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Posted on 25th January 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing

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In our continuation of how to maximize your search and customer traffic we revisit website monetization through services like Google, Yahoo and other PPC platforms. While these are the top two there are many companies that offer this service. One of the first types of advertising online you are billed  on the actual clicks that the ads generate. You will pay higher amounts for more popular keywords so knowing how to target you r keywords is very important. For instance if you are bidding on the keyword “blog”, it may cost you $1.50 per click through your pay per click advertising since the word is so popular. But if you were to target your keyword campaign to something like “blog design” you will actually lower your PPC to let’s say .50 per click and really target more consumers.Most companies will set up accounts with a budget in mind but do not have the resources or times to really investigate and understand the importance of keywords that they bid and use for the PPC.

It was reported in a study that approximately 25,000 businesses that only 31% of them actually advertise online. And of those 52% felt that online advertising was not as effective or were unsure how to convert that traffic to customers. This presents a great opportunity for the small business to understand how to use and agency like adficient.com and for publishers to offer targeted traffic for potential new customers. As a Publisher running PPC ads or other forms of contextual ads on your site, you make a certain dollar amount on each click through on the ad, regardless if the person buys or completes any form. In the new model, you be be compensated if the click actually resulted in a purchase, or other action determined by the advertiser. So as you can see, you could get 1000 clicks a day on your ads running on your site, but unless there is an actual purchase, that would be $0 in your pocket. Interesting!! But the result in Cost per Action or CPA Leads as it is called pay much higher than PPC ads

As an advertiser, if you elect to choose this model, it could be very cost effective as you would only be paying for actual sales, or leads. So for example you run a site that sells Domain names and hosting accounts. If someone sees your ad on another site, clicks on it, but never purchases anything, you would not be charged anything. Unlike today, if you have purchased $1000 in clicks, they could all be used up without one sale. Since most of those in the survey reported that they have or are using Google Adwords using Google advertising vehicles is by far the most popular. Plus for advertisers you greatly reduce PPC fraud as their are specific sales actions that have to take place.

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