Understanding PPC and Pay per action


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I was reading an article today that was discussing a new model for advertising called the Cost Per Action. If you are working with an advertising agency chances are they do not fully understand the overall impact of CPC and CPA. What this means is that advertisers would not pay on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis as is the norm today, but rather pay services such as Google and Yahoo, only on clicks to their sites that actually result in a lead or sale. The one main glitch here is that those Advertisers will have to disclose some of the sales info to verify the sign up or sale. You need to get targeted traffic based on your offering in order to have a higher conversion rate. There are tested methods that can help you rank higher in the search engines that will enable you to get more targeted traffic. So just gaining more website traffic is not cost effective in the overall marketing campaign unless you are targeting the right keywords both in your search engine campaigns and on your website.

As a publisher of this blog we have used the Adsense model for a year now, and the CPC, while it does work, does have room for Click fraud, which appears to be growing. With CPA, you actually are paying for customers requesting more information or an actual sale. I found it interesting that in this article, they seemed to think this was a new way of doing business, which is not the case. You can look to an advertising Bizz Click which started on the internet and understand the tools and resources to help you grow your business and revenue.

You can also look to increase your traffic through CPC by offering giveaways in your ads. Consider offering a free service that is beneficial to the consumer. Offer free update services, a newsletter or an e-zine. If you’re worried that this may be too time consuming, put your fears aside. You can obtain free services that will notify you when someone has signed up for your newsletter and through the use of a distribution list on your e-mail you can easily handle circulation for your newsletter or e-zine. Keep in mind, however; when you are putting together your newsletter or e-zine that the only reason a consumer has for signing up and continuing to subscribe to your publication is for worthy information.

CanaDream rv rentals can help you with your vacation travel plans

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Posted on 31st March 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

If you have never traveled via an RV then you owe it to yourself and family to look at the cost of rv rentals and see what new memories you can create. At companies like CanaDream they know RV’s and specialize in selling and renting RV’s and can help you plan your trip and make sure that you have the right vehicle in order to accommodate those traveling with you and where you are headed. They have even figured out that traveling with the latest technology is something their customers want so that is why you can even rent the incredible iPad2 for your trip. What better way to capture and document your moments on the latest iPad and give your family a way to remember that special trip.

Look at the Spa Resorts BC for the holiday season


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If you are looking to get away this holiday season or for the New Year then take a look at Sonora one of the top Spa Resorts BC has to offer. We have had the chance to visit their site and explore the various activities that they offer. Whether you are looking to stay inside and be pampered in their luxury spa or adventure outside to get close to the wild life that is just steps away you have come to the right place. Winter is one of the best times to visit BC and having luxury accommodations to stay in just makes it that much better. Their staff is ready to help make plans and provide you one of the best times you can imagine.

The Pitfalls of the New Yellow Pages

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Posted on 29th March 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

The Pitfalls of the New Yellow Pages



We use the Internet for many things. It is now the new Yellow Pages of our lives.  Whatever you need, can easily be found by surfing the web.  It is a mine of information on just about any subject you care to mention.  People now meet each in ‘cyberspace’ rather than face to face.  They apply for jobs; buy their cars, plan vacations and whatever else they need.  The internet permeates the lives of millions.


Because it has become so important to all of us we tend to take it for granted.  We assume that all is well when we are dealing with the Internet; however, there are dangers inherent in all things and the Internet is no different.  We must exercise care to ensure that our reputation remains intact. Reputation Management is one example of how to get ahead of the problem of managing your online reputation.


Companies such as this are at the forefront of making sure an unscrupulous competitor or a disgruntled employee does not attempt to taint reputations in an attempt to retaliate.


All reviews are not reliable


When we are running our own business we need to make absolutely sure that our information is secure.  Getting help to protect our business name is essential. Some sites on the Internet offer reviews about certain businesses and give information regarding that business’ reputation for dealing honestly and professionally with the public.


These sites are a great service and can provide you with information about a company that you may be considering doing business with.  The question you should perhaps ask yourself is, “While these sites are checking out these businesses, which is checking out these sites?”


When you check the reputation of a business online you may have found some sites with very high reviews.  Whether they rate them by stars or by points you might want to consider whether or not those reviews were actually obtained honestly.  Some sites that offer reviews have been found, after investigation, to have some of the hosted information fabricated.


Use a reputation management service


If you have a business that has been affected by a biased report or review, you will need to have someone on your team concentrate on dealing with reputation management.   When it comes to navigating the web you might want to consider using a third party service.  While you may be able to handle these things yourself, they can find problems affecting your reputation that you may not have ever thought of.  This way your reputation will be recovered that much sooner.


Most businesses recognize that there will always be a certain level of criticism in this online dependent world we live in.  It is just part of being in business.  But when the criticism or negative report is unjustified, it could clearly cause major damage to a company.


It may take time to repair the damage but by way of a reputation management company it can make the entire process so much simpler.


Dorothea Bryant is a freelance research writer who works at researching about the Internet and some of the problems that can arise with new levels of communication.  Each person who uses the Internet needs to learn more about how it works to ensure that his or her Reputation management is protected.

Will pay per click advertising work for you

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Posted on 28th March 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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In our continuation of how to maximize your search and customer traffic we revisit website monetization through services like Google, Yahoo and other PPC platforms. While these are the top two there are many companies that offer this service. One of the first types of advertising online you are billed  on the actual clicks that the ads generate. You will pay higher amounts for more popular keywords so knowing how to target you r keywords is very important. For instance if you are bidding on the keyword “blog”, it may cost you $1.50 per click through your pay per click advertising since the word is so popular. But if you were to target your keyword campaign to something like “blog design” you will actually lower your PPC to let’s say .50 per click and really target more consumers.Most companies will set up accounts with a budget in mind but do not have the resources or times to really investigate and understand the importance of keywords that they bid and use for the PPC.

It was reported in a study that approximately 25,000 businesses that only 31% of them actually advertise online. And of those 52% felt that online advertising was not as effective or were unsure how to convert that traffic to customers. This presents a great opportunity for the small business to understand how to use and agency like adficient.com and for publishers to offer targeted traffic for potential new customers. As a Publisher running PPC ads or other forms of contextual ads on your site, you make a certain dollar amount on each click through on the ad, regardless if the person buys or completes any form. In the new model, you be be compensated if the click actually resulted in a purchase, or other action determined by the advertiser. So as you can see, you could get 1000 clicks a day on your ads running on your site, but unless there is an actual purchase, that would be $0 in your pocket. Interesting!! But the result in Cost per Action or CPA Leads as it is called pay much higher than PPC ads

As an advertiser, if you elect to choose this model, it could be very cost effective as you would only be paying for actual sales, or leads. So for example you run a site that sells Domain names and hosting accounts. If someone sees your ad on another site, clicks on it, but never purchases anything, you would not be charged anything. Unlike today, if you have purchased $1000 in clicks, they could all be used up without one sale. Since most of those in the survey reported that they have or are using Google Adwords using Google advertising vehicles is by far the most popular. Plus for advertisers you greatly reduce PPC fraud as their are specific sales actions that have to take place.

Shop Cymax online


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If have ever wondered how people make money by selling online through auction sites such as eBay you are not alone. There are hundreds of books and seminars that you can attend that will teach you the secret of the pros. What they don’t tell you is that the market is very competitive and if you are not careful you can invest a lot of money and not make a dime. You can take success like Cymax that started small and now over a large selection of brand new merchandise and is now ranked among the top 500 for online retailers. Check them out today and you might just find a great deal on your holiday shopping.

Researching RV rentals


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My parents were talking about touring the US and Canada and were thinking about doing it in their car just like they did back in the early 70’s. After doing some research on rv rentals they landed on the fact that with the comforts and amenities of today’s RV it made sense to look at this option. Because RV’s come in so many different sizes and styles traveling long distances were now much easier. The other upside is the money that you can save on hotels. If you factor at least $100 a night for a decent hotel over a 2 week period the rental of an Rv becomes very attractive. So if you are looking to explore the world around you or even taking a trip across the border to Canada then research the options of renting an RV and you may just find a new way to travel.

forex strategy for 2013


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There will considerable discussion on the best forex strategy for 2013 as the international markets remain in uncertainty. With current governments still trying to pass legislation’s that will help free up capital and create jobs investors are trying to find the best vehicle in which to place their money. The forex market has always been a high risk/high reward playground and should only be attempted with the right tools and training. You cannot simply place money in the market based on one article and hope for a return. There are numerous companies that offer trading resources for the forex strategy trader. I cam across these simple steps on creating your forex strategy for 2013 and thought I would pass them onto our readers.


Day Trading Forex Strategy 1: Establishing a Base Line

To understand what we are dealing with, and which pairs are more suited in day trading forex strategy, traders need to establish a base line. For this the spread is converted to a percentage of the daily range. While the numbers below reflect the values in existence at a particular period of time, the test can be applied at any time to see which currency pair is offering the best value in terms of its spread to daily pip potential.

A change in the spread will affect the percentage. Please note that in the percentage calculation the spread has been deducted from the daily average range. This is to reflect that retail customers cannot buy at the lowest bid price of the day shown on their charts.

Day Trading Forex Strategy 2: Which Pairs to Trade

When the spread is placed into percentage terms of the daily average move, it can be seen that the spread can be quite significant and have a large impact on day-trading strategies.

If you are an actively day trading forex trader and focusing on a certain pair, making trades each day, it is most likely you could trade pairs that have the lowest spread as a percentage of maximum pip potential. Usually the most liquid currency pairs have comparatively tight spreads, which maybe good choices for traders to trade.

Day Trading Forex Strategy 3: Be realistic

The above calculations assumed that the daily range can be calculated and this is highly unlikely. Whatever level of forex trading skills you have at hand, you are not able to entirely tell what the range of the spread is, which is the most basic thing you should pay attention to when making a day trading forex strategy.

Day Trading Forex Strategy 4: Conclusion:

All traders will ensure that the spread exerts a significant portion of the daily average range in many pairs, which especially true when factoring likely entry and exit prices. Daily average movements could be monitored by the day trading forex traders, especially those trading on quite short time frames to verify if trading during low volatility times presents enough profit potential to realistically make active trading worthwhile. To identify which currency pair is worthy of trading at your very first forex trading strategy is of vital significance….More at Day Trading Forex Strategy Recommending You to Trade the Best

In our next post we will be focusing on a forex strategy that works for newbies as we enter 2013. Our goal is to accumulate resources for a forex strategy for 2013 that will enable a broader range of traders to understand the markets.
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Will Ford vehicles outpace their competitors in hybrids


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This past year has seen a dramatic increase in Hybrid vehicle purchases and developments thanks in part to the rising fuel costs. Most of the major manufacturers have brought to market their new line of Hybrid vehicles from passenger cars to SUVs and this has sparked another development in the auto accessory industry to help make parts that accent and even add value to these new vehicles. Items such as green cleaners, gadgets, and engine accessories are not available for most of the major brands out on the road.How does your car rank in fuel efficiency? A few years ago I probably couldn’t draw much attention to the topic. Vehicles like the Ford Explorer are not known for the fuel efficiency and if gas does go above the $4 mark people may be looking to trade in their larger vehicles. You can search Jennings online for Ford Direct cars where you can find a great deal on a new or used hybrid car. Now with the soaring gas prices I might have 1 or 2 chiming in to see if there’s a way to save money. You can find tips all over the internet on how to cut down on your fuel cost. Some of the entrants into the car market like the Ford Focus is sporting a brand new look and entry into the mid-sized sports car. At Jennings cars they have a great selection of Ford Direct cars and parts to help you get that newer hybrid vehicle. They have some good tips out there, and I suggest you looking at some of them.
Obviously two sure fire ways to save money on fuel cost immediately, is to drive less and have a fuel efficient car. There is some staggering number out there if everyone just had the correct air pressure in their tires, then the U.S. could save millions, if not billions on gas each year. I am more concern with a quick fix, then trying to accumulate a lot of little things. Looking at Jennings south Shields location or online you can certainly make a more informed decision and save money at the same time. Ford continues to add more and more hybrid models and even their newer SUV’s are designed to get better mileage and more eco-friendly.

Vacation at the top BC Resorts


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If you are trying to find a a great place to take a family vacation over the holidays then you should research Sonora Resort which has been listed as one of the top BC Resorts and has gotten international acclaim. Close to skiing and fishing you can choose from a huge selection of outdoor activities. Then when you are done with your excursion you can comes back and relax and enjoy a specially prepared meal by their culinary staff. Then to finish off the night you can relax in their spa and plan for your next day outings. The staff at Sonora Resorts are there to see that you have the best experience and can help you plan your days and evenings so that all you have to do is just show up and be ready to experience the beauty and surroundings.

New construction and the use of an industrial mixer


Posted on 22nd March 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

In order for this economy to get going in the right direction it is going to have to start with new housing starts and construction projects . These industries set the basis for increased jobs, capital improvements, and overall economic impact. As new houses and building complexes start to go up people will start to see that money is being invested and create a more positive impact on the overall economy. Investment in everything from heavy machinery to the latest industrial mixer will be purchased which in turn helps other businesses expand their workforce in order to keep up with demand. The consumer confidence is the positively impacted because employment opportunities start to grow and people will feel more confident in spending money.

Bad Service


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Thanks to Wm Rowe

I have been so frustrated with cable outages lately that I finally decided that I had to change my service. My cable will just go out randomly, which means that my internet and phone go out randomly too since I have a bundle. It’s not even like it goes out during a storm or bad weather. It seems to just cut out whenever the wind blows. I can’t stand it that my service is so bad, and it makes me really angry that I am paying a lot for a service that is so unreliable. I ended up going to http://www.cleartvbundle.com and finding a satellite TV and internet bundle. I’m hoping this will work out much better than my current service so that I don’t have to feel so ripped off all the time. At the very least this new bundle is much cheaper than my old one, so I’ll feel less ripped off. My neighbors have all told me that they have purchased similar bundles and they work better than cable so I’m hoping the same will be true for me. Wish me luck!

Online tutoring and help with your schoolwork


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Today’s tuition for both public and private colleges continue to climb and it puts parents in a challenging situation on how to pay for college. There are numerous scholarships available and if your kids happens to be talented enough then an athletic scholarship may help pay the way. For the majority of kids the one factor they do have control over is their grades. That is what an Online tutoring resource that your kids can access and get help with math,history, or even English questions is sure to be a huge advantage. Kids today in high school can start taking college level classes that will apply to their overall degree which can be a huge savings for the parents and lead to academic scholarships. Using online tools to get some extra help when you do not have access to teachers and school resources can help your kids get their homework done and give them the confidence and knowledge to stay ahead in class. At TutorHub.com they offer a community of tutors that will help answer questions and you can see those questions live on the front page. If you need more individual coaching there are reasonable rates to help you with your specific subject. As of this posting they had 112 registered tutors and over 1400 students using their site. This type of community learning can only help your child excel in school and hopefully help them as they heads towards college.

End to end document management


Posted on 19th March 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

A well-organized document management system setup around the office can make life easier on everyone where they can convert documents to a more secure format that allows for easier storage and sharing across multiple platforms. There are Document Imaging solutions that enable you to scan your hard copy documents in large batches and have them prepared in a digital format. From the top of the ladder with the company boss or president, all the way down to the working-class of employees, these organized documents can help all who are involved in any company or small business. It may not be too easy getting to the point in which your office is organized, but once you do get there, everyone can see how much better and faster things can run in the 21st century.
The year of 2011 is almost over with and this gives all offices everywhere, a 1 month head start, on getting things right for the start of the new year in 2012.

audio conference tools getting your company name noticed and branded


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Companies are using audio conference to educate their staff.

With  audio conference tools that are now online many companies are able to save money and stay in touch with their customers.

Growing awareness in talent and beauty


Posted on 17th March 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

The 2010 Miss Universe is Jimena Navarrete and she calls Mexico home. A lot of things going on in Mexico these days. From a struggling economy to a rising crime rate, that continues to overwhelm the Mexican Authorities working South of the Border. They have offered up their fare share of fitness models in various contests. Hopefully a new ray of sunlight will now be cast down on this Western Nation as their young lady took top honors in the most recent Miss Universe Pageant; which just about every nation on the Planet had a representative.

The new Miss Universe plans to keep Mexico on her mind. She wants to use her new-found fame to help solve the problems of this struggling nation. If anyone can make a difference in Mexico; then I certainly believe Jimena Navarrete can be that person. She will be a great role model for everyone in Mexico. She will also pave the road for the future teens and young ladies of Mexico; who hope to one day wear the crown, as their very own Miss Mexico and now Miss Universe is doing right now. Some may believe beauty pageants are out-of-date and just plain wrong to do. That is why we are seeing an increase in figure competition shows. Including everything from fitness shows to a bikini competition. I think when you choose the best woman to sport the crown, like in this case with Miss Mexico, I believe so many positive and good things can come from it. At least a lot more positive possibilities exist; which can easily out number all of the bad things that get associated with the outside beauty of these women, who participate in pageants annually. This may lead to more figure models being seen in a different light outside of the main stream beauty pageant shows.

Trade show displays for 2011 conferences


Posted on 16th March 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Times are tight, and companies are looking to save money any place possible. A great way to cut costs is to by used, and that includes buying or renting a table top display. The Trade Show Displays cost for some of these elaborate setups can be costly but the amount of business you can potentially gain by being at the even. You can usually work with a vendor that can provide a selection of booths that is second to none, are priced to meet any budget, and are all in like-new shape.
If you’re looking to shave some money from your budget but still need to attend all the major trade shows then plan ahead and don’t wait until the last minute. Last minute shipping and handling costs can adds as much as 30% to the cost of the trade show displays and other trade show items. While you do need to have a professional look when you are at a trade show you do can do it on a budget . You can also get Vinyl Banners  to really make your conference space look better than your competitors. So if you are going to take the time and personnel out of the field to be at a trade show or conference then you might as well make the most of the event and make sure that you get noticed.

Win at DealFun and shop for Christmas at the same time


Posted on 15th March 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing


If you consider all the ways that we have to shop online it can be quite challenging to really find the best deals. With coupon sites, online auctions, and discount sites finding the best deal can be a blast or a total nightmare. If you are going to shop online for this upcoming holiday season why not have some in doing it. At sites like DealFun you can do both and get some great deals on some of the most popular items in electronics like the iPad 2, laptops, and PS3 for up to 95% off retail. They have made penny auctions fun and exciting and even allow you to use your bids that you have placed on item to purchase that item should you not win. And if you are new to the site they even have a bid guarantee that if you do not win anything within the first 24 hours of your first bid then your bids are placed back in your account.
You can view these dealfun.com reviews and see what others are saying. You will start to see DealFun and other sites like them start to show in the national news as the holiday season gets closer. What I have liked about DealFun is that they are open about how the bidding works and provide beginner auctions, past auctions, and great customer service. One of the most valuable tools that you can view is the past auctions. If you are going to bid on a iPad 2 and what to know when and how to bid just look at past auctions and you can get a sense on what people are spending on this item and how many bids it typically takes to win one. So get started today and purchase your bid packs and have fun shopping for your holiday gifts.