Safely remove iTunes duplicates

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Posted on 19th March 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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If you are like millions of people all across the world that use iTunes to manage your music and video collection then you have probably run into a time when you were transferring music from one device to another and gotten the missing file error. As you move music in and out of your iTunes library and now with the use the cloud services there can be several duplicate files that end on your devices. You can search the internet on how to delete duplicates in iTunes and will see thousands of results. From manual solutions to software resources. At Wide Angle Software they offer their version of software to help you remove duplicates safely and improve your space on your PC and iPhone,iPod, and iPad devices.
Available for both the PC and Mac you can download free version with some limitations or upgrade for the full version for a small price. This software can also scan your PC for other tunes and add that to your iTunes library. You will now be able to have a cleaner version of iTunes and will actually see better performance because you are able to clean up files that are no longer being used. This is a great solution for those of us who are constantly getting the latest Apple invention and moving music across multiple devices and downloading music from different locations.
If you are trying to get photos off your Mac or Iphone then try Munisoft Easy Digital Photo Recovery is a modern solution for recovering photos from any media, including flash cards and hard drives. To recover deleted photos or even complete photo folders, just select the original file/folder location and Easy Digital Photo Recovery will analyze the necessary information. It will then show a list of photos that can be recovered, with a preview of all content before recovery commences.

Easy Digital Photo Recovery uses unique algorithms that are specifically optimized for photo recovery. This is the reason for successful recovery of the highest possible number of photos.

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Connecting Arris TG862 to Apple Airport router


Posted on 28th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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We just received an updated modem/router from our service provider which is the Arris TG862. It was a nice update but I did not realize that this was also a wireless router as well. The problem is that I just upgraded our 6 year old router to the new Apple Airport router that has the capability to newest wireless protocol AC. So here is what I did in order to keep my Apple Airport router and gain the access to the updated modem from my provider.

We are assuming that you have already unpacked the device and hooked it up to your cable and PC or Mac

1) You need to hook the Arris TG862 directly to your PC or iMac via the supplied yellow ethernet cable. This will then start the whole activation process

2) The modem will take about 10-15 minutes to cycle and get it’s updates. Once it does this your browser should open up to the (or your particular cable provider activation website)

3) Once the activation has completed just simply plug in your Apple Aiport router via a ethernet connection (We are guessing this is how you had it connected before the update) and it will take a few minutes to get the MAC address and new IP address for the modem.

4) Click on your airport utility and then click on your home network name and the click on edit

5) Click on Network tab and you will see a drop down box that has probably defaulted to DHCP/NAT mode. Simply select Off/Bridge mode and then update.

6) Wait a few minutes and your Apple Airport will be back online and you should see a green light.

7) You are now back on with the latest and greatest speeds for your network.


Drop us a comment if you have issues or have other ideas that may work.

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Fun Facts To Know About File Sharing


Posted on 28th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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File sharing is currently used around the world in companies and homes alike. With new programs such as The Cloud, which allow you to share your information across multiple devices without having to email the documents to yourself. These programs are usually created specifically for a type of device, for example Microsoft has a cloud and so does Apple. Each one is separate and can only share information with like devices. Most people take file sharing for granted since it has become so popular but there are many fun facts about it.

How It Started

File sharing started mainly as a way to share music and videos across the internet with little to no effort. Companies such as Napster would provide a catalog of available files while leaving these files on the computer of the person who owned them. This form of file sharing was found to be illegal as it broke copyright laws. The other form of peer to peer sharing was done on a much smaller scale similar to what most businesses use on a daily basis. Some colleges offered secure networks in which students could share files with other students. The only people who had access to this network were those who were physically connected to the network.

Not All File Sharing Is Illegal

With the recent lawsuits filed by record companies and movie production companies, many people believe that all forms of file sharing is illegal. This is not the case when you are sharing files in two different ways. The first is in the use of file sharing for business purposes, you are sharing your own data and documents that are not copyrighted and are sharing them with a select group of people. The second is when sharing files with yourself, for example if you own a computer and a phone that run on the same operating system, you can transfer files to a cloud based storage and access them from each device.

Anything Can Be Shared Securely

The first stages of file sharing were located on unsecure networks that were easily accessible by anyone. These types of file sharing were not ideal for businesses to use as away to share important documents. However, now there are products such as those found at have allowed companies a secure platform to share documents with employees located around the globe. For a small fee you will have the ability to select which files you wish to share as well as who you wish to share them with. These programs have saved companies time and money that was typically spent on travel and shipping.

Easier Than Your Email

Email used to be thought of as the easiest way to share information with others, but file sharing has changed all of that. File sharing does not require attachments or impose file size restriction when sharing files with others. You also will have a desktop widget that will allow you to share files without opening an internet window. Once you have set your file to be shared you are also able to track the file to be sure it was received by those you wanted to see it.

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