Why Hunt Groups are important to Mobile PBX Services


Posted on 29th January 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

Why Hunt Groups are important to Mobile PBX Services


It may seem that hunting is really a feature for larger organisations, in which there are teams with multiple members. But that’s not really true. SMEs can leverage hunting capabilities too. Imagine a case where there is a partnership of plumbers. There may not even be an attendant in the office, but the partnership doesn’t want to miss any calls, as all represent potential business opportunities – and, they tend to come at all hours. Each member of the partnership could be part of a simple hunt group. Incoming calls try first one of the available numbers and then another, until it is answered. If none of the team is available, voicemail can be available as a fallback, but as each employee is treated as a member of the team, the chances of someone being available are dramatically increased.


It’s often said that one of the advantages of Mobile PBX or IP Centrex solutions is that small companies can obtain big company capabilities without the significant investment that this would once have required. This is undoubtedly true. Features such as hunting benefit any team and service providers can ensure that their service package is attractive by including such capabilities. And, the ability to offer different hunting options to suit the requirements of businesses can be built in. By choosing service templates that include hunting, the service provider can offer services that can be configured by users – and ensure that the benefits of such capabilities are recognised by potential subscribers.


So, if the target customer base includes enterprises and SMEs of different sizes, including companies with only a handful of employees, it should be simple to demonstrate the value of features that are available. By choosing a hosted, Mobile PBX service to launch an SME offer, you can remove any risk associated with launching a new service portfolio and provide a solid foundation for future growth. With Mobile PBX you don’t even need specialist handsets or devices to access a true service. Enterprises and SMEs will experience success time after time. Once they have launched a Mobile PBX service, they have been able to add additional services and enhance their offer to the customer base. Hunting is simple and powerful and benefits enterprises of all sizes. Make sure your hosted enterprise services include the flexibility to meet the needs of all potential customers.


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