Flips Audio and the top five most impressive Flips


Posted on 28th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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I just received the new Flip Audios earphones and thought I would start off my writings with a top 5 list. Because of the cool technology that is used to help you share your music through your headphones by simply flipping the ear cups out what better way to showcase their unique benefits than with a Top 5 Flips list:


Coming in at number 5 is a killer whale flipping in the water. In some cases this is seen as a mating gesture to attract mates or send a signal to other whales or predators not to to keep their distance.Flips Audio







In the aeronautics field this is extremely difficult and dangerous to do based on the design of the helicopter. Make sure that you have a spill proof lid on the coffee.
solo 2 social







Rinaldo is one of the most gifted soccer (Futbol in the rest of the world) who can make the ordinary play extraordinary.
Sports Flip







This photo of a motorcylcle flipping over a stunt car is simply amazing. Not only do you have to be in perfect sync but the margin of error is extremely narrow.
Motorcylce Flip
Fly-by: Petr Pilat of the Czech Republic flips over American Kirby

Chambliss as he flies underneath. Photographer Mauricio Ramos created this composite image to show the small margin of error in the stunt

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2085657/Moment-biker-pilot-join-forces-pull-amazing-stunt.html#ixzz2VPKMTeoM



And the #1 Flip for 2013

Flips Audio. With their innovative technology headphones you can now listen to your music in clear HD or simply flip the earcups out and share your music with your friends. With their Solo 2 Social feature you can have amplified sound that comes from the headphones that is only amplified when you flip the earphones out. Solo 2 Social
I received the Black Flips Audio headphones and the first thing I wanted to do was test out the technology that allows you to share your music through the headset with friends. I was really impressed with the ease and quality. This is one of those features that make you say ” Man, why didn’t I think of this.” With social networks so popular these days where everyone is sharing every part of their lives, sharing your music makes sense. What you see in most cases is that everyone is plugged into their favorite iPhone or android device jamming out to their playlist and when their friends want to know what they are listening to they take out their earphones and let them listen. I’ve seen my kids with their friends standing around all listening to their iTouch’s and then stopping the song to see what each other are listening too.

With the over the ear HD headphones from Flip Audio you no longer have to stop what you are doing to share your music. Just simply put them around your neck and flip the headphones out and you get an great sound that is amplified for everyone else to enjoy. These are sturdy headphones that come with a very durable carrying case and high gloss finish. They are priced at just $120 and are now available on their website or at Walmart. I would certainly recommend checking them out and listening to the sound quality. I have included the YouTube Video below to help you see how cool these headphones are.

Special offer on Flips Audio: If you order before July 16,2013  you can get $10 off and upgraded to 3 Day shipping by using the code below when you check out.This Offer is unlimited in quantity and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Discount Code for Flips Audio: FA0010INT

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Perfect Five ways to Overcome Stress From Technology


Posted on 27th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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Nowadays there are too many gadgets, the surge of technological tools have increased over the years and even children below 3 years old are now being given iPods, Blackberries and all sorts of Smart phone technology that make it easy for people to get overwhelmed with too much gadget use.

This is the same addiction that occurs when gamers of Game of Thrones or Dota. All stars spend around 24 hours in endless game play.

The addiction for these gadgets has increased in the recent years due to the fact that this gaming technology has already created another world for people to concentrate their thoughts in.

There is such a thing as technological stress, this happens to people who use computers for more than 6 hours a day.

Although gadgets make the lives of humans easier, it is not normal to play computer or use the computer for 2 to 3 days straight without taking a break.

A person can get stuck viewing their monitor for 12 hours or more especially if they have high speed internet.

Gamers can get immersed for several years with different games and this can lead them to experience heart problems, eye problems and other muscle and body strain.

An overuse of technology can lead to headaches, sleep deprivation, memory loss, a breakdown of family relationships and poor performance on the job.

1. Setting a time limit:

In order to reduce the stress given by technology there is a need to set a time limit for the use of computers, TV including other high tech gaming system.

One hour would be enough for the television and 2 hours for the computer maximum.

Find a way to stick to this every day and establish a routine.

2. Creating a relaxing zone free of technological gadgets:

Have a space that can be used by the family for relaxing, have a garden or a patio space that people in the house can visit. It must be filled with plants and images that will remind people to relax.

3. Take the time to meditate

Learn meditation skills and set at least 45 minutes to 1 hour to set your mind at ease and to do away with technology use.

4. Exercise

Instead of spending 3-8 hours straight using the computer, take the time to exercise, to walk outside the neighborhood or to sign up for gym membership in order to have something to do.

5. Practice other hobbies

Create a reading group with friends, encourage people to join. Create a group that can contribute something to the community and volunteer your time to be there.

You can just make the group simple, it can be just as simple as a reading club with 8 members, and you can communicate in person and make it a point to avoid using any technological gadget while in their company.

A play station gamer would only take the time to rest if they need to contact Play Station customer support for any query with regards to their games. Avoid being this kind of person, avoid being too addicted to technology that you no longer have a real life.

There are so many methods that could be done, taking a walk in the park, taking up a new hobby like fishing or painting can lessen the use of gadgets and reduce overall stress.

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Converting video to your iPod or iPhone


Posted on 22nd December 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology


There are now convert DVDs that can be of great value.
At Alldigitalguide.com you can find a nice DVD to iPod Video Converter Review . iPod video converters which are now available.