Win at DealFun and shop for Christmas at the same time


Posted on 16th February 2017 by Jeff Rogers in Marketing


If you consider all the ways that we have to shop online it can be quite challenging to really find the best deals. With coupon sites, online auctions, and discount sites finding the best deal can be a blast or a total nightmare. If you are going to shop online for this upcoming holiday season why not have some in doing it. At sites like DealFun you can do both and get some great deals on some of the most popular items in electronics like the iPad 2, laptops, and PS3 for up to 95% off retail. They have made penny auctions fun and exciting and even allow you to use your bids that you have placed on item to purchase that item should you not win. And if you are new to the site they even have a bid guarantee that if you do not win anything within the first 24 hours of your first bid then your bids are placed back in your account.
You can view these reviews and see what others are saying. You will start to see DealFun and other sites like them start to show in the national news as the holiday season gets closer. What I have liked about DealFun is that they are open about how the bidding works and provide beginner auctions, past auctions, and great customer service. One of the most valuable tools that you can view is the past auctions. If you are going to bid on a iPad 2 and what to know when and how to bid just look at past auctions and you can get a sense on what people are spending on this item and how many bids it typically takes to win one. So get started today and purchase your bid packs and have fun shopping for your holiday gifts.

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