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Posted on 21st March 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Mojavi Project



Mojavi’s file naming conventions are very simple, and overall easy to follow. The drivers that are required should be already included withing the PHP 4.0 structure.All files containing classes (including the framework libraries) are suffixed with .class.php

ex: A file containing the Controller class, would be named Controller.class.php


All actions in Mojavi are of the form [ActionName]Action.class.php

ex: An update action: UpdateAction.class.php


Views are equally as simple as actions. A view is named after it’s action and driver, and suffixed with View_[viewtype]. Actions have the ability to return different views, under different circumstances. There are three standard view types “input”, “success”, and “error”. You may use any other type of your choosing, but these are likely to be the three you will encounter the most.

ex: The success view for the update action: UpdateView_success.class.php


Template naming is left up to the developer. There are not restrictions on what these can be named, but it is often useful to name them after the view that called them. You also want to make sure that any drivers software that you have on your servers is updated with the latest patches in order to prevent any security loopholes



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