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Posted on 31st December 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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If you are looking to switch hosting providers or just getting into the market then there are various questions you need to consider when considering managed hosting. You can select a wide range of dedicated servers in order to make are that you have complete control of your hosting platform. This can also be beneficial for search engine marketing and quick growth phases that your site may experience.
And if you already own your servers and are looking for a secure and reliable storage site then Superb Internet offers state of the art colocation services with an array of security services, and redundant back up services you know that your prized hardware and data are being taken care of.

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Posted on 25th December 2016 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

The latest Systems management services are now available for most bloggers. There are new technologies to help provide server management for your piece of mind. You can purchase server monitoring for your blog