Social Media Strategy’s Significance for SEO

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Posted on 29th January 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Social Media Strategy’s Significance for SEO

SEO, Social Media Strategy, and their relationship

The relationship between SEO and Social media strategy is one of the most misunderstood and confusing concepts in Internet marketing. Any company offering social media marketing services needs to keep its customers well informed and aware of the fact that there might be some differences in everyday communication with owners of businesses and the behaviour of market, as this creates problems. New SEO strategies are usually announced only once in some months however, social media strategies usually change every day. Previously, SEO was all about meta-tags, keywords and content creation, but now it has become much more diversified. Strategies that are more sophisticated have been brought into play and a very important inclusion is that of rankings of social media.


Social Media Strategy and SEO tactics

Nowadays, Social Media Strategy and SEO complement each other. In addition, one is incomplete without the other. To maximize the results of online marketing one has to follow certain very important tactics. The first and foremost tactic is to procure an SEO audit onsite as this will form the base of the complete campaign. Such an audit is quite cheap, as it just needs addressing one time in a year and the payment is to be made once. After this step, Perth SEO firmsuggests getting the brand registered on major social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Making a presence of your brand on such social channels will not only improve the search engine rankings but also improve the credibility of the brand. It is also recommended that content is distributed through various social channels and daily messages that are simple should be sent to the customers so as to show them that they are cared for. Buttons of social media such as a button to ‘connect’ should be added to your website as this will help build a better connection between you and the customers. An option to ‘share’ should also be included, which allows the user to share information with others. Email marketing is an integral part of the strategy of social media and in this aspect, creating an email list proves to be very helpful. To grab the attention of the reader, it is imperative to include unique and appealing content in the website. Including content that is out-of-the-box will also help in popularizing the brand. To create more awareness about your brand among the masses write guest blog posts on good websites. By following, these strategies one can make their brand the most sought after brand and let their strategy of marketing become the best.

Significance of Social Media in SEO world

Almost all social media marketing companies, especially the big names for example, Perth SEO firm, are overburdened with work. They are constantly trying their level best to cope up with increasing SEO’s rankings and the popularity. Google is the first among all search engines to have confirmed the use of social media strategies to build SEO ranking. With respect to social media, it can be said to be the most integrated choice. However, some other websites are also important. Surveys have revealed that among the sites displayed on the first page of Google about the top 10% get much more revenue and traffic as compared to others. This proves the importance and interrelationship of social media strategy and SEO.

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