Perfect Five ways to Overcome Stress From Technology


Posted on 9th May 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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Nowadays there are too many gadgets, the surge of technological tools have increased over the years and even children below 3 years old are now being given iPods, Blackberries and all sorts of Smart phone technology that make it easy for people to get overwhelmed with too much gadget use.

This is the same addiction that occurs when gamers of Game of Thrones or Dota. All stars spend around 24 hours in endless game play.

The addiction for these gadgets has increased in the recent years due to the fact that this gaming technology has already created another world for people to concentrate their thoughts in.

There is such a thing as technological stress, this happens to people who use computers for more than 6 hours a day.

Although gadgets make the lives of humans easier, it is not normal to play computer or use the computer for 2 to 3 days straight without taking a break.

A person can get stuck viewing their monitor for 12 hours or more especially if they have high speed internet.

Gamers can get immersed for several years with different games and this can lead them to experience heart problems, eye problems and other muscle and body strain.

An overuse of technology can lead to headaches, sleep deprivation, memory loss, a breakdown of family relationships and poor performance on the job.

1. Setting a time limit:

In order to reduce the stress given by technology there is a need to set a time limit for the use of computers, TV including other high tech gaming system.

One hour would be enough for the television and 2 hours for the computer maximum.

Find a way to stick to this every day and establish a routine.

2. Creating a relaxing zone free of technological gadgets:

Have a space that can be used by the family for relaxing, have a garden or a patio space that people in the house can visit. It must be filled with plants and images that will remind people to relax.

3. Take the time to meditate

Learn meditation skills and set at least 45 minutes to 1 hour to set your mind at ease and to do away with technology use.

4. Exercise

Instead of spending 3-8 hours straight using the computer, take the time to exercise, to walk outside the neighborhood or to sign up for gym membership in order to have something to do.

5. Practice other hobbies

Create a reading group with friends, encourage people to join. Create a group that can contribute something to the community and volunteer your time to be there.

You can just make the group simple, it can be just as simple as a reading club with 8 members, and you can communicate in person and make it a point to avoid using any technological gadget while in their company.

A play station gamer would only take the time to rest if they need to contact Play Station customer support for any query with regards to their games. Avoid being this kind of person, avoid being too addicted to technology that you no longer have a real life.

There are so many methods that could be done, taking a walk in the park, taking up a new hobby like fishing or painting can lessen the use of gadgets and reduce overall stress.

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Enjoy your music with BassBoomz

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Posted on 28th April 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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The evolution of music through digital channels has changed how we purchase and listen to music. Thanks to new portable bluetooth speaker like BassBoomz we are now able to take our music and high-def sound where ever we go. Before we get into the newest piece of audio greatness we just received I wanted to put some context on how we got to this point. I found this great infographic that shows the history on how we have listened to and purchased music. Back in the day you would purchase an entire album and then have Boom BOxfriends come over to listen on your stereo. Music became more portable through the introduction of CD’s where we had portable yet limited sound quality players. BoomBoxes became more popular and they started to range in size in and features. When the iPod was introduced this changed the game and would enable consumers to demand more choices and better quality. Where we buy and listen to music has drastically changed and now we are sharing songs across many of the social network sites and there are even specific sites that allow you to share music with like minded people.

While all this sharing and mobility of music has been great for the consumer, having the ability to listen to your newest tunes in high quality sound without the need to have wires and a large device has been lacking. There are more and more bluetooth devices that have entered the market and they range in price and quality. That is why I was interested in trying out the new BassBoomz from the makers of BassBuds earphones. I have a pair of their earphones and the clarity and quality that they produce is very good. I got my metallic blue BazzBoomz and at first I was wondering how this small device was going to measure up to my current JamBox that I use. Once I received the package I had about three seconds to look at it before my three kids swept it away to link up to their iPod touch and test it out. They had it setup in about minute and were blasting the newest single from Gotye. This small blue cylinder produced sound that could be hear from our basement and the clarity and tones where very impressive. I have listed their exact specs below. Without a doubt I can recommend to anyone looking to get a new bluetooth speaker for their iPod, iPad, or any other bluetooth enabled device and want great sound then look at the latest offering from BassBoomz. If you act now they are offering $46 off the US retail price by using the following code: BBZ017532

Here is a picture of our BassBoomz speaker.

BassBooms Speaker




  • Explosive sound quality – twist and release the Bass Expansion system
  • Ideal for your smartphone, MP3 players, tablets and laptops
  • Compatible with all wireless devices with a Bluetooth connection
  • Compatiable with any audio device that has a 3.5mm audio jack output
  • Dual connectivity available – connect 2 BassBoomz together for double the sound
  • Portable and pocket-sized for your music on-the-go!


What’s in the box

  • BassBoomz portable Bluetooth speaker

  • USB charging cable

  • AUX cable

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Digital music and BassBoomz

Digital Music infographic courtesy of Daily Infographic

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