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Posted on 20th March 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Cash advances are one of the most convenient and easiest ways to get the money you need fast. A payday loan can be really helpful when you find yourself in an emergency situation with no money to pay for it. It’s a quick and easy way to get yourself out of a jam. A cash advance is commonly anywhere from $100 dollars to $1000 and are very simple to receive. Some of the basic requirements to get a cash advance (also commonly known as a pay day loan) are: having a job with a monthly income of $1,000, having an email address and a checking account. One of the reason’s it is so convenient and easy is because they don’t perform a credit check. This was one of the reason’s I personally chose to do this, I didn’t want to get a hit on my credit from credit checks.

I did a lot of searching on the internet about payday loans at, reading reviews of other peoples success stories is what really helped me determine whether these alternative cash options were appropriate. Cash advances to come with a fee, so if you can borrow from a family member or a friend first do so, but if you need cash fast and no one or don’t want to ask out of embarrassment then this is a good option for you.

Last month I needed a cash advance desperately to cover an overdraft fee in my bank account. The only reason this happened was because the company that was financing my car accidentally took out two payments and there was only enough in there to cover one payment. Not only that, but had continued to try to take out the payment when there was nothing left in the account. I was not only charged with an over-drafting fee of $40 but a $75 dollar NSF fee 3 times from my bank as well. Which now put me in the hole $265!!! This is so frustrating when it happens, especially because I had made sure that the money was in the account and they somehow managed to screw things up anyway. I called my financing company and they of course blamed it on the bank, they claimed that the money was not in the account the first time and that is why they continued to try to withdraw the money, they basically said that I would have to take it up with the bank themselves. When I called the bank I found out that because I had deposited the cash through the ATM, the bank put a hold on my money to verify the amount. Apparently with my bank, you can only deposit $200 at a time through ATM!!! UGH! You think this information would be stated clearly somewhere but NO, and the worse thing is that they didn’t even help me out! I now had to try to come up with this money.

This is when I turned online to get my cash advance. I am so happy that there are companies like this that make it so easy for people to get money in a quick way. I am still so upset about what happened with my bank. I decided to close my account and go to another bank after that big mess.

Create content and add some flare with Arcadia Charts


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In addition to creating brand awareness through social media companies need to also consider company name development for their product in order to capture the interest of their target audience. Having your social networks more readily accessible as you surf and visit blogs can have great advantages for brand managers as well. It is one thing about creating a campaign about your new product and then pushing it out to Facebook for groups to comment on and it is another about putting together a global strategy on branding that profile and offering ways in which the consumer can interact with your brand and your product. You can deploy interactive graphs  that you invite those customers from your social networking  pages to join in the conversation. You can use ArcadiaCharts, interactive JavaScript and GWT charts which run in all browsers without plugins that will enable to you add a graphical display of your content and help improve the visibility of your content. You want to make sure that if you are in the company name development stage that you understand your target audience and how this will play out in the social marketing space. This was put to practice when Ashton Kutcher wanted to have a million followers on Twitter and he challenged CNN to try and beat him. This was not just some thought that happened one day but very well thought out strategy that involved some big name brands that consumers could relate too and then be show how to use Twitter to connect with their friends.

There are three types of Communication in social media:

1) How to Broadcast.

This is where you broadcast a message out to your followers and add value to their life as well as update your followers about new blog posts, podcasts, interesting sites and blogs you have run across, and whatever else you want to broadcast. You can use interactive graphs that will showcase content that will keep your customers coming back.

2) Start the Conversation.

If you have a new company name then getting in front as many people as possible is key to faster brand awareness. This is where you actually hold a back and forth conversation with people on your social sites. It is a 140 character conversation that could go on for a while. We were in a conversation about the various microblogging sites that went on for over three days and involved over 200 updates and the traffic was amazing..

3) Create Collaboration.

This is where more than one person is communicating in one message. It could be two, three, four people that are collaborating on a project that all are part of the message and efforts. You can even reach out to social networks to help in your company naming project and create various social media tools that will allow your potential customers have a hand in developing the name.

Check out Games 2 Win for some added fun


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There are games sites that exist solely to provide free games online where you can challenge your friends or just check out the latest creations. With a community of over 82K fans on Facebook Games 2 Win is a great place to start your search. From adventure games to silly adult games you can spend hours having fun all for free. They even have a section where you can find iPhone and Android apps to play on your mobile device. So if you are looking for a way to get away from the stress of the day and have a little fun then check them out today.

Improve the look of your bathroom


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With all the technological upgrades that you can do to improve the value and usefulness of your home some of the simple upgrades that you can do are right in front of you. The look of double vanities for bathrooms is starting to become a popular upgrade that can add value and a new style to your bathroom with little expense. This is something that can be done by a DIY in just a few hours and the choices you have are almost endless. So if your are looking for that new gadget to enhance your home why don’t you start with something simple and then expand your decoration and remodel to your theater room.

eMail marketing in 2012


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Through new  emai marketing channels comapnies are keeping in touch with customers.With  social media marketing it is not much easier thanks to email marketing software where are the checks and balances are done for your. Setting up an auto responder to provide insight and feedback to your customers is essential and this still a preferred method of many companies today.

Safely remove iTunes duplicates

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If you are like millions of people all across the world that use iTunes to manage your music and video collection then you have probably run into a time when you were transferring music from one device to another and gotten the missing file error. As you move music in and out of your iTunes library and now with the use the cloud services there can be several duplicate files that end on your devices. You can search the internet on how to delete duplicates in iTunes and will see thousands of results. From manual solutions to software resources. At Wide Angle Software they offer their version of software to help you remove duplicates safely and improve your space on your PC and iPhone,iPod, and iPad devices.
Available for both the PC and Mac you can download free version with some limitations or upgrade for the full version for a small price. This software can also scan your PC for other tunes and add that to your iTunes library. You will now be able to have a cleaner version of iTunes and will actually see better performance because you are able to clean up files that are no longer being used. This is a great solution for those of us who are constantly getting the latest Apple invention and moving music across multiple devices and downloading music from different locations.
If you are trying to get photos off your Mac or Iphone then try Munisoft Easy Digital Photo Recovery is a modern solution for recovering photos from any media, including flash cards and hard drives. To recover deleted photos or even complete photo folders, just select the original file/folder location and Easy Digital Photo Recovery will analyze the necessary information. It will then show a list of photos that can be recovered, with a preview of all content before recovery commences.

Easy Digital Photo Recovery uses unique algorithms that are specifically optimized for photo recovery. This is the reason for successful recovery of the highest possible number of photos.

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Walgreens offering discounts to it’s customers


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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

In 2012 the battle for the consumers health care dollar continues to grow. This is evident by the expansion of pharmacies like Walgreens to be where there customers are and provide a service that will enable to have a one stop shop for their health care needs. All pharmacies deal with most major insurers and pharmacy benefit plans in order to help their customers get the medicines prescribed by their local HCP’s. Currently Walgreens and Express Scripts are in a a disagreement about their current contract. This only impacts the patient in the end that has developed a relationship with their local pharmacist and now be forced to find another pharmacy if an agreement cannot be reached. Walgreens has been trying to do everything they can to help their customers in light of this situation like offering a special Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens now through the end of January for those customers impacted.

If you are a Walgreens customer and have Express Scripts as your pharmacy benefit manager then you can help voice your opinion by following Walgreens on Facebook and Walgreens on Twitter. This situation also impacts those customers who are on Tricare which is the prescription plan and health plan for those in the military both active and retired. Voice your opinion and do not let your choices be limited by a need to increase profits.

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Research and development with b cells in 2012


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With the latest block buster drug to go generic this month the pharmaceutical model for R&D is having to make some major shifts. No longer are big revenues from several products going to help fuel innovation and research, rather bitoech drugs are going to be the next big thing.The more specialized a medicine becomes the more costly it becomes as there are not enough in overall sales to help justify the development. There are multiple ways that companies are studying the impact of b cells and other specific genetic cells to create a more targeted approach. This is why finding ways and solutions to bring therapies to market at a faster pace with lower R&D cost will be more sustainable over the long term.

Find new coffee tables for your office


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A new office may feel uncomfortable at first. Bringing in a lot of items from your old office should help to make it feel more like “at home”. If you had bad times in your old office space, you may want to try getting new office furniture to change the vibes in your new office. Something as simple as a few different types of coffee tables that are used for both work space and decoration can make the entire space feel different. I would even look at contracting with a reputable interior design firm because they would be able to help you maximize your interior office and give you a more ergonomic design. Hopefully your new office is a result of the hard work you have been doing for your company. Most of the time a new office means an increase in pay, but you may have more responsibilities now. Getting organized is the first step for any employee trying to get use to a new office. You want to get your new office as comfortable as possible, so you can begin doing your daily tasks as soon as possible. It will still take a little time to get use to your new office. It’s like anything else and change is difficult to adjust to sometimes. I don’t like change and try to avoid it when possible. You may be happy with your new office and perhaps you have more elbow room now. Just give your new office a chance to get broken in and it will seem like your old office space pretty soon.

SEO Toronto companies helping your business grow


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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what every webmaster constantly studies online. At least it should be one of their main focuses to achieving more traffic to their websites. It’s quite simple to see that the higher you are placed in search engine results, the more click thru’s you will receive from the search engines each day.

Getting your website to be “search engine friendly” can be tricky sometimes and there isn’t just one way to go about doing this. I figured there is more answers in the masses; then for me to try and discover these SEO tricks on my own. So I am asking the question or the advice from everyone that is reading this blog post. What is your advice for the best SEO tip or what online tactics have worked best for your website. There are expert SEO Toronto companies like 9th Sphere to help get you noticed.

I have managed to get a few websites ranked high at the Big 3 search engines; like Yahoo, MSN, and the most popular one Google. Over at Dogpile and, I have had some success there. I still haven’t figured out the best ways to use these high indexed pages I have currently in the search engines. I would like more advice and tips on ways to increase my exposure online and I think the best way to start on this is by maxing out my SEO knowledge. Let me know what websites, SEO services, or HTML coding tricks you have used to get better search engine results.

Grandparents are Active


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This guest post from Lenny Mcknight

I love my grandparents to death and when they asked me to help them get internet for their house I was totally floored. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I totally love that they’re so adorably old and tech savvy but I was like what in the world do they need internet for? Apparently they wanted to start sending out emails to the rest of the family once a week! I went to and got them hooked up with satellite because they live kind of out in the middle of nowhere and I know they’ve been loving how easy it is to just walk into the office and get on the desktop and get online. I think they’re the cutest two old people I know and I love how much they still love each other – I hope when I’m their age I’ll be half as active and in love as they are – if I am I will be a happy girl! I can’t believe they’re going on 85 but you know, I guess it really is true what they say about age just being a number. They’re proving ever single statistic I know of wrong!

regulatory t cells and today’s discovery


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This year and over the next three years there will be an estimated $24 billion in brand name drugs that will become generic. This presents a dilemma to our health care industry and those who rely on new discoveries to help them battle their disease. As money continues to leave biotech and big pharma the incentive to invest in research and development becomes more difficult yet even more important. The discovery of new more targeted medicines will be the wave of the future as companies look to target a specific disease that will minimize side effects and improve outcomes. The use of regulatory t cells and other t lymphocytes and how that multiply and mutate may provide insight into various diseases like cancer. Current discovery techniques are getting more streamlined and creating better more targeted discoveries.