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Posted on 18th January 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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If you are like many people that have created a blog online you are aware of the pains of selecting a reliable host. There are so many factors that go into selecting a host provider and basing your selection primarily on price can cost you more than your hard earned dollars. There are many providers that claim unlimited bandwidth with their web hosting accounts which can be deceiving. You have to keep in mind whether your customers are connecting via broadband or mobile smart phones so keeping in this mind when choosing a host and site design. Most of these claims are based on the assumption that most will only use about 5% of their actual bandwidth. So you can exceed your allotment and then in most cases they will close off access to your site and make it unavailable to your customers. This can be detrimental to most websites and blogs if your customers or readers are unable to access your site.

Finding a company that offers true managed hosting where they provide services to match your current traffic levels and then add resources when needed so that your site or blog is always available to your customers. There are several sites that provide a great insight into hosting and service providers so doing your home work beforehand will save you a lot of frustration in the end. Some companies offer managed hosting, colocation service and, Dedicated hosting for your blog to just name a few. So if you are looking to obtain a new hosting provider be careful to not just shop on price or promotional claims, but do your research and in the end you will be glad that you did.

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