Create and manage your websites with Windows Azure cloud computing

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Posted on 19th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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First what is Windows Azure: Windows Azure cloud computing offers small to large companies the capabilities to deploy and scale websites and applications in short time span that is extremely cost effective.

Windows has started to market their cloud based services and architecture called Windows Azure that has a lot of applications. They are even offering a Free 90 Day trial just for simply trying them out to see the power and scalability. You can see by watching the brief video below that they have actually simplified the process of getting a web site or blog up and running. In the programming world cloud based solutions has become more popular in order to get applications up and running more quickly without a large investment in servers and other IT equipment. We are going to be doing a series of articles on various case studies and benefits of the Windows Azure while they are offering the Free 90 Day Trial cloud computing solution.


Cloud Services

Create highly-available, infinitely scalable applications and API’s

Quickly deploy and manage powerful applications and services with Windows Azure Cloud Services. Simply upload your application and Windows Azure handles the deployment details – from provisioning and load balancing to health monitoring for continuous availability. Your application is backed by an industry leading 99.95% monthly SLA. You just focus on the application and not the infrastructure. It’s that good… read more at windows

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Get 90 DAYS of Windows Azure free
Quickly build, deploy & manage apps using any OS, language, or tool.
>Get it now


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Free 90 day trial for Windows Azure


Posted on 18th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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Free 90 Day trial for Windows Azure

We read an article on what look to be a technology solution offering from Windows called Windows Azure. After doing some research it turns that this technology has been tested and was used for video and web applications during the London Olympic games. Pretty good testing ground to show the scalability and scope of this product. They are now going into a full scale launch and are offering a free 90 day trial.

Here is a quick snapshot of what you can expect

  •  Quickly build, deploy & manage applications.
  • Use any operating system, language or tool.
  •  No obligation, totally free.

Instead of trying to re-write about the all the tools and function we found this quick piece on what it does:

Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build applications using any language, tool or framework. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment.

Always up. Always on.

Windows Azure delivers a 99.95% monthly SLA and enables you to build and run highly available applications without focusing on the infrastructure. It provides automatic OS and service patching, built in network load balancing and resiliency to hardware failure. It supports a deployment model that enables you to upgrade your application without downtime.


Windows Azure enables you to use any language, framework, or tool to build applications. Features and services are exposed using open REST protocols. The Windows Azure client libraries are available for multiple programming languages, and are released under an open source license and hosted on GitHub.

Unlimited servers. Unlimited storage.

Windows Azure enables you to easily scale your applications to any size. It is a fully automated self-service platform that allows you to provision resources within minutes. Elastically grow or shrink your resource usage based on your needs. You only pay for the resources your application uses. Windows Azure is available in multiple datacenters around the world, enabling you to deploy your applications close to your customers.

Powerful Capabilities

Windows Azure delivers a flexible cloud platform that can satisfy any application need. It enables you to reliably host and scale out your application code within compute roles. You can store data using relational SQL databases, NoSQL table stores, and unstructured blob stores, and optionally use Hadoop and business intelligence services to data-mine it. You can take advantage of Windows Azure’s robust messaging capabilities to enable scalable distributed applications, as well as deliver hybrid solutions that run across a cloud and on-premises enterprise environment. Windows Azure’s distributed caching and CDN services allow you to reduce latency and deliver great application performance anywhere in the world.

Start building great apps today!… read more

If you are interested in trying out the functionality you can grab your Free 90 trial of Windows Azure and take it for a spin.



Get 90 DAYS of Windows Azure free
Quickly build, deploy & manage apps using any OS, language, or tool.
>Get it now

Here is a great video showing the simplicity of the power of scaling your website resources based on demand with Windows Azure.

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How to utilize Search engine marketing effectively?


Posted on 17th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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How to utilize Search engine marketing effectively?

In the present business scenario every organization is looking for more and more customers and promotes their business on websites. For magnetizes numerous customers on your website there are some strategies to imply. One of these strategies search engine marketing is gaining popularity among all. It is a process that entails using the search engine operation for recovering the ranking of the website when users enter some keyword phrases in the search box. If you compare the return on investment in search engine marketing is far better than any other online marketing tools. For search engine marketing the cost is quite more optimal than any other marketing tools on the website. For creating awareness about your product or brand this option is highly effective as it drives copious customers in the search listings.

In a study it has been observed that users mostly prefer 60% of the websites that are on the top of the search list than 20% of the online banners. Google the most popular search engines which are also productive in terms of referrals and other marketing campaign. Thus most of the organizations focus on Google for effective search engine marketing. Except Google there are other search engines like Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Bingo and many others. For effective marketing over different search engines you need to follow some methodologies for meeting the criteria of search engine listings. In order to reach your target audience search engine marketing is truly alluring. It affects on the search results and if any user search for the topics that are related to your niche should find your website on the top of the search list.

So why are you wasting your time and money for online banners or link exchanges, just hire a professional and go for effective search engine marketing. Now you must have a question in your mind that why SEM. Because it is most economical tool for online marketing and the probability of getting positive outcome is high. It is a direct marketing channel on ecommerce medium. Search engine advertising is inclined to engender more attention than banner or sponsored advertising. So users prefer to search the products or services on the search engines they are looking for. The environment is less competitive than other business tools as it is a new trend of promoting your business.

You may prefer in-house or offshore search engine marketing whatever suits with the nature of your business. Most outside search engine marketers are more proficient than in-house ones, so it is suggested to choose outside search engine marketers. In order to stay ahead of your competitors you need the expert’s assistance in this regard as the algorithms and requirements of search engines are on the verge of becoming quite intricate. You can also go for in-house marketers if the developers constantly generate new methods and techniques to keep you in the leading position in the domain of search engine marketing. But if they fail to tailor the fresh algorithms on a regular basis then it may adversely affect on your business.

Mike is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as marketing, SEO and social media. He holds bachelor’s degree in electronics. He has published more than 500 articles about various topics, including role of guest blogs and social media role in daily life. His famous articles includes article on search engine marketing. He loves to travel and make new friends.

Click here to read the 2013 SEO report.


You can try a free trial of SEO PowerSuite

1st page google ranking

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Why Hunt Groups are important to Mobile PBX Services


Posted on 16th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Why Hunt Groups are important to Mobile PBX Services


It may seem that hunting is really a feature for larger organisations, in which there are teams with multiple members. But that’s not really true. SMEs can leverage hunting capabilities too. Imagine a case where there is a partnership of plumbers. There may not even be an attendant in the office, but the partnership doesn’t want to miss any calls, as all represent potential business opportunities – and, they tend to come at all hours. Each member of the partnership could be part of a simple hunt group. Incoming calls try first one of the available numbers and then another, until it is answered. If none of the team is available, voicemail can be available as a fallback, but as each employee is treated as a member of the team, the chances of someone being available are dramatically increased.


It’s often said that one of the advantages of Mobile PBX or IP Centrex solutions is that small companies can obtain big company capabilities without the significant investment that this would once have required. This is undoubtedly true. Features such as hunting benefit any team and service providers can ensure that their service package is attractive by including such capabilities. And, the ability to offer different hunting options to suit the requirements of businesses can be built in. By choosing service templates that include hunting, the service provider can offer services that can be configured by users – and ensure that the benefits of such capabilities are recognised by potential subscribers.


So, if the target customer base includes enterprises and SMEs of different sizes, including companies with only a handful of employees, it should be simple to demonstrate the value of features that are available. By choosing a hosted, Mobile PBX service to launch an SME offer, you can remove any risk associated with launching a new service portfolio and provide a solid foundation for future growth. With Mobile PBX you don’t even need specialist handsets or devices to access a true service. Enterprises and SMEs will experience success time after time. Once they have launched a Mobile PBX service, they have been able to add additional services and enhance their offer to the customer base. Hunting is simple and powerful and benefits enterprises of all sizes. Make sure your hosted enterprise services include the flexibility to meet the needs of all potential customers.


Mike is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as technology, business and gadgets. He holds bachelor’s degree in electronics. His famous articles includes article on Mobile PBX. He loves to travel and make new friends.


Ways to Earn While You Are Online


Posted on 16th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Ways to Earn While You Are Online

Online marketing, or internet marketing (as it is more commonly called), is defined as the marketing of products and services over the internet. Today, almost every major organisation has an online website dedicated to its goods or services. Online marketing websites may be directed towards attracting individuals, target customers or niche markets.

There are various business models of online marketing: e-commerce, affiliate marketing and lead-based websites. The selection of an appropriate business model is dependent on the purpose of the website and directly influences its design and development.












Online advertising and marketing services such as SEO management services, PPC management services, email marketing services etc. provide support in increasing the visibility of the website on the internet. Online marketing can be done in following ways:

Search Engine Marketing

It involves increasing the visibility of the website in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). The objective of search engine marketing is to promote the ranking of the website through on-page and off-page content optimisation and advertisements. The practices involved in it can be classified into two broad categories-

  • SEO management: gaining traffic to the site through content optimisation and organic search results
  • PPC management: gaining traffic to the site through paid advertisements


Both SEO and PPC management practices are cost effective and efficient in attracting traffic to the site. They both make use of a keyword (which is business related and chosen after extensive research). Unlike SEO practices, though, properPPC managementpractices allow for the targeting of specific visitors.

Content Marketing

It involves the sharing of valuable and relevant information, done with the belief that it would ultimately lead to profitable customer action. It creates reader attention and brand loyalty. Contents of any website are a means of persuading the decision makers, so if relevant contents are provided on a website they would lead to profitable decisions. Content marketing is done through custom magazines, newsletters, webcasts, podcasts, video portals etc.

Email Marketing:

It is the most widely used marketing strategy. It is used to convey a direct commercial message to existing or potential customers via email. Usually emails sent consist of advertisements, business requests, requests for donations and support, new launches, special offers etc. Email marketing creates brand awareness, customer loyalty and customer trust. The emails sent can be broadly classified into two categories-

  • Transaction emails: they are received in response to some customer activity with the company. Examples would include receiving purchase order confirmation or email receipts.
  • Direct emails: they are received to promote products or inform the customers about ongoing special offers.

Social Media Marketing

It is a relatively new marketing strategy but has already had great success in attracting customers and increasing brand visibility. Practices involved in this type of marketing include being present and active on major networking sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.), forming communities and creating web pages dedicated to the promotion of your company’s goods and services.

Online marketing has opened new ways to market and advertise products and services. Search engine marketing, content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing are just some of the many vistas included under online marketing.

About the Author: 

Carolyn Kay Mante is a freelance writer both in print and online. Her writing covers a wide range including online marketing and PPC Management. She contributes to the virtual community by writing for different blogs.



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Social Media Strategy’s Significance for SEO

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Posted on 14th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Social Media Strategy’s Significance for SEO

SEO, Social Media Strategy, and their relationship

The relationship between SEO and Social media strategy is one of the most misunderstood and confusing concepts in Internet marketing. Any company offering social media marketing services needs to keep its customers well informed and aware of the fact that there might be some differences in everyday communication with owners of businesses and the behaviour of market, as this creates problems. New SEO strategies are usually announced only once in some months however, social media strategies usually change every day. Previously, SEO was all about meta-tags, keywords and content creation, but now it has become much more diversified. Strategies that are more sophisticated have been brought into play and a very important inclusion is that of rankings of social media.


Social Media Strategy and SEO tactics

Nowadays, Social Media Strategy and SEO complement each other. In addition, one is incomplete without the other. To maximize the results of online marketing one has to follow certain very important tactics. The first and foremost tactic is to procure an SEO audit onsite as this will form the base of the complete campaign. Such an audit is quite cheap, as it just needs addressing one time in a year and the payment is to be made once. After this step, Perth SEO firmsuggests getting the brand registered on major social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Making a presence of your brand on such social channels will not only improve the search engine rankings but also improve the credibility of the brand. It is also recommended that content is distributed through various social channels and daily messages that are simple should be sent to the customers so as to show them that they are cared for. Buttons of social media such as a button to ‘connect’ should be added to your website as this will help build a better connection between you and the customers. An option to ‘share’ should also be included, which allows the user to share information with others. Email marketing is an integral part of the strategy of social media and in this aspect, creating an email list proves to be very helpful. To grab the attention of the reader, it is imperative to include unique and appealing content in the website. Including content that is out-of-the-box will also help in popularizing the brand. To create more awareness about your brand among the masses write guest blog posts on good websites. By following, these strategies one can make their brand the most sought after brand and let their strategy of marketing become the best.

Significance of Social Media in SEO world

Almost all social media marketing companies, especially the big names for example, Perth SEO firm, are overburdened with work. They are constantly trying their level best to cope up with increasing SEO’s rankings and the popularity. Google is the first among all search engines to have confirmed the use of social media strategies to build SEO ranking. With respect to social media, it can be said to be the most integrated choice. However, some other websites are also important. Surveys have revealed that among the sites displayed on the first page of Google about the top 10% get much more revenue and traffic as compared to others. This proves the importance and interrelationship of social media strategy and SEO.

Ali Asjad is a Blogger based in Sweden   who writes on topics like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing; He also writes as a freelance for a Perth SEO firm.

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website monitoring to help improve your SEO rankings

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Posted on 13th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Social media Management tools

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website monitoringYour blog or website uptime will play a critical role in your SEO so having a good Website Monitoring process in place could help your SEO efforts. In 2013 there will be a lot of debate on what will be the best tools and guidelines to use in order to make sure that your site is ranked well in the search engines.While most people will be looking at content and social signals as ways to climb up the search engines one fact that is still very important is your websites performance and availability. While the obvious point that if your website is down you lose sales this can also lead to decreased rankings in search engines. Google has come out publicly stated that bounce rates and good user experience will play more of a role on how your site is viewed in the SERP’s.
I have recently signed for a new free service that will help monitor some of our top blogs. You can have up to five free sites monitored for free and upgrade to their more robust plans if your business warrants it. At Got Site Monitor they will help monitor every five minutes:

  • Speed
  • Website performance
  • Check SSL certificates
  • Check Content

It’s a simple process to sign up for free and then simply enter your domain URL and the time frequency you would like to have the website checked. There are some advanced features that you can select to check various parts of your site or specific content to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Then select how you want to be notified such as email or SMS text and you are all set.

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Your Website’s SEO should not be Sending out an SOS

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Posted on 12th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing |Technology

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Your Website’s SEO should not be Sending out an SOS

If you have ever shopped around for a website developer who can build you a product and provide SEO (search engine optimization), you probably ran away in terror, as the cost of doing this through an independent designer easily runs into the thousands. But there are some ways around this. There are free websites out there that are actually good quality options. When you search for a no cost web sitethere are some things you will want to take into account to make sure you aren’t “getting what you pay for”—nothing. The same goes for SEO. What with the new regulations enforced by Google, SEO has transformed into a different kind of animal than what we all knew 6 months ago. Now a day you run the risk of having Google boot your site off for things you could get away with in the past. And then there are those other SEO options that cost lots of money. This article will address some key points and things to consider when it comes to finding a good free website, as well as ways to do SEO without writing a check.

Free Website

There are many companies out there that offer free versions of their websites, but not all websites are equal. Here are some things to consider when looking for that winner:

·      Does the free website have adverts pasted in the body? Often free websites do this because it is how they make money. Look for one that tastefully places a single advert at the dead bottom of your website where it won’t stick out like a mess.

·      Avoid using a company that relies on cookie-cutter templates and outdated looks. Find something modern and unique that was designed by a professional.

·      Does the website company offer a paid, upgradable version? You will want this. Often, free websites will not be compatible with SEO efforts, but this is fine. Using a free website is a great way for you to test the waters and get a feel for the company. After all, they are offering you a free product as a way to earn your business, versus flat-out asking for it without giving anything to build trust. Make sure the paid sites are affordable, and offer lots of bells and whistles.

·      Is there a customer support center that responds to your questions within 24 hours?

By demanding these features, you will be working with a quality product at no cost to you, but that delivers with a huge return.


Forget hiring someone who will bleed your pockets dry. There are lots of things you can do on your own to optimize your website. In an article published by, a number of things you can do to optimize your website are laid out on the table. First, optimize your site for the search engines. You can do this by incorporating inbound links to your site from others. This will make it more likely that online searchers will find you. Another thing you can do is frequently update the content on your website. Blogging is a great way to do this. Also, link up with other sites that share your niche. And last but not least, link up with Twitter and Facebook. Facebook has over a billion monthly users and some studies seem to suggest that Facebook brings more business to companies than Google does.

No Need to Waive that White Flag

By taking these SEO considerations to heart, and by implementing them into a free website (or one that sprouts from the free platform) you will be well on your journey to get out there, and be heard. If you are willing to put in the minimal amount of time required to do these things, you will save a small fortune, yet get thousand dollar results.

SEO Tools











Image source:

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Defining your companies new name


Posted on 11th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing |Technology

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You will need to deploy a  company name development or company name developments experts in order to break though all the noise.


When you have a new new company name You can also enlist the help of experts like those at to help you create a name quickly for that all important launch. This is how many projects are done online through a “joint single message.”

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Searching for the Xbox 360 Kinect


Posted on 10th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology


The search engine battlefield has gotten more interesting this summer as Bing has launched a massive ad campaign to lure site traffic and searches from google. The reports are that they have invested over $100 million in advertising to help create brand awareness and help people understand there is a new more targeted way to search for everyday items like the Xbox 360 kinect. The traditional searches that most people use have been more broad based approaches although you can narrow down your search results if you know the correct format in which to search from. With this focus on more targeted searching consumers will now be able to enjoy better information on the exact items that they will search for.

This is why I was interested in where they provide search results based solely on stores that are on the internet that may be selling the specific items that you are looking for. Take for example, you are searching for Kinect for the Xbox 360, you search on and locate the top stores that sell this game along with a quick price comparison that you can see and compare. This provides the consumer the ultimate tool in cost comparison right in one location without having to search through each individual store.The ability to search for and gather both location and costs for the items you are looking for can make holiday shopping much easier. So why not give your mouse a rest and try a more targeted search for wireless Halo remote for the new Xbox 360 slim 250GB system and find some of the best deals online in a matter of seconds.

A Closer Look at the Top Advantages of Pay on Results Marketing


Posted on 9th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

A Closer Look at the Top Advantages of Pay on Results Marketing

Due to the slowdown of global economic growth, businesses have become more cautious about choosing the right promotional tools. They want to avoid any kind of confusing or misleading marketing methods.

Advertising and promoting through digital media is very important in this age of information. Digital marketing also provides a cheap alternative to traditional print and media promotional strategies. Companies can promote their brands with websites or by keeping their customers engaged in discussions in various social platforms. This smart marketing strategy provides space for businesses of any scale, and helps start-ups grow their business.

How it works

One popular method of digital marketing is Pay on Results. This innovative service is provided by companies, which start their work with no initial payment and get paid only when some pre-determined goals are achieved.  This method is more convincing to users as they know that adverts could be created by almost anyone, but higher-ranked organic search results are more reliable, convenient, and relevant to their queries. It is proven that people click on an organic link four times more than they click on an advert link. Therefore, businesses relying only on adverts are missing a huge number of possible visitors.

Major advantages

Another major advantage of Pay on Results is that it is possible to find that a website may have multiple pages ranked on the search results. For example, it could happen that while a website’s homepage is at the 3rd position, their services page is also ranked on the 7th position. This is a unique opportunity which is not possible in other marketing techniques without spending more for multiple promotions. Techniques like PPC could vanish from the search results once the budget is exceeded, which would not happen when Pay on Results is being used. As this service provides long-lasting promotion, it is possible that the ranking sustains for weeks, months, and even years.

Security and monetary aspects

It is possible to do fraudulent activities in many marketing techniques – but paying only after getting the service does not include any such activities. Competitor companies may create fake clicks on adverts so that the advertising company runs out of its initial budget and is therefore forced to spend more in the advertising sector. On the contrary, competitors will not get any benefit by clicking on the organic links; rather, it will improve the ranking of that page. Unlike other techniques, this method does not need the setting up of multiple accounts for various search engines and the spending of valuable time and money in order to manage them. While paying after achieving the goal contracts tend to be longer termed, it is actually beneficial for the companies. They will be getting the professional service of an experienced company which actually knows the requirements and can provide the best solutions for them. The combination of their skill and experience will yield a better and more sustainable result for their products and services.

Pay on Results is gaining more and more popularity due to its reliability and endurance. While other services are short-term and temporary, this method provides ongoing service for clients. Being a search engine-friendly method, Pay on Results could very well be the future of digital marketing.

Carolyn Kay Mante is a freelance writer both in print and online. Her writing covers a wide range, including online marketing and Pay on Resultsservices. She contributes to the virtual community by writing for different blogs.

The hosting company you choose can make your blog


Posted on 8th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Blogging |Broadband

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The latest in  web hosting is now offered by KVC HOsting.

bestsupportive At KVC Hosting they offer a variety of plans from free to dedicated plans. They even offer a free dedicated IP with their basic plan which is a huge bonus for those webmasters looking to improve their search engine position. They have accumulated several rewards for their hosting up time and support and may be worth giving a try.

Find your answers online


Posted on 7th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology


Everyone knows that a key to a successful website or blog is traffic and this is one of the first points of understanding business online. Not only high traffic but targeted traffic that will drive revenue and become loyal customers. Getting more website traffic can be a very technical and time consuming venture if you do not have a plan and know the right channels to search in order to maximize your traffic efforts. Many people will spend thousands on keyword advertising through PPC which if done correctly can reap big benefits. Advertising online can be a very simple if you have the right tools at your disposal or you can waste a lot of time and money if you do not have a solid plan.

The latest search engines are getting smarter to help deliver fresh content.

Installing Mojavi 3

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Posted on 7th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Mojavi Project


Installing Mojavi 3

As a note we had a firm that was installing this architecture to run in addition to their facility management software and wanting to make sure that network protocol being used was up to date. As of this writing the developers have been keeping all language and coding inline with the latest C+ and ASCII formats in order to allow for cross collaboration.
First thing

Obviously, you first need to get a copy of the Mojavi 3 source. You can get this from the download page in one of two forms. It can be downloaded as an archive or from the Subversion repository (SVN).

Finding stylish living in surrey condos


Posted on 5th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

If you have been looking for a new place to call home then the planned community at Waterstone is certainly worth a look. Located on the border of Surrey and Langley Canada these surrey condos offer great modern living with amenities that will help keep you social and healthy. The Waterstone clubhouse contains a 17 seat movie theater and a 60 foot indoor swimming pool just to name a few of the amenities that you will have at your disposal. One of Surrey’s newest condo developments they have already won for innovative and sustainable living awards. If you just look at their website their condos and club house are beautiful. There are currently two styles that they are offering the Montage and the Promenade. The difference being whether you are looking for a one bedroom or two bedroom condo. So make 2012 the year that you find that dream place to live and play.

Key Factors To Note When Using Pay Per Click Advertising


Posted on 4th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Key Factors To Note When Using Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click, or cost per click, advertising has greatly revolutionised the way we conduct business. The internet in general has spurred business marketing to new and unprecedented levels. Decades ago, no one could have guessed that a business owner could reach millions of people from different parts of the world with just a single message, a few dollars and in a few minutes. Pay per click advertising, through the much innovative online marketing method, has brought down to our doorstep a way to sell our products and services to any part of the world from the comfort of our desks. Services such as PPC managementhave even gone ahead to help advertisers optimise their advertisements to ensure maximum publicity.

There are many benefits and advantages that come along with implementing this fairly recent technique of marketing, some of them being cost effectiveness, immediate results and exposure to a big market base. However, despite the many benefits one may enjoy from employing pay per click as the chosen method of marketing, there are also drawbacks that come along with this method. The article discusses some of the drawbacks and gives advice on how to avoid them or mitigate their effect on your business.

  • Out of context advertisement. Search engines are not perfect, and at times they will provide the internet user with ads that are completely unrelated to the search terms. Search engines will look at the content of the web page or search terms to decide what advertisements to display to the surfer. At times they may get it wrong and display unrelated ads. This leads to waste of the advertisers resources, and it becomes a wasted opportunity that could have been used somewhere more beneficial. It is very important to use the exact keywords to prevent the above situation from happening. PPC managementis one of the ways in which you can manage your keywords to get better results.
  • Bid competitions and costs. To get an opportunity for your advertisement to be displayed, you have to bid with other advertisers. At times this becomes a waste of time and resources since you may not even get the chance. Also, as the number of advertisers who crease bid prices have also been on the rise, meaning higher advertising costs.
  • Click fraud. The websites on which Google displays your advertisements may decide to increase their share of revenue by clicking on your advertisement as many times as possible. This leads to you paying more money for nothing. You should closely watch your click patterns to ensure that no fraud is taking place. If you detect any, you should report it to a Google representative.

PPC managementoffers a way to modify your advertisement and keywords to ensure that it gets noticed. As you do this, you should be wary of the above mentioned issues as they can drastically eat away at your resources without any useful results.


Abbie is a freelance writer and researcher. She has a great knowledge and experience about PPC managementand Adwords Management. She offers consultation services for organisations, corporations and businesses looking for tools to advertise their online business.


Java cloud and programmers


Posted on 3rd April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Mojavi Project

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cloud_computingFor many programmers having the right servers and applications are key in successfully launching enterprise wide applications. The java application server can offer as suite of tools depending on your configuration that can provide testing and stability to programmers using C+ or coding in php language. Below we talk about some of the underlying comments and help files that are applicable to Mojavi 3 and the insight ot our developers have put together in order create a cross collaboration. You can receive java help online to help with programming and coding. which is an enterprise version of Apache Tomcat that can provide critical diagnostics, management, and site wide deployment tools to help those developers who need a lightweight server that offers performance and dependability.
Now on to the programming hints:
For now, all we need to use is the execute() method.
Creating the View

The class name should be in this format ActionnameViewtype View. Again Actionname is the name of the action in the module. Viewtype is the view type that was passed to the controller in the action. Both Actionname and Viewtype are capitialized. This is a list of the predefined view file types and their naming convention.
Internal Name Class and File Name

Mojavi 2 users ; the naming convention on the file has changed slightly.There is a specific patch for java should you elect to include in your overall script, but make sure to test the script before making it live. Before there was an underscore between Actionname and Viewtype. Now, there is no underscore in between, and the Viewtype is capitialized.

For this example, I called my view FirstSuccessView and named the file FirstSuccessView.class.php.

Here’s the code

class FirstSuccessView extends PHPView
* Execute any presentation logic and set template attributes.
public function execute ()

// set our template

// set the title
$this->setAttribute(‘title’, ‘Getting Started First Test Page’);

// set the message that is to be passed
$this->setAttribute(‘passedData’, ‘Hello World!’);




You also need a template to display the information. I stayed with the naming convention and called my file FirstSuccess.php.

Here is the code for that
This is the result of my first test. I have created a module, action, view and
template. I have successfully passed data from the view to the template.

This is what I passed:
That is all for now.

Notice at the first and last line I include a header.php and footer.php. We used an application server that was able to handle the cross collaboration of various input paramaters in order to speed up our collaboration. I used this to show how you could have a uniform look across the entire site and how you could do that. Mojavi uses a global template directory in your webapp directory.For those looking for additional help with java you can find the java help center at It is defineed as MO_TEMPLATE_DIR and it called templates. I added the following files to the includes sub-directory in the global template directory.


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In 2013 one thing for certain that most website owners can count on is that there will be changes in how Google and other search engines rank and index their sites. Several factors that are at the top of most conversations are quality web content, authorship, and overall website experience. When I talk about your blog or website experience one of the factors that is being considered is your site speed and the consumer experience. In order to make sure that your customers stay on your site and come back they need to be able to navigate and get there quickly. Many new website owners have been using Worpress as their main blogging and web development tool for many reasons with ease if use and fast deployment being the at the top. Plus the major search engines love WP sites and with the right plugins and hosting your site is usually very quick and user friendly.
This leads us to the foundation of any blog or website and that is the hosting platform you choose. We have been doing some research on a web/blog hosting platform at . One of the key features that I look at when evaluating a blog hosting platform is scalability. This means as my traffic grows do this provider have the resources to offer to help me grow with more robust hosting plans like VPS or dedicated servers. While offers their entry level plan starting at $3.95 per month they also offer the ability to upgrade to a dedicate server with several package in between. For new site owners they offer one click of popular programs like WordPress in order to get your site up and running as fast as possible. If you are building a new site I would highly recommend looking at paying a little extra for the dedicated IP address as this will serve you better when doing SEO. With so many hosting companies out there today you want to do your research and see what others are saying and I would even contact their customer support before you buy to see how responsive they are. At they do promote a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is really good. Remember that if your site is down so is your business. Best of luck in 2013 and if you do decide to host with please drop us a comment and let us know what you think.

What Is Web Hosting Infographic by Brennan IT

Infographic by Brennan IT

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