Protecting your valuables with home security

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Posted on 9th January 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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I really never gave too much thought about those home security signs and wondered why someone would even want to put up one in the first place. I assumed it was an employee of the company or some big manager or boss that was advertising for the security place they worked for. Later on as I saw more and more of these signs, I realized it was really customers for these security companies. I figured these companies must have great customer service; since so many home owners were helping to advertise for them, by placing signs in front of their homes. Now it makes me wonder if the signs are better than the actual security systems that get installed.
You first have to think like a criminal and figure out ways that you would prefer to break-in other people’s homes and what types of systems you would worry about the most. We often think about the bad guys breaking in at night and this is actually false. Most of your crimes that are centered around the home actually take place during the day. Many house wive are carrying pepper spray to provide a first line defense when they are home alone. The typical family that has a husband, wife, and kids will likely have day jobs and school, so it’s the daytime your home needs the most security. I would choose the day for those reasons and also you have more lighting during the daylight hours and no need to carry any flashlights or lighting equipment.

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