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Posted on 29th November 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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There are a number of  SEO companies that can help you get noticed.

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Posted on 16th October 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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There are some great marketing articles,that can help get you noticed.


You need SEO to help in development of your blog


Posted on 30th September 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

SEO Experts They have helped to provide solutions to several big name companies like FedEx and Genworth financial with customer testimonials listed on their site.
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Maximize your blog


Posted on 29th September 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

We recently started to write about using blogs to help increase your sites performance in the search engines. It is estimated that approx. 80% of all services being bought on the internet are found through search engines. So this is why it is so important to consult with and implement good and ethical Search Engine Optimization techniques. So what are some good examples. We have found that using blogs is one key and growing use of how you can increase your sites exposure and search engine position. You can see that blogs that have specific niche content like Miss Gullible can help separate your blog from the other millions that are created every month.

As you will read in almost every book, website, and ezine on increasing your internet exposure content is what the search engine spiders are looking for. For example creating a niche blog on avoiding online scams can create a buzz and drive unique visitors to your site. So when they do find your site how can you maximize your chances that you will be indexed quickly. You must also make sure that all of your pages on your site can be found as this will add value to your site. Indexing of multiple pages on your website will make you more attractive to search engines and help your customers to find products and services that you may not otherwise list on your main page. So if you have a personal blog that you use as a personal journal or have a passion about a particular subject like avoiding investment schemes on the internet that can really add value to your readers then forge ahead and you may one day find yourself on the top of the blogging world.