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Posted on 31st January 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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In our local area we have been seeing more reports on break-ins and burglaries. In many cases these events are happening during the day which is even more concerning since for those with families. I started to do some research on ways to help protect and deter potential threats that may happen. We were fortunate enough to come across Watchbot home security camera which is wireless IP camera. I will detail the features of this great tool to help protect your family in just a few minutes but wanted to relay some common areas that are most vulnerable in your home.
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The top three most vulnerable areas that intruders look to enter a home are:

  •  The front door: They typically look for older doors that can be kicked in easily or simply walking up to the door and opening an unlocked door
  •  First floor window: Opening a screen and breaking the glass is easy and can be done under a minute
  •  Backdoor/Porch: These areas provide a discreet entry into your home that are not visible to others.

The reason I listed off these three areas of access is that they are easy to secure and protect. That is why I am reviewing the Watchbot home security camera and now the top five reasons on why you need or several for your home:


  1.  Easy to install in any location
  2.  Secure remote access to view and capture what is happening at your home or place of business 24/7
  3.  Motion detection to enable recording of possible actions that are taking place at your home
  4.  Piece of mind knowing that your home now has a deterrent for for possible intruders
  5.  Price: Right now and for the next few weeks you can save up to 50% off the Watchbot camera. Use the Watchbot discount code WB270629 and save on one or multiple cameras.

You can use the #watchbot on Twitter and Instagram to follow the conversation and be alerted to any deals.

Based on the above reasons on purchasing a Watchbot home security camera I thought I would highlight some of the key features that this powerful little camera offers. We just received one in the mail today and I can say it was a simple as they show on their website to setup. I did do some research on various IP cameras that would help protect our home from looking on the internet to visiting several of our local electronic stores. While you will see many types of cameras some of the key features that I list below should be on your list when comparing home security cameras. Now onto some of the key features.

  • Wireless IP camera that can be expanded
  • Able to view your camera while away from home either through the web or through your smartphone
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision that will allow your camera to spot and activate when it spots action
  • Pan and tilt features
  • Recording and two-way audio. The two way audio is really a great feature and allows you to talk through your camera to possibly scare off a would be intruder or even have at your front door to alert strangers that you are home.

Lastly, I included the infographic below because it shows the evolution of Home Security and how far we have come in protecting our family and property. The best way to have piece of mind is prevention. Just the simple site of cameras at your most vulnerable access points that we covered above can help deter even the most persistent intruders.

Here is a picture of what you will get:



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