Ways to Earn While You Are Online


Posted on 29th January 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Ways to Earn While You Are Online

Online marketing, or internet marketing (as it is more commonly called), is defined as the marketing of products and services over the internet. Today, almost every major organisation has an online website dedicated to its goods or services. Online marketing websites may be directed towards attracting individuals, target customers or niche markets.

There are various business models of online marketing: e-commerce, affiliate marketing and lead-based websites. The selection of an appropriate business model is dependent on the purpose of the website and directly influences its design and development.












Online advertising and marketing services such as SEO management services, PPC management services, email marketing services etc. provide support in increasing the visibility of the website on the internet. Online marketing can be done in following ways:

Search Engine Marketing

It involves increasing the visibility of the website in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). The objective of search engine marketing is to promote the ranking of the website through on-page and off-page content optimisation and advertisements. The practices involved in it can be classified into two broad categories-

  • SEO management: gaining traffic to the site through content optimisation and organic search results
  • PPC management: gaining traffic to the site through paid advertisements


Both SEO and PPC management practices are cost effective and efficient in attracting traffic to the site. They both make use of a keyword (which is business related and chosen after extensive research). Unlike SEO practices, though, properPPC managementpractices allow for the targeting of specific visitors.

Content Marketing

It involves the sharing of valuable and relevant information, done with the belief that it would ultimately lead to profitable customer action. It creates reader attention and brand loyalty. Contents of any website are a means of persuading the decision makers, so if relevant contents are provided on a website they would lead to profitable decisions. Content marketing is done through custom magazines, newsletters, webcasts, podcasts, video portals etc.

Email Marketing:

It is the most widely used marketing strategy. It is used to convey a direct commercial message to existing or potential customers via email. Usually emails sent consist of advertisements, business requests, requests for donations and support, new launches, special offers etc. Email marketing creates brand awareness, customer loyalty and customer trust. The emails sent can be broadly classified into two categories-

  • Transaction emails: they are received in response to some customer activity with the company. Examples would include receiving purchase order confirmation or email receipts.
  • Direct emails: they are received to promote products or inform the customers about ongoing special offers.

Social Media Marketing

It is a relatively new marketing strategy but has already had great success in attracting customers and increasing brand visibility. Practices involved in this type of marketing include being present and active on major networking sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.), forming communities and creating web pages dedicated to the promotion of your company’s goods and services.

Online marketing has opened new ways to market and advertise products and services. Search engine marketing, content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing are just some of the many vistas included under online marketing.

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