Use ecommerce software to help your business


Posted on 5th June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

You will need a robust ecommerce website builder that will be easy for your customers to navigate and make purchases.

You can find some great ecommerce software that will allow you to setup your own store and drive traffic from eBay.
With the right ecommerce web design you can look like a big name company and start creating customer loyalty.

A paint agitator for plastic or stainless totes


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The original ITM (integrated tote mixer) was designed for the automotive industry in order to provide a high level of consistency across various paint mixes. With the need to have a paint agitator that would provide the same level of consistency across various industries the design has been adapted to both stainless and plastic totes. The advantage of the ITM system is that you can mix and match drive and agitator systems so that you can have one solution for many applications. Companies are looking to simple solutions that can be applied across different areas of their business and this is what Dynamix and the integrated mixers that they have designed offer today’s companies.

Using Adficient in your PPC efforts

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Posted on 3rd June 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Many will attempt to research online and read books on how to drive traffic through search engines and then organically through other means. The challenge here is to find the right mix of keywords and site optimization that will result in added revenue or increased readers for all those blogs. We have been successful in creating unique content and then keeping in contact with other blog owners where we provide links back to each other and occasionally mention one another in various posts. The search engines love new and fresh content and this has been the result of the thousands of blogs that are started everyday. There is a new way to find your information online and that is simply through One of the most common terms used for online searches is find and now you can simply find what you are looking for.
Companies like Adficient are prepare to help you manage your PPC campaigns and offer 24/7 support. Chris Hickman is the owner and President and brings over 10 years experience and has been published in two different on the ins and outs of Google Adsense. There have been some recent postings of a adficient scam and based on their credentials and website resources this seems to be off base. Chris and his team at Adficient offer services like helping you if you have been google slapped and regaining your account. They also offer a process called “TAG’ and split testing to help improve conversions and overall adsense success. Chris is certified through Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook so he and his team can help you find the best place to advertise your business and improve your overall success online. You can check out their comparision across other PPC management and see what you will be getting through Adficient. You will gain a dedicated partner at a fraction of the cost to help your business grow and improve your brand. There are hundreds of online agencies and working with one that has the expertise and dedication to customer support is critical in any business decision on you partner with so take a close look and you will like what you see.

A paint agitator for stainless steel or plastic totes


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Whether you are mixing paint in a stainless steel or plastic tote there is now a paint agitator that can be used for both. Providing consistent quality across applications and the ability to mix and match drive and agitator gear the ITM (Integrated Tote Mixer) offers a great solution to your paint and solution mixing needs. The two components have been designed to be configured without tools so this means less downtime between applications or more uptime for your teams. They also have available both fixed and collapsible impellers to help in those small application settings. You can customize the setup to match your particular industry application and have the latest in mixing applications so no matter what type of tote you are using you will find the right solution for your particular application need.

Why I Had A Big Family


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While I’d like to start off by saying something deep and impressive like “I always knew I wanted to have a big family because…”, I really can’t. You see, I never really intended to have six children, but neither did I want to have a small family. I just knew that I wanted to have children and that was that.

I had my first child and it was a wonderful experience. I knew I wanted more. There was no plan that had been developed and set in stone for a future family and it had never even come up for discussion. Me and my husband just took things one day at a time and lived our lives that way. I know that most couples sit down and discuss future goals together, but I had met my match and we both took things as they came and dealt with them on the spot.

I always felt that more children would be welcomed into the family when I was younger and didn’t do much to try to stop the pregnancies. There was some measure of birth control, but it was haphazard at best. What would come would be loved and welcomed.

Me and my husband were living in a two-bedroom apartment and having the first girl was wonderful. When the second and third children appeared, two boys, we were waiting for our townhouse to be built and had to put up the three children in one room. We had one set of bunk beds for the two oldest and a crib for the baby. There wasn’t much room in that bedroom at the time, but there sure was a lot of love, fun and frivolity.

By the time the fourth in the fifth, two girls, arrived on the scene, we were well established in our townhome and had two sets of twin bunkbeds set up. Clothes were passed down from the oldest to the youngest and friends in the neighborhood donated clothes that their children had outgrown as well. It wasn’t uncommon to go out for groceries in the afternoon and come home to 2 garbage bags full of clothing set out on the front porch. Sometimes we never found out where they had come from, but they were very appreciated.

When the sixth child arrived I had a feeling that I had never experienced before. I felt full. I was satisfied. There was an inner peace that I simply cannot describe deep down in my soul. I knew that my baby days were over and that I was done.

I never regretted for one day having a big family. While somehow I went from cooking for two people to cooking for eight at every meal, I somehow lived to tell the tale. Looking back, now that I only have two older children left in the home, I don’t know how I ever did it. It seems surreal to me now to house six children and two adults in a small four-bedroom townhouse, but we did it with bunk beds. It seems unreal to think about all the meals prepared, the clothing provided and the other basics and luxuries that we were able to give to our children.

Would I do it again? Would I have a big family if I was starting over? You bet! The biggest thing that I was able to provide for my children during all these years was the company of siblings and the ability to grow up in a home that was always filled with love.

Family Saver


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Thanks to Darwin Barton

I love my family more than anything in the world and I’m really working hard to try to save us enough money this year to surprise the kids with a trip to Disney World . They’ve never been and I’d love to take them while they’re still young and the magic will still be in full force you know what I mean? I researched Texas electricity providers and switched which has saved us a few hundred bucks and I’ve started using coupons when I go to the store, too. I also have sold some of the girls’ old baby clothes on Ebay as that’s been a nice way to bring in some extra cash – my husband doesn’t know about any of this by the way. I want him to be just as surprised as the kids when I tell him about my little plan and he’s going to be shocked when he knows I’ve saved us thousands without any changes to our everyday life! That’s the way to do it.

A paint agitator that will perform


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In the commercial painting application world there are numerous solutions that are available to help maintain a consistent and uniform mix. It is imperative that no matter what type of painting application you are getting ready to conquer the key is to having the uniformed color and application across a large job. That is why the ITM (Integrated Tote Mixer) is ideal for multiple applications no matter what type of paint solution you are using. Because of the unique ability to mix and match the drive and paint agitator you can easily switch between blades without cross contaminating. This makes changing applications a snap and something that can be done in seconds helping to improve your return on investment.

How Computer Internet Technology Has Changed the Way People Rent DVDs

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Posted on 29th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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The poor old video store has all but vanished from our high streets. And for once, I’m not upset. Yes, I used to like browsing the shelves and coming home with something I never would have thought to rent if I hadn’t seen it in front of me. And yes I used to like the social interaction. Getting out of the house and all that.

But what’s replaced it is an example of the best uses of the internet. Online DVD rental, in which you pay a monthly fee for unlimited choice (and, if you pay the premium rate, unlimited amounts of films per month), has opened a world of cinema to even the most casual home user.

These days I can get the latest releases as soon as they come out. And I can get the most obscure titles whenever I want. All I do is keep a list of films that I want t see, in the site that supplies me with my online DVD rental. The package I choose (I have one that lets me have unlimited films per month, with a maximum of two at home at any one time) dictates the quantity of films I get access to within a 28 day period.

I can keep the films for as long as I want. So if I don’t fancy it tonight, or have something to do, then I can just save it until I do. I just don’t get a new one until I have watched the old one – so to keep up with subscription payments I have to make sure I watch more films per month than the equal amount would cost me at the only local video store I have left. That’s not hard – for what three recently released movies would cost me, in my local video store, I get unlimited film watching every month.

There are more ways to watch movies with online DVD rental than simply getting the disc in the post too. You can watch films online, many of them included in your price. Some you have to pay extra for, but these are usually the movies that have not yet actually come out on DVD – so you get a chance to see them before anyone else.

You can rent games from the same place too, and for the same kind of price and deal. So you can keep a game for as long as you want – but you don’t get more until you send your allocation back. Here, the service actually ceases to be such good value – unless you like playing a game for a couple of days and then returning it. Given that my monthly subscription costs the same as one game for a modern console – and that I would normally play one game obsessively for a few months before swapping – I can end up paying six times more for one game than I would have done if I had bought it to own.

For films, though, there is nothing like an online DVD service. Where else am I going to find the classics I had forgotten I loved? Not even my old high street store would have had half the films I get from my online supplier. And I can use a function similar to Amazon’s recommendation service, to explore films I have never even heard of based on what I am watching already. Another night in with the popcorn it is then!

About The Author:

Shannen Doherty is a technical content writer associated with the broadbandexpert group. She likes to writes on various topic related with cutting edge technology like: time warner cable internet , mobile broadband, Internet providers, internet guides etc. She is keen to help people to know more about updated technology.

The ITM paint agitator


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You would think that a production item like a paint agitator would be fairly similar across brands and manufacturers. The main purpose is the mixing paint, or various liquids. What separates ITM (Integrated Tote Mixer) from the rest are it’s ability to mix in both a steel and plastic tote. Refined in the automotive paint industry to mix colors it has now taken on other industries that need a tighter control over consistency  from batch to batch. Because of the innovative design of ITm you can mix and match drive systems and augers to help you tailor the system for your exact specifications. With their interchangeable agitators you can easily begin on different projects with the same drive segment without cross contamination.

Using a high end media production company to enhance your presence online


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There are now dedicated media production and voice over. Having a company that understand image and high end video production company can help you project a higher end image while offering online resources to your customers.

Migration and file extensions


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The New Way:
Remember that there are certain file extension like the File Extension OGG that you may need to have proper calling attributes around in order to make certain parameters work.


Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the best example, as it is rather lengthy, but you get my point, 1 line vs 3 lines, and no possible mistakes when dealing with large objects like copying them over without references, etc.

This subsection is to be continued….
Translating your Renderer

Mojavi2 used ‘renderers’ to translate the API of one templating system into a generic API that would easily allow a developer to switch out one templating system for another. For example, the Smarty templating engine uses $smarty->assign() to allow you to set a variable, while patTemplate, another templating system, uses $pat->addVar(). In Mojavi 2, you would then write or use an existing renderer, which you would then invoke to display your output and be output in the correct file formats.

Note: This was done typically through a filter, which would create the renderer object, then assign it to your $request via


Mojavi3 uses largely the same methodology, but instead of getting the renderer directly from the $request object within each of your views, it simply extends the View class. You may need to udate your file extension parameters and if you get any unknown like File Extension OGG then do a quick search as there are quick fixes and .dll updates that may needed.

For example:

abstract class SmartyView extends View

function __construct()
$this->engine = $this->getContext()->getRequest()->getAttribute(’MySmartyObj’);

public function setAttribute($name, $value)
$this->engine->assign($name, $value);


Note: the use of

$this->engine = $this->getContext()->getRequest()->getAttribute(’MySmartyObj’);

was simply the best solution I could come up with for getting any object from within the view, you could also have done the following just as easily:

$this->engine = new Smarty();


The Mojavi3 View is mostly an abstract class, which provides a skeleton of functions to work with, thus providing the unified API as was achieved in Mojavi2 (It’s unified because you are forced to comply with the naming conventions implemented by the abstract class View.)

Now, instead of intitializing your Renderer object (as you would in Mojavi2) you simply extend View, and initialize that. Like shown above:

abstract class SmartyView extends View

is what our new View would look like. To put this new View type into action, we extend it when declaring views for our modules. For example:

class DoSomeActionSuccessView extends SmartyView


As you can see, this is much more fluid than pulling the renderer out of $request with every new View, it’s also a lot less code that you have to copy and paste, and thus less code to maintain. You may also have noticed that the naming scheme is different for the Views, instead of naming the file format or File Extension OGG DoSomeActionView_success.class.php you would now name it DoSomeActionSuccessView.class.php, and name the class likewise(In Mojavi2 we just named our view classes DoSomeActionView, in Mojavi3 it’s DoSomeActionSuccessView replacing ‘Success’ with your application’s state).

This subsection is to be continued….

Actions in Mojavi3 are fairly similiar to those of Mojavi2, with a few enhancement and semantic tweaks here and there. Listed Below:

* When returning a VIEW_SUCCESS in Mojavi2, now return the View class constant corresponding to your application state, ie: View::Success, or View::Error
* When checking for view types supporting execution (getRequestMethods) instead of returning REQ_POST etc, return Request::Post etc.
* There is a new return type for getRequestMethods(), Request::All, which serves all request methods.
* The root Action class which all your actions extend now has a getContext() method, which allows you access to the context object.


Mojavi3 configurations are done, by default, using .ini files. This simple and straightforward configuration makes configuring mojavi very easy. The base syntax of these ini files is as follows:


; a comment…..
ConfigKey = “%MO_APP_DIR%/my/config/value”

Because some people might not like ini files, Mojavi3 was created in such a way that you could write your own configuration handlers. For example, if you wanted to use xml files to configure your mojavi, you could write a configuration handler, plug it in, and start using your custom configuration styles.

This subsection is to be continued….

To find out more about PHP5 in general go here: Where can I go to learn more?

Win an iPad at DealFun


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If you are looking to get a great deal on a tablet forget trying to get a $99 HP touchpad when you can get an iPad 2 for pennies on the dollar at Besides the fact that the HP touchpad will not be supported and you are buying old technology you can have fun bidding on the latest technology and the most popular tablet on the market. At Deal Fun they offer iPad’s, laptops, and other technology systems through their auction system. This is what is called a penny auction site where you bid on an item and every bid raises the price by one penny. The starting price is always a penny so you could end up getting some items for up to 98% off retail. If you are new to the site you are given the advantage of getting your bids back if you do not win within the first 24 hours after your first bid is placed.
With their prompt and courteous customer service you will get your questions answered quickly. There are no win limits so if you are on a hot streak you can get some great deals. At Dealfun you can look at other similar auctions and plan your strategy to win that item with the least amount of bids. If you are bidding on an item and lose you can use the bids that you made towards the purchase price of the item. So get started today and purchase a bid pack and may the best bidder win.

Play free games online at GameHouse


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If you like millions of Americans who love to play games online then GamesHouse is a site you need to check out. GameHouse formerly RealArcade offers free games online as well as paid memberships for those that want to own the games and be able to play offline. For those that have an iPad you can also check out their apps and play some of the most popular games alone or with friends. Want to play Plants vs. Zombies, one of the most popular games of 2010 on your laptop then you will find it online at Gamehouse. They offer thousands of titles that are 100% safe from malware and viruses. Gamehouse prides itself on offering a safe gaming environment. They offer different types of memberships for their customers whether you want to own the game or simply play online and it does not matter if you have a mac or pc. If you join for free you will get the opportunity to download one free game a day and play forever. Each day the free game changes so be sure to check in often and take advantage of this great offer.

At Gamehouse they want to make sure that you not only get access to great games, but that you can also earn prizes while doing it. You can sign up for free and get 1000 coins and have the chance to earn additional coins just for playing games. Then you can cash in those coins for prizes like Amazon gift cards. There are numerous ways in which you can earn coins like logging into your account, liking on facebook, buying a full game, and joining Fun Pass. So not only are you taking some stress out of your daily activities but having the chance to get some great prizes for playing free games online.





If you come across a great game that you enjoy drop us a comment and we will share with the rest of our readers.

Buy your own car parts


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It’s too bad our auto insurance doesn’t help pay for new car parts. This could save us a lot of money and people might be willing to pay higher insurance premiums; than trying to search for a cheap car insurance plan. At least I would be more focused on a plan the covered a higher percentage of the costs for new parts; since my car is now getting to that age, where I will need to be buying more and more parts for it. Luckily at you can find OEM Car Parts that cost less and then you can have your mechanic install them.

We are getting close to a day where it will be too expensive to drive a car for most people. Some people are already living those days now. Paying for a car is just the start of the money we will spend for the ability to drive. When you figure the car insurance costs, the higher gas prices at the pumps, and now the higher auto parts we have to pay; it makes driving very expensive. So if you are faced with having to repair your car look search the OEM Auto Parts and you may save a few bucks. I think something will have to give soon or a lot of folks that are driving now, won’t be on our roads in the next couple of years.

Calibrate your HDTV with Pixel Protector


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I just came across a product that claims to help improve the picture of your HDTV no matter if you have a Plasma, LED, or LCD TV. The product is called PixelProtector and they are The worlds No.1 Pixel Fix solution…since 2006. I have been looking for a product like this to help calibrate our Panasonic plasma TV to help refresh the picture. If you do some searches on how to calibrate your HDTV or prevent screen burn you will see a lot of different solutions. Many of which are pretty technical and cost over $100 or more. With the price of HDTV’s coming down under $500 it is almost better just to purchase a new TV. I have noticed that there are some various ghost images that are starting to stay longer on the screen and the colors just do not seem as sharp. I have read about and researched other products that cost from $50 to $400 that talk about providing ways to calibrate and enhance your HDTV image.
So after some review and doing a little research on my own I decided to purchase the Pixel Protector screen calibration DVD to help me calibrate our two TV’s. I will be looking to write a second review after we receive the product and post our results. I would love to hear feedback on what others have tried to help keep their picture sharp. I am not that technical when it comes to the TV, and the simple setup and calibration instructions look like they will be just perfect for my knowledge level and make the process rather pain free. I ordered the Eco friendly DVD for just under $25 and they also offer a Blu Ray version for just $5 more.

Finding the Dell 5110cn color printer and toner


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The latest color printers on the market have come along with print speed and cost of operation. Color printers like the Dell 5110cn have the ability to print at 35 ppm in color which is amazing when you think that the fastest color copiers and printers only a few years ago were printing at speeds of around 15-20 ppm. With the four color printing system the speed and quality is comparable to sending out jobs to be printed. To help decrease your operational cost you can now get dell 5110cn toner at discounted rates and bring your overall cost per copy below seven cents per page. So if you are looking for a high end color printer that is cost effective in total ownership then you may want to consider the Dell 5110cn and look for discounted toner online.

The popularity of the ipod

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Posted on 20th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Blogging


One of the biggest tech inventions in the past 10 years has been the Apple ipod where the reported ipod creator Tony Fadell was recently appointed to the adviser role for Steve Jobs. This may be seen as a way to reward the person who helped to change the trajectory of Apple and give them a product that is now a social icon. The role is reported to be less demanding than his current and could be to help retaing this top talent as well as help their ailing CEO who is reported to be battling health issues. The popularity of the iPod has created a whole new generation of music lovers and the way that we listen to music and books.I have always been a little lazy when it comes to reading. I will start a book, but then soon for some reason I put it aside and then never finish.  Since I am in my car frequently I can just put one in the CD player and then gain some additional knowledge while in my commute. Most recently I was asked to read “The Secret” a very popular book on what changes peoples lives. I was able to find it for download and then listened to it on my iPod. The book is quite amazing and very simple to grasp the concepts. The basic principle going back to ancient times is the Law of Attraction. If you wish or desire for something hard enough your dreams will come true.

While the advancements have been impressive with the ipod and now with the iPod touch they are not without controversy. There was recently a case brought forward where Apple  sued over an ipod that exploded is gaining attention and being added to some of the cases that are being brought forward. It was only a year and half ago that Apple was battling lawsuits about the battery life and replacement of the ipod and that it created a liability since people could not readily replace their battery that appeared to be going bad in only a few months when they released the latest ipod. Even with some of these cases being brought Apple continues to hold its lead in digital music players and the distribution of digital media through their online service itunes.

DealDash for your next online purchase


Posted on 19th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

There are so many places that you can now shop online for the latest technology that it can be quite overwhelming and boring. Sites like DealDash have been trying to change this through their interactive auction site where you sign up for free and bid on items you like and have a chance to win them for 70-90% off retail. You can read all about About DealDash on their blog and their website. You will find that they offer 100% money back guarantee and have been online since 2009. You will also see that DealDash Ranks as number 1 most talked about brand in the world on Facebook and has over 1.1 million Facebook likes. So that is great but how does it work.
How DealDash Works :

Simply create a free account and purchase bid packs, and then find items you are interested in and start bidding. As you place bids the price of the item will go up by one penny. You can even find cool things to help you play online at Sbobet Casino and may be win some money. They have a cool benefit called  ”No Jumper Auctions” where only bidder that place a bid at the beginning of the auction can participate in the end. This is great to help eliminate those who come in at the last second and grab the auction and also reduces the number of bidders in the final minutes. With their Buy it Now feature you can purchase the item you are bidding on and did not win and get all your bids back for free. Very Cool. Add to that the free shipping and over 800 auctions going on every day you are sure to find something you will like. You can find everything from the latest technology to bid packs. Check their site often as they are always putting up bid pack sales. I just saw one for this Father’s Day weekend where you could buy bids for as little as 19 cents each.

With their live customer support and site that has been VeriSign trusted and had McAfee Secure features you are can feel confident in purchasing on their site. Keep in mind that items they are offering are new and come from DealDash and are not being sold be some individual seller like some auction sites. I would invite our readers to check them out and let us know what you think. If you win something cool let us know that as well.