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Posted on 10th December 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing |Technology

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If you are like millions of bloggers on the net you probably have your blog on either a free service or have your own domain on a web site hosting account. Either which way you want to make sure that your provider can support you and your customers and minimize any downtime. If you are with a unreliable host and your site is constantly unavailable it will cost you more than customers. There are many things that you can look for when deciding on a hosting account some of which include customer testimonials, industry awards, and live support. While you are on their site call their 1-800 number and see who picks up and what the wait time is. This can be a huge factor when you are starting your account and need some help. You can search the web hosting review section at Hostingposting.com to receive insight into what actual customers are saying.

We haveĀ  moved several of our blogs over to a new blog hosting company called Blue Host to help accommodate the growing traffic that we have been receiving and so far the results have been impressive. There are some great reviews and comparisons at webhostinggeeks.com where you can see how various companies stack up against each other depending on your needs. You can find hosting coupons for companies like Blue Host and others where you can save over a hundred dollars per year. This is a great deal if you have multiple blogs to help you save money and use that money to invest in social marketing and organic growth for your site.

Small business blog and website Hosting

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Posted on 1st December 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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If you are like many people that have created a blog online you are aware of the pains of selecting a reliable host. There are so many factors that go into selecting a host provider and basing your selection primarily on price can cost you more than your hard earned dollars. There are many providers that claim unlimited bandwidth with their web hosting accounts which can be deceiving. You have to keep in mind whether your customers are connecting via broadband or mobile smart phones so keeping in this mind when choosing a host and site design. Most of these claims are based on the assumption that most will only use about 5% of their actual bandwidth. So you can exceed your allotment and then in most cases they will close off access to your site and make it unavailable to your customers. This can be detrimental to most websites and blogs if your customers or readers are unable to access your site.

Finding a company that offers true managed hosting where they provide services to match your current traffic levels and then add resources when needed so that your site or blog is always available to your customers. There are several sites that provide a great insight into hosting and service providers so doing your home work beforehand will save you a lot of frustration in the end. Some companies offer managed hosting, colocation service and, Dedicated hosting for your blog to just name a few. So if you are looking to obtain a new hosting provider be careful to not just shop on price or promotional claims, but do your research and in the end you will be glad that you did.

Your small business hosting solution


Posted on 9th November 2012 by Jeff Rogers in Technology

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If you are trying to find the right web hosting for your blog or website then you will find that there are literally hundreds of various companies offering all types of benefits and prices that can help you find a solution. What we found early on in trying to website hosting is that not all companies are created. There are many that are just jamming as many sites on one server as they can which can be problematic from a access issue and SEO standpoint. If your blog is hosted on a server where several sites are hosted that have been black listed from google this will impact your search engine rankings and page rank. You should look at the track record of the managed hosting provider to understand their reputation in the industry and what service and up time they offer. So you must be careful and look at some of the key features that we talk about to keep in mind when choosing a vendor.
Some of the things that you can ask to help you understand what types of services and support they offer. How much server space you will have? Can you upgrade to a dedicated server if your business grow or do they just shut down your account? What types of servers and operating systems that are used? So they have redundant backups? How many domains and email addresses can you host on one account? Do they offer colocation services if you have your own hardware?And how much bandwidth can you receive without being penalized? Companies like Superb Internet is set up to help small to medium businesses and help you grow your capacity as your online presence expands.

Reliable hosting


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Finding a reliable hosting company can be quite a complicated task and there are many factors to consider. You can find web hosting tutorials online to help navigate all the choices and help to simplify your choices. Since most companies you find online are now offering unlimited bandwidth, storage, and other features you will want to understand what each of these really mean and how they will affect you and your blog or website.

You can always find cheap web hosting but remember that you get what you pay for.