Hybrids get a lift


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Global Templating revisted


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Global Templating – The Decorator Pattern

* Enter Decorator
* Insert Here: Slots
* Let’s Decorate!
o Creating a Global Template
o Putting the ornaments up

Ever since Mojavi 3 was released earlier this year, people have been looking to create a flexible global templating solution. From using post filters and various drivers and page controllers, people have been looking for a way to create simple and manageable global templates that will allow for a great deal of flexibility without compromising the need for larges amount of duplicated code.
Enter Decorator

The Decorator design pattern, like every other pattern, is nothing more than a way to talk about a resuable concept, or pattern, that a programmer might encounter while coding applications. The Decorator pattern’s strength is it’s ability to serve as a wrapper for that particular object, while leaving objects like it in tact.

The Decorator pattern has been implemented in the View class, providing a number of new methods:

public function setSlot ($attributeName, $moduleName, $actionName)
public function setDecoratorDirectory ($directory)
public function isDecorator ()
protected function & getSlots ()
public function getDecoratorTemplate ()
public function getDecoratorDirectory ()
protected function & decorate (&$content)

Now a brief explanation of what each of these do:

* setSlot – Creates a slot entry based upon the results of a specially controlled controller->forward()
* setDecoratorTemplate – Sets the template that you’re going to use for your decorator. This method also automatically turns the decorator switch to true
* isDecorator – returns true is setDecoratorTemplate has been called, otherwise false.
* getSlots – Returns an array of the slots.
* getDecoratorTemplate – Returns the decorator template.
* getDecoratorDirectory – Returns the decorator directory.
* decorate – A method that must be implemented in derivate Views.

Note: these functions are in View, so all derivates of View (ie PHPView) have access.
Insert Here: Slots

Slots is a new name for an old concept. More or less, slots serve as placeholders that can be populated by the results of a $controller->foward($mod, $act) call. And, as you can see, the setSlot method takes three parameters:

public function setSlot ($attributeName, $moduleName, $actionName)

The first parameter, $attributeName, serves as the name of the slot. The next two parameters will be used to get the results of that Action, put it in a buffer, and place it into the internal $slots memeber variable.
Let’s Decorate!

The usage pattern of Views changes little with the implementation of the decorator pattern at the module level (though secondary View authors, ie SmartyView et al, do have a few things to play with).

Now let’s look at what you’re going to need to do implement the new, and NEW decorator features of Mojavi. Also a special note to make sure that your graphics ati drivers are up to date so that you are able to test and view the configurations with the latest version of PHP 4.0
Creating a Global Template

First off, we’re going to need a great big christma..ehh..template to decorate. While I won’t get into breaking down and factoring our global template, keep in mind that this is not the only way to do this.

Example 2: The Christmas Tree (myGlobalTemplate.php)

Side note: Sometimes you’ll have issues with that <?xml [….] ?> declaration, an easy
workaround is to disable short tags in your php.ini file, or to use ini_set() to disable

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”iso-8859-1″?>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN” “http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml11/DTD/xhtml11.dtd”>
<html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml” xml:lang=”en-us”>


<title><?php echo $template[‘title’]; ?></title>

<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”application/xhtml+xml; charset=utf-8″/>
<style type=”text/css” media=”all”>

<!–Css slot–>
<?php echo $template[‘css’]; ?>




<!–menu slot–>
<div id=”menu”>

<?php echo $template[‘menu’]; ?>


<!–main content slot–>
<div id=”main”>

<?php echo $template[‘content’]; ?>



Putting the ornaments up

So now that we have our decorator template, we need to decorate it. The decorating process is fairly simple, and consists of the following simple steps:

* Setting the decorator directory using setDecoratorDirectory() (Optional)
* Setting the decorator template using setDecoratorTemplate()
* Setting slots setSlot()

For example,

Example 3: In the View (IndexSuccessView.class.php)

class IndexSuccessView extends PHPView

public function execute ()

// set our template

//setup our decorator template

//setup our slots
//(SlotName, Module, Action)
$this->setSlot(’menu’, ‘Content’, ‘PopulateMenu’);
$this->setSlot(’css’, ‘Content’, ‘PopulateCss’);

// set the title
$this->setAttribute(’title’, ‘Default Action’);



Now you might be wondering where the content slot is being populated. Well, content is a reserved slot that is automatically populated with the output of the originally requested Action/View pair. If you have any issues please report them and check your intel drivers and other settings to make sure your server is running all the latest patches.

To be Continued….

Mojavi 3 Part 2


Posted on 5th March 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Mojavi Project

This is a list of the methods you can use in an Action and an explanation of what they do
execute ()

Note: This method is required in your Action class. Also there are File Extension SVG which stand for scalable vector graphics

This will execute any application/business logic for the action. This method is reached only after the request methods have been checked and any of the parameters have been validated.

When leaving, the execute() method should tell the controller what view is to be used. This is done by returning a string containing the view name associated with the action or an array of the parent module for the view to be executed, parent action for the view and the name of the view. I will show an example of return both in a later tutorial.
getCredential ()

This is a new feature in Mojavi 3. Basically, a credentials are a privilege array that describes any level of security. They work hand in hand with the security aspects of the User class. For Mojavi 2 users, note that this replaces the old Privileges. But it is also important to know that it can do more than just handle privileges. I will handle the usage of creditials in a later section. For now, it is sufficient to know that we set the creditial requirements for the action inside this method and that it is set to NULL by default.
getDefaultView ()

This is the view that will be executed when a given request is not served by the action. This could happen when a form being displayed for the first time or if we are displaying a static page. Be sure to reset any variable in the graphic engine and search out the File Extension SVG portions by using a simple search.

Again, just as with the execute() methoad, a string with a view name or an array of a module/action/view is passed back to the controller. By default it will pass back View::INPUT
getRequestMethods ()

You can also return a view from another module. You do this by passing an array with the view information instead of the standard View::INPUT. When you use this you create a two element array. The first element is the module name. The second element is which view you want. It cannot be just the Action name, but the file extension Action name with the specific view.

Here’s an example:

class MyClass extends Action

function execute()

$returnView[0] = MyModule;
$returnView[1] = DoSomethingInput;
$returnView[1] = DoSomethingError;
$returnView[1] = DoSomething;

return $returnView


I’ll add more to this later, describing the View class.

Sonora is one of the top BC resorts that you should visit

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Managing your business on the go


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Visit one of the top BC resorts


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British Columbia is home to some of the best fishing and skiing in the world. Whistler Mountain and Vancouver, BC hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics and the world got to see the beauty of Canada. For those looking to vacation in the area you can visit one of the top BC resorts at Sonora. Located on the Inside pasage of the Pacific Ocean. You can take a helicopter to view glaciers one day, and then go fly fishing for salmon the other day. At the end of each day you can relax at their luxury spa and enjoy a full body wrap or soak in a hot mineral pool. No matter what you are looking for you are sure to find the perfect balance of nature and luxury in this all-inclusive resort.

Relax at Sonora Spa resorts BC


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Imagine waking up with views of the Pacific ocean then getting ready to head out on fishing adventure for salmon to then return to a hot mineral pool to soak before heading off to a find dining experience. All of these adventures and pampering located at the Sonora Spa resorts BC. Situated about an hour north via plane from Vancouver, BC you will have access to trails, water rafting, world class fishing, and some of the best food in Canada. At Sonora resort and spa they pride themselves on pampering their guests and with the amenities like full body wraps, full indoor tennis courts, and an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean you are sure to find something that will take your mind off the daily grind. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or just looking to get away there is so much to do you are sure to make a return visit.

Vacation at Spa resorts BC


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If you have some vacation time that you are looking to take before the end of summer then I would look at Sonora Spa resorts BC. Located in the beautiful British Columbia province you will have access to majestic mountains, rivers, and natural forests. You can have the staff at Sonora recommend your days activities that can include outdoor hiking followed up by a relaxing day at their world class spa. There is no better way to spend your vacation than relaxing in a hydrotherapy tub with 252 programmable jets and then jumping in one of the outdoor warm mineral pools to take your mind off the demands at work and recharge your batteries. This is also a great place to consider for that upcoming anniversary to celebrate with the one that you love.

Victoria Condos a new place to live


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Sometimes it is good to take a step back in time and this is true when it comes to housing. The Union victoria condos are creating that sense of nostalgia with the brick and upturned eaves with the comforts of today’s technology and convenience of being close to downtown. The housing market across the region has been slowing and people are looking to step into a property with lower upkeep and closer to work. These condos are offering a great way of life with many of the arts,restaurants, and local conveniences all within walking distance so that you can enjoy life. For those looking to live downtown and be a part of a neighborhood that is constantly buzzing with excitement then victoria condos might be your next place to call home.

Finding the right CRM for your business


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Being Outside


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Thanks to Roman May

Man it’s good to be outdoors again! I hate wintertime and how cooped up in the house I have to get – it’s so great to be able to be outside riding my bike or going for a walk or whatever…this is the way people were meant to live! I sort of have a house out in the country anyway so when it snows I get really stuck inside. I got internet last year from a satellite company that had an online ad saying Click HERE and it’s worked really well for my needs since I don’t do a whole lot online. I can’t believe what a terrible winter it was this year and how hard I had to work just to keep the snow from coming inside the house. It’s tough being up on the mountain sometimes but it’s nice to know I can stay connected even when the weather gets rough. Maybe I should move somewhere like California so I don’t have to deal with the terrible winters!

Finding your new laptop bag


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Small business blog and website Hosting

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If you are like many people that have created a blog online you are aware of the pains of selecting a reliable host. There are so many factors that go into selecting a host provider and basing your selection primarily on price can cost you more than your hard earned dollars. There are many providers that claim unlimited bandwidth with their web hosting accounts which can be deceiving. You have to keep in mind whether your customers are connecting via broadband or mobile smart phones so keeping in this mind when choosing a host and site design. Most of these claims are based on the assumption that most will only use about 5% of their actual bandwidth. So you can exceed your allotment and then in most cases they will close off access to your site and make it unavailable to your customers. This can be detrimental to most websites and blogs if your customers or readers are unable to access your site.

Finding a company that offers true managed hosting where they provide services to match your current traffic levels and then add resources when needed so that your site or blog is always available to your customers. There are several sites that provide a great insight into hosting and service providers so doing your home work beforehand will save you a lot of frustration in the end. Some companies offer managed hosting, colocation service and, Dedicated hosting for your blog to just name a few. So if you are looking to obtain a new hosting provider be careful to not just shop on price or promotional claims, but do your research and in the end you will be glad that you did.

Finding the best in Victoria Real Estate


Posted on 21st February 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Young working couples are leaving traditional suburban neighborhoods and heading to the city. The lure of living in a close vicinity to local eateries and night life makes for a great neighborhood. Most of these new condo living areas are located in unique parts of the city to offer a blend of culture and modern conveniences. The new model of building condos on top of boutique shops are now becoming the latest in living accommodations. If you are looking for a new type of environment to call home then look no further than the Union in Victoria,BC. The newest in condo living that offer boutique shopping and amenities to satisfy all your shopping needs. Victoria Real Estate is adding a new location in Chinatown called Union.

Global template


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Component Driven Global Template System

PLEASE NOTE: the approach explained below has a few drawbacks, mainly that the execute method of action always need to be executed for the output to appear in a template. I’ve decided to use a different solution to the problem. We will be incorporating online surveys as new versions are created in order to keep the development community engaged in the entire process.

Like many of us I’ve been struggling with a global template approach to Mojavi 2.0 site development for a while. Most of the suggested solutions in the forum still require a fair bit of code duplication, so I tried to come up with my own idea.

I wanted a template “system” which lets me define one or more global templates which integrate the output of multiple actions into one single html page. Mojavi already has the basic tools for this: the ActionChain and Filter classes.

Used Classes

Here is the code to all classes used by my system


 * This filter implements global templates
 * Used in combination with the AggregateAction class
class TemplateFilter extends Filter

    function execute (&$filterChain, &$controller, &$request, &$user)
        static $loaded = false;

        if(!$loaded)  //only load once!
            $loaded = true;

            //set up main renderer and store it in the request instance
            $mainRenderer =& new Renderer($controller, $request, $user);

            //contuinue processing the filter chain and store the output
            //in $body
            $filterChain->execute($controller, $request, $user);
            $body = ob_get_contents();

            //mainRendererTemplate will only be set if the execute method
            //of the AggregateAction class was executed and there were
            //additional actions to be rendererd
                //if the mainRenderer was used, add body to the renderer
                //and output to client
            else //otherwise, just echo the html to the browser
                echo $body;
            $filterChain->execute($controller, $request, $user);


 * An easier way to add action chains to Actions
class AggregateAction extends Action
    var $actChain = null;
    var $actNames = null;

     * Adds an action to the aggregate action chain
     * @note params like ActionChain::register()
    function addAction($name,$module,$action,$params = null)
        if($this->actChain === null)
            $this->actChain =& new ActionChain();
            $this->actNames = array();

        $this->actNames[] = $name;

     * Default template name
     * @return string the template name
    function getMainRendererTemplate()
        return 'main.php';

    function execute(&$controller, &$request, &$user)
        //only execute this if we render to client
        if($controller->getRenderMode() == RENDER_VAR)

        $renderer =& $request->getAttribute('mainRenderer');

        if(!($this->actChain === null))
            $this->actChain->execute($controller, $request, $user); 

            foreach($this->actNames as $name)
                $renderer->setAttribute($name, $this->actChain->fetchResult($name));


MainTemplateAction.class.php (Example template action)

class MainTemplateAction extends AggregateAction

     * Initialize is used to add actions to the action chain
     * @note It has to return true, otherwise processing will not continue
    function initialize(&$controller,&$request,&$user)

        return true;


That’s all there is to it. The TemplateFilter has to be registered in the global filter chain and all my actions that might at some point be used to output the “body” into the main template extend MainTemplateAction.

The views don’t have to be modified, all the work of getting the renderer output into a global template is handled by the AggregateAction and TemplateFilter.

Setting the global template name in an Action with the getMainRendererTemplate() method is probably not very clean, but it all works like a charm for me and takes away a lot of the hassle of global templating with Mojavi.

The global renderer templates have to go into the YOURAPP/templates directory.

Please feel free to give comments on my approach in this forum topic.

Enjoying Sonora a BC Resorts top choice


Posted on 19th February 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

If you are looking for a luxurious getaway and can’t decide if you want to be near water or close to wildlife then look at one of BC resorts top destination locations. You can easily see bears on one adventure and then fish for world class salmon on the other. Sonora resorts offers amenities to fit your most ambitious vacation get away. They offer golf, deep sea fishing, hiking and much more. Then at night sit back and relax while their world class chef prepares a meal that you will never forget. Imagine starting your morning pampering yourself at their spa and then getting on a helicopter in the afternoon to view mountainous glaciers. You will want to plan for the next vacation as soon as you set foot at Sonora resorts.