives. Baby proofing is a must, mattress and cribs have to fit just right, and I debated between the benefits of cloth diapers vs. regular store bought diapers. I even bookmarked sites on my computer just in case I need to check them out again for future use.

It’s great knowing that the information is out there, especially for a first time Mommy like me. It certainly gives a piece of mind.

Upgrade your communications platform

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Posted on 22nd December 2015 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

The rise in broadband internet availability has helped Business VoIP become more common in business offices across America. There is still some confusion on what Voice Over IP is? Simply put it allows people to use the internet to make phone calls instead of their usual telephone line. The technology will enable users to be able to use video conferencing and other rich media content when interfacing with their employees and customers. This is where the Vocalocity, a business voip provider, comes in to help you reduce your communication costs with little added cost to get the system up and running. With their business solutions you can reduce your total cost of ownership and get great business features like: Auto Attendant, Outlook integration, integrated fax support and unlimited national and global calling. They cater to small businesses to help them upgrade their communication platforms to compete in this global economy. Many of the calling features that you would expect to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for are now within the reach of many small businesses.
By using the latest technology in VOIP voice and communication services Synergy One can now offer business voice services at substantial savings over your current analogue and DSL lines. With Vocalocity services you can scale up your services as fast as you need them in order to meet demand without loss in productivity. The features normally associated with large call centers are now at an affordable cost for small to medium businesses looking to do business locally and abroad. And because it is uses broadband technology there is typically no need to lay wires or reconfigure your current infrastructure in order to get your upgraded system in place. Many of the worlds small to medium organizations are using VOIP business communications as a way to integrate their entire sales organization and offer superior customer service to their customers. In this fast paced business world you need to be able to have the tools and resources to compete and win. With Voip services serving as the backbone on how you communicate with your customers you are reducing an overhead cost that can now be applied to social marketing, enhancing your online presence, or adding new sales people to cover those regional geographies. The technology is scalable so that it allows you to start small and then grow as your revenues grow without breaking the bank.