The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship


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The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship

There have emerged new breeds of young entrepreneurs who are striving to affect positive social change with their efforts as business people. There individuals have created nonprofits or associated organizations which are helping people across the world improve their lives in some way or another. Referred to as social entrepreneurship, the philanthropic efforts of this dynamic lot are vital for the growth and development of nations cross the world, and here are the reasons why:

  1. Increased employment opportunities: The businesses that are helping drive social change are also helping to employ many individuals. There are a large number of people around the world who have found employment in social entrepreneurial ventures and the number is growing steadily. The additional advantage this presents is that these organizations often employ people from vulnerable sections of society to help them earn a decent livelihood and lead an independent life. So the positive social development occurs not only by the work the company does externally, but also in the way it operates internally.
  2. Development of new ideas and initiatives:  In the past, social entrepreneurship has led to the development of various new ideas which have had a powerful social impact, and it continues to do so. As an example, the work of a social entrepreneur in Brazil with HIV/AIDS treatment was so profound that it was adopted eventually into government policy. Social entrepreneurs are usually innovative thinkers who come up with unique ideas and services that inspire others in new and interesting ways.
  3. Inspiring others: When a social venture is initiated by a disadvantaged group or individual, it inspires others to do something as well. A cooperative dairy movement in rural India inspired women across various villages in the country to start working and stand on their own feet financially. There is nothing that inspires change more than change itself, and the success stories of social entrepreneurs inspire and motivate the masses to do something for the betterment of others or the correction of a social evil, whether its treating undernourished children with diet program or helping women take a stand against abuse.
  4. Creates new investment opportunities for big corporations: Increasingly, large companies are investing in social enterprises instead of commercial ventures. This helps them not only improve their market image and brand value, but it also offers a chance to give back something useful to the society that comprises their customers. The economy is also benefitted from this cycle of investment and social return as poor and underdeveloped sectors benefit from this cash inflow.

Social entrepreneurship is a new and positive innovation which has brought about much good to society. Social enterprises can help address societal problems that many government-based efforts are not able to, and they provide solutions quicker and more effectively as they are free from the shackles of political bureaucracy. For finding new techniques to address ailments such as HIV/AIDS, social entrepreneurship is truly a great asset to modern society.

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