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Young working couples are leaving traditional suburban neighborhoods and heading to the city. The lure of living in a close vicinity to local eateries and night life makes for a great neighborhood. Most of these new condo living areas are located in unique parts of the city to offer a blend of culture and modern conveniences. The new model of building condos on top of boutique shops are now becoming the latest in living accommodations. If you are looking for a new type of environment to call home then look no further than the Union in Victoria,BC. The newest in condo living that offer boutique shopping and amenities to satisfy all your shopping needs. Victoria Real Estate is adding a new location in Chinatown called Union.

Global template


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Component Driven Global Template System

PLEASE NOTE: the approach explained below has a few drawbacks, mainly that the execute method of action always need to be executed for the output to appear in a template. I’ve decided to use a different solution to the problem. We will be incorporating online surveys as new versions are created in order to keep the development community engaged in the entire process.

Like many of us I’ve been struggling with a global template approach to Mojavi 2.0 site development for a while. Most of the suggested solutions in the forum still require a fair bit of code duplication, so I tried to come up with my own idea.

I wanted a template “system” which lets me define one or more global templates which integrate the output of multiple actions into one single html page. Mojavi already has the basic tools for this: the ActionChain and Filter classes.

Used Classes

Here is the code to all classes used by my system


 * This filter implements global templates
 * Used in combination with the AggregateAction class
class TemplateFilter extends Filter

    function execute (&$filterChain, &$controller, &$request, &$user)
        static $loaded = false;

        if(!$loaded)  //only load once!
            $loaded = true;

            //set up main renderer and store it in the request instance
            $mainRenderer =& new Renderer($controller, $request, $user);

            //contuinue processing the filter chain and store the output
            //in $body
            $filterChain->execute($controller, $request, $user);
            $body = ob_get_contents();

            //mainRendererTemplate will only be set if the execute method
            //of the AggregateAction class was executed and there were
            //additional actions to be rendererd
                //if the mainRenderer was used, add body to the renderer
                //and output to client
            else //otherwise, just echo the html to the browser
                echo $body;
            $filterChain->execute($controller, $request, $user);


 * An easier way to add action chains to Actions
class AggregateAction extends Action
    var $actChain = null;
    var $actNames = null;

     * Adds an action to the aggregate action chain
     * @note params like ActionChain::register()
    function addAction($name,$module,$action,$params = null)
        if($this->actChain === null)
            $this->actChain =& new ActionChain();
            $this->actNames = array();

        $this->actNames[] = $name;

     * Default template name
     * @return string the template name
    function getMainRendererTemplate()
        return 'main.php';

    function execute(&$controller, &$request, &$user)
        //only execute this if we render to client
        if($controller->getRenderMode() == RENDER_VAR)

        $renderer =& $request->getAttribute('mainRenderer');

        if(!($this->actChain === null))
            $this->actChain->execute($controller, $request, $user); 

            foreach($this->actNames as $name)
                $renderer->setAttribute($name, $this->actChain->fetchResult($name));


MainTemplateAction.class.php (Example template action)

class MainTemplateAction extends AggregateAction

     * Initialize is used to add actions to the action chain
     * @note It has to return true, otherwise processing will not continue
    function initialize(&$controller,&$request,&$user)

        return true;


That’s all there is to it. The TemplateFilter has to be registered in the global filter chain and all my actions that might at some point be used to output the “body” into the main template extend MainTemplateAction.

The views don’t have to be modified, all the work of getting the renderer output into a global template is handled by the AggregateAction and TemplateFilter.

Setting the global template name in an Action with the getMainRendererTemplate() method is probably not very clean, but it all works like a charm for me and takes away a lot of the hassle of global templating with Mojavi.

The global renderer templates have to go into the YOURAPP/templates directory.

Please feel free to give comments on my approach in this forum topic.

Enjoying Sonora a BC Resorts top choice


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If you are looking for a luxurious getaway and can’t decide if you want to be near water or close to wildlife then look at one of BC resorts top destination locations. You can easily see bears on one adventure and then fish for world class salmon on the other. Sonora resorts offers amenities to fit your most ambitious vacation get away. They offer golf, deep sea fishing, hiking and much more. Then at night sit back and relax while their world class chef prepares a meal that you will never forget. Imagine starting your morning pampering yourself at their spa and then getting on a helicopter in the afternoon to view mountainous glaciers. You will want to plan for the next vacation as soon as you set foot at Sonora resorts.

Dedicated Servers


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Improve your business’ data storage methods with a dedicated server

If your business is considering improving its method for data storage and management, a valuable option to consider is utilizing a dedicated server. Dedicated servers have long been a reliable choice for businesses and individuals who desire more scalability and flexibility. Available for customization or with a programmed operating system, dedicated servers prove to be the best choice for companies concerned with security and looking to maximize the capability of their systems. Individuals also appreciate the dependability of a dedicated server and benefit from the increased autonomy that comes with using a dedicated server.  Don’t let your business fall behind the curb of modernization, improve your business’ aptitude for success and use a dedicated server today.

Using your Sony camcorder to capture graduation moments


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The Class of 2011 is officially moving onto the next level. Whether you had a recent high school graduate graduating ready to move onto college or a and elementary school child moving up to middle school you want to cherish those memories. You can use your Sony Bravia Camcorder to capture the moments. There is something about simple home made movies that can now be made into productions with the technology that we have now. With the new Sony camcorders you can record right to disk or hard drive and simply transfer to your laptop or PC for some simple editing. We have used our Sony camcorder for the last three years to capture graduations, soccer games, and even a wedding or two.
Our kids love to put the DVD’s in and watch how they have grown up and remember what they looked like even just a few years ago. I remember using 8mm camera to capture our early years and you would have to go through multiple steps to try and record the tapes out to CD or DVD. Even when you did get them copied over there was no guarantee that they would play on a DVD player. With today’s technology and camcorders like the Sony Bravia all this is now done at the touch of a button. On certain video camera models that make easy to publish your videos to file sharing sites like YoutTube with one simple push of the button. And now many of the video cameras record and publish in 1080p so that you can see all your memories in beautiful HD.

Tips on how to find the best SEO Agency for social media optimisation

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Tips on how to find the best SEO Agency for social media optimisation

Having an effective and innovative online marketing campaign is essential in the current day and age. After all, everything revolves around the internet at the moment, and thus if you fail to establish yourself online then you are only letting your competitors get ahead.

One part of online marketing which is essential at the moment is that of social media optimisation. Social media is something which is taking over the internet at the moment. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook are some of the most popular options available. Therefore, it is pivotal that you utilise such sites to your advantage.


The way in which you do this through social media optimisation merely revolves around using such outlets like Twitter and Facebook in order to increase awareness about your brand and their products and services, as well as drive more traffic to the website with the aim of hopefully achieving more customers.
There are lots of different methods involved when it comes to social media optimisation. First and foremost there is the utilisation of bookmarking and widgets. The former is used so that people can save their favourite pages and the latter is used so that people can share pages with other people. In addition to this, there is the option to blog; this creates unique content which drives more traffic. Furthermore, RSS feeds provide one of the best ways to update people on changes to your blog and thus constantly aid more website viewings.

When integrating social media optimisation into your online marketing strategy for the first time it is advisable that you seek to employ a SEO Agency. After all, they will have the unique knowledge, insight and expertise needed in order to devise a strategy based on the methods above and much, much more. In addition to this, they will make sure that the social media campaign is catered to your company specifically, rather than using a generic one.


When seeking a SEO Agency there are several things that you should consider in order to make sure that you select the best one. First and foremost, you should check out the case studies that are posted on the business’ website. This is the best way to see how competent they are and what they can provide you. Moreover, if they have a review section this is also good to read because it gives you an indication into the credibility of the company. You can even compare the case studies and the reviews against one and other in order to see whether they match up.


And finally, of course when you are seeking any product or service it is pivotal that you contemplate the cost of the service as a whole. It is highly recommended that you budget before seeking a SEO Agency in order to ensure that it fits into your capabilities. The best thing to do is to compare several quotes against one and other. But bear in mind that going for the cheapest option is not always the best.
To conclude, social media optimisation is something which is pivotal today if you want to keep up, and surpass, your competition. If you do not have it implemented as of yet then hopefully this article will give you an idea as to whether it is a good thing to do or not.

Author bio:

Shannen Doherty is a freelance journalist who writes on a variation of topics. She used ‘’ as a source of information on finding a SEO Agency.

Importance of digital marketing for your business development


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Importance of digital marketing for your business development

A web business is not similar to other conventional businesses. The kind of traffic is not similar to that of these conventional businesses. In an online business you have to search and then convert them into traffic. If you have no clue regarding internet marketing, then you must think twice before venturing into an online or web based business. If still, you want to open one then it is very important that you hire trained individuals who have years of experience in the field of internet marketing. Apart from that you must also seek advice from people whom you trust and find knowledgeable. You must know and understand that any kind of marketing idea especially internet marketing cannot be based or decided on intuitions all alone. In this article we will discuss about pivotal digital marketing strategies that might help you.

  1. Know the scope of your target area:

Reputed digital marketing companies often make detailed plans while designing online marketing strategies. When you know your target areas and its scope, you will know exactly how much effort you need to put to get the desired results and then do not reckon later on.  Research on the kind of your market, whether it is a single market, multiple markets or total markets. What kind of customers will you have? Once you get an idea of all this you can create different strategies and then enter the market. Like your company can be the first one to launch a new product or service in the market. If not then you can deal with products and services that already exist in the market.

  1. Use your services and product as the key star:

This strategy completely depends on the services and products and its acceptance by your customers and clients. Proper placement of the services and products are very important because this will give it a different level of position in the market.

  1. Maximizing the promotions you will use:

Create an online marketing strategy that is apt for your business. While designing your online marketing strategies the theme, font style and size, color, design, title and its content must blend well to grab the attention of your customers. The marketing strategies must be kept till it generates your desirable revenue. You can take the aid o search engine optimization and social media marketing in promoting your products and services. Sales copy for internet marketing campaigns and promotions of products must be well crafted to hit the target audience. Digital marketing companies use these strategies to generate traffic and then turn them in potential customers.

  1. Price is the most important factor in digital marketing:

Individuals search for the same products on different websites and they compare the prices. This makes it a tough job to convince people to opt for your services and products. They will also give a though whether your services and products is worth the money they spend. Be flexible on the way price your services and products. Do vast research and be careful while deciding the price.

Mike is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as marketing, SEO and social media. He holds bachelor’s degree in electronics. He has published more than 500 articles about various topics, including role of guest blogs and social media role in daily life. His famous articles includes article on Digital Marketing. He loves to travel and make new friends.

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SEO for your blog or website


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There are a number of  SEO companies that can help you get noticed.

Is silver bullion the right play today


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With the volatility of the different stock markets investing in buy silver bullion and coins has become a hot commodity. In ancient times gold and silver represented a level of wealth and it was used by different civilizations in their buildings and monuments. Today silver and silver eagles are bought and sold on a daily basis. Many people invest in silver as another option to the stock market as they have a tangible product in which they can actually take ownership
Now is the perfect time to purchase gold or silver for investment purposes because of the increase in silver price commodities continues to climb.

The world-wide demand for silver right now is very high and it grows each year. An investor can take advantage of this strong demand, if they buy silver bullion as an investment purchase. The silver markets are the same way and investing in silver is very popular these days. If you have an interest for a gold or silver investment. Regal Gold Coins will help you to find the best and most competitive prices on the market. Just be sure you act fast, because no one knows for sure; when the prices may jump again. You won’t find a better or safer investment; when you start looking to invest your hard-working dollars into the gold and silver markets.

Finding the right watch winder


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Do you ask this question often or have people ask it to you? Most common answer to this question is “time to buy a watch”. With Mother’s and Father’s day now only about a month away a nice watch is a great timeless way to say “I Love You” Maybe there is some truth to that and if you don’t have a watch yet; perhaps now is a good time to get one. has an excellent assortment of watch winder on the market choose from. You will find a great selection from orbita watch winder either single or multi-watch winders that is sure complete any collection.

You really don’t want to look at any other place, when you see this huge selection you have to choose from. You really don’t see pocket watches around anymore, but you can find some really nice pocket watch. If there’s any watch you been looking for or maybe you would just like to buy a new watch for a gift. You will find at least a dozen different watches that you would be happy to wear around your wrist or give as a gift! Most people would love to have the latest and greatest timepiece on their wrist, but like me you hardly pay attention until it is broken. So start dropping hints now because there are some major holidays coming up where you can find yourself sporting a new watch. And remember to ask for that watch case in order to store your timepiece and keep it protected and always on time.

Purchasing Gold coins online


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This year has seen a roller coaster with finances and the housing market with prices and rates going up and down by the week. This is another reason that people are looking to buy gold online to help diversify their investments and protect their liquid assets.With the recent fluctuation’s in the stock market and the latest news surrounding the real estate market investors are looking to diversify their portfolio. The Federal government announced that it will keep rates the same for now and this should help give the economy a little boost but so far the stock markets have not reacted positively. The increase in gold price only continues to climb as the uncertainty on the housing market is still not clear. This coupled with quicker access to tax refunds should provide a much needed economic boost. Purchasing precious metals like gold can be a nice addition to any portfolio for those looking to diversify their risk.
YouTube Preview Image
It’s a gold world right now and investors would be smart to hop on the train now for gold investing in today’s market. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the way for the upward movement of gold prices and there is still room for gold to move higher. Every time we see gold jump in prices, we think that we have missed our chance with this precious metal. Then we watch it jump again and again and gold continues to shine better than any stock, ETF, mutual fund, bank CD, or any other investment that is available. You will hear gold investment discussed on many of the major financial channels as a leading indicator on where to put your money and diversify your stock portfolio. I thought several times in the past that I missed a great opportunity with gold, but now I see the opportunity is still there and we can all profit from the booming gold markets.

Modern day bunk beds


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There are many ideas out there as to what constitutes modern furniture and this includes bunk beds. There are hundreds of online stores and brick and mortar stores that carry a large selections furniture so most every style is out there. What ever your thoughts about modern or contemporary furniture we would recommend a look that is functional. By this we mean have the furniture and fixtures so that it flows and does not create a barrier to your interaction in the room. Too many times you walk into a room these days and you are greeted by a mammoth big screen TV with a larger leather couch. This look has become more popular and yet it closes off half the room and limits your ability to engage everyone in the room. The only thing that you can do it that room now is to stare at the large TV screen. Shouldn’t it be time to have a room that is meant for conversation and gathering rather than just entertaining?

Investing in new bunk beds


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Our kids are getting to the age where the bunk beds and dressers that they have had for 5 plus years is starting to look a little dated. I noticed this just this past week when they had friends over and they were all huddled around one of the bunk beds trying to get their turn on the Xbox. So my wife went on a search to find what is new and exciting in kids furniture and actually found ourselves evaluating our own set that we have had for over 15 years. Some of the new furniture sets that you can find online and you to realize just how outdated your current bedroom furniture is and what can be had today. I especially love the bunk beds that are both practical and functional. So instead of the bed taking over the entire room it actually serves to help the flow of the room and actually give the perception that you have more room.

New Years and Christmas in Oregon


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I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

There was a point in time in my life where I was so curious to see Oregon that I nearly spent seventy bucks on a plane ticket to fly out there. Fifteen years have passed and plane tickets certainly don’t cost seventy bucks anymore but I finally have my chance to spend some quality time in Oregon. A person from my WOW guild is going to have LAN parties all throughout the end of December at his house in Salem. This is an opportunity that I can’t pass up and my flight leaves tomorrow for Portland. From the PDX airport I’ll be picked up by Joseph (the guild member) and will be put up in his seven bedroom house between a little farm town called Hopewell and the state capitol, Salem.

Before I leave tomorrow, I am going to set my home security alarm from securitychoice. My computer is going to get a fresh install so that it won’t decided to fail on me during any of the parties. We are going to spend three hundred bucks on pizza and Mountain Dew. I plan on not getting thirsty but we’ll see what happens. It has always been fun to happen across Joseph in the forums and I am glad to be able to meet him in person. He seem like a friendly and patient person for sure.

Finding affordable ink for your printer


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Buying cheap ink jet cartridges has gotten easier thanks to in part to companies like Ink Grabber. Our ink jet printer allows us to print proofs page, that allows you plug in your digital camera memory card and print a sheet of prints to pick and choose. This is nice feature of for some reason you do not have it connected to a PC. And at a an approximate cost of .29 per print, you can’t go wrong. You can get free shipping on your or toner cartridges without paying the high prices of the name brand inkjet cartridges . My wife used it for my daughters American Girl party where the girls were able to take a picture, and then make a nice little book to take home for the occasion. The girls still talk about their American Girl photo album.

So what type of printer do you own? Is yours a Lexmark, HP, Canon, Brother, Dell or something else? You can now find compatible printer ink cartridges for your printer at really good prices! In some cases you might be able to save 80% from the suggested retail price using ink refill kits. Ink Grabber is a great place where you can find your next ink cartridges for your printer and at discounted prices! If you have an Epson printer and you find numerous printer ink refills for most of their printers; you can save up to 75% when you buy a valuepack or multiple ink cartridges. This is just one of the many great deals you can find. Be sure to check them out the next time your ink starts to run low in your printer. There are also some great tips on how to conserve the ink in your printer cartridges.

Keeping your gums healthy


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Diet plays a key role. To maintain strong teeth, it’s essential to consume adequate amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, in particular calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Vitamins A and C play a role in keeping your gums healthy. The average person only flosses 35 seconds, when actually you need at least 2-3 minutes.Be gentle. Especially along the gumline, hold the brush at a 45-degree angle and make short strokes. Choose the right toothbrush. Pick a size and shape that enables you to easily reach every tooth. Use a soft brush, which is less likely to damage gums. Floss. Flossing cleans the places your toothbrush can’t reach.

At San Diego Dentistry they offer a total solution to your teeth and gum health. They are also offer various cosmetic dental services like veneers to help improve your smile. After you make a visit to the dentist’s office, you can then determine with his or her help on what steps to take next. You may have to choose cosmetic dentistry and most of the older folks will be going down this path. Don’t let it get you down if you need a cosmetic procedure done because the staff at San Diego Dentistry can help provide you the information you need. It’s just a part of getting older and the people that didn’t take care of their teeth when they were younger, will more than likely need some sort of cosmetic dentistry to help them.

Your new dental veneers can make your mouth look as good as it did when you was 20 years old. You will be able to consult with the dentists at San Diego Dentistry to help make the right choice for your situation. The veneers can get placed on top of your current teeth and it also goes over any bridge work or crowns you may have had done in the past. The dental veneers will help align your smile and this is a painless procedure. There will be no grinding or shaving done to the parts of your teeth that still remain. The veneers get shaped to fit over your existing dental look. After you get your new veneers, you will be ready to hit the town again with a nice, straight and white look to your smile!

New pics


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Camping in 2011

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I think a lot of today’s technology for campers has became too much. It seems the more tech-gadgets that come out, the less of an experience the campers are getting with Mother Nature. Using canvas tarps is fine because they do offer shelter, but some of the other new gadgets have got to stay home. Some of the sleeping bags now, are like bringing a few mattresses inside your tent. Even the tent has got a lot bigger and some tents can hold up to 10 full grown men in them. Bigger tents and sleeping bags that are as comfortable as a sofa, are just a couple of the things the modern campers are bringing into the woods these days. I usually just take a small sleeping bag and sleep on the ground with no tent. I find this much easier to take down the trails, but most of the modern campers are driving right up to their campsites

I guess they need to be close, when they drag out the radio and TV they plan to hook to an electrical outlet. I just don’t think this is really camping. The thing I like best about camping is the outdoors and surviving off of the land. You don’t have to hunt and kill your own food, but leaving the tech-gadgets at home, would be a little more adventurous. I would only take a cell phone and canvas tarp for emergency purposes, but turn it off when you get to your campsite. Go camping and leave the modern technology of the world behind. That’s one of the fun things to look forward to; when you go camping this summer. If you want the comforts from home with you; perhaps you should just stay at home.